Wandering in Ancient Greek Culture

Second Foundation

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Magic by the Lake

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Foundation and Empire

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Foundation and Earth

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Foundation and Earth Isaac Asimov Dec , Foundation and Earth offers a nice closure tying events well with the Robot series however, he only goes years into the Sheldon Plan leaving the reader to wonder how the Plan worked in the end Although Asimov left an opening for the next book which never happened, I was not so much bothered by the cliffhanger as much by the remaining years of the Sheldon Plan. Foundation and Earth Foundation by Isaac Asimov Foundation and Earth is a science fiction n

Beside a Burning Sea

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The Unusual Suspects

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The Usual Suspects Jul , I was excited The Usual Suspects is a mystery film about what cargo was on board the ship when it was destroyed and the events leading up to The Usual Suspects Rotten Tomatoes The Usual Suspects keeps you guessing and on the thrilling edge with its layer filled plot, direction and its deceitful twist that s still praised as one of the surprising ones to this day Unusual Suspects TV Series May , There is always multiple suspects and they replay the screams with ea

Life in Suspension: La Vie Suspendue

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