Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery

Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery

Lia s Guide to Winning the Lottery Think winning the jackpot will solve all your problems Life s hard for Lia Her mum is a nag her sister a pain and the gorgeous but mysterious Raf seems immune to her charms When Lia wins million on

  • Title: Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery
  • Author: Keren David
  • ISBN: 9781847801913
  • Page: 456
  • Format: Paperback
  • Think winning the jackpot will solve all your problems Life s hard for Lia Her mum is a nag, her sister a pain and the gorgeous but mysterious Raf seems immune to her charms When Lia wins 8 million on the lottery, though, suddenly everything is different.But will Lia s millions create problems than they solve Firstly, a resentful gang of girls at school set up a WeThink winning the jackpot will solve all your problems Life s hard for Lia Her mum is a nag, her sister a pain and the gorgeous but mysterious Raf seems immune to her charms When Lia wins 8 million on the lottery, though, suddenly everything is different.But will Lia s millions create problems than they solve Firstly, a resentful gang of girls at school set up a We Hate Lia Latimer Facebook group that soon has fans in the thousands Her friend Shazia can t have anything to do with Lia s new found fortune, believing gambling to be immoral The mum of her other best friend, Jack, is threatening to sue Lia for what she believes to be his share of the winnings Raf s behaviour is getting stranger and stranger, and Lia can t help but wonder whether there s something to the school rumours that he s not well, human.And when her sister Natalie goes missing, Lia begins to wonder if a millionaire lifestyle is all it s cracked up to be.

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    If this book was written by any other author, I would have probably avoided it. I think “16 year old girl wins £8 million on the lottery” is one of the most eye-rolling-inducing synopses since “Teenager girl meets vampire. Things happen.”But after reading When I Was Joe, Keren David quickly become one of my favourite British contemporary writers. So I thought I’d give it a go.From reading other people’s reviews of this book, I have gathered that people weren’t too fussed about Lia [...]

    2.5 starsI didn't like this much. the m.c was way too selfish & stubborn, always making some dumb decisions, without thinking anything through. everything was "me,me,me" for her & nothing mattered her more than her. not even her family & friends. this the most immature character ever written.

    I loved the way this book was told. I found myself thinking what I'd do in Lia's position, what the mysterious Raf was hiding and more about Jack and how he must be feeling. Although, I have to admit, his mother was leaving me beyond frustrated with her childish approach to Lia winning the lottery (which you'll find out more about when you read the book.) But then it started to go downfall. Don't get me wrong, it was still pretty good, but it started to bore me a little near the end. This was a [...]

    Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery is a funny, absurd book that is perfect for a summer read.Sixteen-year-old Lia, who lives in London, wins 8 million pounds in the lottery. Yes, you can win when you are 16 in the UK. If you are interested that's $16,491,355,288 in the United States. She, understandably goes off the deep end, and has difficulty with her new fame and fortune.I really hated Lia throughout most of the book. Even before she won. She's only 16, but she's really nasty to her family, a [...]

    Does winning the lottery bring happiness or more problems?Lia's family always seem to disagree with her and then she wins £8 million. But this brings the initial problem of her family thinking thattheyhave won the lottery. When this initial thought blows over, the comes the issue of popularity at school, hate comments and people asking for things. How can Lia say no? She ends up spending over £1000 on people she doesn't know, and her family keep pestering her with more things she needs to pay [...]

    I adored this book - I requested it intended to pass it on to a younger relative to review but inadvertently packed it in my suitcase with my holiday books. I glanced through the first few pages while waiting to go out to dinner one night and was completely hooked! It's funny - not laugh out loud hilarious - just witty and insightful.There is a wonderful line about 15 pages into the advance copy where Lia is sitting next to Raf (her possibly, paranormal, future boyfriend) which hooked me into th [...]

    Sometimes teenagers who win the lottery are mature, thoughtful young adults and books about them feature an interesting take on money management and make you wonder what you would do. Unfortunately, this one is about a histrionic and impulsive girl who cannot possibly be older than 13 no matter what she says. She runs around spending money like she has no concept of the cost of living/how long a human lifespan is, throws a bunch of tantrums, and then randomly sleeps with a couple of people just [...]

    Leuk boek en onderwerp. Het zet je aan het denken, bijv. als jou zoiets zo overkomen wat zou jíj dan doen? Wel is het, volgens mij, geschreven 'vanuit' de wijze lessen/adviezen, de adviezen zijn eerst bedacht en om dat duidelijk te maken is daar het verhaal omheen bedacht, daardoor vind ik het verhaal zelf nog iets te weinig uitgewerkt.

    I really loved this book, which i didn't expect. I really loved Lia, her reactions would have been similar to mine but her attitude makes the book a really fun read, yeah she can be a bit selfish and naive but so would i if i had just won the lottery. The actual story isn't that eventful but i loved it anyway. I would definitely recommend this book.

    Bit of a change of genre for Keren David - not exactly street crime! Lighthearted look at what happens when 16 yr old Lia wins 8 million on the lottery, but it had me wondering what my reaction as a parent would have been. Fuller review on my blog soon.

    Seeing as how the main character is a teenager, I think the author was spot on with portraying how an average middle class teenager would react to winning the lottery.

    leuk idee. Ben zelf veel te vrekkig om met Lia mee te leven :) Was ook totaal geen grappig verhaal. Lia is ronduit onaardig.

    I picked this up at a charity shop because 1) I'd been unable to find a different book by the same author that I want to read (I may have located a library copy.ers crossed) and 2) haven't we all dreamed of winning the lottery? And then, also, 3) I can't resist a 30p book. But I digress.It's pretty straightforward: Lia wins the lottery and promptly goes forth and does everything wrong. She tells everyone, brags about it, is as bitchy as she can be while still managing to be more or less redeemab [...]

    I saw this book when I was looking for a third book for a 3 for 2 offer in Waterstones. It's amazing how hard it always is to find that third book in an offer, whether you get it free or pay for it. It's actually incredibly irritating.Anyway, it looked fun but I wasn't sure about paying £6.99 when I didn't know what it would turn out like and I've never heard of Karen David before, although apparently she has other notable books for YAwhoops.This is also a relatively new book, only being releas [...]

    From what I've heard about this author, this kind of book isn't really her kind of thing. When I Was Joe and Almost True are about street crime (I think) and not really about 16 year old girls winning £8 million and having a 'Paranormal Boyfriend', but I think she completely did it perfectly. I loved this book! It was funny, but not overly so, clever, had it's fair share of serious and silly, and I read it in less than a day.Lia was great. While at first, she really did get on my nerves a bit ( [...]

    I won Keren David's Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery from Library Thing, a signed copy of it actually, which I was pretty stoked on life about! :)It's taken me a couple of months to read it, but I've finally gotten to it, and am really glad!This book really caught my eye, because of the word: Lottery. Who doesn't want to win the lottery, right?? I sure would! I don't know exactly what I would do with all that money. Personally, I think I would be really scared because I'd be afraid I spend it [...]

    Lia’s Guide to Winning the Lottery is a contemporary tale of teen life and all the comic, disastrous traumas that go hand in hand with that. Oh, and it’s also about winning the lottery and has a lot more substance than you might expect from the cover.Lia is your typical sixteen year old British teenage girl. She goes to school, has great friends, argues with her mother and is, at times, irritatingly selfish. At the beginning of the story she is so annoying. She has what I like to think of as [...]

    I was really worried I wouldn't like this book as to begin I found Lia so awful I was literally cringing while reading but I neednt have worried. The way the story progressed and the threads came together was nothing short of genius.I have to admit I really thought I was going to hate this book after reading the first few chapters. I can hear you all screaming WHY? Well it is because Lia is just so gosh darn awful. She spews acid from her mouth instead of words, she is toxic and toally selfish a [...]

    Sixteen-year-old Lia and her mother are almost constantly at each other’s throats, though Lia doesn’t much mind her father and her 14-year-old sister, Nat. Lia’s dream is to move out on her own and be in charge of her own life (rather than take over the family bakery as seems to be expected). One evening, while at the internet café where her mysterious high-school crush, Raf, works, she discovers that she has won the lottery—8.2 million pounds worth. Now she must decide whether going ou [...]

    Last year two of my favourite books were Keren David’s When I Was Joe and Almost True, I especially loved the way the teen characters she created were so real and believable. When I heard about the plot for Lia I was really interested to see how it would work. The idea of a teen girl winning the lottery jackpot certainly sounded like it could be a lot lighter and fluffier than the world of gangs and knife crime that had provided the backdrop for Keren’s previous books. I was sure though that [...]

    Why did I decide to read this book?The cover stood out to me when I was skimming and scanning the books in the libray as I wonder how cool it will be winning the lottery and the effects on your life which the showed me there are heaps.Also I have seen this book pop up on the suggestion Column with the other books I have read.Why I liked it/didn't like it I like how this book made questions pop up in my head saying,Would I be making the same mistakes as Lia if I had won? or what would I buy first [...]

    I was really intrigued when I won this book from Librarything because it just sounded like such a fun read. I'm happy to say it ended up being just that! Lia is a 16-year-old girl from Britain and the book starts off when her mom kicks her out of the house (after another one of their fights) and she finds out she won the lottery. As you can imagine, her entire world turns upside down. Lia has to deal with people taking advantage of her, her family's continuous communication issues, and the myste [...]

    From the coverMoney can't buy you love, but it can buy many other very nice thingsLia's mother is a nag, hers sister's a pain and she's getting nowhere in pursuit of the mysterious Raf. Then she wins eight million pound in the Lottery, and suddenly everything is different. But will Lia's fortune create more problems than it solves?This is not the sort of book I would normally read, but having read other novels by Karen David, I thought I would give it a go. And I enjoyed it, although it is writt [...]

    I haven't received my copy yet, just received notice I had won. 03/15/12Received my copy last night and hope to start soon. Tax season has limited my reading time, and I have 14 plus my current read in front. 3/29/12Started 5/27/12 and finished 5/28/12Lia is the typical 16 year old. She is constantly fighting with her parents, particularly her mother, and feels her sister is a bit of a pest. She just wants to be free with her own place, her own stuff and her own friends. Then she wins the lotter [...]

    Wat te doen met 8 miljoen? (13+)Best dik boek, maar in 2 avonden uitgelezen. Echt een pageturner. Lia, meisje van 16 wint 8 miljoen, maar krijgt erdoor veel problemen. Ze is verliefd op Raf, maar Raf houdt zich beetje afstandelijk. Haar beste vriend Jack had het lot gekocht voor haar verjaardag en de moeder van Jack eist de helft van het geld. Lia heeft altijd ruzie met haar moeder.Lia kan het niet geheim houden dat ze zoveel gewonnen heeft en krijgt daardoor veel aandacht van de pers. Dit lever [...]

    Lia's Guide to Winning the Lottery is the story of a sixteen year old girl who's fate finally changes when she wins eight million pounds in the lottery. But winning the lottery isn't always as bright as people would imagine, you never know who's after your money.I found this book mildly enjoyable. Not one of the best books I've read by far. All it took was a couple hours, and the whole book was finished. I felt it was far too short and did not get deep enough into the feelings and thoughts of th [...]

    3.5 stars. This book tells the story of 16 year Lia who discovers that she has won eight million pounds in the lottery.I'm a bit mixed about this book because the author does a great job of bringing characters to life and I enjoyed her style of writing. I really want to read her other books!I didn't like that almost all of the characters were selfish, greedy and unlikeableexcept for maybe Natasha and Shazia. Lia was rude and pretty awful to her family. Her parents were a bit over the top, and ma [...]

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