Ladies Coupé

Ladies Coupé

Ladies Coup Meet Akhila forty five and single an income tax clerk and a woman who has never been allowed to live her own life always the daughter the sister the aunt the provider until the day she gets herse

  • Title: Ladies Coupé
  • Author: Anita Nair
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 297
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Meet Akhila forty five and single, an income tax clerk, and a woman who has never been allowed to live her own life always the daughter, the sister, the aunt, the provider until the day she gets herself a one way ticket to the seaside town of Kanyakumari In the intimate atmosphere of the all women sleeping car the Ladies Coupe Akhila asks the five women the queMeet Akhila forty five and single, an income tax clerk, and a woman who has never been allowed to live her own life always the daughter, the sister, the aunt, the provider until the day she gets herself a one way ticket to the seaside town of Kanyakumari In the intimate atmosphere of the all women sleeping car the Ladies Coupe Akhila asks the five women the question that has been haunting her all her adult life can a woman stay single and be happy, or does she need a man to feel complete This wonderfully atmospheric, deliciously warm novel takes the reader into the heart of women s lives in contemporary India, revealing how the dilemmas that women face in their relationships with hunsbands, mothers, friends, employers and children are the same world over.

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      297 Anita Nair
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    Can a woman live alone and be happy or does she always need a man to give meaning to her life? Through a prose that is as insightful and multi layered as it is thought provoking, the author questions a society that denies any happiness to a woman except that which comes to her through her family or her husband as if she has no identity of her own. Can a woman not seek out happiness on her own terms just as a man would? What about women who choose to break the canons of this society; are they con [...]

    full of cliches. the prose is un-illuminating. the stories of the five women are so banal one'd almost shudder to meet them in real life. supposed to be a text -book for writing in univs. as interesting as a textbook really.

    a ladies coupe is a special room with second class reservation for overnight trains in india. this book is about six women (the "I" changes depending on the story teller) who met each other inside that coupe. (a coupe, my housemate told me this morning over breakfast, is a car body type that has a fixed roof among others; a convertible coupe has a moveable roof but still has the rigid structure of a coupe.) the novel opens with this: "this is the way it has always been: the smell of a railway pl [...]

    The premise is interesting. Six women travelling in a ladies coupé, each taking turns to tell the story of their rebellion and their subsequent empowerment. But the book didn't really wow me. It kept me hooked, but even while I read it, I kept feeling that this book could have been written so much better.First of all, all the six stories seem to be about the same thing in the end. How someone/something tries to keep these women down, how they refuse to be controlled and suppressed, how they fac [...]

    I had great expectations for this book and have waited for almost a year or more to read it. Finally when I laid my hands on it, somehow it let me down.(And co-incidently I read it during a train journey, but not in a ladies coupe. ) It links the lives of 6 women from various backgrounds who happen to be in a ladies coupe of a long distance train. And as expected, their lives are not beds of roses. Except for one or two, all had quite okay lives from Indian standard, and the common thing they ha [...]

    Wonderous kismet library find, this book. Glad I stumbled across it while shortcutting through the "N" aisle. Picked it up because of it's pretty and colorful paperback spine, to be honest. The book lived up to all the glowing GR reviews and back cover promises. Tells the individual stories from first person point of view of every one of the five ladies sharing an overnight car on the Kanyakumari Express from Bangalore, India. Overarching story told from the perspective of Akhila, arcing from he [...]

    Scritto con stile scorrevole dove si alternano descrizioni ambientali molto colorate dagli oggetti in uso delle donne indiane, i sari o i fiori carnosi dalle tinte forti che contrastano con i grigiori dell'anima repressa delle protagoniste, che si raccontano le rispettive vite durante un viaggio notturno in treno. Ciascuna soffre della subalternità sessista e lotta contro la povertà o il pregiudizio, non tanto diverso da quello che si poteva vivere da noi ancora nella metà del secolo scorso.M [...]

    To begin with:One of the most sensitive family drama I have read in a long time.I have been reading lot of rave reviews about Anita Nair's work since long. After reading the praise for the book at the back cover from around the world compelled me to buy the book without a single thought.The Story:This is the story of Akhilandeshwari aka Akhila, 45 year unmarried woman from a traditional family. She is a breadwinner for her family consisting her mother, a sister and two brothers after the death o [...]

    Akhila has always thought of others, never herself. Since her father died, she has become the provider of the family. The other siblings have been married off, and she has turned 45 years old. She is not married and have no children. Does a woman need a man to feel complete? Is it possible to have a purpose on one's own?The author investigates the woman's destiny with a feminist approach. Women who don't accept their place, which is to belong to a man and serve him, are treated badly. Akhila has [...]

    I really enjoyed this book. Nair provides several snapshots of the lives of several Indian women who have struggled to find themselves in an extremely rigid society. Her language is quite lovely, and each woman's story compells you to read further. I'm left feeling grateful for the choices available to me, and reminded that many obstacles are common to all women.

    So far, this is a wonderful book. This is one of those books that I actually picked up a few years ago, started reading (probably on vacation) and just never finished. I'm now getting back into this classic story told thru the eyes of an Idian woman, but a classic story that can be seen/told around the globe. Def. a book that you want t curl up with and continue reading as the hours pass! :)

    Lo empecé con miedo a lo que me podría encontrar: no me convencía del todo eso de el libro entero se limitase a que 6 mujeres que se encuentran en un tren contasen su vida. Sin embargo, me ha encantado. Me parece que hace un gran retrato de lo que es vivir en una sociedad donde la mujer es un mero complemento del hombre, en la que depende de éste para todo. Cuenta seis historias muy diferentes, aunque con algo en común: mujeres que están hartas de que las cosas tengan que ser tal y como so [...]

    I was somehow disappointed from this reading. I've heard so many times talking about this book like something different from the "usual Indian fiction" and how intense and deep was this novel, that I maybe formed it in my mind like something different. I think that the plot is good: an unmarried Indian woman, after having took care of her family after the death of her father, finds herself different from what she would have been. She is still living with her younger sister - who has her own fami [...]

    A number of things about this book may seem even alien to a non Indian reader or even to those in India who have been fortunate enough to be born into and raised in open minded circles. However, the women in this book make a decent cross section of women in India. All of these women have not broken away from social norms, they all still live within it to a certain extent, but have decided to give themselves what they most desire in whatever way they saw fit. This book brings out an inherent qual [...]

    Predivan roman koji nam otkriva priče i sudbine žena koje putuju zajedničkim kupeom. Središnji lik romana je Akhila, žena koja je u svojoj 45. godini zaboravila što znači biti žena. Životne okolnosti su joj dodijelile ulogu skrbnice, hraniteljice svoje obitelji, braće i sestara. Osjeća da još ništa nije postigla u svom životu, a da joj život polako izmiče iz ruke. Sjeda u ženski kupe u kojem služa priče svojih suputnica i pokušava donijeti ispravnu odluku, krenuti ispravnim p [...]

    Ladies Coupé is the story of Akhila and six other women that she meets on the train. Akhila is searching for the answer to the question ‘Can she live alone?’ Traditionally in Indian culture women are supposed to get married and if that doesn’t happen their only other alternative is to live with family. Akhila has been the breadwinner of her family since the death of her father when she was in her early twenties. She worked providing financial support to her mother, younger brothers and si [...]

    People always have a tendency to peep into others lives especially us Indians. So we live in a cage of society thinking what others think if we do a thing a specific way and that is affecting our surf to freedom. Anita Nair in her book just ridicules these and tells the story hw the protagonist escapes the minds cave and finds freedom. A very good read . A totally diff way of story telling. Go for it U may find the deeds of certain charecters hard to explain but the story holds together very wel [...]

    Broad concept of the book is interesting, but the actual text fell short with some parts feeling forced, bits of prose being too predictable and the ending too cheesy. Still, a few isolated scenes, phrases, and analogies made the book worth the very quick read. One of my favorite parts was the author's illustration of characters using the properties and potential reactions of various chemical elements and compounds. Perhaps better as a movie?

    This is a tremendous book. It is the story of Akhia, a 45 year old Indian woman, and how she becomes her own person after a train ride in a Ladies Coupe (sleeping car) with other women who in the space of night change Akhia's life by telling their stories, but reminding her she must think for herself. A VERY, VERY good book

    Questo libro è stato una bella scoperta. Dà l'idea di come vivano le donne indiane e dei principi che regolano la loro società, qualcosa che è lontanissimo dal nostro punto di vista occidentale. La storia di Akhila, la protagonista, è di volta in volta interrotta da quella di alcune donne che incontra sul treno e che le raccontano la loro vita, nel bene e nel male.Bello davvero!

    Ha sido una historia llena de vidas, de relatos estremecedores de la dureza de la vida de la mujer en la India. La forma tan bonita y con tan buen gusto de desgranar esas historias ha sido preciosa y precisa aunque las historias hayan sido desgarradoras, muy recomendable!!

    This book was a window into the Indian culture. One woman went on a trip, and on the train, she met five other women and listened to their life stories. It was interesting to read about the (fictional) lives of these very different Indian women.

    I find rating books in stars a little difficult these days. Probably because I don't have a clearly etched benchmark of what a 5-star rated book should be like. It happened that way with this book. Parts of this book were brilliant, especially the initial 150 pages or so. It begins with Akhilandeswari, a 45-year-old, single woman who works as an income tax clerk, buys a one-way ticket to Kanyakumari. When she steps into the Coupé ( this Coupé thing itself sounds so romantic and beautifully fic [...]

    I presupposti perché potesse piacermi c'erano tutti: romanzo al femminile, ambientato in una cultura di cui sono istintivamente curiosa, e per di più con l'espediente del viaggio in treno, contesto che prediligo, a maggior ragione se a intraprenderlo è una donna sola.Speranze disattese. Tutte.Mi aspettavo, sì, qualcosa che non fosse all'altezza della Desai (unico altro riferimento che ho in quanto a scrittrici indiane contemporanee), ma non fino a questo punto: la prosa della Nair l'ho trova [...]

    What if a lady is single and independent at 45? Will the society accept her or taunt her? Should she get married? Well here we see Akhila who works hard for her family from her teenage after the demise of her father. She has a friend whose father passed away few days after her father's demise and being illiterate and having 3 more young sisters to be fed, she is forced to be a sex worker. Akhila is shown as a strong women who took up all the burden on her shoulders for her siblings future but sh [...]

    The book takes you through the lives of women who met in a ladies coupe. But its sad that you have to part them abruptly as they unboard the train. On a nights journey its unlikely for all the passengers in a coupe to reveal their life's intricacies it such details. But loved the effort put in by the author to narrate the usually discarded aspects in women's life fantacies.

    Category : traditional family dramaAnita nair is said to be one of the finest feminist writers in Indian writing in english with an international reputation.”ladies coupe” is nair’s second novel and has been translated into more than twenty five languages around the world.Overnight Trains before 1998 had a reserved compartment for women called Ladies coupe.Meet Akhila, who is a spinster and leaves in a tradition bound atmosphere where people beleave ‘women can live and cope themself alon [...]

    "Ladies coupe" is a story about the lives of 6 women who happen to travel together on a train's ladies coupe. Before dissecting the strength of the story and exploring the characters , one thing that the book was able to do to me was it made me reminisce my childhood train journeys. The good old ladies coupe was like a semi- private first class bay with doors that could be closed for safety (well most of the times!!).There were also times when men have been allotted tickets on a ladies coupe as [...]

    Meet Akhilandeshwari aka Akhila. 45 years old, spinster, an income tax clerk, a daughter, a sister, the only provider for the family after her father died. She has played all the roles all her life but she has never been herself. One day, she decides to shed off all responsibilities and buys a one way ticket to Kanyakumari, the southern most part of India, to be away from all the people she had known all her life, to find the ‘Akhilandeshwari’ which was lost somewhere in the midst of duties [...]

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