Twice Caught Tarin s been caught but can he be civilized Despite his wild ways and his keen instincts Twice caught Tarin is bonding with his beak faced captain Garrick but not everyone wants their relationship

  • Title: Twice-Caught
  • Author: Syd McGinley
  • ISBN: 9781610405614
  • Page: 397
  • Format: ebook
  • Tarin s been caught, but can he be civilized Despite his wild ways and his keen instincts, Twice caught Tarin is bonding with his beak faced captain, Garrick, but not everyone wants their relationship to succeed Learning civilized skills and living in buildings have their good points, but Tarin struggles to reconcile his yearning for freedom with his desire for Garrick anTarin s been caught, but can he be civilized Despite his wild ways and his keen instincts, Twice caught Tarin is bonding with his beak faced captain, Garrick, but not everyone wants their relationship to succeed Learning civilized skills and living in buildings have their good points, but Tarin struggles to reconcile his yearning for freedom with his desire for Garrick and his loyalty to his friends His thinking is clouded by his buzzing conscience and the remaining effects of having his memory wiped by the mysterious Mothers.One thing Tarin is sure of Major Jadon is a Bad Egg He s a bitter and jealous man determined to stop any happiness in the community and consolidate power in himself If Jadon succeeds in his plans, not only will Tarin and Garrick be parted, but Tarin s friend Perry will be in Jadon s clutches.As if threats to community harmony and the safety of new boys weren t bad enough, Tarin may lose the traditional Candle Day choice between his man and the woods if Garrick is not declared to be whole and healthy Can Tarin s untamed nature defeat the civilized Jadon s cunning use of the community s rules before Candle Day As many perils for Tarin lie within the winterbound community as outside, but when library boy Aran faces a cruel punishment, Tarin is even willing to face the Mothers to save his friend.Winter may pass, but will Jadon s malice ever cease

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    Holy Elf! What a great conclusion to a brilliant series. I'm sad this endedbut I am happy with the way it did. (Probably why I waited so long to finish)MostlyI wouldn't have minded someone constructing a mega laser beam or catapult and shooting the mother-licking holy elf out if the Mud Blood that is Jadon. He was a villain all the way. What he did was cruel, I was in agreement with Tarin's choice of punishment. But I was happy the Bad Egg got what he deserved.LOL and I'm speaking like a Wild Bo [...]

    Computer ate my review :(the tl;dr is that I waited too long to read this after reading the first one. I put it off because I was really looking forward to it. Sank my own battleship :(

    Alright, so I still don't know how to write exactly how much I loved this story without gushing and making this review forty times longer than it should be.It was interesting seeing Tarin and Garrick adapting to their lives what with Garrick's hand and Tarin still a new boy, learning his way around the compound. Tarin was just as funny and stubborn as before. Garrick is a little more mellow but it's obvious how much Tarin and Garrick feel for each other. (view spoiler)[And no one knows how happy [...]

    I fell in love with Tarin and Beak-face in Out of the Woods, and fell in love all over again with Twice-Caught. Twice-caught picks up pretty much where Out of the Woods left off, with Tarin struggling with his desire to return to his former life and protect his man from Bad Egg, and finding that being civilized has its good points. Tarin's point of view is refreshing, and the author's skill really lets us see the world through his eyes. There are a few new characters, a few new plot twists, some [...]

    Everything I said in my review of book one applies here: This is just as good, just as thought-provoking, and anyway, if you've read book one, YOU ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO READ IT!For my crazy idea of teaching the book in a college seminar, check out my post: liliafordromance/Bottom line: this was on my "Best of 2012" list, and more than a year later, the book still haunts me. Highest Recommendation.

    This is a very different type of dystopian series. It's excellent but also has trigger warnings.It's a tough but read but I found the concept interesting. I will admit it's a small mix between Divergent and The Maze Runner series but resembles neither, only one concept is the same from both of those and it's a pretty hardcore M/M

    Continuation of truth from the mouth of babes theme. Again, belaboring the point. Bad decisions allowing clearly bad characters to run wild and create conflict, but most disappointing is all the unanswered questions about the founding premise of the society and world as it stands in the story. Not really engaged enough to follow this if further books are planned.

    Before I say anything else, I love SMG's books! I adore - hear me? - adore! What Worse Place Can I Beg in Your Love?!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Now, back to originally scheduled bitching.That's it. I did it. I started the series and I finished it. I wanted answers and now I will never have them.My suffers were for nothing. I have more questions than before and they are driving me insane. Nothing makes sense and there is no logic at all where the worldbuilding is concerned. I hate this book so much mak [...]

    I had to think about 'Twice-Caught' for a bit, but I ended up enjoying it just as much as book 1.I'd wondered whether Garrick and Tarin would become more equal partners in their relationship over the course of book 2. That didn't really happen, but I'm okay with that. That clearly won't happen in this society of men and boys, and Tarin and Garrick have come to love each other deeply, in their own way.I've liked seeing both Tarin and Garrick mellow out by being with each other. Though that doesn' [...]

    Tarin just brings sunshine and happiness to my world when I read about his adventures. This second book is not as fast paced as the first, but it still was an incredibly enjoyable read. Friendships and relationships are really highlighted in this book and I loved the simplicity that Tarin brought to the understanding of friendship. I still crack up at Tarin repeating lines from the movie Babe!

    The first book left me with some questions about how this world came to be and the role the mothers played in this all. Those questions will be answered but in a roundabout way. Which was fine by me.The story started a bit slow and it felt like not much did happen to put the story forward ( esp after the roller coaster first book). It was funny to see familiar things in a screwed up way like in divid nights.I liked this story and how it ended but read the first book before starting on this one!

    I've already mentioned how much and why I love this story in my review for volume 1. Just found out the author was working on volume 3 as of mid 2012 - fingers crossed it comes out soon.I also found a list of character ages on the author's "Tarin's World" webpage, and reconstructed a timeline for the Men's colony with VERY interesting implications. All spoilers, so be warned(view spoiler)[ character age in bracketsCurrent year: Tarin(19), Eloi (25), Titus(39), Garrick(32).Eloi was in the first g [...]

    I didn't enjoy this as much as the first book. Parts of it were disturbing to the point where I was in two minds whether to finish. (view spoiler)[When I found they were planning to take out a boy's tongue for the sin of learning to read I was sick to my stomach with sheer rage at their stupidity. When we find out that the castration and toe removal done in the first book was nothing to do with rules imposed by the Mothers, but the mens' idea, I despised them even more.Then we have the endless r [...]

    In book two we have the ongoing adventures of Tarin and Darrick. Tarin must choose if he will stay with Garrick or return to the woods as he often yearns to do. Jadon is still the bad guy and stirs up lots more trouble for everyone. A number of secondary characters also play important parts in the drama and greatly enhance the story.A great read with a nice ending, but it still leaves us with many questions about Tarin and Derrick's world. I for one am hoping that means there will be more books [...]

    I've never wanted to violently drown another person before, real or imagined, as much as I did Tarin. Holy shit, is he annoying. I also felt a bit disgusted (and mind you, it takes a lot to disgust me) at the institutionalized pederasty in these books. And yet, I could not stop reading. I can't explain.

    A satisfying conclusion. Answered many of the questions I had left from completing the first book. Lots of anxiety, and really loved to hate Jadon! Had heart rate up and down and all over the place, but only seemed like an HFN. Great worldbuilding, and fun take on DD.

    Still so many unanswered questionswonder if we are meant to know or are we just like the men in the community?

    What a great follow up to "Out of the Woods"!Any book told from the point of view of a protagonist who is not privy to all the facts but relies on his inherent common sense will create a skewed view of the world he inhabits. So it continues to be with Tarin.Underlying the continuing charming story about Twice Caught and Beak-Face, there is a depiction of a society where one sector is kept ignorant and kept in their place, even though they are cherished. If you translate "boys" to "women", this m [...]

    It's hard to explain why this story it's soooo good wihtout giving away some important bits and spoilers. I deeply enjoy dystopias and post-apocalyptic settings so I was really thrilled with Out of the Woods's summary. This second book is as good as the first one, hands down. The community were they live it's hard to swallow, the inequity and unfairness with which the boys are sometimes treated (especially for some men in the camp)it's rather discouraging, but Tarin's smarts and quirks really ma [...]

    This review is for both Out of the Woods and Tarin's World as I read them back to back and they really did flow as if they were one book. So some of my spoiler comments relate to one book and some to another.While several other reviewers commented on the humor in these books, I really didn't see much (other than confusion on the pronunciation and meaning of words, mix-ups in poems and songs, etc). Instead I saw a much darker and crueler man's world that the boys are forced to adapt to. (view spo [...]

    Hmm. Having this split into two books for no apparent reason other than getting to charge people more makes it very difficult to not reflect that in my rating. I'm doing my best to resist and just rate the book.It was fun to get to see more of Tarin and Garrick's life together. So many of the questions I had weren't answered. The reason for the "colony" or for the other colonies was never given. Why the "mothers" have their society set up they way they do was never addressed. What actually happe [...]

    3.75This time around we catch up with Tarin's world, not too long after we left them in Out of the Woods. He is a liiiiiitle more civilized, and a WHOLE lot more in love with his Beak Faced man. He is still cheeky and bratty, and raising hell all over the Community.This book has a different pace than the first one. It is a much slower moving read. The author certainly threw in a lot into this plot. There were SO MANY unanswered questions in the last book, and the dynamics in this world was certa [...]

    3.5Tarin's spirit is awesome! :DThe book actually felt like mmm like i was a horse whose vision had been narrowed by "blinders" by restricted information about the world and why there are "men" in the Before Times buildings and "boys" in the wild that must be caught. Instead of building my expectation of finding out more information later in the book(s) about it, it felt constraining and irksome. Plus, the morose bits (view spoiler)[ about Ofer and how he was flaunted before the "wild" boys to k [...]

    I loved this series. Tarin was just as appealing in the second book as he was in the first, and the conflict built steadily through the second book, looking like there wasn't a way out of heartbreak. The resolution was a little bit deus ex machina, but considering the world that had been thoroughly constructed, starting with the first book, it worked for me. Tarin wasn't the only great character in the book. His 'beak-face' Garrick was a teddy bear, and I loved Aran and Ofer. The cultural refere [...]

    I'm reviewing the books together.Firs of all I am thankfull for reading this books now, why? Because these books need to be read back to back, if not you only get the firt part of the story that leaves you without a happy ending.The plot of this books is great, the awesome story of a all male town, were the God(ess) is called Mother and of course is a woman!, where man hunt wild boys that roam the forest to train them as their "boys" (if you know what I mean).This story brings to mind some sci-f [...]

    I liked this one a little bit more maybe because I got over the squick factor of the age gap. This one has Tarin setting in to civilization a little bit more as he deals with the worries about his friends and his man. We also get a little bit more on the mothers in the end of the book. Although everything tend to settle out in a good way I did feel the got an easy pass at settling the problems that the community was having. Still I ended up enjoying this series and its rather different world bui [...]

    I'm rating this book higher than the first because majority of my questions were answered. Tarin is truly a wonderful character. I loved his growth and maturity. Loved his loyalty. There were so many good things in this story. The camaraderie among the "wood boys." The story was so interesting. I hated Jadon with a passion and was making myself sick thinking of what could happen to Aran. I'm happy how it all played out.

    I hated this book so much. We get some answers from the first book, but they make no since. The men are cowards. They do not stand up for what is right to help a boy and go against rules. It takes a boy to go against the rules. Why would we even care about the men. I hated the ones more who felt sorry for the boys. They knew it was wrong but did nothing. They would not do anything to cause their lives to be a bit harder to protect someone weaker.

    3.25I don't think I'm getting everything and am kinda confused.wth is going on? (view spoiler)[Is this a post apocalyptic world? The women "in charge" are doing what? And why? I don't get it; what did I miss or misunderstand? (hide spoiler)] The writing is good but I was lost.

    Really, really liked these! The world is extremely imaginative and I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see what would happen to all the characters (and was happily surprised by how all the loose ends tied up).

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