A Troublesome Boy

A Troublesome Boy

A Troublesome Boy Teddy can t believe how fast his life has changed in just two years When he was twelve his father took off and then his mother s creepy boyfriend Henry moved in But adults make all the decisions

  • Title: A Troublesome Boy
  • Author: Paul Vasey
  • ISBN: 9781554981540
  • Page: 205
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Teddy can t believe how fast his life has changed in just two years When he was twelve, his father took off, and then his mother s creepy boyfriend, Henry, moved in But adults make all the decisions, especially in 1959, and when Henry decides to send Teddy to a boarding school in the middle of nowhere, there s absolutely nothing Teddy can do about it.St Iggy s, it turnsTeddy can t believe how fast his life has changed in just two years When he was twelve, his father took off, and then his mother s creepy boyfriend, Henry, moved in But adults make all the decisions, especially in 1959, and when Henry decides to send Teddy to a boarding school in the middle of nowhere, there s absolutely nothing Teddy can do about it.St Iggy s, it turns out, is run by the Catholic church, and is something between a private school and a reform school Teddy becomes best friends with Cooper, a scrawny, wisecracking, poetry loving kid with a home life even worse than Teddy s The boys get by for a while on their wits and dreams of escape, in spite of the priests determination to crack down on any hint of troublesome behavior But as the months pass, the beatings, humiliation and hours spent in the school s dreaded time out rooms take their toll.Then one of the new priests, Father Prince, starts to call Cooper to his room at night, and Teddy watches helplessly as his friend sinks into his own private nightmare, even as Prince targets Teddy himself as his next victim.

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    grimy and unsettling, but it really exposes the true horror and difficulties in these systems at the time. the end leaves you completely speechless because there is almost no reassurance, but that is what is so good about it. excellently written with grimy, but not too much detail, a troublesome boy was a troublesome, but fabulous read

    Paul Vasey is identified on the back cover as “a boarding school survivor” [my emphasis], which suggests perhaps too subjective a perspective in his fictional representation of life at an abusive Catholic boarding school. A Troublesome Boy is an extremely well-written novel, but also extremely disturbing, as it is intended to be. What is most problematic, for me, though, is not truly knowing the boundaries between reality and fiction. I would like to think that the abuse rampant at “St. Ig [...]

    The first portion of this novel the reader learns about Teddy, and his mother being "sucker" for losers like his step-dad Henry. With enduring years of verbal and physical abuse from his step-father, Henry finally sends Teddy off to St. Ignatius 'Iggy' Academy. A boarding school that will change Teddy's life forever. When he arrives in Belleview, he's been informed by a waitress named Rita that St. Iggy isn't a place of God. But after his encounter with Cooper, a wise-cracking-poet-loving kid, l [...]

    I've seen a lot of bad reviews for this novel. I believe it's because many people do not wish to read about such hard truths. Paul Vasey writes with a brutal honesty, illustrating what sometimesdidand what unfortunately stilldoesoccur all over the world. As for the simplicity and predictability some people have claimed to see - have they thought that it's possibly because we hear these stories all the time and that's why we all knew what was going to happen? A suspicious man watches over boys in [...]

    Teddy isn't happy. And who would be in his situation? It's 1959. His dad left a couple years ago, and his mom has since let her live-in boyfriend take over their lives. Teddy might be causing some of his own problems -- getting into trouble with other boys at school, letting his grades slip -- but, still, is this any reason for his mom's boyfriend -- not even his step dad, really -- to ship him off to some reform school?At the St. Ignatius Academy for Boys, run by the Catholic church in a small [...]

    A very powerful story of two boys who have lead very different but difficult lives. Teddy is angry with this world after his father disappears, finds himself bundled off to a Roman Catholic residential school where he meets Cooper. Cooper has had an even more difficult life. The two become friends of a sort. Teddy is disturbed by the attention some of the priests seem to be giving to the boys, when Cooper becomes a particular favourite of one of the priests. Teddy tries to support Cooper but his [...]

    Paul Vasey created a hard-hitting protagonist in Teddy, an epic bromance with Teddy, Cooper & Rozey, and a great perspective on boarding school life and delinquents. The writing itself was superb. But the reason I'm giving it a 2 is because of how hopeless it was. It has the same tone as Looking for Alaska and Catcher in the Rye, but ohmygosh it is so hopeless. There's a glimpse of a better future for Teddy in the end, but for the most part, I just felt really depressed when reading the book [...]

    This book was like watching a horror movie. You know what's coming. The book doesn't point it out in plain black and white but you know its there. You pour through the pages with anticipation but you are truly terrified to confront the monster that awaits you at the end. You want to look away, cover your eyes or simply close the book. But you press on hoping against hope for a bit of justice. There must be something in all this that shows good triumphs. And it does.or appears to. The brave reade [...]

    When I first saw this book in the library, I knew it was going to be dark and depressing. Hell, it says it in the book description. I got about half way through this book, and I just couldn't bring myself to finish it. It was just depressing and the narrator reminded me of Holden from Catcher in the Rye; so, I found Teddy kinda of annoying? I guess I just don't enjoy reading about rebellious teenage boys based in the mid twentieth century as much as others do. The book is very well-written, howe [...]

    I read this book for no real reason. I just saw it lying there and thought the title was interesting. The story was alright and it did cause me to feel a lot of emotion but i disliked the ending.I love books that make you feel intense emotion but.i'm a hypocriteif its a sad ending i might still love the novel but i will also hate it at the same timeyeah i knw i'm weirdSPOILER BELOWits soo unfair y the heck did cooper have to die and i felt bad for the main character toon what about the lucygirl [...]

    St. Ignatius Academy for Boys is a last hope for "troublesome boys." It is a school that has a long reputation of secrecy and most outsiders suspect plenty of foul play happening there. But no one quite knows the extent of it until Teddy's mom's boyfriend sends Teddy there and he witnesses it all.This novel gives a startling (and fictional) look at the physical and sexual abuse from some Catholic priests in the 1950s and 1960s, bringing light to the controversy that began surfacing much later. T [...]

    Thoroughly heart breaking, yet amusing all the same. I couldn't help but be reminded of Looking for Alaska by John Green. This book is quite a page turner, not because it has suspense inside it, but because you feel like you are living in it. I don't get why the book has a low rating. Yes, I get that some parts might have been "predictable", but I found it quirky, and heart touching. READ IT! I felt the book could've been longer, and some parts in the book should have been explained more. It fel [...]

    I gave this story a 4.5/5* for 2 reasons - a) because it was an accurate (or as accurate as a book like this can be is) and was told in a straightforward type of way. It really reminded me of "Go Ask Alice" and it shows because I love both of these books. b) Because the main character was someone I really liked. He stood up for his friends, and had a sense right and wrong, and also a sense of humour. I docked this book 0.5* because I thought more detail could have been given to some other charac [...]

    When I picked this up, I was expecting some sort of pseudo-Catcher In The Rye vibes in this book. Atheist boy forced in a military school kind of sounded like an alternate Holden Caulifield universe to me. Basically, my expectations for this kind of low since Catcher didn't really clicked for me. I decided to give all-boys school genre another try. (A Seperate Peace was good, so why not?) The first chapters was okay with the friendships and stuff.(view spoiler)[ As soon as I read some pedophilic [...]

    Gosh, I really want to give this a 3.5, and I would have loved for this book to have been a 4 or 5 star book. A great deal of the book was touching, heart-wrenching, and rightfully tragic. Too much of the book, however, was predictable or overly simple or even heavy-handed at times. It was an enjoyable read overall (though not a happy read) and I would recommend the book to anyone who enjoys books like A Child Called It or similar books on troubling topics, but I have to say that this book just [...]

    It's 1959 and Teddy is a "troubled boy" (according to his mother's new live-in boyfriend anyway)who is sent to a catholic boarding school run by priests. There he meets Cooper-a scrawny awkward boy who quickly becomes a favorite among the boys for his total lack of respect for the priests and authority in general. Then Cooper starts to changed Teddy has to figure out why before he does something crazy. A pretty predictable read-you knew where it was going and how it was going to end-but still as [...]

    A very dark story about a boy who is sent to a private Catholic boarding school in Canada. The story takes place in the 1950s, and the things that happen at the school are terrible. There is violence and brutality and a compliant staff of brothers that turn the other way when things happen. This story reminded me of The Chocolate War, in the sense that it is an all boys school, there is pressure to conform, and the leaders of the school are sadistic and cruel. I would not recommend this to every [...]

    I think this book was very interesting. The books that I really enjoy this book. The book I was reading was Called The Troublesome boy by Paul Vasey. But the reason why I enjoy this book the most is because the title sticks with the story. and I really enjoy books like that. this book had a lot of suspense to it. Now I don't recommend this book to anybody because I am a very picky reader. and I think taking my input on a book is bad. Because this book is one of little that have read. But This bo [...]

    I am really enjoying this book! Wow is it ever an emotionally difficult read. Working with teens, this one will be a challenge for the YA group because of the pain it will confront in those who have been abused or hurt by those they trust or worse those who are supposed to protect them. However I beleive anyone who has read or enjoys the works of Ellen Hopkins or Laura Bray would enjoy this emotionally gripping read.

    A disturbing book about a disturbing topic. Teddy is sent to Catholic boarding school in the 1950s, and encounters everyone's nightmare of priests preying on young boys. While the abuse, physical, mental and eventually sexual, does seem a bit over the top at times, the portrayal of pedophile victim Cooper's despair, confusion and ostracism is very compelling, even haunting.

    Difficult subject matter made into an enjoyable read by a fine writer who captures the voices and experiences of teenage boys with confidence and skill. Highly recommended for those who like YA with substance.

    Four and a half stars.Inside the covers of this one is humor, teen angst, self discovery. It is also one of the most somber and haunting books that I have ever read. And, I can't recommend it enough.

    It's a really good book,I wish there was a dialogue though. It would have been nice to see if the school and prince was punished for their actions

    Disturbing story about a boy sent away to St. Iggy's because his mothers new boyfriend finds him disagreeable. Set in 1959 this is a disturbing story.

    One of the most powerful reads of 2012. As a Catholic, I thought this was going to be a shredding of the church, but it's more about the failure of adults to protect children.

    Life at a boarding/juvenile offender school in the 50's can be brutal. And the author does well to tell us how. Contains a lot of heart as well.

    It was not what I expected it to be. It was extremely disturbing to me I suppose I wasn't expecting disturbing.

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