Il risveglio dei sensi

Il risveglio dei sensi

Il risveglio dei sensi Un bel mattino al risveglio Elaine Metcliffe si ritrova in un letto sconosciuto nel corpo di un altra donna in un altro secolo Turbata scopre che in questa nuova vita sposata a un barone inglese

  • Title: Il risveglio dei sensi
  • Author: Robin Schone
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 284
  • Format: Paperback
  • Un bel mattino, al risveglio, Elaine Metcliffe si ritrova in un letto sconosciuto, nel corpo di un altra donna, in un altro secolo Turbata, scopre che in questa nuova vita sposata a un barone inglese, Charles Mortimer, un uomo sicuro di s e terribilmente attraente, deciso non solo a sedurre la donna, che crede sua di diritto, ma anche a educarla nelle arti erotiche DiUn bel mattino, al risveglio, Elaine Metcliffe si ritrova in un letto sconosciuto, nel corpo di un altra donna, in un altro secolo Turbata, scopre che in questa nuova vita sposata a un barone inglese, Charles Mortimer, un uomo sicuro di s e terribilmente attraente, deciso non solo a sedurre la donna, che crede sua di diritto, ma anche a educarla nelle arti erotiche Divisa tra la fedelt al marito reale, freddo e indifferente, e la squisita tentazione che Charles le offre con ogni suo tocco, Elaine perviene a una decisiva consapevolezza Che l oscura magia responsabile di averla trasportata in quel luogo e in quel tempo, non potente quanto la passione che le fa desiderare di restarvi per sempre.

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      284 Robin Schone
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    Las escenas hot tardan en llegar. Pero si algo se puede decir que es los libros de esta mujer no son una mera sucesión de escenas. En éste vemos, además de los problemas que plantea la situación de retroceder en el tiempo, fuera comodidades del siglo XX-XXI, temas como el sentimiento de culpa por una supuesta infidelidad (en realiad real porque ella no es ella).La influencia de la educación (no puedo comentar más sin spoilear)y, siguiendo la línea de la autora, los beneficios del sexo tá [...]

    Se nota que es un primer libro y, aunque en algunos momentos es bastante lioso, la forma de escribir de la autora lo compensa.

    Elaine Metcliffe, a 20th-century, middle-aged woman of average looks, slightly overweight, with a 9-5 job as an analyst has been married for 17 years to a man who has truly shared little of himself intimately, or otherwise, with her. She realizes one night as she falls asleep after pleasuring herself that her life has been lonelier with him than before him, and she has much of the same to look forward to. Such a bleak existence! Her last wish before sleep overtakes her is to have a life with lov [...]

    This is the novel that launched Robin Schone as a great writer blending historical and erotica seamlesslyd I'm glad this isn't the first book I've read. If it were, I wouldn't have given this author a chance.I was intrigued by the book's description of time travel, I'm always fascinated with how characters deal with the century they're in, which is very different from what they're used to. Not only did the heroine (Elaine) time travel, she also traveled from one country to another. She's from Ch [...]

    This is the second book I've read from Robin Schone. The first was the lady's tutor. I love the way there is no boring chapter. This book is a good mix of time traveling and erotica historical. And the HEA is a great.

    Awaken, My Love is my first read by Robin Schone. Not like her usual erotica historical romance, this one more like paranormal time travel that take historical setting. Elaine in her thirthies, if I remember well she's 36, give and take, has a rocky relationship with her husband. One day she woke up in another woman body and transfer back to 19th century (still, if I remember well, I read this almost 2 years ago). She must face her husband,Lord Charles Mortimer. Aka the husband of woman that her [...]

    Qué buen libro. Será que en mis comienzos leí muchos viajes en el tiempo y es una temática que me atrae, pero realmente no me perdería leer este género y encima escrito por Robin Schone. Y no me defraudó para nada, tiene las típicas cuestiones que una se plantea acerca de viajar a otro tiempo con todas las incomodidades que esto implica. El libro tiene algunos puntos flojos (me hubiera gustado saber más acerca de la vida de Morrigan en el cuerpo de Elaine, por ejemplo), pero al fin y al [...]

    This book was pretty good. I liked the characters a lot. But had trouble with the heroine's attitude throughout much of it. She just seemed to take everything people threw at her, without fighting. That annoyed me. Especially when you factor in that she was supposedly a strong, modern woman.

    I love a good time travel and a good romance novel and this one is great in both ways. I loved the way the author developed her characters, sending a 21st center woman into the body of a 18th century womans body on the night her husband is finally able to consecrate the marriage. She was a virgin. The life the woman lives is a shock to the woman inhabiting her body! The husband can tell there is something different going on with his wife but not exactly what. The author does write erotic love sc [...]

    I was big into time-travel romances in the 1980's, with Constance O'Day Flannery being my favorite. Haven't read anything like that, besides "Outlander", for ages.This is a case of body swap. Elaine, a 39 year old "modern" woman who's husband isn't interested in having much of a sex life, with Morrigan, a 21 year old 19th century woman who is pretty much frigid.The story stays with Elaine. We see nothing of the "future" after Elaine goes back in time. I put modern in quotes because Elaine didn't [...]

    The things that stopped this being a "totally dire" rating were - - There was some interesting genuine evil going on (view spoiler)[ in the person of Morrigan's uncle, and later (or maybe at the same time, it was hard to tell) via Morrigan herself. The scene where the uncle's body dies and Morrigan tries to escape into Elaine had potential (hide spoiler)].- um, that's it really. The sex was a bit ho-hum.My main complaint is that the tone of the book is completely inconsistent. It lurches from An [...]

    This was one of the first erotic books I had ever read. Just from reading this one I was hooked. Now I own all of Ms Schone's books, as well as many other erotic/romantica author.This book combines excellent story telling, wonderful multi-dimensional characters and deeply intricate world building.Yes it is somewhat of a time travel book, but with an interesting twist. You see, the heroine, Elaine who is bored and dissatisfied with her marriage and life, travels backwards in time and enters anoth [...]

    This is the first book I've read by this author although some of her other books are on my wish list. This is the first book she had written.I'm a little conflicted about it. I applaud the author's historical research and the plot is intriging. The love scenes were very well written. Still, the flow of the story and characters were un-even. I would expect Elaine to have been a bit less wimpy considering she was from the future. Charles' motivations were not clear either.Also, some of the scenes [...]

    Non è un brutto libro, la Schone scrive benissimo, i personaggi sono sempre ben approfonditi, la parte erotica è buona (ovviamente!), è anche più leggero del suo solito, mi pare che non è un male!Il guaio è il come inizia 'sta donna americana trentanovenne, che un mattino si risveglia in Inghilterra, cento anni prima, nel corpo di una diciannovenne a me il paranormale piace, ma se è un vero paranormale, che mi diverte ma a cui non credo!Queste miscele strane non mi soddisfanouno storico c [...]

    I'm not big on time-travel books so I think the historical details were spot-on and it wasn't as smutty as I like (of course, Elaine for a better portion of the book remembered she was married and didn't want to be a unfaithful) and Charles could be pretty infuriating. And Morrigan was definitely not a nice character - don't pity her at all.This was a good debut book and I'm glad I was able to read it since it was only recently released in ebook format and I don't read physical books anymore. Wh [...]

    Refreshingly Different. Loved the time travel premise, twisting/turning plot, late-Victorian setting. Warning: contains forced seduction/dubious consent. Also the author isn’t shy about addressing the sorts of problems a modern woman would have being thrown into the past. For myself, it helped make the heroine and her predicament more believable. Hot, graphic love scenes. Highly alpha hero. Heinous villains. Plenty of tension and suspense. I was wondering how the author could possibly accompli [...]

    Originally I gave this one three stars, but I read it quickly yesterday as it's just been mooched, and I enjoyed it far more this time. The plot goes off the rails a bit towards the end, (I mean, it's easy to believe in time travel, fair enough, but the corporal occupation at the end (don't want to put in a spoiler)??? puhleeze). Anyway, I guess that had to be there. Interesting to have the main character be such a whiney, older, plumpish wimp, not the usual superheroine who deals with all probl [...]

    While I've loved most of Robin Schone's books, this was unfortunately the first I just couldn't get into. It felt dated as this was Schone's first romance book, none of the characters were really likeable, and the plot was all kinds of crazysauce but not in a fun way. I would recommend giving any of her other works a try but stay away from this one.

    leído en Marzo 2014Fue rara, una historia super rara, y como trata de viajes en el tiempo difícil de entender al final, tuvo sus cosas que no me gustaron. pero igual me entretuvo, con un toque de suspenso que me mantuvo en el borde.Me pareció muy curioso , ya que ninguna otra autora hasta el momento ha tocado, que metiera en su narración puntos como que las mujeres en ese tiempo no se depilaban y la forma de manejar, en esa época, ese momento del mes y los malos olores que esa gente tenía [...]

    188/348 This novel had a hard time making its mind between being a romance, erotica, or adventure. It would have made a great time travel adventure had the erotic bits not gotten in the way to completely sidetrack an engaging story. It had potential as romance, with some beautiful things they said and thought about each other, that got diluted by humorous adventure. Held great promise but a third into it i gave up on feeling satisfied by it

    Es el libro que menos me ha gustado de esta original autora con su versión particular del erotismo que tan conocida le ha hecho. No me ha parecido tan interesante y atractivo como los demás, de hecho tiene alguna cosa directamente desagradable. Además me ha resultado confuso y ha habido varias partes que ni siquiera he entendido bien.

    Interesting Take on Time TravelEnjoyable enough, but had too much inner dialogue for my taste. It made the story drag in my opinion. However, the seduction was cleverly written, and the did story pick up around 60 %. The plot resolution was good also. I would have liked an epilogue that went a bit farther in the future.

    Well doneAn interesting storyline that took me by surprise. Unsure of what was happening at the start because I failed to read the burlb, I quickly caught on.

    Ceritanya susah dipahami. Tapi saya kasih bintang 3 karena lumayan hot. Novel ini sebenernya erotika ya? Soalnya sebagian besar yang dibahas cuma seduction 😅

    Uno dei libri più insulsi che mi sia capitato di incontrare. Fa parte della linea Extra Passion e in quarta c’è scritto che è un romanzo erotico. Ho letto quasi 150 pagine e di erotismo ne ho visto poco, poco interessante e mal raccontato. Qualche strusciatina, niente di che. Io non ce la posso fare a finirlo. Se volete provare voi…

    I think the one-star review is a little high for my opinion on this book. There was so little in the way of positives that I am actually wondering how I made it through the whole novel.I loved the whole premise, and I am really disappointed that the characters let down such a unique plot. I love the idea of a modern day lady being sent back to the Regency era. If I could write a book, that would be the plot; so I was thrilled when I found this book at the back of the shelf with it already done. [...]

    Elain (39) from 20th century was married to Matthew who wasn't giving her enough love life. She woke up in Morrigan's (20) body in 19th century, 1883. Morrigan's husband is Charles Arlcott (36?) and determined to make his cold religeous wife amorous.Elain thinks she is a tough 20th century woman, but does not stand up to Charles often enough. She is busy trying to be Morrigan, but she is attracted to Charles sex appeal. Charles is mean and loving. Their relationship is strange, like taking a ste [...]

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