Thicker Than Blood

Thicker Than Blood

Thicker Than Blood Aelia lives in th century Byzantium She is sixteen years old and her life is about to change forever She doesn t yet know it but she holds the fate of thousands in her hands and her actions will ech

  • Title: Thicker Than Blood
  • Author: Shalini Boland
  • ISBN: 9780956998538
  • Page: 208
  • Format: Paperback
  • Aelia lives in 6th century Byzantium She is sixteen years old and her life is about to change forever She doesn t yet know it, but she holds the fate of thousands in her hands and her actions will echo across the centuries Fourteen hundred years later the lives of Madison and Alexandre are once again plunged into danger To save Madison, Alexandre is forced back to a woAelia lives in 6th century Byzantium She is sixteen years old and her life is about to change forever She doesn t yet know it, but she holds the fate of thousands in her hands and her actions will echo across the centuries Fourteen hundred years later the lives of Madison and Alexandre are once again plunged into danger To save Madison, Alexandre is forced back to a world he thought was dead and buried But time is running out The chase is on Chilling and fast paced, Thicker Than Blood is the supernatural sequel to Hidden It combines passion and drama with a historical twist.

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      208 Shalini Boland
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    Great backstory! Really kept me turning pages and summed up how the story came to be in a fascinating way, especially since I wouldn't have guessed all that was involved. The hook at end seems like a great chance to change up the series, so something to look forward to in the next book.

    Once again Alex and Maddison are pulled into adventures and troubles. Once again you're drawn within this story with action and adventure as well as fear for these beloved characters' lives and well-being. You are on the edge of your seat. There is suspense that is always around the corner. Can we say cliffhanger Ms. Boland? The story again switches back and forth between sixth century Byzantium and modern day Cappadocia and England, with ease; thus ensuring that the reader keeps turning the pag [...]

    This is my book, but I'm sending it into the world with 5 lucky stars and the hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it ;-)

    OK so perhaps it's obvious that I'm one of Shalini Boland's biggest fans but I can't help it - her books are just so brilliant. I've been eagerly awaiting Thicker Than Blood, Part 2 of the Marchwood Vampires series since I read Hidden (twice!). I completely fell in love with the first book well over a year ago and you can therefore imagine my excitement when I saw that she was finally releasing the sequel! SQUEAL!Needless to say, I couldn't put the book down, it gripped me from the very first pa [...]

    The first book in this series, Hidden, was a keeper for me (you can read my review on my blog) and I’ve been looking forward to the next in the trilogy to be published. However, because I enjoyed it so much I did feel a little anxious to see if Boland kept the momentum going.The story opens with Aelia in Cappadocia in 571AD. Collecting water we understand that she has broken one of the rules of her community but is confident that Lysus, son of the village leader, will marry her. On her return, [...]

    If Madison and Alexandre thought their troubles were over, they were sadly mistaken. In “Thicker than Blood” they, together with their families, are once again plunged into a world of adventure, danger and life threatening situations. On the other hand we have Elia's story which is set in sixth century Byzantium. Finally it looks as though we are going to get some answers to questions which arose in “Hidden”, the first book of the Marchwood Vampire series. Answers that fill us in on how [...]

    THICKER THAN BLOOD was a fabulous read. Shalini Boland is a highly accomplished writer, bringing her characters and locations vividly to life with a wonderful skill. I loved the imagery as much as the storytelling. Alexandre is a beautiful hero, and young Maddy is a courageous and likeable heroine. We are introduced to new characters, Aelia and Zoe, both of whom are crucial to the unfolding story. The ending was an unexpected twist, and paves the way for Book 3 . . . I can't wait!Another page-tu [...]

    I waited and waited and waited for this!! (The author didn't take that long - I was just incredibly impatient) The first book in the series is HIDDEN and after I read that - my whole world changed! I love the characters, the exotic locations, the sweet love story, but I especially love going back in time with these vampires and hearing their stories.oooo cool. I wish I could read both books again, for the first time. What a thrilling ride!!!!

    The Marchwood Vampire Series has become one of my absolute favorites!!!! It is wonderful when a series continues to grow and get better and better.There are so many vampire books out but this one stands alone. Like the first book, one of my favorite aspects was the trips from past to present & it is done in a way that is not at all confusing.I also loved how Mrs. Boland incorporated the mystery of the sleeping sickness!!!! I cannot wait to see what happens next!!!!!

    I enjoyed this one much better than the first one. I enjoyed the first but this one was more fast paced. I can't wait for the 3rd one in the series because I am totally curious about how the ending will be the beginning of the 3rd book. Very visual book, the story comes to life. I would recommend this.

    Great backstoryIn this book, you get in deeper to the backstory of how the Cappadocia vampires came about. The back and forth between eras works just as well in this book as it did in Hidden, as the eras do meet up again as the pieces all come together very well.

    I accidentally found the marchwood vampire series and so love it, it's hard to find an author who can make you feel a blend of emotions and these books do it and I'm hooked can't wait to find more of her books!

    I truly do love this series. I love the storyline. I love the characters. There is just something truly magical about this series that i love. Shalini Boland you always leave the story at that certain spot that i jus wish there were a 100 more pages to read!!!!

    Book 2 did not disappoint, I really enjoyed this read. I did however miss the romance between Maddy and Alex. I can't wait for book 3 to see what else is going to happen.

    Official review and giveaway here:mereadalot/2013/07/05/marcIf you liked the first book, you will LOVE the second one.

    I was lucky enough to win an e-copy of this book from a giveaway on Jera’s Jamboree.The action started early on in this book and switches between 575 AD and the present day. We discover more about the history of the vampires and the truth behind the cave legends. The introduction of Aelia was very interesting for me – her story was fascinating and I spent my time trying to figure out how she fitted into the story. I also noticed similarities between her and Maddy’s characters, they both se [...]

    Vampire lovers, this is a great series! (Marchwood Vampires#2)This sequel is worth the 5 stars I gave it. It is a sequel, but it is an interesting and worthy book on its own. It has plot twists and turns, complex charactersd a rich depth of history that the author has created- but feels real. I definitely do recommend reading the first book to gain more knowledge of the characters and story before reading this, however.The book is well written and edited, using U.K. English. It pretty much just [...]

    I am absolutely fangirling over here over this compellingly smart series. If you are anything like me you are probably a little weary about yet another vampire series but this is why we keep reading them, for that rare treat of a damn good writer who brings back some class and sophistication to our beloved vampire stories. I wrote that four days ago and have been struggling to come up with what I want to say and how to say it. Sometimes simpler is better so let me say this, if you don't want to [...]

    I always get a bit nervous around sequels, because they almost never live up to the promise of the first, but this author's writing is always so full of enthusiasm, it's hard not to catch it as you're whipped along in a twisting plot that could take you anywhere (and usually does). The characters of Madison and Alexandre felt like old friends after Hidden. They've matured and are a real team, even though they're apart for most of the story. But the star of this one for me was the young Cappodoci [...]

    I loved Hidden, the first book in the Marchwood Vampire series, so I knew Thicker Than Blood was going to be a great read. Well it was better than great; it was amazing.I was excited to see what happened to feisty Madison and the gorgeous Alexandre, the main characters from the first book, and I enjoyed meeting new characters too. Aelia’s story is particularly good, one of those you can’t stop thinking about for a few days after.Shalini Boland has a real talent for bringing the scenes alive [...]

    This is the second book in the Marchwood Vampire series and I absolutely loved it.As in the first book Mrs Boland wrote two separate stories who run parallel to each other until they finally combine and lead to the end. It is a marvelous idea and works very well. I actually read the story of the heroine Ailea first and then the story of Madison and Alexander.It is great to read the continuation of the known characters - their development in this new situation they find themselves in and how they [...]

    In this installation of the Marchwood Vampire series we learn about what caused the vampires to lay dormant for centuries and what happened to all the human inhabitants of the underground city.The sign of a good book is when you slow down reading it to make it last longer and that's exactly what I did.I was completely drawn into this story as Maddy,Alexandre,Ben, Leonora,Isobel,Jacques and Freddy settle into life as a family. But everything explodes around them turning their world upside down on [...]

    Another amazing story from Ms Boland! I was so looking forward to reading the second book in the Marchwood series, and I was not disappointed one bit. I’m not going to do spoilers, so all I’ll say is - the opening is fabulous, the middle is fabulous, oh and the ending WOW! I love it when a book can surprise me and this book did that many times over. I enjoyed meeting the new characters introduced. The writing is beautiful and flawless. And I am also even more hooked on Alexandre than I was f [...]

    This is a Good Reads First Read book giveaway. I did not read the first book. This book was written in such a way that I was absorbed into this book without feeling like I missed something by not reading the first one. This is well written and fast paced. Some of the characters come full circle within this storyline. The plot and the characters are fascinating.I loved this ending, and I can not wait to read what and who this new character is that loves Alexandre's name. Plus, I am curious as to [...]

    This sequel doesn’t disappoint. The action is as fast as in the first book and I just could not stop reading. As in the first, there are dual stories and I loved anticipating how the paths would cross, waiting until the final chapters to discover the truth. There are also a few twists which I loved and helped keep the adrenalin flowing.Thicker Than Blood is so very well written and a joy to read. I would recommend this book to anyone with a passing interest in Vampires, perfect for a teenage a [...]

    When reading the second book in the series I love, I'm always worried it won't live up to my expectations. With Thicker than blood it was eventually quite the opposite! The characterization and the pacing of the story are flawless, and I didn't see the end coming! Thumbs up for the Marchwood vampires, they're so cool I kept on imagining who could impersonate them in a movie or in a series It will definitely be hard to wait for the third (and not last, I hope) installment in the series.

    I really liked the second installment of the Marchwood Vampires series. I love all the characters. This one is split between present day and 571 AD. In that way, it's similar to Hidden. Another character is introduced Aelia. Her story is really interesting. She starts as a human who is shunned from her village and plays an instrumental part in Alexandre and the other vampire's history. Maddy is kidnapped at the beginning so story switches from Maddie's POV to Alexandre's, to Aelia's. And of cour [...]

    Great continuation! We get to see Maddy, Alexandre and the rest of the gang again but in an entirely new situation, and we also get a lot more backstory about the underground city we saw in Book 1. But where Book 1 was very much a "modern gothic", Book 2 was more like an action thriller crossed with historical/fantasy. I had been worried that I wouldn't enjoy this as much as the first book, but I needn't have. I would still like to see some of the characters more fully developed, but Shalini Bol [...]

    This book is the second in a series that I am loving. I finished the first book in about 3 days, and this one in about 4. I found the buildup of introducing new characters a bit slow in this book, but I love them all. I will admit a few times being disappointed that the bad guy didn't get killed off, but it's a series and there is still hope! In the end the person who betrayed the group was a complete shock, and I can't wait to get my hands on the next book to see what happens to the traitor!Ove [...]

    I love that these books always have a little twist. No matter how i think i have the book all worked out, boom, Shalini manages to throw me off guard.I also love the fact that the heroines in Shalinis books are not whimpering little girls who have to rely on a big tough man to save them. They are always kick-ass, self reliant girls who just need a man for a little tlc after the fact.Another amazing read by Mrs Boland, and i cannot wait to read the next book.Would totally recommend.

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