The Little Friend

The Little Friend

The Little Friend Twelve year old Harriet is doing her best to grow up which is not easy as her mother is permanently on medication her father has moved to another city and her serene sister rarely notices anything

  • Title: The Little Friend
  • Author: Donna Tartt
  • ISBN: 9780747564133
  • Page: 219
  • Format: Paperback
  • Twelve year old Harriet is doing her best to grow up, which is not easy as her mother is permanently on medication, her father has moved to another city, and her serene sister rarely notices anything All of them are still suffering from the shocking and mysterious death of her bother Robin twelve years ago, and it seems to Harriet that the family may never recover So, inTwelve year old Harriet is doing her best to grow up, which is not easy as her mother is permanently on medication, her father has moved to another city, and her serene sister rarely notices anything All of them are still suffering from the shocking and mysterious death of her bother Robin twelve years ago, and it seems to Harriet that the family may never recover So, inspired by Captain Scott, Houdini and Robert Louis Stevenson, she sets out with her only friend Helly to find Robin s murder and punish him But what starts as a child s game soon becomes a dark and dangerous journey into menacing underworld of a small Mississippi town.

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    Currently reading this one and all I can think of is a passage from a writing-fiction manual that I read. The guy who wrote the article said that he once wrote a whole book and his publisher told him that it was good back-story, it was good for the AUTHOR to get to know his characters so when he wrote about them - they'd be 3D and real but it wasn't necessary for the readers to know most of the stuff that was written. You can remove a lot of the bulk from that first draft and keep it to yourself [...]

    This book, quite honestly, infuriated me. The opening chapter is stellar and haunting -- so much so that I slogged through 500+ pages on its promise alone. Anyone beginning this novel will (rightly so) expect a Southern Gothic murder mystery. The premise (at least the one outlined on the dust jacket) has so much potential -- set in a sleepy backwater Mississippi town, it follows the "adventures" of an overly precocious girl from a fallen plantation family (think Scout Finch meets Nancy Drew) who [...]

    I sort of want to scream when I read lukewarm reviews of this book. Admittedly, people may get the wrong idea when they read the back jacket, or the first few pages, and anticipate some sort of murder mystery thrill.The death of Harriet's brother is merely background for her character. The skill with which Tartt explores the inner workings and thought processes of a virtually abandoned 12 year old girl whose older brother's murder has never been solved cannot be praised highly enough. Tartt seem [...]

    Having read Tartt's previous book, The Secret History, and loved it so much I did everything except start a cult based on the characters, I expected to feel the same way about this. But I didn't. Know why this book gets only one star? YOU NEVER FIND OUT WHO KILLS ROBIN. Let me just reiterate that: the mystery of who/what could have possibly been able to appear in someone's backyard, while the entire family is within hearing range and two kids are sitting on the back porch, and grab a nine year o [...]

    Oh, Harriet, you poor dear. Twelve and a half, homely and unpopular. The girl with the antique-sounding name and possessor of an "old soul." She has a gruff, common sense approach to life that eschews flattery and wins her few fans among her peers and relatives.In vain, the aunts tried to teach her to be polite. "But don't you understand, darling," said Tat, "that if you don't like the fruitcake, it's better to eat it anyway instead of hurting your hostess's feelings?""But I don't like fruitcake [...]

    Part one: while reading it This is what you call a 'slow read'. It is impossible to race thru these pages. That is why I had two prior unsuccessful attempts to read this book. An impatient mood is not a good mindset to read this one. But I loved The Secret History and I just know that Donna Tartt is a good writer. You just have to have quiet time on your hands to read this one. So I'm taking my time with this one and it's rewarding. The descriptions Donna Tartt uses are long and sometimes it tak [...]

    Donna Tartt always gives me more information than I need. Two people will be talking and you get a description of all the furniture in the room, a description of what's on TV, a description of what's going on outside the window, sometimes a memory, sometimes a dream before the dialogue is resumed. Thus it can take pages for two characters to exchange four lines of dialogue. In this novel she also gives me too many characters. As always with Tartt it’s crime that motors this novel. In particula [...]

    Donna Tartt's second novel (I am working my way backwards from The Goldfinch). While I am still puzzled as to who is the "little friend" referred to in the title (Hely?) and the choreography of the end at the water tank was confusing, nonetheless this was an exciting page-turner and I feel that the protagonist Harriet was compelling. I loved her curiosity, her brilliance, and her spunk - she is not one to be double-crossed. The evocation of Alexandria, Mississippi reminded me greatly of my child [...]

    A Southern tale set in small town Mississippi shows the wreckage left behind after a beloved son, grandson, and brother, Robin, is murdered in his own front yard. Evoking a little of Scout Finch, and a little of Flavia de Luce (child sleuth from Alan Bradley's books), Harriet Cleve Dufresnes decides to solve her big brother's unresolved death. Despite her innocence and youth, Harriet is deadly serious and doesn't mess around. This isn't a 'cute' story despite its childish heroine.There's so much [...]

    I gave this book three stars only because of the author's ability to use mood, setting, and descriptive in an incredibly amazing way. However, this book was the biggest cocktease ever. Chekhov once said that if a gun is laying on the table in the first scene it had better be fired by the last. I firmly believe this, but Ms. Tartt seems not to. Oh well. It just seems that if you begin a book with a nine-year-old boy hanging dead from a tree, and the entire plot is driven from this, something shou [...]

    Well, that was a huge disappointment. I had heard this was generally the least loved of Donna Tartt's novels, but I went into it expecting to like it a bit more than most because I adore her work. But no, sadly this was a big letdown. Overall this book just left me very confused. How did she go from such an atmospheric, well-written novel asThe Secret History to this? And then to come up with the masterpiece,The Goldfinch? I just don't get how she is the same author of this book.The writing isn' [...]

    Review to come, I'm still a bit flabbergastedKilled the life out of me. Just gorgeous, I loved it. I hate the word "evocative," because it seems terribly pretentious…like “terribly pretentious” doesn’t sound pretentious at all, jeez, but this book is that. Evocative. Powerful, deep and dark, fascinating, poetic, and just overall beautifully written. Harriet is a firecracker, a pistol, a "trip." She's so completely herself and so completely relatable, it's almost eery. My childhood was no [...]

    This is such a great novel. I read it a few years ago, I think it was in 2004, I don't really remember now, but I know it was before I separated from Fabio since during the separation process I only read books by Chris Bojalian and books that Lauren mailed me. She didn't mail me The Little Friend, but I'm sure it is she who recommended it. Just last night, I was talking with my friend Jenna about this book (which I convinced her to read, and which she is reading now) and we were cracking up over [...]

    I listened to this book on audio and would like to comment first that the narrator was excellent and gave a huge boost to the atmosphere of the Mississippi setting.And the book had tremendous atmosphere. Donna Tartt has proven that she can set a scene with the best of them. She can also write a great character and Harriet in particular is superb. In fact another book focussing on her as a teenager or an adult would be great!My problem stemmed from my interest in Harriet and her family. I was fas [...]

    Понякога смятам, че очакванията (каквито и да са те) могат да съсипят удоволствието от дадена книга, от друга страна обаче те биха могли дори да задълбочат самото изживяване. Аз имах тонове информация за „Малкият приятел” на Дона Тарт, но с немалко усилие на волята и самоди [...]

    Prelim. Review (aka, a personal steam valve): Well, I declare! I just don't know what Donna Tartt did to open the floodgates to venom for her last 2 novels: The Goldfinch, preceded by The Little Friend.I say this not to gripe about your subjective opinion that you found The Little Friend boring, you detested the subject matter, or you simply dislike Donna Tartt's writing style or personality. Intelligent people don't quibble over such matters, since opinions are like a__holes. I am also not clai [...]

    Έπιασα τον μικρό φίλο με διάθεση να λύσω το μυστήριο της Ντόνα Ταρτ. Ποιο ακριβώς; Με τρία βιβλία στο ενεργητικό της, όλα τους ογκωδέστατα, και με το καθένα να μετρά δέκα χρόνια συγγραφής η Ταρτ έχει φτιάξει γύρω της μια ασαφή δημιουργική αύρα. Πέραν του τιτάνιου όγκου τους, δ [...]

    This is one of Tartt's earlier books published before her acclaimed The Goldfinch. The same complexity and richness of character, the same explosion of detail that makes The Goldfinch so memorable can be found in a slightly less orderly way. Less orderly in the sense that this book didn't quite have the tight narrative structure where there is little that is told that is not important to the story. This book could have lost fifty or so pages without it affecting the plot line. But who cares, rea [...]

    Donna really screws the pooch on this one. She makes a very likeable character, a smart, precocious little girl in a small country town who makes enemies with a group of meth-heads while trying to solve the mystery of her 9-year-old brother's hanging when she was a baby, and turns it into a 576-page snoozefest. I eventually had to go to a library miles away and check out the audio version so I didn't have to waste my precious eyesight reading it. I read this one review where the person said they [...]

    Ponderous and immersiveThis novel starts slowly and never really picks up speed. The author's ability to draw the reader into the scenes and lives of the characters, however, makes this a worthwhile read. The characters are well developed and realistic- quirky and original. Their insights into life are often fascinating and engaging.I liked the way I simply forgot about time when the author drew me in, and although the plot moved forward slowly (even sideways sometimes) the setting and situation [...]

    The really bad news about this book is that I have finished it! The really good news is that it goes straight into my bury me with this book bookshelf. An absolute busting-out-of-itself 5★

    ***NO SPOILERS***(Full disclosure: book abandoned at page 226 [out of 555 pages].)The Little Friend starts strong, with distinct, even lovable characters--and protagonist Harriet is the most interesting of all--but 141 pages in, it loses its footing. Readers should be forewarned that despite The Little Friend’s summary, this isn’t a murder mystery. The mysterious murder is a background concern, a persistent nagging on the edge of twelve-year-old Harriet’s consciousness. The story is really [...]

    Sometimes, I do believe, one's expectations can completely ruin a book for a person. On the other hand, expectations can only infrequently enhance one's experience of a book. It took me three attempts, years apart, to get through The Little Friend but it was worth it! A wonderful book, and a unique heroine, young Harriet. Just read patiently and you will be richly rewarded. At first I wanted to give this book 4½ stars actually more like 4.4 because I'd "rounded down" to 4 but then something [...]

    This was far too big a book for this story. Just loads of unnecessary description and background about certain things. It was very slow but i still enjoyed the story. I would read another book by Donna Tartt as I've heard the others are far superior to this.

    I LOVED The Secret History. I do not love this. Elegant prose can only keep a reader for so long. I imagine that many people, me included, do not want a 10 page description of two troubled twentysomething doing crystal meth and getting sunburnt in the middle of July. I actually made the 200 page mark. With the potential of more sweaty boys on drugs in the next 400 pages, I put the book down and re-read The Secret History instead.

    It's too long. I think that's fair enough to say. But there are several moments in The Little Friend when Donna Tartt reminds us of a what a magnificent writer she really is - when her characters come alive and their deeply-considered thoughts tell us so much about the world we live in.The story begins with a child's murder. Little Robin Cleve Dufresnes is found hanging from a tree in his back yard. Twelve years later we discover the enormous toll it has taken on the family. His devastated mothe [...]

    This takes a while to get going. Tartt provides a very detailed account of the home life of her heroine, Harriet and gives lots of background to the town in Mississippi where she grows up. Harriet and her family are traumatised by the violent and mysterious death of her elder brother when the book begins. He’s found hanging from a tree in the garden. No one is prosecuted for his death. So Harriet and her best friend Haly set about solving the crime. Suspicion falls on a redneck family who live [...]

    "Малкият приятел" е първото заглавие, което чета, написано от Дона Тарт. Покрай "Щиглецът" съм чувал какви ли не коментари за Дона Тарт, повечето от които представляваха критики към обема и многословието й. Във връзка с това имам няколко впечатления от "Малкият приятел", които [...]

    I had really enjoyed the author's other books but I just didn't get on with this one. Maybe it's the type of story - a family saga focused on the apparent suicide of a young boy - but it just didn't speak to me. Well, actually it did as I was listening to the audio version but there's another issue, the narrator was as bland as the prose. Sleep inducing. Almost literally, actually. I've read some mixed reviews of the book but I know that some readers really liked it and I therefore fear I may ha [...]

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