Nicobobinus Nicobobinus and his friend Rosie go in search of the Land of Dragons and find adventure than they d bargained for

  • Title: Nicobobinus
  • Author: Terry Jones
  • ISBN: 9783596801800
  • Page: 221
  • Format: Paperback
  • Nicobobinus and his friend Rosie go in search of the Land of Dragons and find adventure than they d bargained for.

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      221 Terry Jones
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    My uncle left this book for me when I was about 6. I remember it as being HUGE, a hefty hardcover, and I felt so grown up just holding it in my hands. It is the first book that I remember falling into, where I'd be so wrapped up in the story that when I finally managed to pull myself out of the fantasy, my neck hurt from bending over the pages, and hours had passed. So fun! I need to find my copy and reread it. It's been years!

    This might have been my favorite book during years nine through eleven of my life. It seems never to have developed anything more than a tiny cult following, but I still remember it fondly. Nico's journey to the abbey, onto the ghost ship and to the land of dragons are all permanently embedded in my memory.

    Terry Jones's books for children are great fun stories that really stimulate the imagination. As you would expect from one of the Monty Python team, his stories have settings that appear on the surface to be classical and traditional - in this case, medieval Venice, but they take that start point and then just riff away in a manner that manages to be surreal while remaining grounded in real storytelling.Nicobobinus is no exception. Egged on and supported by his friend Rosie, he goes through a se [...]

    So, this book was recommended to me by someone whose judgment I usually prize quite highly, but obviously that was a huge mistake. Actually, I think this person is just trying to expand my tastes, but little does he know that I'm already pigeonholed into quite a narrow window. Oh, well. It's noble to try.Anyway, I had the hardest time following what was going on in this book. I'm sure some people would find it hysterical, as it's written much in the style of Terry Pratchett and Philip Ardagh (th [...]

    Nicobobinus und seine Freundin Rosie suchen gemeinsam das Land der Drachen. Was aus lauter Neugier begann, wird jedoch nach kurzem eine eilige und wichtige Angelegenheit. Denn der Goldene Mann hat Teile von Nicobobinus Körper in echtes Gold verwandelt, das nur durch Drachenblut wieder in richtige Körperteile zurückverwandelt werden kann. So versucht nun eine Menge finsterer Gestalten, an diesen Schatz heranzukommen. Die beiden Kinder entfliehen Piraten, falschen Mönchen, durchqueren sehr son [...]

    I liked the Ocean of Mountains: Nico walks up a mountain all day, gets to the top, stops for the night; in the morning he's back at the bottom, repeats . . . Until the mountain man tells him the mountains are (slow-moving) waves: wait 'til you're at the top, then walk down at wave speed. Like surfing, it's downhill all the way.But:The action is insufficiently motivated, disjointed. Like a dream, a little moreso than a story.So no, not a gift for an 8-year-old.There's an occasional very nice draw [...]

    We couldn't find our copy of this for our grandchildren, which was a favourite of our children back in the day, but I managed to find a second-hand copy on . Not as good as 'Erik the Viking', but great fun nontheless. The copy I have is a rather scruffy paperback with black-and-white illustrations, but I seem to remember our original copy was large format hardback with full-page colour pictures.

    Michael Foreman's illustrations were fantastic as always. They were colorful, accurate, alive with expression and detail. The story was nonstop action and adventure, which became a bit tedious to me. There were many imaginative twists that I expect from Terry Jones, but I didn't care too much about the characters.

    What an utterly charming children's novel. Rosie & Nicobobinus have the greatest friendship, and I loved the descriptions every person and place they came across. Also, the dragons were unexpectedly hilarious.

    i used to read this all the time as a kid and just remembered it so im just saving it in case i forget again lol. #memories

    Nicobobinus and his friend Rosie set off to discover the Land of Dragons.I read Nicobobinus. My daughter read Nicobobinus. My son read Nicobobinus.Five stars x 3

    This book features some mean-ass monks and other upsetting characters and themes. Terry Jones is brilliant, but this book is a bit hard-core for kiddos.

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