The Keeper

The Keeper

The Keeper There are many types of keepers this one keeps the broken souls of Earth Grieving for her souls she tells a pretty soul s story in hopes that the message of love is recieved

  • Title: The Keeper
  • Author: Katherine Rochholz
  • ISBN: 9781105207365
  • Page: 490
  • Format: ebook
  • There are many types of keepers, this one keeps the broken souls of Earth Grieving for her souls, she tells a pretty soul s story in hopes that the message of love is recieved.

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      490 Katherine Rochholz
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    A truly beautiful and well-crafted short. Katherine Rochholz has successfully created a piece of narrative that is poetic and highly emotive. My tears at the end of this short read were genuine; it is that powerful.From the first few lines, I knew that this was a compelling piece of literature. I immediately wanted more, wanted this short to be novel or a novella at least; however, despite this being a 600 word short (approx), it had all of the elements necessary for a deeply satisfying, if not [...]

    This was an amazing short story. I could feel all the emotions and feelings in the words and I was really happy I took the time to read this. I love the short, it was written beautifully, and the words really stay with you even after you read it. I really think that readers should read this, you won't regret it.

    This was a wonderful short story. And it is so true Love IS Love! I felt so bad for the Keeper and for the woman that would be his mother. My only issue was one small thing, the spelling mistakes lift should be life and a few others. But those are minor and didn't detract from the story because my mind auto-corrected as usual. Thank you for the wonderful story.

    This short story is what seriously made me eager to read the rest of the K. Rochholz published books! She has an amazing talent and this short story is a must read! I recommend it to everyone that has an insatiable need for supernatural and dark themed reads.

    OMG! For a short little story it is so emotional! Very Good! Totally worth the couple of minutes it takes to read it!!! I loved it!

    VERY short, I read it in under 5 minutes. Very beautifully written, almost like a poem. From the point of a Guardian Angle watching a loved one fall apart.

    This is a lovely short story portraying the pain of watching someone self destruct. Knowing that you are doing everything in your power to help but it not making a difference. This is not a happy story, and it doesn't have a happy ending.But it is a good read.

    Potent and informative. Mournful and disturbing. It hits hard and direct to the heart. We are viewing a young woman through the eyes of a higher being known as the “keeper of broken souls.” If there is a more direct name (such as a specific goddess, god, or other spirit) it doesn’t say, though we do hear of the “goddess” in general as someone who stands on her own as her own character. Through the “keeper’s” eyes we watch as the woman is beaten down emotionally and physically by [...]

    The Keeper by Katherine Rochholz is a flash fiction. About the keeper of Broken Souls as he watches a disguised demon break a soulis flash fiction was very emotional. it felt as if i was The Keeper of Broken Souls and i felt the feelings the Keeper felt. i find this a very strong piece as Katherine Rochholz has also added a moral to the storyR EXAMPLE: "Love don't hate, love can change a person's life, it can save a soul."When i saw this moral ending i had to agree. it put a topic in my head as [...]

    Short, sad, but good - definately worth a read. When I started this, I expected it to be a little longer, it took me all of 5 minutes to read! This surprised me a little, however, it is so heartful, so sad, and will definately pull at your heartstrings if you have any pity at all. It is a sad truth that things like this happen, but this flash fiction story definately leaves me with a feeling of hope that all the broken souls will one day find happiness in the arms of the Keeper.

    I love the book. I think it's a good summer book to read while laying around the house. I love the twists you put in to the book. I wish con didn't have tb. But I'm glad he saved the girl and find his brother at the same time. I've been sick so I haven't finish the book yet. But from what I readied its a very good book. Everybody should read it.

    This maybe a short story, but it leaves a huge impact on you. Katherine Rochholz is an wonderful writer, and this story really shows it. If you haven't read anything by her yet this is a good place to start, you will get a real feel for her writing. The Message within The Keeper is one I hope everyone will follow, I know I intend to.

    WOW!!! This short story had so much emotion packed into it that it was unbelievable. I could almost feel the pain, the heartbreak and the depression seeping from the books every pore.Katherine Rochholz is one of the most amazing writers that I have had the privilege of reading. The underlying message is so powerful. Please everyone read this book.

    This was an absolutely Exceptional short read by Katherine Rochholz that I was drawn into its story and couldn't stop. This short story is a Must read. Katherine has written other amazing stories so why not check them out. I highly recommend. Come read it for yourself you will not be disappointed.

    This flash fiction gives an insight to the capability of Katherine Rochholz.I'm keen to explore what Katherine has to offer on an expanded scale of a novel.

    The emotion displayed made you went weep for the lost soul, painfully feeling the keepers sorrow. Very sort and very intense.

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