Divided After surviving the first wave of the Setenid Blight Infection Piper Evie Kenley is expected to return to her normal life But evading the grasp of murdering Infecteds seems small in comparison to sur

  • Title: Divided
  • Author: Kimberly Montague
  • ISBN: 9781452413099
  • Page: 141
  • Format: ebook
  • After surviving the first wave of the Setenid Blight Infection, Piper Evie Kenley is expected to return to her normal life But evading the grasp of murdering Infecteds seems small in comparison to surviving the heartache of being apart from the love of her life, Devlin Vaughn.This isn t an ordinary long distance romance, though Devlin has been taken from her by the milAfter surviving the first wave of the Setenid Blight Infection, Piper Evie Kenley is expected to return to her normal life But evading the grasp of murdering Infecteds seems small in comparison to surviving the heartache of being apart from the love of her life, Devlin Vaughn.This isn t an ordinary long distance romance, though Devlin has been taken from her by the military and used, along with other non psychotic Infecteds to fight the murdering, out of control Infecteds sweeping across the nation Now, Evie must use courage and intellect to locate Dev before it s too late all while battling the dangers that seem to be stalking her every move.Recommended for ages 15up

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    What I liked about this book was that it had more action than book 1. What I didn't like about it was that the beginning was packed with exposition. I was annoyed at the beginning, wondering when the actual story would start.(view spoiler)[As much as I liked the MC's experience into college life, I fail to see how that entire section of the plot advanced the story. Yes, I get it gave her an excuse to quit college altogether, but that is such a small reason to give in order to explain her undivid [...]

    " should be across North America within the next ten months, and go global in a little over a year."I just love this seriesI can't believe I waited so long to read this. Divided is the perfect sequel to AlteredThis book does not disappoint! This isn't your typical zombie novel, no. Think, "The Crazies." Yeah, how scary is that?"It's the psycho brigade all over again."They thought the outbreak was contained, well, they were wrong. Ah! OMG. The suspense, infections, quarantines, action, conspiraci [...]

    Just discovered this is finally out! So excited!! Feels like I have been waiting forever!Well I finally read it! And it left me hanging!! Now I will have to be a stalker until I get the third book;)In this book the sentenid blight disease is quickly spreading its chaos to bigger cities across the country. All Evie wants is to see her boyfriend, the wonderful Dev, again. He has been trapped into working with the special forces along with Evie's brother, Harm. This tells the story of mostly Evie a [...]

    Awesome 2nd book way to go Kimberly I loved the follow up on this series the action the love between them i was truly engrossed in this book and so can not wait a whole year for the 3rd book !!!!

    Not your typical YA paranormal romance! The Setenid Blight books are a tale of almost too real apocalyptic proportions. I read the first book in the series, Altered many months ago. It stole my heart from the very beginning. Many months later, I was contacted with an e-mail letting my know that Divided, book 2 was (finally) available. I can honestly tell you that my fascination with YA paranormal romances got it's beginning right here! However, I no longer really see that this series truly fits [...]

    Divided is the perfect sequel to Altered. It isn’t as fast paced, nor does it contain as much of the creepy as the first book, but it is written appropriately. Love Evie! She is such a strong character; I have never once been annoyed with her. She was a little innocent and confused in the beginning of this series, but it’s fitting and genuine. She has come a long way and I’m so proud of her. My other two favorite characters, Dev and Harm are absent for most of the book, but again, this is [...]

    I don't know how she does it but Kimberly Montague makes me crave Evie and Dev like you wouldn't believe. I want them to find a way out of the horror they're in so that they can be together SO BADLY. I hurt for them, guys. HURT! Evie's emotional breakdown at being apart from Dev made me teary. Dev's shining love for her, the fact that Evie had no pictures of the two of them together *weeps*I love that we're getting to see the beginning of the end here. The world is on the verge of falling apart [...]

    *floats off to heaven and stays there*What can I say?Another miracle!With Dev part of the Special Forces (unwillingly part of) and fighting against the Infecteds and probably never returning and not having any contact with family or friends, being his job description, Evie starts to get seriously pissed off. I mean, who wouldn't? I sure was.With the massacre that is taking place ACROSS the country, they had to worsen it by removing people from their family and not revealing anything to them and [...]

    A few years back I was given the privilege to review the first book for my then blog. I had so loved that book and thought it showed so much promise. Ever since then I had been eager to read the second book but just never found the time. Unfortunately, I just couldn't fall in love with this one. It wasn't bad but it just was missing that special spark that the first one had. The first third of the book was spent with Evie moping about because of her missing Dev. It is not the authors fault but I [...]

    This book was just as amazing as the first book in this series! I am so glad I had a chance to read it! In the first book Evie delt with the agony of being in love with someone she could not have because she already had a boyfriend and then when she finally got him, he was ripped away from her and now in this book she is dealing with that loss and the constant wondering how he is and if she will ever see him again! She is kind depressed in this book and she does not really want to deal with life [...]

    OMG!!! That ending just makes me wanna pull all my freakin' hair out!!! Here I was incredibly engrossed in the book, eagerly getting to end, then bam, the end. I was like, what the and then reality hit me like a mack truck and I screamed really loud and angry like. I'm sure I scared a few people but I don't care!!! THEN, I tell you, the third book Manipulated is NOT *shouty capitals* about Evie or Dev!!!! Aaaaaaaah. FYI - I would definitely give this book 5 humongous stars if that ending didn't [...]

    All I can say is oh my god!! This book had me going crazy with anticipation! The whole book had me itching for Dev and Evie to get reunited but that ending argh! You're killing me Kimberly!! I loved the first book in the series and the second one was even better! I definitely recommend this book. I know you'll love it. My only gripe was the teaser for the third book. I know it's only a teaser and I can't wait for the blurb on the third book because I have to know what happens to Evie and Dev and [...]

    Evil! Pure evil Kimberly thats exactly what you are!Agh! leaving me hanging at such a crucial point!OhMyGod! the torture! the exquisite pain! Why do you authors hate us so much?! Why? WHY?? WHY?!Oh jbtw, love your books and especially your guys ;) and the girls. I love how strong, brave and in control they are. True Alphas!would you believe i finished this book in 3 1/2 hours?! O.o :P

    Still loving this series and know there will be another. Craziness galore, but still loved it. The romance wasn't overdone and the crisis at hand is acknowledged throughout the book instead of focusing on the romance and the storyline kind of goes to crap. Looking forward to the next one

    4.5 stars for me. I love this series. I am however a little terrified regarding the cliffhanger ending and then finding out the sequel is about different people. I hope we get to find out more about Evie and Dev. Pick up the series and check it out; You'll be in for a ride!

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