Commitment It was obvious to everyone but them they were all wrong for each other Riley is a free spirited boho writer and Shawn is a magnetic and charismatic rapper riding the highest crest of his career She d

  • Title: Commitment
  • Author: Nia Forrester
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • It was obvious to everyone but them they were all wrong for each other Riley is a free spirited boho writer and Shawn is a magnetic and charismatic rapper, riding the highest crest of his career She doesn t understand his world and he sure as hell doesn t understand hers And what s worse, while he s never committed to any woman before, she s committed to someone else SIt was obvious to everyone but them they were all wrong for each other Riley is a free spirited boho writer and Shawn is a magnetic and charismatic rapper, riding the highest crest of his career She doesn t understand his world and he sure as hell doesn t understand hers And what s worse, while he s never committed to any woman before, she s committed to someone else Still, they can t stay away from each other Along with frequent clashes of their equally strong wills, Shawn and Riley will have to face down opposition from friends, family and one extremely motivated groupie, if they want to forge a commitment that will last the test of time.

    Commitment Definition of Commitment by Merriam Webster Commitment definition is an agreement or pledge to do something in the future especially an engagement to assume a financial obligation at a future date How to use commitment in a sentence. Commitment definition of commitment by The Free Dictionary The magistrate, upon the encouragement of so learned a coadjutor, and upon the violent intercession of the squire, was at length prevailed upon to seat himself in the chair of justice, where being placed, upon viewing the muff which Jones still held in his hand, and upon the parson s swearing it to be the property of Mr Western, he desired Mr Fitzpatrick to draw up a commitment, which he said COMMITMENT meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary commitment definition a promise or firm decision to do something willingness to give your time and energy to a Learn . Commitment Definition of Commitment at Dictionary Jan , Commitment definition, the act of committing See . commitment Dictionary Definition Vocabulary Making a commitment involves dedicating yourself to something, like a person or a cause Before you make a commitment, think carefully A commitment obligates you to do something. Commitment Synonyms, Commitment Antonyms Merriam synonyms of commitment from the Merriam Webster Thesaurus, plus related words, definitions, and antonyms Find another word for commitment. Commitment Definition of Commitment by Lexico What does commitment mean commitment is defined by the lexicographers at Oxford Dictionaries as The state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc Urban Dictionary commitment Commitment is what Transforms the promise into reality It is the words that speak Boldly of your intentions And the actions which speak Louder than the words It is making the time When there is none Coming through time After time after time, Year after year after year Commitment is the stuff Character is made of The power to change The face of things. Commitment Synonyms, Commitment Antonyms Thesaurus Synonyms for commitment at Thesaurus with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions Find descriptive alternatives for commitment. Commitment This disambiguation page lists articles associated with the title Commitment If an internal link led you here, you may wish to change the link to point directly to the intended article.

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    SPOILER FREE REVIEW -mature content reader discretion is advised.4 STARS out of 5Genre: Urban RomanceFULL REVIEW POSTED 4/6/13"When I’m with you, I’m with you. And what happens when I’m not with you doesn’t matter." That was their deal. And it worked. At first. “But you’re right; a lot of rap isn’t poetic, but it isn’t supposed to be. Some of us aren’t poets; we’re the town criers, putting out the word on what’s going on in the streets.” He emptied his glass of the last o [...]

    06/07/2015 -- Re-readI think this is the third time I'm reading this book. Why? It's just that good. It does something for me. I knew I had this business trip coming up and wanted to read the newest book in this series so I planned to start from the beginning.Shawn and Riley are interesting to me. They are extraordinarily talented people who struggle with the normal relationship stuff we all struggle with. The background may be a bit different, but on the inside, they have the same insecurities [...]

    This is my third attempt to read this book, but I've finally gotten through it, and, as with the other books in the series, really enjoyed it. My problem was that I knew there was some angst coming up for Riley and Shawn, because I'd already read some of the other books. And as the angsty bits loomed, I kept putting the book aside 'for another day'. But this time I pushed through. Yay.This is the first book in this terrific series, but obviously it doesn't have to be read first, because I got ho [...]

    This story was unbelievable amazing from the first page to the last. While I was reading it about 4% of the way through I thought wow, is this story really this good. The answer to that was 100% yes, even at the very beginning Riley and Shawn just drew me in. We get to read about the development of this relationship from the very first meeting, through their tumultuous courtship, through the good, and the very bad times. If you like a long, thoroughly satisfying book this is for you. Yes it is s [...]

    I had to give this book five stars just for the surprise factor! Nia Forrester was a new name to me, and I read this book on a whim. I am so glad I did I cannot even explain. The description of the story left a lot to question. I was, and still am, so surprised by the depth of this story. I fell in love with all of the characters, now matter how much I didn't want to. I was worried that the entirety of the story would be based around a love triangle, but it was at about 10% that the love triangl [...]

    When I opened this book I hoped it would be good I got just what I wanted because it really a good book . This book is about what it takes to make a relationship work. In this book Shawn and Riley meet fall in love and get married most books end at that point but this Book is about the commitment of being in a marriage that is the hard part. The commitment part of the relationship is what makes this book good. This is not a fairytale this is a real love story with real problems.Riley and Shawn f [...]

    This was a freebie and also the first novel that I have read by Ms. Forrester, and all I can say is WOW!!!! The chemistry between Riley and Shawn was so powerful from the very beginning, they came from totally different worlds and had so many different views or at least that’s what they thought…What was supposed to be a interview with a “Rapper” turned into one of the best nights of Riley’s life……LOVE AND HIP HOP IN IT’S FINEST………This is a must read so if you are looking fo [...]

    Committed I️ am not sure why I️ am just now diving into this series. This book was everything! I️ enjoyed it and was reading at every available moment I️ had.

    There are very few new authors that can weave a story that examines the complexities of black love and stereotypes, with such candor and depth as Ms. Forrester. Her versatility and emotional range appear limitless as she illustrates many aspects of black devotion, while illuminating the madness of K-Smooth's chaotic media frenzied world.The love story of Hip Hop rap star Kendall Shawn (K Smooth) Gardner and writer Riley Terry gives readers a deep look into the budding love of an A-List media per [...]

    This story renewed my desire to explore new books. I had been searching and taking suggestions on what to read. Nothing could hold my attention. Then out of the blue when I wasn't really looking I found this wonderful story. Finally, good writing. I loved the story. An examination of relationships indeed. Ideas of what a relationship should be, when it should be, how your ideals and ideas about relationships are challenged when they do not fit into another persons idea or ideals about relationsh [...]

    Solid 3.75 StarsIf you love a good "Rock Romance" (like me) all you have to do is replace the rock with some R&B/Rap, switch the dynamics a bit with the main characters and supporting cast, and that's what you'll have with "Commitment" But dare I say it? This one takes you a bit deeper as well. With the social/political stigmas that come attached with this profession from both sides, black & white. There are no pointing fingers here. No blame game going on. It is what it is. And that's e [...]

    I was excited to read this book, partially because I had heard how good it was. It was definitely a page turner in the beginning and I enjoyed the relationship between Riley and Shawn. The supporting character were also interesting, however I felt the Keshia situation drug out longer than necessary and after the dust settled it kind of fell flat. I think it could have been wrapped up at least two chapters sooner. It took me a lot longer to finish it, because I felt there was really nothing left [...]

    Aye!!! I read Ms. Nia Forrester's series out of sequence! Did it matter? Nope!!! 'Commitment' by Ms. Nia Forrester is where it ALL begins :) We have polar opposite lovers trying to make sense of their polar opposite worlds. Riley - the conscious poli-sci, all natural around-the-way chic chick girl falls for hip-hop king, the uber handsome, the uber sought-after K-Smooth. Happily ever after? Something like that. But all of the in between stuff will literally blow. your. mind. Download your copy a [...]

    Riley and Shawn aka “K Smooth” Gardner had me from their first encounter, when their easy, erudite banter leapt off the page at me. Wait, Nia Forrester’s writing style had me from the first sentence. Yeah, that’s a more appropriate beginning for this review. It’s not often that you read a story about the black romantic experience that is this intelligent and well-informed. When you are an African American young woman who has lived a life comparable to the Huxtables (which oddly I allud [...]

    It's not often that I find an author who writes the way I do, Nia is one of them. Though we use different point of view voices for our characters, the message is the same: real life, real characters. Mistakes happen, yet it's okay. We (character's included) make mistakes (if they didn't what would we read about???) Mistakes help us to grow as people and in our relationships. It's real life at its bestd at times, worse.A few months ago, I read Unsuitable Men and fell in love with the characters. [...]

    Considering I read this book a couple of years ago, this review is long overdue. I’m not even sure how I overlooked writing it. I was an emotional wreck after reading Commitment, but what can I say? That’s one of the reasons why I love this author’s work, and novels like this are the reason I love romance. No matter what bad things happen during the course of the story or in the characters’ lives, it’s nice to get to the end and realize that they can face the future together, leaning o [...]

    It’s taken a while for me to write a review because I don’t have many ways to articulate just how crafty a writer Nia Forrester is. As a reader, I want to escape into the world of contemporary romance. Sometimes I like lofty plots and exaggerated storylines. And there are times I want everyday people and normal circumstances. Nia gives both, somehow having the ability to make fiction so real. I won’t get into the plot of “Commitment” or how original and/or unique it was; I will simply [...]

    Nia Forrester is an amazing writer. I recommend this book because it is an enjoyable well-written story. As a reader, I feel like she puts her heart into every single sentence. I really appreciate that her characters are REAL (as humans we are not all good or all bad) and the situations that they encounter are real. I've been reading Commitment over and over again because it is just that good. You really do fall in love with Riley and Shawn. I also enjoyed how Ms. Forrester weaved social and cul [...]

    I really LOVED reading this bookout of all the book I've read with about 400 pages this one was 5 stars throughout the book. Most books I read with that many pages either start with 4 stars an I drop down to 3 in the end cause it seem the book was dragging an I was getting bored or started skipping pages for the book to end out of annoyance. This book was really on the realistic side of many books I'm used toere is one other book that was one of my all time favorite. "The Unwanted Wife" but this [...]

    3.5* I really don't know what to think or say hmmm started really strong and was really enjoying it but after a while kinda knew where it was going but was still drawn inter the 'accusation' the story in my mind fell away really happened after that and the wait for the decision seemed to be prolonged too detailed like a fillere ending was also sudden. I give the early part of this bk 4 and the last part 3 so overall that's 3.5.

    I loved this book! What started out as a hot passionate affair grew into a deep and abiding love! I enjoyed the journey Shawn and Riley took and their struggles to stay together. Ms. Forrester writes on a deeper level than most authors out today.

    Committed.Very good story. It was very long, which is a plus! It also kept my attention the whole time. I was hoping Riley would get pregnant. I'm happy her and Shawn got it together. I was definitely surprised to see she stuck by him through the chaosI think I was even more surprised that he actually cheated on her.

    THE GRAY AREA where Trust and Love Abide, March 26, 2013Verified Purchase(What's this?)This review is from: Commitment (Kindle Edition)Well where do I begint i will say I am a reader I have been for most of my life. I have been introduced to lots of new authors from recent associations, but Nia Forrester has become another of my True Favorites. I have given Commitment the 5 stars because that is the scale but it was truly worth millions more. I absolutely recommend this book to any lover of grea [...]

    This book was AWESOME, I loved the way in which the couple met. And i loved the fact that he was a possessive bad ass. It was so hot when he said "I got to put her on Lockdown". I felt the cheating was inevitable from the beginning you cant have women throwing themselves at a man, and him not seeing his better half without something happening. I like the way the Riley just "didnt forget about the cheating" she made him work for forgiveness and trust again.I love rocker genre books, i know rapper [...]

    I really was pulled in by the story from page 1. I admit I was hesitant about reading this book because I haven't been into Rap music since the 90's. But this book was magical. The way Nia Forrester gave both perspectives was incredible. I loved Riley and all of her beauty and conviction, but I was drawn into Shawn's mind and trust me you want to be there too. It would have been so easy for Ms. Forrester to write about the cliches and the expected. Instead she weaves a story that exposes and cel [...]

    This book is so seductive. I read it weeks ago and I haven't been able to get it, and Shawn Garnder, out of my mind. I just lent it to a friend and I have made her promise with a blood oath to return it ASAP :). So dear readers, I promise you that you are in for a treat with this book. I've noticed that I'm no longer able to read less substantial novels. I used to indulge in quick and easy and dramatic reads but nowI can barely read two chapters without rolling my eyes and just stopping altogeth [...]

    This book was absolutely amazing. I could tell that I was all in the first few chapters of reading. The dynamic between Shawn and Riley is what really got to me. They were two different people who find love and overcome so many obstacles to sustain that love. I'll admit, there were times that I wanted to slap both of them but even with their character flaws, I was still pulling for their relationship to stay above water. If you're looking for a "short" e-book, this is not for you as this book is [...]

    This book was about a writer for a local political magazine who falls in love with a hip-hop rapper. Their roller coaster relationship culminates into a marriage. They discover that even though their sex life is good and they enjoy each others company, it may not be enough to keep them together. After Riley's husband Shawn is accused of a crime he didn't commit and his infidelity to his wife is discovered, there marriage is test beyond all belief.I must say I love this book and enjoyed it to the [...]

    It has been awhile since I've enjoyed a book as much as I enjoyed Commitment. I felt like I was pulled into the characters lives, feeling what they felt, reacting the way they reacted. I honestly couldn't put the book down! If you want to read a story that plucks you out of your own life and embeds you into the life of two dynamic, multi-dimensional characters, and makes you fall in love with the secondary characters (especially Lorna) - this is the story for you! This is the first book I've rea [...]

    I stayed up all Thursday night reading Commitment. I laughed, I cried, I fussed. and while I define myself as a writer as well, Nia Forrester is one of the few who takes writing to an art form. And I have to say I am now a die hard fan. Thank you Nia Forrester for becoming a writer!

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