Memnoch the Devil

Memnoch the Devil

Memnoch the Devil In the fifth Vampire Chronicle Lestat is searching for Dora the beautiful and charismatic mortal daughter of a drug lord Dora has moved Lestat like no other mortal ever has and he cannot get her ou

  • Title: Memnoch the Devil
  • Author: Anne Rice
  • ISBN: 9780345409676
  • Page: 186
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • In the fifth Vampire Chronicle, Lestat is searching for Dora, the beautiful and charismatic mortal daughter of a drug lord Dora has moved Lestat like no other mortal ever has, and he cannot get her out of his visions At the same time, he is increasingly aware that the Devil knows who he is and wants something from him While torn between his vampire world and his passionIn the fifth Vampire Chronicle, Lestat is searching for Dora, the beautiful and charismatic mortal daughter of a drug lord Dora has moved Lestat like no other mortal ever has, and he cannot get her out of his visions At the same time, he is increasingly aware that the Devil knows who he is and wants something from him While torn between his vampire world and his passion for Dora, Lestat is sucked in by Memnoch, who claims to be the Devil himself Memnoch presents Lestat with unimagined opportunities to witness creation, to visit purgatory, to be treated like a prophet Lestat faces a choice between the Devil or God Whom does he believe in Who does he serve What are the elements of religious belief Lestat finds himself caught in a whirlpool of the ultimate choice

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    Memnoch the Devil was nothing like what I was expecting as the next installment of The Vampire Chronicles. Absolutely drenched in theological argument, Memonch the Devil is not for anyone who dislikes religion in their fiction.Only two things happened in this entire book. Lestat stalked a victim for the first third of the book. He then spent the last two thirds of the book talking to the devil (and occasionally God). It was written as what appeared to be an extremely long-winded interview (think [...]

    This is one of Anne Rice's best works in my opinion. It is part of the vampire series, but you should be able to understand & enjoy the book without reading the others.The vampire, Lestat, is taken to heaven, hell, and back in time to creation and during the Christ era by Memnoch, the devil. The story told is one very different than the Bible, but it's good. I love Anne Rice's books because she tells the story in a way that it could be true. Anyways, it's a good book, but if you get upset by [...]

    At the time that I read this book I was an agnostic, pagan, ex-catholic, confused about religion person. Anne Rice's technique and passion is so persuasive that I was a true believer after reading this book. And this was before she converted back to Catholicism! She is just so powerful, her narrative technique is, I want to say, loving towards her reader. I think her love for the characters she's created makes that happen. Anyway, this one is a must for followers of the chronicles and fans of Le [...]

    This was the last Anne Rice book that I ever personally plan to read, because after reading this I went into a three month fit of depression.The events in this book were just so powerful and terrible in some cases that my mind couldn't take it. While I'm not going to say that I wouldn't recommend the book to people, I would at least put up the warning that a person may want to be weary about it if they aren't of any particular religion. Also, by the end of the book, Lestat had changed in many wa [...]

    Memnoch the Devil takes Lestat on an extremely long tour of the past, creation, angels, evolution, the passion of Christ and more – because he has a job proposition for the Brat PrinceMemnoch the Devil, also known as “the Bible according to Anne Rice” or “Anne Rice’s theological musings”. Perhaps even “Memnoch lectures you endlessly while Lestat practices his melodrama”.What it isn’t, is much of a story or a plot. For a story or a plot to happen, well, things have to happen. Th [...]

    MEMNOCH THE DEVIL is a brilliant reinvention of good and evil. I still think about this book 16 years after I read it. One of my all time favorites. Rice was at the top of her game here.

    5.0 stars. Except for The Queen of the Damned, this may be my favorite installment of the Vampire Chronicles. I loved the descriptions of both heaven and hell and the arguments between Lestat and Memnoch regarding the nature of good and evil. Highly Recommended!!!

    In Memnoch the Devil, Anne Rice has allowed herself to indulge in an orgy of purple prose. We hear so much about the lush greenery of the early Earth that we begin to forget what the story is about. And because of this, not much actually happens in the story. If this book were made into a film, in fact, it would probably be no more than 20 minutes long.Aside from that, this isn't much of a "vampire chronicle." The purpose of this book seems not to be to tell a tale of the vampires, but only to f [...]

    This is the 5th book in the Vampire Chronicles series, picking up after the events of the Tale of the Body Thief. Lestat once again feels that he's being followed, except this time, it is not by a human being, but by the Devil himself. The Devil, who prefers to go by the name of Memnoch (and not Satan or Lucifer), approaches Lestat because he wants him to be his assistant. Memnoch takes Lestat through the story of Creation, takes him into Heaven and Hell, and explains his disagreements with God. [...]

    It would be a bit pointless to be reading Rice's books without having a notion of her journey through being catholic->agnostic->catholic->bitching about catholic church. Since last book of the series, The Tale of the Body Thief, Rice seems to be trying to write down and refine her thoughts on the way she perceives the catholics' religion, God, the Devil, and the moral obligations underlined by them. In the previous book this is somehow a secondary topic (barely touching the idea of the [...]

    Finishing this book was a chore. A sad realization considering how much I loved Anne Rice's previous books, but boy am I happy to be done with this one.My reading experience can be summarized the following way: Yay! Lestat!, ok I'm bored, holy mother of vodka this is dull, should I drink? maybe if I had a drink this would be easier, oh well- heaven sounds interesting, yup still bored, ARE YOU KDDING ME?, boooooooooreeeeeeeeeeed, OMFG EW and IS IT OVER YET?There is virtually no narration. Instead [...]

    I deeply admired "Interview' w/its rich writing style of place and period, and its dispassionate portrayal of characters like Claudia, who after being a 6 year old vampire for decades has become a steely-eyed predator(ahem instead of a 100 year old vampire vegan w/an insatiable desire tot through high school english again and again). The Vampire Lestat was equally good w/a wonderful shift in perspective that gave a great new spin to the character an events that transpired. The books that followe [...]

    Phfft. Flarp. Argghh. This book was so stupid. I was really looking forward to reading the entire Vampire series especially after I really enjoyed "Tale of the Body Thief" but this one is just terrible. 3/4 of the book is a monologue by Memnoch which is so boring and parochial; he just keeps repeating himself. It's like Anne Rice forgot how to write. Lestat does almost nothing the whole book. Notable hilarious exception involves a woman's menstrual blood (which is mentioned about 6 times through [...]

    Here we are on book number 5 for the Vampire Chronicles. The narrator has to this point remained the same and has done an immaculate job bringing all of these characters to life. Lestat is once again sensing a presence around him. But this isn’t just any presence…. This is an evil presence. Could it in fact be the devil himself? What you must understand about Lesat is that through this entire series he seems to be warring with himself. He just cannot come to terms with what he is. He doesn [...]

    Lestat has come a long way from whence we first met him. He has known mortal pain and chose his vampiric fate over a chance at salvation. Lestat sought to find the answers to his unanswerable questions; where is God? Am I damned? Now, Lestat will find the answers to these questions. We meet Memnoch, the devil. In this book Lestat will tell us all the secrets of heaven and hell Mortals and the undead alike have gotten this story all wrong.d Memnoch is here to set the story straight. Yes, the devi [...]

    I "L O V E D" this book. Very intriguing with its ideas and topics, highly unusual and controversial to say the least. In short, an awesome story of the vampire chronicles that just continues to mesmerize its readers. Same series, totally different direction. A. Rice is a talented author. Hard to put this down.

    When Anne Rice fans are asked which of her books they feel most passionate about — whether positively or negatively — the answer is almost invariable: Memnoch the Devil. Acting as a bit of a precursor to Rice’s Christian fiction novels of the mid-00s, this book is tonally out of step with the previous Vampire Chronicles (save for, perhaps, Interview With the Vampire, as this too has the ‘feel’ of an interview in spots) And seems to be cause for great joy, and disgust, in many readers. [...]

    When I started out reading this series, a friend warned me that some books would be heavily impacted by Christian notions. Now, this is not a bad thing per se but I tend to struggle with books that focus too much on religious aspects. I thought the worst was behind me when I finished book 3. Book 4 (The Tale of the Body Thief) was amazing and I had great hopes for book 5.A book that features 'devil' in its title might easily be about religion but I wasn't prepared for the amount of theological d [...]

    When a writer pens down a plot based on the evergreen bestselling book, people are bound to sit up and take notice. This I suppose was Anne Rice's idea behind Memnoch the Devil. I haven't read even one of the Vampire Chronicles and the only other Anne Rice book I read to date was a load of crap named 'Violin'. Memnoch surprised me with its vast scope but starting off with an intriguing plot thread, it soon degenerated to a very flat and predictable ending.Consider this, the devil taking along a [...]

    Seriously. Anne Rice was a Born Again Christian when she wrote this book. It shows. Too bad. Lestat as a wannabee saint? Please.

    Just when I thought that this series couldn’t get any deeper, MEMNOCH THE DEVIL became the next book to read in this incredibly deep, rich and complex vampire mythology. I had previously heard from some reviewers that the previous book in this series, THE TALE OF THE BODY THEIF, is where the series begins to take a turn for the worse and that this book is where it all bottomed out and became virtually unreadable and to those reviewers I ask: ‘Did we read the same books??’If those reviewers [...]

    This book was genius and turned concepts based on traditional ideology, upside down. It wasn't about good and evil (which is boring, in comparison), but suggests A truth which is that we can never know THE real truth about supernatural things, including God. It shows how eager we are to believe in something, even Lestat, a vampire and the main character (and also THE Lestat), needed to believe. Anne Rice said of this book "I was also tormented by a multitude of theological and sociological quest [...]

    I was initially horrified with the premise of this book – as part of the Vampire Chronicles I expected that it would be another tale of vampirism, or of Lestat, but instead it focuses mainly on the story of Creation and the great misunderstanding between God and the Devil which leads to the Devil ruling over Hell as related by Memnoch (the aforementioned Devil) to Lestat in a journey of earth, Heaven and Hell. I wouldn’t normally choose a book that focuses so much on religion (unless as an a [...]

    Those who know me, know that I am not a religious fanatic by any means. Would it be ridiculous to adopt my beliefs in theology from this Anne Rice novel?? This book delves deep into the idea of creationism as well as the eternal struggle between God & the devil since the beginning of time. All of the ideas revealed here were very intriguing and totally believable, despite their grandeur. Perhaps that is why I was so engrossed by the story. I was especially drawn in by the introduction of the [...]

    How do I go about describing this book? It reminded me of when I read A History of God: The 4,000-Year Quest of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam some years ago, or maybe I should say I tried to read it because I'm not sure how much of it I truly understood.In this installment of the Vampire Chronicles, Rice takes on one of the biggest controversies in theology today, why is there suffering in our world? Why does G-d allow evil to exist in His world, His creation? Lestat attempts to find out thro [...]

    "Sono qui, ancora qui, l'eroe dei miei stessi sogni, e, vi prego, lasciatemi conservare un posto nei vostri."Dopo l'improvvisa (ma per certi versi, attesa) caduta di tono e di stile del precedente romanzo, la Rice si rialza giusto un po' per convincere i masochisti lettori delle sue Cronache a proseguire nelle sconclusionate avventure di Lestat.Questa volta, dopo essersi impegnato a dare la caccia a un affascinante uomo della mala, Lestat finisce con l'incontrare il Diavolo in persona, Memnoch. [...]

    In fact, it bored me when I read it. I barely could understand what it was written and often needed a dictionary. But I could better understand Christianity, I understood how marvelously Anne Rice found such an inspiration in religion to write this book. I always get fascinated by authors who show well known things in the other light. Of course it was a very philosophical book, hard to read, but I think it was worth reading. And of course erotic sceneswhich I liked very much in the book. This bo [...]

    I just finished a review of The Witching Hour and was reminded of my intense love for Memnoch the Devil. I never got around to writing anything about this book, so here we go.Memnoch the Devil was the first of Anne Rice's books that I had read, following her autobiography which I read for a class, and I was blown away. It was so different from what I expected from the author of "those vampire books," and perhaps that is the reason for many of the negative reviews here on . Having gone back and r [...]

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