A is for Activist

A is for Activist

A is for Activist A is for Activist is an ABC board book for the next generation of progressives Families that want their kids to grow up in a space that is unapologetic about activism environmental justice civil rig

  • Title: A is for Activist
  • Author: Innosanto Nagara
  • ISBN: 9780988344891
  • Page: 344
  • Format: Board book
  • A is for Activist is an ABC board book for the next generation of progressives Families that want their kids to grow up in a space that is unapologetic about activism, environmental justice, civil rights, LGBTQ rights, and so on.

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    When I first read this book, I laughed out loud. Beautiful, radical, but "Querying Qualities Quickly Quell Distortion" ??? "Not a good kids' book," I quickly dismissed.And so I believed until I read it to a two-year-old who was TOTALLY IN LOVE with it. It kept his attention, A to Z. Even reading every word on each page. (And searching for the cat. And sometimes mice.)Also, the jargon-y language, in action, served as great discussion prompts with some of the older kids in the room. (The older kid [...]

    YES. Got into a little tiff with a coworker about this book - and if it was "too early for children to be learning such vocabulary." THE EARLIER THE BETTER LADY

    Not for me!I’m so disappointed because I’d seen this book on someone’s (real) shelves and jumped to reserve it at the library to see if I’d want this for giving new baby gifts. What a great idea!The most stars I would have given anyway is 3. This is a board book, so presumably geared toward babies, toddlers, and preschoolers, and their adults. The illustrations are colorful and interesting and while I’m not a huge fan of their style, I think many readers will like them, including young [...]

    I've come home from work to catch my father-in-law brainwashing my kids with Fox News playing on TV so it's nice to finally be able to combat that nonsense with an over-the-top left-leaning screed like this alphabet book. And while most of the words and concepts went over my kids' 4-year old heads I found it inspiring me to start my own "Occupy" type of event. (Then I remembered I'm lazy and protests are for the youth still living at home with their parents.)

    I share the politics of the author, but I am a mom to two kids with autism and I need my kids' books to do something for them. This book is totally developmentally inappropriate for children. There are too many words on each page. And the words are way too complicated. There is no consistent rhyme or meter pattern for kids to anchor themselves in the text. The pictures don't always provide context.I would love to buy an alphabet board book--or any board book--that is engaging, developmentally ap [...]

    Beautiful artwork, a great message, never to early to get progressive thoughts brewing in little minds. H is for healthy, j is for justice! And there is a cat

    A former colleague posted a photo of a children’s book as her Facebook profile picture – A is for Activist by Innosanto Nagara. A board book about activism? Yes!My first read through of the book was choppy. It took me a couple of reads to get the rhythm of the words (it could also be that I have no rhythm). But as I continued to make the book part of our family’s reading rotation, I picked up the cadence and was able to have fun reading it aloud to my kids. On top of the lyricism of the te [...]

    I like the idea of sharing your beliefs with your children, but I think this book is slightly ridiculous. Number one, this is a board book. The words on the pages are very high level words. I read this book with a third grader and she didn't understand what was going on! If you want to make a board book touching on social issues it should be understandable for young children. The only thing the third grader liked about this book was looking for the cats hidden on each page. I liked that it provi [...]

    A is for Activist, written and illustrated by Innosanto Nagara, takes your classic alphabet book and adds a twist of political motivation. Written in a format usually meant to teach kids their ABCs, Nagara takes this intention of educating a step further. Each page follows a theme of civil rights and political activism, while promoting values such as peace, acceptance and independent thought. In emphasizing these values, Nagara also directly calls attention to contemporary topics in social justi [...]

    I love things that you accidentally stumble upon that impact you. A is for Activist is an example of this. This is one of the most progressive and amazing books that I've ever read. This is the book that is filled with ideas that so many parents may want to share with their children, but are afraid to. It talks about many controversial topics including feminism, LGBTQ issues, and immigration to name a few. This book is not only good for children, but for adults as well. I learned a few things wh [...]

    A grand idea, but I think it lacks something in it's fruition. This reads like a board book for adults. Kids who are reading board books are not going to read this, nor will they be able to understand it. The picture book version makes way more sense but it still was weird to read. I don't think that the "A is for" style is the best way to do this. All in all sort of a disappointment.

    Powerful and simple rhyming board book that highlights big topics. It starts the ball rolling for conversations parents and caregivers can have with their child about people's rights. Plus there is a fun cat hidden on each page

    This book is propaganda for kids, obviously, which makes me a little uncomfortable, as much I agree with the opinions. However, that kind of discomfort-turned-into-honest-dialogue is exactly what's missing from children's books these days, so I applaud this one.

    It was pretty, but as a tiny board/alphabet book, the vocabulary is way too big and complex for any of the logical readers, without definitions to help.

    I absolutely love the message of this book. It teaches children about keeping open minds and taking action for social change.

    Not at all surprised the Iowa City Public Library has this lmaoAlso I'm very sorry to the librarians for getting ketchup on this book.

    This book caught my eye from the shelf at the library. A board book on activism? I had to pull it out immediately and thumb through the pages. After a quick peek inside, I excitedly put it in our book pile and we checked it out. A is for Activism, written and illustrated by Innosanto Nagara, was an amazing find! The art in the book is beautifully unique and it manages to keep my toddler's attention - which is quite a rarity these days. It's wonderful when I stumble across something engaging and [...]

    "Open minds operate best / Critical thinking over tests / Wisdom can't be memorized / Educate! Agitate! Organize!" In a word: Yes.

    "A is for Activist" teaches children at a young age about oppression, how to be accepting of others, and how to live a healthy life. It uses the alphabet as a way to do this. This book is awesome! The illustrations make connections to elements that kids are familiar with, making these difficult concepts easier for children to understand. There also is a cat incorporated into each illustration, which is very interesting. The author uses alliterations throughout the book, creating a kind of rhythm [...]

    So great. While most board books are about 'look a cat' 'is that red?' 'orange. mom. cloud.' 'time to share.' this brings things a bit more in the real world, with a touch of humor and delight (even in the real world we can still have humor and delight, right?!). i love reading this to my 9-month-old. i doubt he understands any of it, but it's different and fun for me to read to him. i never get bored with it like i do other board books. in fact, it's one of the few books we actually own (we nor [...]

    This book was fabulous. It was full of diversity, politics, feminism, LGBTQ was not your run of the mill board book that is usually presented. I love how books like this present them selves more and more. It is a breath of fresh air considering that most board books are gender specific; that being, in terms of the books telling girls that they are princesses, that they should wear makeup (body issues) and be a wife in the kitchen and boys books concentrate on sports, dinosaurs, and being tough. [...]

    I loved the concept, the artwork, and much of the writing, which I thought was lyrical and would probably be fun to read to a child. I agreed with some other reviewers that in places the writing could be a little choppy and maybe could have benefited from additional editing. And it is a super biased book, but it doesn't bother me much because I'm also biased, and I think it's a valuable addition to the other perspectives present in children's books.

    What a marvelous little board book. It is a beautiful way to introduce your favorite toddler to the concepts of activism, diversity, environment, and other important issues.

    Bought it for my nephew and I honestly think it’s so great. I didn’t even realize you could get kids books like these and these are such important concepts to learn. A lot of people worry that it’s too soon but I disagree, kids are smarter than we give them credit for. If we give them the right tools, the could understand and achieve a lot.

    I really, really enjoyed this for me, myself, an adult, but I have to take off a star for the fact that there are some big concepts for kids to understand (especially since it's framed in the context of an ABC book), there is a huge range of issues covered that not every progressive might agree on, and there are a few scathing lines that ring pretty bitter

    This is intended to introduce young children to activism through the alphabet, with rhymes for each letter and lots of artwork. It is a great-looking book, but I think some of the vocabulary is too advanced for very young children - I think there are some adults who might even struggle through some of the pronunciations while reading this out loud.

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