Piggyback Sometimes plans don t lead to where we d intended to go they lead to something better Trace Plinter is a player He doesn t deny it When his current lover decides to move on he has no problem giving P

  • Title: Piggyback
  • Author: Charlie Richards
  • ISBN: 9781771114011
  • Page: 241
  • Format: ebook
  • Sometimes plans don t lead to where we d intended to go they lead to something better.Trace Plinter is a player He doesn t deny it When his current lover decides to move on, he has no problem giving Patrick his blessing After all, he d been ready to do the same for over a month When Trace rescues a cute farmer from a barn fire, he recognizes attraction in the man s sweSometimes plans don t lead to where we d intended to go they lead to something better.Trace Plinter is a player He doesn t deny it When his current lover decides to move on, he has no problem giving Patrick his blessing After all, he d been ready to do the same for over a month When Trace rescues a cute farmer from a barn fire, he recognizes attraction in the man s sweet green eyes, but he doesn t have time to talk to Laramie and thinks he s missed his chance to explore a new lover until Trace sees Laramie again at a diner and makes his move.Laramie Goshen is just coming to terms with his uncle s death when the father who beat him and disowned him for being gay reenters his life proclaiming that he owns half the pig farm his uncle left Laramie free and clear When Laramie refuses to give in to his father s demands, problems start happening at the farm Laramie finds his fantasies filled with the sexy firefighter who rescues him from the fire that burned his barn to the ground But when that same firefighter makes his interest known, Laramie is at odds The complication of a boyfriend is the last thing he needs.They strike a bargain sex with no strings attached Trace loves the arrangement, but is unprepared for the protective feelings that surface when he learns that Laramie s father convinced the construction company to refuse Laramie s business, making it nearly impossible for him to rebuild his barn If Trace decides to try to make their situation permanent, will Laramie even be receptive

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    A cowboy and a firefighter. What could be better? I really liked this book. No angst and no whining. The guys went from friends with benefits to falling in love. It was a sexy book and still had a plot. I totally enjoyed it.

    3.5*This is a sequel to Fireman's Carry and it can be read alone, but I think it's better to read them in order. Vincent and Carl from that book are also in this book, which was nice.Laramie is a pig farmer, although he is hoping to expand into horse breeding and other things when the time is right, but at the moment he is dealing with his grief over losing his uncle and with his parents and brother trying to make a claim on his farm.Trace is one of the firefighters on the scene when Laramie's b [...]

    I was really looking forward to continuing this series after reading the first book Fireman's Carry and what a disappointment the second book turned out to be. I didn't like that the sex was the main focus of the story and the thin plot secondary. There were a lot of things that gave me pause in this story. I was surprised how quickly the firemen came once Laramie's barn was on fire. I read the first sentence where he made the phone call and the next sentence the firefighters were on the scene. [...]

    ***** Big, flirty Trace is a Firefighter, who is still having short term hook-ups, and doing okay. ***** Attractive, smaller but fit, Laramie, is a hard working farmer whose barn fire was arson. This is a story in a series, but can stand alone. After the fire, where Trace rescues Laramie, they see each other at a café. Trace immediately asks Laramie out. The guys begin with a friends with benefits arrangement, and slowly it turns into more. Laramie's gay-hating family is causing trouble, and Tr [...]

    Le sigh. Okay, starting from the top.Name changes. Ryan is now apparently called Greg. And Carl’s daughter speed-grew two years while his son remains the same age. Carl also now affects a really unexpected country accent. Also, nearly everyone’s gay now. Oh well.Honestly? These are things I can roll my eyes at and ignore in a book like that.Fact is, I liked both protagonists. Trace took a bit longer to warm up to, but that coincided with Laramie beginning to show hints of personality. XD Whi [...]

    This one was not my fancy. I didn't care for neither MC and wasn't Carl's partners name Ryan in the first book !?! Where the hell did Greg come from ?? I must have missed that part.

    4 HeartsReview written for MM Good Book Reviewsmmgoodbookreviews.wordpress/ This story is part of a series I recommend they are read in order. Trace is a player, his longest ever relationship was four months and he has just ended that and plans to play the field again. When he meets Laramie on the job he is attracted to the cute pig farmer but doesn’t get the chance to pick him up till a few weeks later at a diner, and then gets an offer he can’t refuse. Laramie is too busy for a relationshi [...]

    The blurb saying that Trace was a player is what made me pause on jumping to read this. Pleasantly surprised! Trace, within moments presented himself as less a player than a man that has trouble staying connected with someone, quickly losing interest but NOT a cheater. Player and cheater is obviously not the same thing but I guess almost on the same level in my head when thinking about this at first.Anyways, Trace notices and gives current lover blessing to pursue someone else when he notices a [...]

    I like this book more than the first one because this book had much more better story and it did not felt like instant love to me. I also loved the dynamic of the relationship. Carl and Vincent story was good but it moved too fast. To me this felt like a perfect pace.

    Reviewed by:Mandy Genre: M/M ContemporaryRated: 3.5 hearts Check out the review at: Hearts On Fire Reviews

    The character name change of Carl's partner on the force was hard to handle. As well as the age change of the daughter by two years. Other than that, I am really satisfied with this book and the way the characters interacted. I just wished this book was longer to really show the change of gears of thinking for Trace; from player to committed loving partner.

    Family Laramie was a fire rescue for Trace. They met later and things just clicked. They had similar backgrounds and Trace became a one man man. Great book 2 wish all her books had this kind of story to them.

    3.5Piggyback is the second installment in the Carry Me series - and although you don't need to read the first book (Fireman's Carry) to understand this one, I'd still recommend to do it, because the main characters of Fireman's Carry play a not insignificant role in this story. And also, Trace - the protagonist here - is already introduced in the first book and knowing him from there makes reading about his happy end that much better.This is one of the books that make me really wish I could give [...]

    Piggyback heaven.I was so looking forward to Trace's story. I wanted to meet the man who would change his world and make him happy. Laramie was the perfect man for him. He brought out all the protective instincts that Trace kept hidden from others. The fact that they didn't set out to fall in love but did anyway was perfect. This is the second book of the series. In true me fashion I am somehow reading them a bit out of order but it doesn't matter. They are all amazing stories on their own. It h [...]

    this was a good read for me but. not as enjoyable as the first book in the series Fireman's Carrywhich I absolutely lovedading this story the character of Laramie. seemed much older than 28I just couldn't picture him that young.e rest of the characters were ok, since four of them was from the first book in the series. I enjoyed the main characters from the first book a lot more.at story had great pacingis story especially the coming together of the main characters seemed extremely rushedn I don' [...]

    Another quick read here, straightforward story, I think maybe I was a bit biased because I felt like really after Trace being not uncomfortable as a couple with Patrick and also seeing his friend Vincent settling down, he was ready to settle himself and Laramie happened along at the right time in his life. That said I'm still going to read the next installment and I sure hope at some point in the future books Ryan turns gay and we see young Jake grown up too.

    A good second book in the Carry Me series. I enjoyed Trace and Laramie's story. It is a good escapism type book with the classic lust at first site, falling in love while dealing with danger and, of course, the HEA. Everyone needs to read these types of story to forget about the stress of everyday life.

    Ok I have officially decided I abhor the endearment 'cutie'. I personally don't use this endearment and I have 2 toddlers at home, and if cutie is going to be used, it should be with small children. Yes, this endearment was used and yes this put me off the story however there were other problems. Dialogue was flat and characters were rote.

    43436 words. Solid 4 stars.I really liked this book. It was sweet and light but serious, and I just really enjoyed reading it. I hope there will be more in this series because this one and #1 in the series were an enjoyment to read.

    surprisingly sweet story with some really nice characterisation. The drama in the plot with all the attacks on his farm was both obvious and a bit boring to read. The real winners of this book is the smoking hot sex and seeing how the characters interact with each other-read Nov 2014

    I enjoyed the book. The only issue I had with it was a character name change. In the first book Fireman's Carry Carl's partner's name was Ryan. In this one it was Greg. That is why I'm not giving it 5 stars.

    I liked this one OK, didn't stand up to the first book in the series, which I really liked. OK story of friends with benefits to more. I'm not a huge fan of pet names and calling your significant other, FWB or not, "lover," but that's just a personal issue with endearments haha

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