Hazel's Amazing Mother

Hazel's Amazing Mother

Hazel s Amazing Mother Uh oh Hazel has made a wrong turn on her way home from town and three bullies have stolen her carriage and her beloved doll Eleanor Through a surprising twist Hazel s mother comes to her rescue and

  • Title: Hazel's Amazing Mother
  • Author: Rosemary Wells
  • ISBN: 9780140549119
  • Page: 175
  • Format: Paperback
  • Uh oh Hazel has made a wrong turn on her way home from town, and three bullies have stolen her carriage and her beloved doll, Eleanor Through a surprising twist, Hazel s mother comes to her rescue and shows the bullies a thing or two about the remarkable power of love Ages 4 8

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    Much as I love Max and Ruby, this may be my favorite of Wells's picture books. I read it to my children, with a bit of sly, motherly self-promotion, and I gave a copy to my own mother in recognition of her absolute awesomeness. She's dying now, and, fearing her time is very short, I interrupted our reading of "The House at Pooh Corner" to read this aloud to her this afternoon. She opened her eyes and looked at the pictures, and afterwards clung tightly to my hand, which is more response than I'v [...]

    This is one of my favorite Rosemary Wells' books. As a mom, I maybe partial to a story where mom is the superhero. After making a few wrong turns, Hazel is confronted by bullies in the park. Across the town her mother is able to sense trouble and flies to the rescue. She is able to dispatch the bullies in a matter any mother would be jealous of.In our house we now refer to my travel sewing kit as mom's pocket sewing kit.

    Oh how I love Rosemary Wells! My Mom would pick up Rosemary Wells from the public library for me and my sisters when we were young and they are still wonderful to read as an adult. Her illustrations are so fun and quirky. Unfortunately, some of my favorites (Stanley and Rhoda for one) are no longer in print. Fortunately the public library is still my go-to for these books! :)

    This is a sweet tale about a badger named Hazel and her rad mum. This was a childhood favorite of mine in the '80s, partly because of my amazing mother who would read it to me. But also because of Rosemary Wells' subtle humor and tender illustrations. Highly recommended mother-daughter reading!

    Pretty sure I am biased but I love this book about this mother who can hear her child's plite from far away and saves the day.

    In this story, Hazel's mother has made Hazel, the raccoon, a doll named Eleanor complete with a a calico and lace dress and blue silk shoes. Hazel walks to town and visits with the townsfolk. On her way back home, she takes a wrong turn, gets lost and runs into a trio of bullies lead by Doris, the beaver. They destroy Hazel's doll by throwing her around and drop her doll's carriage in the lake. Back home, Hazel's mother senses that Hazel needs her. She picks up a picnic blanket and is blown away [...]

    I'm not sure how we came to own this book, but I ascribe its presence in our house to the magic awesomeness of Hazel's mother, who is awesome and magical. This story manages to successfully mix a straight-ahead story of a child's pleasant day -- and its subsequent dark turn -- with a surreal ode to a mother's omnipotence before ending with the bullies getting their just (squishy) desserts. I loved it!

    Hazel is a little girl with a doll named Eleanor. Hazel's mother made Eleanor, Eleanor's shoes and Eleanor's dress. On her way home, Hazel gets a little lost. After a few kids start picking on her Hazel wishes for her mom.what happens next, I won't say. This book is a sweet book that demonstrates the power of love between a mother and her child. =)

    Reviewed by V. Arbelo.The font is not one our children will be able to read.Unfamiliar vocabulary (Castillian usages).The way the mother solved the situation is not accepted behavior for an adult here.

    One of my very favorite stories! Very fun story to teach emotions. I used this book with three other Rosemary Wells books and had the kids write their own books that specifically used the development of character emotions.

    Not as great as the Max and Ruby books, or even Noisy Nora, but it was alright. It depicts some pretty serious bullying. The mother saves the day. Its good as a story about motherly love, not so much as about bullying.

    I am a huge Rosemary Wells fan, so it was surprising when I saw a poster talking about Max, Yoko, and Hazel, and I wasn't aware of how this Hazel was. Cute story, and I will have to hunt down any other Hazel storiesnsidering what a supermom she has.

    Not our favorite, with a plodding quality to the text and illustrations that we didn't love. But so many people love Rosemary Wells we had to try.

    Cute story of Hazel who gets lost. She comes across some bullies who ruin her doll Eleanor. Her mother comes to her rescue in an unusual way. Great illustrations.

    52 months - there are other Rosemary Wells stories that we like better and this one only got a couple of reads before it went back to the library.

    Hazel's Amazing MotherWells, Rosemarygood for teaching Schematalking about the attributes of mother hood and childhood.

    Mommy says: Kids who like Rosemary Wells's Max & Ruby books and cartoon will like this book, too, about a Mommy who saves the day when bullies threaten to ruin it.

    Another great book about bullying and how outsiders can go out of their way to stop it. Young kids should appreciate this book, they will view Hazel's Mom as a true hero

    This was my daughter's favorite book when she was littleI read it umpteen times to her 20 years + ago and I still recommend it to my students!

    This book was so genuine! Hazel's mother had a feeling her daughter was in need of her. That is when first instincts come into play. I loved it!

    The power of love is so beautifully illustrated in this picture book. Anytime my kids asked me how did you know I always tell him now it's the power of love and they think of Hazel is amazing mother

    A whimsical picture book about a lost child and the and the love her mother displays when these other kid's abuse her child.

    Maybe it's just because yesterday was a rough day and I needed a mom hug that made reading this book with my students today a little more personal

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