Close to Home

Close to Home

Close to Home Welcome to Westen I m Lorna Doone Yep spelled just like the cookie and I own the Peaches N Cream Caf here in Weston You might think nothing much happens in a small mid western town but as my friend

  • Title: Close to Home
  • Author: Suzanne Ferrell
  • ISBN: 9781482524024
  • Page: 287
  • Format: Paperback
  • Welcome to Westen I m Lorna Doone Yep, spelled just like the cookie and I own the Peaches N Cream Caf here in Weston You might think nothing much happens in a small mid western town, but as my friend Harriett says, things aren t always what they appear Take our girl Emma for example Emma Lewis has a lot on her plate The single mother of two precocious twin boys an Welcome to Westen I m Lorna Doone Yep, spelled just like the cookie and I own the Peaches N Cream Caf here in Weston You might think nothing much happens in a small mid western town, but as my friend Harriett says, things aren t always what they appear Take our girl Emma for example Emma Lewis has a lot on her plate The single mother of two precocious twin boys and an aging mother who is having trouble getting through each day, the last thing Emma needs is a man in her life, especially a doctor So when the town s doctor goes on vacation and his handsome nephew takes over, Emma is shocked to not only find him standing in her bedroom, but accusing her of being a neglectful parent.Clint Preston came to Westen for the year to fill in as the town doc while his uncle took a long needed vacation Clint also needed a sense of peace and calm to try to find his passion for medicine burned out by long shifts in an urban hospital s ER Angered to find two boys in his clinic with broken wrists and no accompanying parent, he is determined to confront their mother The feisty redhead he meets quickly dispels his belief that she s a neglectful mother, but he can see her situation is critical than she wishes to face and finds himself volunteering to help care for her sons and the remodeling of her home.As Emma and Clint forge a relationship among the slightly off beat characters that inhabit Weston a menace from Emma s past threatens her and her sons Clint and Emma join forces to prevent the loss of either boy and the love they ve discovered in each other s arms.

    • Unlimited [Horror Book] ✓ Close to Home - by Suzanne Ferrell ↠
      287 Suzanne Ferrell
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    So, I finally finished this book. I'm on a quest to either finish books that I've previously put down or mark them as DNF. This one held enough interest for me to continue but sadly not enough to rate it any higher than 2 stars.Emma is a struggling mother of twin boys. Clint is an ER doctor who has come to Westen to fill in for his uncle as the local doctor while his uncle takes a vacation. Ben and Brian, Emma's boys, break their arms and immediately Clint assumes they are being neglected. Spark [...]

    This was a neat small-town story. At first I was a little concerned with our hero. He came across as a huge jerk with overly judgmental qualities, but he quickly learned the error of his ways. Emma is a great heroine. She cares for her grieving mother (widowed within the last year) and twin boys from her failed marriage. I liked that she's a hard worker and cares deeply for people in general. I also thought the author did a good job of showing the various stresses single moms deal with when rais [...]

    I didn't start out liking this story. I am still not sure I really do like it, but it kinda grew on me a bit. Clint seemed to me to be a bit of a bully. He didn't take no for an answer about things he thought he had a right to do. I know he was just trying to be helpful and take care of Emma, but I think he went about it all wrong. And I thought that Emma just gave in to him. It pissed me off so much that the 1st time I started this story, I actually returned the book to . Fortunately it is free [...]

    At first glance you think this was your typical small town sweet romantic read, but its so far from that its not even funny. Yeah we have the small town, the sweet and romantic but everything comes at a price. Emma was a tough character to like because quite frankly she was nasty to anyone who tried to help her, I totally understand how her bastard ex-husband did her dirty but not everyone has a secret agenda. Sometimes people are just nice without wanting anything in return. So it took me a whi [...]

    I had trouble getting immersed in this book. I really couldn't connect and I was bored after sometime because the story building was dull. The main characters were also dull as there was no development after their intro. I liked the twin boys. At least they added some feeling to this story. I skimmed a lot just to finish the book. I think I'm officially in a book slump.

    I liked this very much. I love small town settings where the community is the third leading character in a story. And this was a nice community. My only only issues which caused me to withhold one star was that the story could have had sharper pacing if it had been 30 or 40 pages shorter. The book at times bordered being a nice slow paced read to almost lazy. Also I understand the need of struggling single parents to multitask but leading lady just felt too stretched and able to be real. Anyway [...]

    I started reading this a long time ago, got a good way through (like 80%) and stopped reading. When I saw the second book on special offer the character Gabe rang a bell and so I dug this out to see if I had read it and what I thought. When I realised I hadn't finished it I girded my loins and read the rest. Which is a long-winded way of saying some of the commentary may be a bit vague.Emma is the sort of heroine you find in what I call thriller-romances. Always married to a scum-bag of some des [...]

    Loved this book. Close To Home is book 1 in the Weston , Ohio series. It introduces the citizens and heart of small town living. Well developed characters and well developed story. This book not only has small town charm, romance, it also has alot of suspense and intrigue. When you finish the book you can't wait for the next book in the series. And wonder which character is going to be the next to get their happily ever after.

    Very sweet contemporary romance with the cutest "cant stay out of trouble" twins and a smidgen of suspense. The author also deals with the subject of a parent having Alzheimer's and I thought did a very good job of showing what it is like to live with someone with the disease.

    Loved the twins, fell in love with them and their mischievous ways. As for the rest of the book, not really sure, parts were funny, some dragged, just couldn't really get into it.

    If you're looking for an easy, quick, romance novel: look no further.This was just that. A story about a nice boy and girl who fall in love, add 2 adorable twin boys and a sleazebag ex, who thinks he can get custody of the boys and you have this book.Sometimes I just want a book I can read, without having to think too much.This fit the bill perfectly.

    There were things I liked about this book. One insignificant thing that I didn't like was the spelling of Dwayne/Duane. Choose one spelling and stick to it. On what planet would a judge allow a stranger have a visit with a child without a supervisor to make sure the kids weren't hurt emotionally? Would a judge ever consider splitting twins up between two parents? The more I read the lower my rating got.

    goodI liked the characters and the story. You really get to hate the ex and feel for both of the main characters. I did want to slap Emma a few times, but I got over it. :)

    amazing book. i loved its simplicity. and the way it flows, Emma's troubles, her doubts, her world, her fight - all of 'em.

    I'm happy Emma chose to marry the doctor. Im relieved to know her ex-husband didn't get custody of the boys.

    A book I will probably read again some day!I loved the story and the characters!LOL, it was confusing when Dewayne was many times misspelled Duane, easily overlooked.Also, Emma was a little too sceptical and too hardheaded, but a very good book nevertheless!

    Dnf @ 86%.Pues esta es una de esas historias en las que, a pesar de que son un poco empalagosas y recaen en el melodrama y las repeticiones (cansinas, por cierto, de porqué los protagonistas no pueden estar juntos, sigo pensando que con un par de veces por si el autor quiere enfatizar es suficiente, el resto de las veces es un insulto a la inteligencia del lector, por muy pedante que suene…) puede estar entretenida y continuas leyendo. Hasta que se supera tu tolerancia por lo absurdo y el aut [...]

    Close To HomeA delightful, easy read. Well planned, edited, and characters. It is full of clean love. I enjoyed it very much. I would highly recommend it. Phyllis

    Doc Clint is a keeperGreat storyline and characters. The small town mentality was a little over the top but heartwarming. I suggest this book to anyone needing a lift in their day.

    Emma Lewis is a single mother of twin 6-year-old boys who moved back to her small hometown after the boys were born. Clint Preston visited his aunt and uncle often as a boy and has fond memories of the small town. When his aunt and uncle decide to go on a 6-month cruise/trip, he agrees to fill in temporarily. Even though Emma was friend with Clint's sister when they were kids, he doesn't remember her and accuses her of being a negligent mother when both boys jump out of a tree and break an arm. [...]

    The Joys (and Woes) of Small Town Life“Close To Home” has been on my iPad for some time but I kept ignoring it in favor of books more recently downloaded. So color me surprised as I read this engaging romance with just a tinge of suspense. The plot is well drawn; harried but hard-working single mother of 6 year old twin boys, handsome big city doctor temporarily filling in a small town, and the usual assortment of local busybodies to add color. Clint, after realizing he was hasty in his opin [...]

    Love this!Great reading. A woman raising her twin boy's alone. The towns temporary doctor. Fun at times, mixed with heartache. There is danger, mystery, love.

    A great fun readI really enjoyed reading this book. Suspense, romance, 2 adorable 6 year old twin boys, single mom Emma, Doc Clint, and assorted characters that make up this small town. The saying is that if one twin does something the other twin will do it too. The antics of the twins, the grandmother with Alzheimer's, and the rest kept me laughing throughout this book. First time reading anything by this author. I can guarantee it won't be the last.

    True LoveThe heroine was way too stubborn and independent for any real man! However the hero was more stubborn than she so they ended up happily ever after in spite of all the trials they went through.

    readingpuppetsite.wordpress.cLet me tell you that I enjoyed this book. I'm a sucker for love stories. Sometimes I felt that the book was too slow but at the same time it was entertaining and it didn't had dull moments, it is a great book but a little bit too much drama for me. A different love story than what I have read before but it still went above my expectations. I personally don't like books that are long just because they want to be long, sometimes it's entertaining and good but other tim [...]

    loved reading thisis was great read. it had me in tears. such great romance captured in a book. i enjoyed it thoroughly.

    This story touched my heart. Emma the heroine in the story is a single mom of six year old twin boys. I thought her boys made this book. They did test her patience, but she loved them dearly. She worked two jobs, and also took care of her mom that started showing symptoms of Alzheimer's. Emma had to watch her mother's mental health go down hill, and it tore at my heart. There were some moments that made me laugh as well. Dr. Clint showed up in the small town, and accused Emma of neglecting her b [...]

    've read The Edgars Family series by Ms. Ferrell and loved it, all the suspense, drama and romance roll into one. This is different, but in a good way. There's suspense, but not in the get in your face way. There's drama and issues to deal with, and issues that hit close to my own home in 'Close to Home'. There are two characters that deserve to find some peace and happiness, so there's some sizzle and romance. Then there are absolutely lovable, devious little characters that warm your heart, th [...]

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