Where Evil Waits

Where Evil Waits

Where Evil Waits Kate Brady s debut novel is everything romantic suspense should be scary sexy pulse pounding and page turning Remarkable characters pitch perfect pacing and a memorable villain make One Scream Aw

  • Title: Where Evil Waits
  • Author: Kate Brady
  • ISBN: 9781455576340
  • Page: 229
  • Format: ebook
  • Kate Brady s debut novel is everything romantic suspense should be scary, sexy, pulse pounding, and page turning Remarkable characters, pitch perfect pacing, and a memorable villain make One Scream Away a standout book A winner Allison Brennan, New York Times bestselling author on One Scream AwaySpecial Prosecutor Kara Chandler made a name for herself putting viol Kate Brady s debut novel is everything romantic suspense should be scary, sexy, pulse pounding, and page turning Remarkable characters, pitch perfect pacing, and a memorable villain make One Scream Away a standout book A winner Allison Brennan, New York Times bestselling author on One Scream AwaySpecial Prosecutor Kara Chandler made a name for herself putting violent criminals behind bars But now, she ll face one of the world s most dangerous assassinsd put her life in his hands.A killer is hunting Kara Chandler and her son, and systematically taking out anyone she turns to for help Her only hope for escape is Luke Varon, a hitman for a powerful drug cartel She s met Luke several times in the courtroom but he s always beaten the system She s counting on him to do the same now, as he helps Kara fake her death and catch a killer.But Luke isn t who Kara thinks he is He s actually a secret agent under deep cover The last thing he needs is a beautiful distraction like Kara Chandler But the fear in her eyes is too real to ignore Luke assumes the assassin is somehow linked to Kara s late husband, a man who had a hand in several shady business deals But soon they learn his connection to Kara is even chilling This killer has been waiting years for his chance to possess Kara, and now Luke will have only days to stop him.

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    Kara Chandler is at her wits' end. Someone is sending her gifts, taunting her with messages of what she's supposedly doneBut when the creep kills the policeman she's turned to for help and threatens her son, Kara knows she needs to take drastic measures. Enter Luke Varon, a hitman for a drug cartel, Kara had unsuccessfully prosecuted for murder. He has the resources to make her and her son disappearBut he's not who he appears to be.This wasn't as strong as its predecessor which was a bit disappo [...]

    Rating 3.25 starsNow, I had a lot of expectations from this book because we met the hero in the last book, an undercover agent, he's undercover in this one too masquerading as the bad guy. The heroine is a judge who thinks the hero is the bad guy. Now, this is where I had problems with the book, I mean the heroine is shown as strong, successful, rich and has a son but she remained married to a man who was constantly unfaithful to her, I kept wondering why? Why not get a divorce and set a good ex [...]

    Chilling. I loved the main characters of this book and their story but what kept me not wanting to put this down was the killer. He was down right creepy along with sick and perverted and just mezmorized you when he was on the pages. I liked every aspect of the book and am sad I'm finished. Lovers of romantic suspense this is the book for you.

    Another fantastic book in the series!I hope this is not the last one, because the writing is fantastic and the stories too!The story is complicated and fast paced almost as the first book in the series, but here we don't have a clear time limit that was stressed in the first book.Here the pace is give by the speed with which the bodies are piling! WOW!The hero, Luke, is Nick's brother that briefly appeared in the previous book, but he's so deep undercover that for almost 3/4 of the book the hero [...]

    This is a book I won as a first reads. Thank you!!!I was drawn in right away with Kara and her son Aidian. Luke is a supposed villain who Kara hires to fake her death and ends up helping her. They believe that the cartel killed her husband but are finding they are very wrong. Kara has a killer after her and many others. Quite a gripping tale that kept my interest all the way through. Grabs you right from the beginning and grips you til the end. I loved this mystery.

    **This review was written as a duo book review for both Mann Family books currently available. Read the full review at Ani's Book Abyss | Series Review: Mann Family.Book #1: Where Angels Rest | Rating:  3.5 StarsBook #2: Where Evil Waits | Rating:  4.0 StarsSeries Average Rating:  3.75 StarsAt the end of the paperback for Where Evil Waits, there is an excerpt for a book called Where Danger Hides--the book is supposedly about Alayna Mann who makes an appearance in Where Angels Rest as an attor [...]

    I won a copy from Firstreads.Those two lovebirds, Kara Chandler and Luke Varon, are really adorable. Both of them. Cute, especially with Kara's fiery manner and Luke's sort of smug (there's no better words to describe it; how about this one: knowing things other people don't) attitude. It's like staring at two puppies for Christmas. Very cute, very aww! The creeper. Sasha is the creeper/serial killer/villain of the book. A disgustingly good and skilled serial killer, Sasha is a hard one to catc [...]

    ripeforreader/201My rating: 4 of 5 ⭐️It has been a year since ADA Kara Chandler's husband was killed in a hit and run and since then evidence has been growing that someone is after her and those she cares about. Her attempt to go to the police with her findings met with a devastating outcome and she fears there is only one avnue left open to her to save herself and her son. In a last ditch effort to find help, she approaches the man she prosecuted a year ago on murder charges. Luke Varon, hi [...]

    Where Evil Waits, Kate Brady's second installment in the Mann Family series, is a suspense-laden and perplexing mystery. While there is a romantic element to the storyline, the mystery aspect is the main focus of the novel. In the year since her husband Andrew died after being struck by a drunk driver, Kara Chandler has reason to believe his death was no accident. After receiving the latest in a series of mysterious cards and gifts, Kara begins investigating his death but when it ends in tragedy [...]

    In Where Evil Waits (Mann Family #2) by Kate Brady, people are dying around Kara. Thinking her husband's death was an accident, everything is in question now that Kara and her son are threatened. Receiving frightening 'gifts' and no longer safe, Kara, a prosecutor, seeks help from Luke. The one man who might be able to keep her safe.Luke is deeply involved in the criminal world, and not someone Kara would usually find herself associating with. But there is more to him than meets the eye, and Luk [...]

    I won this in a giveaway.Prosecutor Kara Chandler lost her husband a year ago. She began to receive anonymous "gifts" that she decided to keep on a hunch. And recently she's been getting picture texts of dead people.She turns to friends, only to have them killed. The murderer, her anonymous sender, blames her for his actions. When he threatens her son after the death of a close family friend, Kara finds Luke Varón - a known cartel hit man who slipped from her grasp in the past. When she puts h [...]

    Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Atlanta GeorgiaKara Chandler is a special prosecutor that is very good at the job she does. Maybe a little too good as a mastermind that is homicidal has vowed to kill everyone she cares about and also Kara, herself. She is desperate to save herself and her son and the only way she sees to do that is by seeking out cartel hit man, Luke Varon. The last time she dealt with him was when she was prosecuting him and watched him beat the system and escape going to pris [...]

    It isn't often that a book leaves me speechless and sorely wanting more after reading the last sentence. Lukas Mann made a brief appearance in 'Where Angels Rest' and I hadn't thought too much of him until I dived straight into this book after finishing Nick's story. And when I thought I couldn't be any more surprised or in awe of Kate Brady's writing, Luke's story blew it out of the water. Dangerous, sleek, smooth and such a bundle of intriguing contradictions, Luke has got to be one of the mos [...]

    Definitely an action packed book, with a nice pace and delectable detestable villain. The romance was a little unbelievable at points, I felt like I was getting whiplash a bit between the "I love him" "I hate him" moments, and I had a hard time relating to Luke as a character, there were a few scenes that definitely inspired empathy, but they were fleeting and the characterization seemed a little stunted to me. I did feel that if I had read some of Brady's previous novels I might feel differentl [...]

    Where do I start for how utterly uncomfortable and cliché this book is? First of all, there is no mystery involved whatsoever--the killer's identity and motivation is revealed right away and the supposed "plot twists" of the novel, I could see coming ten miles away. It's a basic damsel in distress turns to bad boy for help but it turns out bad boy actually has a heart of gold and she falls for him. God, how boring! I was about 2/3 of the way through the book when I said to myself, "I really don [...]

    3.5 STARS (I received an ARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review). Special Prosecutor Kara Chandler plays by the rules but when her life and her son's life is in jeopardy she does the unimaginablee wants to hire Luke Varon - a hit man for the cartel and one that got away from her.Luke decides to help the Chandler's disappear because he needs the same answers Kara is looking for but neither entirely trusts the other. As the two try to find the man behind the brutal murders of Kara's h [...]

    Someone has targeted Kara Chandler and it could be any one of many criminal types that she's put away as an assistant DA. She decides the best way to protect herself is to fake her and her son's deaths so that she can buy time to discover who wants her dead. She turns to Luke Varon, who was recently got off on a murder charge, to help her fake her death.I really liked the character of "criminal Luke" even though he turns out to be one of the good guys. Kara is not a damsel in distress, she makes [...]

    I'm feeling ambivalent about this book. I don't dislike it yet I don't love it as much as her first 3 books. It's just too far fetch for me I suppose. Kara seems rather weak to me and Luke despite his appearance in Where angel lies where I liked him, I find him not realistic enough in this book. And Kara despite being a DA and everything is able to tolerate her husband's infidelity? And the only description that kept appearing in Luke's mind is how pretty Kara is So umm forgive when I'm just rea [...]

    Romantic Suspense is one of my favorite genres and this book was an excellent read! The characters were well developed, and there was plenty of suspense that kept me tearing through the pages. The plot has plenty of layers and twists and I loved the mystery that surrounded our hero. I really enjoyed the flashback scenes involving our bad guy. Slowly revealing the backstory kept me guessing and turning pages. Kate Brady is a new favorite of mine in the Romantic Suspense genre. I will definitely b [...]

    This book took me by surprisew I have another great author to add to my shelves: As spine tingling as a Lisa Gardner book with military precision terminology as a Carla Neggers mystery/romantic suspense it is easy to see how Kate Brady warmed her way into my heartI've since picked up her other 4 books and I am making my way down the list so I can stay current with her stories!! This book has: mystery, intrigue, HOT love scenes, and suspense that will keep you guessing all the way to the end!!!

    I won this book from as an advanced copy.Let me preface this with, I didn't read the first book in the series That probably would have helped. It took a little while to catch up, so please read the first book before reading this one. I wish the dialogue between characters was a little more interesting. The author uses third person narration to play out the story, not dialogue. If you like crime novels mixed with love stories, read this book. If you like just either/or, I'd recommend passing on [...]

    OMG. I totally for got to update my status on this book. I really like this book a lot. It hit close to home since I am from Atlanta. The characters were great and strong and I really like the chemistry between Luke and Kara. If I had one complaint it would be that the bad guy was killed way to easily for someone that had gone to that much trouble. Other than that the book was fast paced and exciting.

    Just finished this book and I will definitely recommend it! What a thrilling story. The killer was very creepy (which always makes for a good suspense story)! The romance was wonderful. Kate Brady is a superb author and I have loved every one of her books! Can not wait until the next book comes out! I could go into more details about the book & story lines, but, simply putKate Brady definitely writes a very chilling thrill ride of a book! Read it!!!!!

    Prosecutor Kara Chandler has been receiving mysterious packages in the mail. Each time she makes a move to have these questionable packages investigated, a person is killed. What does she do ? She decides to fake her death. Who does she go to for help? None other than the man who she unsuccessfully prosecuted.This may or may not be my first book by Ms. Brady. I sincerely hope it will not be my last. This was an excellent example of romantic suspense.

    This book was a great and easy read. The author does a great job of pulling you in the first few pages of the book and that says a lot. I would read a few chapters trying to convince myself I would stop reading as soon as I was done with this "last" chapter. Clearly that did not work because I started reading this book yesterday mid day and finished it last night.

    Just discovered this author and I must say her work is impressive! The book is fast paced thriller and kept me reading through the night. The romance element is not quite convincing - I didn't really feel the spark between the lead characters but on the whole it was a very good read. Will definitely keep this author on my list of favorites.

    I really enjoyed this book. At first I was not a big fan of Brady's style of writing because I am not use to knowing who the perpetrator is right away but in this book it did not bother me as much because there were other surprises that you did not see coming right away and that is what made this book so enjoyable.

    Karen B says: As spine tingling as a Lisa Gardner book. Kate Brady has easily won a place in my top 5 romantic suspense authors. I am definitely going to be placing all her books on my shelves! This book has it all: intrigue, dark suspense, military terminology & spicy romance. Can't wait to read the next one in the series.

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