Be Still, My Love

Be Still, My Love

Be Still My Love ABOUT BE STILL MY LOVE A personal loss throws medium Tess Schafer s beliefs into question and severs her communications with the other side Unable to move on with her life she takes a healing vacati

  • Title: Be Still, My Love
  • Author: Deborah J. Hughes
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 170
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • ABOUT BE STILL, MY LOVE A personal loss throws medium Tess Schafer s beliefs into question and severs her communications with the other side Unable to move on with her life, she takes a healing vacation to a haunted resort on the coast of Maine Her arrival triggers a spike in paranormal activity and the return of her spiritual connection.As the spirits of two young lovABOUT BE STILL, MY LOVE A personal loss throws medium Tess Schafer s beliefs into question and severs her communications with the other side Unable to move on with her life, she takes a healing vacation to a haunted resort on the coast of Maine Her arrival triggers a spike in paranormal activity and the return of her spiritual connection.As the spirits of two young lovers reach out to her, Tess soon finds herself in the middle of much than a tragic love story Why are they afraid and why are they warning her away Personal doubts, skeptics, a growing sense of menace and a distracting attraction to another guest will not stop her from uncovering the resort s secrets.

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    A Haunting in Maine, and it’s not a story by Stephen King!I always enjoy reading Deborah Hughes’ real-life ghost stories and paranormal tales on her blog: Ghostly Dramas, so I eagerly snapped up her novel, Be Still, My Love, and last weekend, I spent a rainy couple of days curled up on the couch with my brand new Kindle and this ghostly tale.This novel was perfect company for the current wintry weather we’re experiencing in Cork. I was thrilled to learn it’s set in Maine, a place I mysel [...]

    Be Still, My Love, by Deborah J. Hughes, is an intriguing paranormal mystery set in Maines, in a beautiful beach resort haunted by a pair of star-crossed lovers. Tess Schafer, a beautiful, twenty-five year old medium, communicates with spirits and is the intermediary between the living and the dead. She has just suffered personal loss which left her angry at the world and at her spiritual network for failing to warn her. Her visit to the resort triggers an escalation of spiritual activity as the [...]

    this story is about a women named Tess, her story starts with her losing her husband and dog tootsie. she is completely devastated by the loss and goes in to a deep depression, her anger is all she really sees for 2 years. Then her therapist and her friend convince her to take a vacation, her friend finds a resort that is supposed to be haunted up in Maine and she decides to go stay there for 3 weeks. Before Mike and Tootie died she had always been a medium but after their death she lost the abi [...]

    This is about a woman/medium who visits a haunted retreat after her husband dies, and finds herself embroiled in the mystery of a woman who cries in the night. The place is a bed/breakfast type resort where she thought she could go to get away from her grief and memories. She meets some interesting people there who find her interesting as well, as she seems to be able to communicate with the dead.I found this enjoyable initially but it just dragged on too long. I've been reading it for weeks now [...]

    Definitely enjoyable! Clean, with a decent writing style. There were some passages that felt awkwardly expository, and I had a hard time following the climactic scene (probably my brain fog there, but it bears mentioning); but it was an interesting, worthwhile read. I did feel like I wanted to read further after the end, although not urgently. It feels honestly-written, and like I said, it was definitely enjoyable. I'd recommend it for light reading and a fun guessing-game mystery.

    This book actually shocked me with how much I enjoyed it. I got it free off , so it didn't have high hopes for me, but it fit in beautifully to a challenge I was doing. The book flowed well, I liked the characters, some of it was a bit cheesy, but that was covered by the mystery of the book. Enjoyable, pleasantly enjoyable.

    After an untimely accident sends the main character into a depression and self-imposed exile. When a close friend suggests a vacation to a resort to help her relax. This vacation ends up bringing new changes and a mystery to solve.

    This book kept me reading even when I needed to be doing something else. I was hooked from the very beginning, and the story never lagged. It's not scary, but a little spooky at times. I love ghost stories, and this is a great one!

    Good, but not great, book. I liked it, but the protagonist is a little bit annoying. Ending was pretty unexpected, though. Enjoyed it.

    It was a good story. I enjoyed it. Personally, I wish there had been a sex sceneor three. But, people who enjoy books with no sex will enjoy this one.

    Very different. The main character is complex and the story is well told. Some parts of the story were slow but it recovers nicely and pulls you back in. I enjoyed it.

    thevagariesofus/2017/10/0Be Still, My Love is the first novel in the Tess Schafer-Medium series by fiction author Deborah J. Hughes. The story follows Tess, a grieving widow with a history of being able to communicate with “the other side”. Tess’s grief leads her to a resort, Sea Willow haven, on the coast of Maine where she hopes to find time to heal. It is while she is here that she meets the handsome and reclusive painter, and former Marine, Kade Sinclair. While Tess contends with her g [...]

    Very goodThis is a very well written story about a natural medium, and the author's philosophy is also on display here in a very clear way. Her thoughts on the how and why there are ghosts come through clearly in Tess's voice. While I don't completely agree with her theories, I applaud her for being able to set down her ideas in a clear and nonthreatening way. ( I believe that evil people can remain evil in death or else other types of spirits mimic the dead since there is ample evidence that so [...]

    Very well writtenThis story is very well written and I hated to put it down. I developed quite a few theories as to the outcome and that was fun as well. A very enjoyable read.

    I'm lazy, so just a list.The ghost story was pretty cool.The interminable amount of time that I had to read Tess whining, and feeling sorry for herself and being rather epically egotistical about it - no one, ever, in the history of mankind, has suffered as much as Tess; no one has ever lost as much, or grieved as much, and gosh darn it all! it is super unfair that her angel/spirit friends didn't tell her so she could do something about it, and they really should have because, golly gee, Tess is [...]

    I'm surprised at how much I actually enjoyed this book. It took me a little while to get interested in the beginning, and I thought this was going to be another unremarkable book to add to my Kindle regrets, but just the opposite happened. It grew on me. I loved finding out more about Tess and her ability. I loved her worldview and how she approached her own life as well as the afterlife. She applied those same rules and philosophies to her own troubles, unlike so many heroines in fiction these [...]

    I enjoyed the book, but it took me quite a while to get into it. We are bogged down by the main character's depression over the death of her husband and their dog. While I don't want to trivialize it, it was two years prior and she was still horribly depressed so I wanted her, and the book, to move forward already. Once it did, the mystery was fun and the romance was sweet. My only real gripe was with the depiction of the housekeeper. It said she was born in America, yet she was written with a s [...]

    Really enjoyed this book. The story introduces Tess, a medium whose abilities have left her after a tragic loss in her personal life. After a long grieving period, her friends convince Tess to get away and get in touch with herself and maybe her abilities. Tess finds herself in a haunted resort looking into a haunted mystery from long ago. There is mystery, danger, and new friendships, and of course spirits to explore to help Tess heal. I enjoyed how the elements of this story were all presented [...]

    I read half, I'm not sure if I'll finish. It's just that I don't CARE what happens. It's rather slow, and I think it's building, I just don't care what it's building to. If you like supernatural genre I think it would be interesting and keep your attention. It was on my new Kindle when I got it, or I don't think I would have tried it. Givint it three stars hoping those who like this type of thing will give it a try.

    I have struggled with this book for two days and got about half way thru before I speed read the remainder, which could have taken another two days considering the length of the book. Whoever wrote the description of this story completely omitted the extensive god and angel relationships discussed within. This book should be classified as a CHRISTIAN MURDER MYSTERY.

    Really EnjoyedGood storytelling, good editing. I will be reading the next in this series. The ending was wrapped a little fast, leaving some clues insignificant or unanswered. Still a great read, especially for those who are interested in psychic abilities or are intuitive themselves.

    Ghost story.Really good ghost story. Interesting characters. Tess has never recovered emotionally from the death of her husband two years before. She takes a friends advice to go on a trip, and stirs up the ghosts that haunts the premises. In trying to solve the mysteries surrounding their deaths, she begins her own healing. Well written.Not scary but there is intrigue.

    At first thought it was deceased lovers haunting a resort due to dying prematurely and at the hands of an evil person. Typical story line of so I thought as this story has many unexpected twists and turns. People were not who they appeared to be and was difficult to determine who was innocent and who was guilty in this one.

    I do recommend this book!I do recommend this book!this book could have moved better but I enjoyed it. maybe a bit less of explanations would do the trick but I do like the fact th the solution could not be predicted. a bit extreme at times but a great escape.

    Should be described as a Christian mystery instead of a paranormal mystery. The actual mystery gets bogged down in the character's turning away from her faith after her husband and dog is killed. It takes seven chapters for the actual mystery to day place in a small town in Maine.

    UpliftingThis was an emotional book for me to read, but it was still very fun. An interesting plot twist and engaging characters.

    Here a ghost there a ghostExcellent story - well written and a surprise at the end! Looking forward to reading the next in the series.

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