Intentional Newly engaged and deliriously happy Mattie a talented graphic designer and Jeremy a successful partner in a law firm look forward to a lifetime of wedding bliss in their new home in Sedona Arizo

  • Title: Intentional
  • Author: M.K. Harkins
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 438
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Newly engaged and deliriously happy, Mattie, a talented graphic designer, and Jeremy, a successful partner in a law firm, look forward to a lifetime of wedding bliss in their new home in Sedona, Arizona But their perfect love story disintegrates when Mattie discovers evidence of Jeremy s massive betrayal Unable to face the memories that haunt her with every aching step,Newly engaged and deliriously happy, Mattie, a talented graphic designer, and Jeremy, a successful partner in a law firm, look forward to a lifetime of wedding bliss in their new home in Sedona, Arizona But their perfect love story disintegrates when Mattie discovers evidence of Jeremy s massive betrayal Unable to face the memories that haunt her with every aching step, Mattie flees to Mercer Island, Washington to start over Unfortunately, she can t run away from the boundless pain as she struggles to make sense of the life she thought she knew until she meets Cade Tattooed engineer by day, lead singer in a rock band at night, Cade has experienced his own brand of pain with the loss of his college sweetheart He and Mattie instantly bond over their mutual heartbreak, and as their friendship deepens, it ignites a new flame within Mattie, soothing the constant heartache for her former fianc e Just when Mattie thinks she may have found another stab at happiness, Jeremy reenters her life, and with him, all the crushing memories It s soon clear, though, that the trauma from her past may not be quite what it first seemed Will the truth bring closure and a new beginning or will it mean the end of both relationships forever Readers will instantly be swept up in the saga of love and heartbreak that unfolds Offering a rarely before seen glimpse into the heart and mind of a romantic villain, audiences will find a welcome reprieve from the typical romance novel.

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      438 M.K. Harkins
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    What can I say?First, thanks a lot to MK Harkins for giving me the opportunity to read such an amazing book. I absolutely enjoyed it. It was beautifully written, with a very uncommon writing style which makes it all the better. I loved it all. The characters, the places used as a setting, all the descriptions she did give us, which aren´t that detailed but give us the right amount of information to put our imaginations in use.About the storyThis book is about two childhood friends that have kno [...]

    First of all, thank you to MK Harkins for giving me an opportunity to read and review this book! The fact that much of it is set in my little corner of the world makes me giddy :) Now, onto my review! Intentional is a very well-written book. MK does a great job with weaving a story and including point of views from 4 very different characters. Writing as that many people takes talent! MK definitely has what it takes to be a great writer, you can tell she knows what she is doing. So many self-pub [...]

    Have you ever read a book and once you are finished you want to seek out the highest mountain to shout to the world "READ THIS BOOK?"Well, if you have Intentional is one of those books for me. I had so much fun reading this book! I can't begin to tell you. I was all over the place in regards to my emotions. I read back on my comments throughout the reading and laugh. Every entry was an honest representation of what I was feeling or what I was yelling at my Kindle. Okay, but seriously, this book [...]

    Great Debut Novel!I am a long time and Kindle user and I'm pretty much always buying and reading books as often as possible. However, I don't often review them. While I am a sucker for the romance genre, I find a lot of them have stories that unfold in a common manner or use the same themes over and over. That's why I was very pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across this book.I don't want to give anything away, but this story does not follow the typical path of most romantic novels. The sto [...]

    This book was absolutely thrilling to read! I thought it would be somewhat boring at first, but with in almost the third chapter, I realized that this book was going to have a very good twisted plot. The plot was a little easy to tell, but with the way the M.K. writes you never knew what was going to happen until the very ending page! I loved M.K's writing style, it was unique. An I must say that she reminds me of all three of my favorite authors put together but the best parts of some an the be [...]

    **ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review***4 Stars*If you are looking for a book that will have you engaged and on the edge of your seat for the whole book this is it. This book was a great mix of a love story and suspense. I really enjoyed it. I knew pretty much from the beginning that one of the characters was going to be a big problem. And boy was I right!!!!! I enjoyed the multiple POV's. I did like that the changes in POV were labeled so that you never got confused with who [...]

    Who doesn’t like a romance? This is the story of Mattie, Sarah, Jeremy and Cade with Mattie being the main character. So you think you know what’s going to happen? Then you’re wrong.Now a romance usually follows the usual plot pattern of girl meets boy, girl fall in love with boy, a conflict causes said girl and boy to split and then they all end up happily ever after. But this isn’t For one thing, it starts differently and it certainly ends differently with a few surprises along the way [...]

    Loved this book!Intentional is an incredible read. First, I felt like I was right there, but not like with most books. With others you are there with a main character and you go through the journey with them and feel with them etc. etc. With Intentional, the Author MK Harkins, takes you on a much deeper, more fulfilling ride. Each character has their moment, their chapter if you will. The reader get the inside story to each of the three main characters from those very characters! And it all flow [...]

    Intentional SOURCE: Author in exchange for a honest review. OMG! This was an absolutely amazing, thrilling and exciting read. Since the beginning of 2014 I have read a couple of real good books, but I think this is the best one so far. I am still trying to come to grips with what transpired within this story. I keep asking myself can one person be so evil and twisted?When I first took up this book I did not know what to expect as this author was completely new to me. After reading a few pages I [...]

    To me, this is a great rainy day read. The story itself was one that had a lot of romance, passion, suspense and drama. There was just the right amount of balance between all the different elements that it ended up working out really well during the course of this book.The characters that were part of this story were also amazingly well written for their personalities. Each of them had their own way to stand out and steal their part of the spotlight and I think that was such a great thing to hav [...]

    Woah this was different, good different though. I'm not sure if I've ever disliked a character in a book quite as much as I did Sarah, but then, I didn't like her from the first time she was introduced to the story.Mattie was a lovely character, too trusting yes, but a lovely soul and how she was treated was beyond cruel! This book left me in a bit of a hunk dilemma as well, whilst it was obvious that Jeremy was Mattie's soulmate I was rooting for Cade, but I didn't want Jeremy to be hurt any mo [...]

    FANTASTIC! I LOVED THIS BOOK! It deserves all caps because it was JUST that good. Fresh material, written from different POV and not only the main characters, excellent descriptions of what each was thinking throughout. To understand what each was thinking during was such a plus, because I don't have to anticipate another book (Thk GOodness) from his POV. Clear and concise and to the point all within a very reasonable period of time. I was kept on the edge of my seat the whole time because of th [...]

    by M.K. Harkins This book is an amazing debut novel by MK Harkins. It is more for the YA but who says anybody can't read it? I really enjoyed reading every part of it.I love romance with an edge! To be honest, when I started Intentional I had no idea what to expectThe story itself was one that had a lot of romance, passion, suspense and drama.This book is super intriguing. I had this “something bad is going to happen” feeling the whole time! It was kind of fun! The ending is definitely perfe [...]

    "Only a true best friend can protect you from your immortal enemies"This is the kind of book I didn't know if I was going to like it or not when I started to read itBut as I kept reading I started to like it and seeing myself getting involved with the charactersThe thing I really enjoy about it, there was NO sex, just a storyI have read my share of books when about 90% is all about what between the sheets, then the story itselfThis story is about love, friendship and betrayal, you don't have to [...]

    I'm not a habitual reader, but when I find a good book that I connect with, its hard for me to put it down. And that is the case for Intentional. I read it in two days! It was quite easy to get attached to the book. I loved the twists and turns of the plot. It will keep you guessing the entire time. I also enjoyed the narration from each of the main characters. It was a style of writing I don't normally come across and it was done so well. She gave such a descriptive view and personality for eac [...]

    I was given a Copy for an honest reviewThis is the story of Mattie,Mattie is in Love with Jeremy when she comes upon the biggest betrayal ever.She leaves and makes a brand new life for herself even finding a new man in the picture.However he cannot replace Jeremy.She still loves Jeremy and cannot get over him.This story is told from Two points of view.Its the first time I have read a book where you have a chance to read the Anti Hero's version.I really loved it.There is so much more to it then y [...]

    This is a WONDERFUL book!!! I loved the characters and plot of this book. M.K. was able to captivate me through out her entire book. Cade and Mattie were my two favorite characters. This book a must read for anybody that loves love stories and dramas! I can't wait for her book Unintentional to come out. I'll be one of the first to get it.

    Wow Wow Wow - such an amazing story - I am so glad that I got this book - I could not put it down - So love Jeremy and Mattie's story - now Sarah on the other hand well all I can say is unbelievable --- thank you for the amazing writing/read and I can't wait for the next book to come out ---

    I LOVED this book! I found myself getting so involved in the story that I couldn't put it down. There are a few twists in the plot that made it so different from a lot of books that I've read. I highly recommend this - it was well-written and engaging. I want more!

    I was given this book for an honest review. I'm going to give it 3.5 stars. I had a hard time figuring out what genre I would put this in. Intentional is a light romance with some suspense.When I first read the blurb, I was excited. I think it is a great concept. As you can see through my "status updates" which I rarely use, I was contemplating if I wanted to finish. I understand that the idea was to create the story and then later go back around to answer some questions and reveal the moments w [...]

    Good readThis book was well written and a bit different than others that I've read. The plot was good. Sarah's personality disorder should have been more recognizable earlier. Also thunder and lightning storms are rare in Seattle.

    If I had to pick one word to describe this book, it would be refreshing. I read more thrillers than anything else, but occasionally, I want a love story to cuddle up with. But, ever since Fifty Shades, so much of what’s out there, what popular and most visible, is—well—smut, to put it mildly. Now, I enjoy a juicy romp as much as the next gal, but, as an adult with a vivid imagination, I really don’t require an author to tell me where or how one character puts some random body part into a [...]

    4 star review by Amy BustardThat famous saying- Keep your Friends close and Enemies Closer comes to mind when reading this story.Who can you trust when it comes to your heart after you have already been scorned before?Mattie Parker is a graphic design artist who moved around a lot as a kid, not allowing her to form long term friendships. When her parents finally decide to settle in one state when she entered the 4th grade, Mattie is finally able to form a bond with Sarah Bailey.Mattie and Sarah [...]

    This was a very entertaining read from beginning to end. In the beginning we meet Mattie who is a very down to earth girl. She enjoys her job and life. She is rooming with her best friend Sarah as they are beginning their careers. Right from the beginning, there seems to be something a little off with Sarah. She doesn't seem very sincere with Mattie.One day, Mattie goes to the law firm that Sarah is working at in order to meet her for lunch. She runs into Jeremy, one of the partners in the firm. [...]

    This short story is nicely told, sad, interesting, hurtful, filled with deceit and much more!Mattie became friends with Sarah in 4th grade. She and Sarah have been BFF's ever since. Mattie and Sarah are now roommates. Mattie started her own business while Sarah started a job at a law firm. However, when Mattie is to meet Sarah at work for a lunch date, she meets the attractive Jeremy and is very interested in him! However, Sarah tells her some things about him and she doesn't want to get hurt ag [...]

    Intentional or Unintentional? That is the question. After being overwhelmed with a million books on my TBR list, releasing my debut novel (No Turing Back- Full Circle #1,) writing reviews, and just dealing with life. I FINALLY was able to read Intentional this week. YAY!!!!!!!!! **Happy dancing!** Here are my thoughts!This book is exactly what I needed! An easy ready with a great storyline, twists & turns, and characters that you will <3! Intentional is about having people in your life, a [...]

    ** Received a a copy from the author in exchange for an honest review **I'm giving this book 3.75 stars. So close to 4 stars, but not quite there. I really liked this book. I've been reading a lot of romantic books lately, and at some point the general plot becomes quite similar. However this was not as much one of those books. It had different elements to it and didn't quite follow the typical patterns of these books. So it was a great change to a often predictable genre. It was a great and exc [...]

    I was given this book my M.K Harkins for an honest review, with that said I thought it was great, I loved the writing style, loved that we got all the characters POV's, Loved the relationship of the two main characters Jeremy and Mattie, Thank you so much M.K for a wonderful story.Mattie has moved across the country with her bestfriend Sarah, Mattie is going to open her own graphic design company, which she can do anywhere. Sarah is just starting with a Law firm in Sedona AZ. Hired my Jeremy one [...]

    4 1/2 glowing stars I really loved this book! I thought for a debut it was strong and solid in the character and story lines. When you first meet the main characters as young girls you sort of get where the Sarah character is going. She shows signs of being unstable from the get go. What sort of got me was the synopsis, it gives too much away. I loved Jeremy and how he was introduced into the plot. He is an attorney who is focused on his career, which is nice. He wants to date Mattie, is attract [...]

    This story is largely a sort of twisted love triangle between friends Mattie and Sarah, and love interest Jeremy Harkins. When I first started reading, I didn't know what to think because the author's 1st person narrative, expressed from multiple characters' viewpoints, was a bit clumsy and irritating. The story did not move in a linear chronological form, but skipped around through various time periods and various character points of view. I eventually got the hang of it though, and by the time [...]

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