The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks

The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks

The QB The Making of Modern Quarterbacks With unparalleled access to the recruits coaches and gurus shaping football s future Bruce Feldman has written a modern day tale about the making of the next superstars in the game s most important

  • Title: The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks
  • Author: Bruce Feldman
  • ISBN: 9780553418453
  • Page: 184
  • Format: Hardcover
  • With unparalleled access to the recruits, coaches, and gurus shaping football s future, Bruce Feldman has written a modern day tale about the making of the next superstars in the game s most important position the quarterback In the world of modern football, with NFL teams worth than a billion dollars, no position defines a franchise like the quarterback The QB isWith unparalleled access to the recruits, coaches, and gurus shaping football s future, Bruce Feldman has written a modern day tale about the making of the next superstars in the game s most important position the quarterback In the world of modern football, with NFL teams worth than a billion dollars, no position defines a franchise like the quarterback The QB is the story of a year in the making of those star players, and of the most significant year in QB development in sport s history with the meteoric rise of various quarterback gurus finally coming to light George Whitfield, profiled in the New Yorker and called the Quarterback Whisperer, gets a regular spot on ESPN s College GameDay, Trent Dilfer, former Super Bowl quarterback, starts his own qb business, Steve Clarkson, another qb maker, gets profiled on 60 minutes, among many others It is also the year 5 10 Russell Wilson wins the Super Bowl and for the first time in over 60 years a sub 6 foot QB, Johnny Manziel, gets drafted in the first round, forcing NFL power brokers to re examine how they look at the position and the game To tell the story of all that goes on to create the perfect quarterback, bestselling author Bruce Feldman gained unique access to Johnny Football that s Johnny Manziel , George Whitfield and many other players in what has become a specialized and high stakes business In the past decade the boom of the private quarterback coach business, with its pageant world for boys vibe, has changed the position and the game The QB tells the story of the interlocking paths of the most fascinating characters involved in this secretive world, examining how advanced analysis has taken root in football Manziel s portrait is the most intimate look at him yet, detailing all his talents and antics His guru is a man who has come to be known for making QBs George Whitfield, unparalleled in the business And then there is Trent Dilfer, the quarterback who never could get to the superstar level, despite winning the Super Bowl He is the Salieri to Manziel s Mozart There is the computer brain analysis company trying to quantify how playmakers think, the biomechanics expert who saved Drew Brees s career, and many fascinating behind the scenes looks into this world Never before has the game so relied on the development of the quarterback In The QB, the stories of these men illustrate how high the stakes of the quarterback s game really are, taking readers on a compelling journey into the heart of America s beloved game.

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    A moderately interesting look into some of the recent promising young QBs (some of whom have squandered much of their promise) and, more importantly for this book, the gurus such as Trent Dilfer and George Whitfield who seek out and cultivate that promise. I did feel the book focused too much on Trent Dilfer, though by all accounts he seems like a really good and intelligent guy who just wants to help young men succeed. The other main focus is Johnny Manziel, the golden boy trainwreck of the sea [...]

    A very thorough examination of how today's college and professional football quarterbacks MUST go through one or more special camps and tutors to become really good QBs. That includes high school players and younger. The book identifies who the tutors are, which organized (and expensive) special camps and programs exist, and which ex-players and coaches are operating them today.

    I absolutely loved this book, but I am biased. I work as a coach. This book largely focuses on the new industry of private quarterback coaching. The exploration of the private QB coaching industry was illuminating and supremely enjoyable. It's amazing to read about what CFL and Arena Football League bust-outs can accomplish with high school kids and pros alike. The exploration of the business and coaching philosophies were absolute crack to anyone who is into peak performance and football.Couldn [...]

    Fantastic look into the Elite 11 program and what goes into selections and evaluations. I use the science mentioned in the book of MBTI as a way to assist in understanding the intangibles. For 20 years, I've used this and it DOES have valuable insight into a player's mental abilities and potential. I loved the insight in the book and having that sideline view into what goes into the selection and competitive process.

    This book was great it has many information about quarterbacks. The book is mostly about the success of the people that have attended the elite 11 camp for QB's. Bruce Feldman did an amazing job emphasizing the fact that you need to work hard to be a successful NfL athlete. He has also given you many great tips how to be a great athlete and a student. This is a great overall book.

    Intriguing!Intriguing, well-researched and manufactured into an excellent narrative. Makes you want to throw a football to see what you've been doing wrong all of these years.

    I read this book after seeing it recommended on a literary website. It was OK. I didn't find it a well written book, although I learned a few things from reading it. YMMV.

    Great book for anyone wanting to learn more about the most complex job in sportsBruce Feldman's new book, The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks, examines the science behind sports' most complex position and the growth of the private QB coaching business. The book focuses heavily on the work Trent Dilfer is doing as part of Nike's Elite 11 Academy to train and mentor high school QB's and on Johnny Manziel's preparation for the 2014 NFL draft.At first I was a little skeptical about the focus o [...]

    Lots of good behind the scenes stuff here, some good conversations about what makes a good quarterback, also some interesting speculation about what makes a qb great. Basically it is the luck of the draw; a good system with time to develop and a patient coaching staff. However, the one problem I have with this book is basically about half of it is a Johnny Manziel biography. Way too much time on this kid. The back of the book makes it seem like it is going to include a bunch of the new wave qbs [...]

    There were some parts of this book that were really interesting and enjoyable, especially if you're interested in the challenges of creating an NFL QB in the modern game. The Manziel parts were very interesting for me, since I'm a Browns fan and I witnessed his total meltdown. After reading this book I can't believe anyone took a chance on this guy in the first round. Despite all his potential to be a generational talent, there was no doubt he wan't going to be able to handle the glamour and req [...]

    This is a high 3 star review, yet 3 stars nonetheless. A very interesting look at the modern QB and all the behind-the-scenes work put in with QB gurus and the like. But I think the book could have been better with a bit more historical analysis on why the position is so important, who the men were/are that make it so (even if they are all obvious and well known, the Brady's and Manning's etc), and just more focus overall on the players themselves. I felt the strongest parts of the book were Fel [...]

    The 2015 NFL Draft begins on Thursday and the first two picks are likely to be Quarterbacks, but The QB: The Making of Modern Quarterbacks is more than a book on developing young men to play the most difficult and most important position in all of sports. It's a modern take on Sun Tzu's The Art of War. Enlightening for those curious about execution psychology, kinetic motion analysis and the competitive disposition of alpha males. Feldman watches QB gurus develop techniques like using "self-talk [...]

    It is more a brochure for private QB coaches than an in-depth analysis of what they actually are doing to revolutionize the QB position. Bruce Feldman is one of the best college football writers out there, and his book Meat Market was phenomenal, but this one fell a little flat for me. At times this book felt like a gossip column and slanted towards the work Trent Dilfer is doing in the QB coaching realm. The majority of the QB's mentioned, both as campers and instructors, are NFL busts or never [...]

    This was more of a view into the QB coaching industry that has grown in the last few years. I really didn't know a lot about that, so I found the inside view of the Elite 11 camp kind of interesting. I went into the book thinking it would be more a look into the making of some of the more successful recent quarterbacks - Foles, Wilson, Luck - but wasn't what the book focused on. Meanwhile, in spite of the fortunes spent on the specialty QB coaching industry, teams are still drafting busts and th [...]

    Full of interesting, kinda depressing, information about what goes into making a quarterback in 2015. The Friday Night Lights myth is a dated one -- these days, if you're going to get there, your parents have probably been paying 10K+ a year since you were eight. Feldman organizes his thoughts well, and if his storytelling is a bit repetitive (he has a habit of reintroducing every character as if we haven't met them before in each chapter, like issues of Chris Claremont's X-Men run or something) [...]

    With so much money spent on quarterbacks at all levels of football, it's curious why so many fail. Bruce Feldman is great at weaving stories with different ideas and philosophies. The Brett Favre stories alone are worth reading. At some points it was unclear whether Feldman was trying to discover the keys to a good QB or simply presenting all the philosophies. A fun book to read leading into the Fall.

    A look at the development of high school and college QBs by the quarterback "gurus" who have arisen.The content of the book is interesting, but it suffers mightily from it's organization and structure. You'll learn more names of "gurus", prospects, and their parents than you can possibly remember. It further bounces between all the people and places seemingly at random. I finished the book feeling like I'd eaten a high calorie-low nutrition breakfast.

    I really enjoyed this book and the angles of the quarterback development. The interesting thing is with all of the new tools, money and time we have to put into quarterbacks that weren't available 10-20 years ago, are we able to know any more accurately who will be good let alone great and who will fail?

    An interesting story of the proliferation of QB camps and training gurus out therel of which touting the best way to train a young man to be the best on a football field. It was hard to distinguish that they all weren't snake oil salesmen of some kind, designed to separate rich parents from their money, to tell you the truth.

    Bruce Feldman shows effectively how the quarterback business and how it has been redefined today. *WARNING* Only football junkies can handle this book. A lot of predetermined lingo you would have to know to keep up with this book.

    I like football. I also really liked this book. Do you like football? Then you would also probably really like this book. If you don't like football, you may still like this book, but as someone who does like football, I would not feel comfortable speaking for your people.

    great access. learned about DQ and will be interested to see how a lot of the QBs in the book pan out in college and NFL

    Audiobook. I enjoyed this listen. Not exactly what I expected but a good book anyway. Very interesting about the changes in the Quarterback position.

    This book is interesting but there is too much Trent Dilfur for my taste. The book was an endorsement for the Elite 11 program & Manning camp.

    This book is great if you like football. This book is very interesting and I learned a lot about the qb position

    Felt like an infomercial for Trent Dilfer, Elite 11 camps and Manning. Not really a whole lot there I thought in terms of insight as Feldman just kind of glossed over everyone he talks about.

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