Hidden A young girl must learn to survive and find her family against all odds in this heartbreaking companion to Hush from award winning author Donna Jo Napoli Lost at sea when her sister is taken captive o

  • Title: Hidden
  • Author: Donna Jo Napoli
  • ISBN: 9781442483002
  • Page: 283
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A young girl must learn to survive and find her family against all odds in this heartbreaking companion to Hush from award winning author Donna Jo Napoli.Lost at sea when her sister is taken captive on a marauding slave ship, Brigid is far removed from the only life she knew as a princess and the pampered daughter of an Irish king.Now Brigid has few choices Alone and abanA young girl must learn to survive and find her family against all odds in this heartbreaking companion to Hush from award winning author Donna Jo Napoli.Lost at sea when her sister is taken captive on a marauding slave ship, Brigid is far removed from the only life she knew as a princess and the pampered daughter of an Irish king.Now Brigid has few choices Alone and abandoned, she disguises herself as a boy and vows to find her innocent sister taken into slavery Through her search many years pass and she grows from being a child to a woman, tough Brigid does not give up She lives from the land, meets friend and foe along the way, and gains a reputation as a woman thought to be fierce enough to conquer men It is not fierceness that guides her but the love of sister and the longing for her family to be united One day she finds her way, knowing that her only real power comes from within herself.Based on the legend of the first Norse woman pirate, award winning author Donna Jo Napoli has told a remarkable survival story spanning years and continents and one that transports and transforms readers.

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      283 Donna Jo Napoli
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    Once, I considered myself a fan of Donna Jo Napoli; at least, I would recommend her work. However, after a rather disastrous reviewing of Skin, I realized that the only book I actually liked of hers was Beast, and even that book had some really strange passages in it. Like the lion mating. I suppose it's meant to be edgy, but it freaked me out as a preteen. Ew. The rest of the book was rather good, though. I am a sucker for a Beauty and the Beast retelling. I've not yet read Bound, but I don't k [...]

    I'm angry at this book because it was SO CLOSE to being a five star read (of which there are not many on my shelves) but it crashed and burned in the last 20 or so pages. This is the story of a lost Irish princess who gets kidnapped by slave traders and makes a new life for herself in 3 different homes as she works towards the goal of growing up so she can get on with the business of rescuing her sister. (view spoiler)[ And the vehicle for this salvation is Alfhild's transition to leader of a fe [...]

    I have a new rating system I am trying out! Here it is!!!Beginning:_2_/5Ending:_2_/5Plot:_3_/10Character Development:_2_/10World Building:_8_/10Pace:_5_/15Total:_22_/55Rating: 1 star How I figure out star ratings based on scores:95% or above: 5 stars85-94%: 4 stars75-84%: 3 stars51-74%: 2 stars50% or below: 1 star

    An adventurous, well thought-out historical novel that appeals to feminists and empowers anyone who reads it.

    Original review can be found at kristineandterri/I received an advanced readers copy from the publisher via Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review. Thank you!I really struggled with this book. It is geared towards the young adult audience so I tried to put myself in a younger frame of mind. I enjoy this genre so I didn't think it would be an issue. Unfortunately I had a hard time picturing young people reading and enjoying it. The story was painfully slow and written in such a way that I fea [...]

    Actually 3.5 starsI kind of liked this book, but the pacing didn't work for me. At the beginning of the book, Brigid, the main character, is eight years old. By the end she's about sixteen. This spans a LOT of time and I felt like I was constantly jumping around and that not much was actually happening. When something of interest would happen, it seemed like I was thrown into it rather jarringly. I didn't have much time to connect with most of the characters, and Brigid herselfe never felt the a [...]

    I thought it was a good book for what I like reading. The two reasons I took off a star was the mature content, subtle by there, and the sudden ending.

    While some of the events stretch believability, I enjoyed a glimpse of an unfamiliar time and era. Napoli is an excellent writer of historical fiction.

    I wasn't completely happy with how quickly things wrapped up at the end of the book, and something seemed a little off about Mel's decision to remain in Iceland. However, I did like much of the rest of the story. I wondered what had happened to some of the characters later

    2.5 starsI love how historical novels like Hidden give us a look into life as it was in the past. Hidden explores the adventures of an Irish girl who finds herself in Norse territory. I especially enjoyed seeing the different cultures of the time and wish that more time was spent world building. There's so much potential for historical fiction to teach us about the lives that people led in the past. I also love the focus of sisterly bonds. Though Brigid and her sister become separated at a young [...]

    Ok, Little back story: I went to the library with a friend who loves to read and was wanting some recommendations (Amber, as soon as you get on like I told you to a million years ago, you'll see this and you should text me and tell me you found it. That'll be a cool thing! Humor me!) and I was flinging all these books at her and all of a sudden I got a sadly familiar pit in my stomach. The pitOfJealousy.Here she was, running her hands over the covers of books who's spines she hadn't cracked yet [...]

    Title: HiddenAuthor: Donna Jo NapoliAge Group: Teen/Young AdultGenre: Historical FictionSeries: N/A, companion novel to HushStar Rating: 4 out of 5 starsThis book was given to me by the publisher, Simon and Schuster, through Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review.I read Hush a long time ago, when it first came out, about the mute Gaelic slave woman named Melkorka. (Great book, by the way--one of my favorites by Napoli!) This book, Hidden, is about her little sister, Brigid. Brigid jumps off [...]

    While not as wonderful as Bound, there's a lot to like in Hidden. Brigid, kidnapped by slavers with her older sister, escapes and finds herself in the Norse lands, far from her home in Eire. Though she does adapt to her new life, finding and leaving new families through her childhood, Brigid's desire is always to find her sister and return to her homeland. Resourceful, clever, and fierce, Brigid gains love and shelter from peasants to kings. As she matures, there's even a romance - but her heart [...]

    This tale was unique enough, and I really looked forward to reading it. However, two things majorly irked me. First off: The voice of the main character at the beginning, eight-year-old-Brigid, is the same as the character near the end of the book, late-teens-Brigid. It may be me just being picky, but this did not sit well with me. I literally looked back at the introductions to check that Brigid was eight. Lastly: This whole story seemed quite a bitspontaneous. It did not have good flow, and se [...]

    First of all, I want to say that I hope Donna Jo Napoli never stops writing because I love the way she tells a story. When I found out there was a sequel to Hush, I was thrilled to finally find out what happened to little Brigid after she jumped from the slave ship. I loved Hush and it remains one of my favourite books. Hidden is beautifully written and it was such a pleasure to read about Brigid as she grew from an eight year old to a fifteen year old. I thought Napoli did a brilliant job of ma [...]

    Donna Jo Napoli's books are hit or miss for me. Of the last two I read, I didn't care for one (Bound) and liked the other, but since Hush was the one I liked (even if I remember little about it), it's no surprise that I enjoyed Hidden as well. The story quickly moves through Alfhild's (formerly Brigid) childhood, several times skipping forward in time. This is a double-edged sword, since it means that the story moves along at a quick pace but also that a lot of characters don't get much developm [...]

    This companion volume to Hush features Irish princess Brigid and her fate after she and her older sister are snatched by a Russian slave ship. At only 9 years old Brigid must be made of strong stuff to survive an escaping jump into freezing cold water (leaving her sister on the ship), a serious hand injury, then a long trek towards the uncertainty of help from a Norse farm. As her story progresses from childhood into young womanhood we follow her from the farm to an adoptive family to a coastal [...]

    I enjoyed this book, as the characters are strong and the writing is good. It follows the young life of Brigid, an Irish girl captured as a slave. She escapes before the book begins and then lives with various families while becoming old enough (she begins the book at only eight) to find the sister that she was split up with on the slave boat. My only problem with this book is that Brigid never ages. I mean, she does age almost ten years through the book, but the first person writing never devel [...]

    Hidden was an amazing read, I really enjoyed it! I felt that Donna Jo Napoli was able to be more creative with this sequel since she wasn't held back by the fact that the story was based on another story like she was for Hush. The story is full of some beautiful and detailed descriptions of the North which entices you to visit those areas! I loved that her writing shows how well researched her story is and that she ended the book with a postscript explaining her characters background with refere [...]

    Hidden is a novel about an girl named Brigid who was a strong and courageous female protagonist. Throughout the novel she gets taken away from her family at 8, tries to rescue her sister taken captive as well as reunite with her family that she was separated from. Going through many trials, she proved to be tough and be able to face many things which in many novels, being a tough female protagonist is not very common. I got powerful emotions throughout the book from how Brigid cared for her fami [...]

    I found the beginning of this book quite slow and I thought I might be disappointed which was sad because I loved the previous book "Hush". However the further I read the more invested I became and I read the second half in a couple of hours. The main character Brigid is very strong and I loved how she broke through conventions to live the life she needed to. In this society women and especially foreign women are treated as second class citizens but Brigid refuses to be hidden away and she conti [...]

    If you'd like a strong female protagonist, look no further than Brigid, stolen from Eire (Ireland)at 8 years old along with her older sister.She jumps ship from the Russian slavers and survives by her wits. The adventurous tale, set circa 900 AD, roams the Norse World and is strongly influenced by its mythology. Re-named Alfhilde, she learns the Norse language, finds an adoptive family or two, and grows to be skilled & smart as she dreams of finding her lost sister one day. This is one legen [...]

    I really enjoyed this YA book that's also meaty reading for adults. A gripping account of survival based on historic events in tenth century in Denmark. A girl is stolen from her family, and through her own grit and determination grows up with two families that she discovers for herself until she's grown up enough to leave and search for her older sister. Then the adventure really starts! This book is rich in period detail and highly inspirational.

    Like most of Napoli's works, I loved this book! I loved the characterization, the writing style, the historical aspect. However the pacing was all messed up, as the book could easily have been double the size and only gained. Everything was too rushed, ESPECIALLY the end. Once Brigid meets Alf again, everything is resolved in what, twenty pages? The entire book should have been slower and longer.

    I liked the idea behind the book, writing a story about the first woman pirate, but it was fairly boring and didn't get to the climax till about the last twenty pages. I would be interested to read the other books based off the story of her sister.

    Excellent book by Napoli. It is the companion novel to Hush. If you are looking for historical fiction, adventure, and a strong female lead then this book may be of interest to you. I liked this book better than the first, but I liked how Napoli tied them together in the end.

    DNF - sorry but I barely made it 100 pages in before giving up. I didn't care for the main character and the plot was just so incredibly dull it was like watching paint dry. That's not how any book should read.

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