Fire & Ash

Fire & Ash

Fire Ash Benny Imura and his friends have made it to Sanctuary they ve found the jet and they ve discovered that civilization is struggling to regain its foothold in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse Sci

  • Title: Fire & Ash
  • Author: Jonathan Maberry
  • ISBN: 9781442439931
  • Page: 264
  • Format: Paperback
  • Benny Imura and his friends have made it to Sanctuary, they ve found the jet and they ve discovered that civilization is struggling to regain its foothold in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse Scientists are on the verge of finding a cure for the zombie plague It should be time for celebration, but it s not Benny s best friend, Chong, has been infected by an arrow dBenny Imura and his friends have made it to Sanctuary, they ve found the jet and they ve discovered that civilization is struggling to regain its foothold in the aftermath of the zombie apocalypse Scientists are on the verge of finding a cure for the zombie plague It should be time for celebration, but it s not Benny s best friend, Chong, has been infected by an arrow dipped in the flesh of a zombie and he hovers between life and death and Dr McReady, a researcher who may have the critical formula for a cure, has gone missing So Benny convinces Captain Ledger to mount a search and rescue mission to find the doctor and help Chong But with the Reapers still pursuing their plan to turn all zombies into super fast shock troops even if they can save Chong, can they save themselves In the fourth book of the thrilling and emotionally charged Rot Ruin series, the battle to end all battles is about to begin

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    Benny waited, his whole body tensing for the argument, the outrage, the refusal that he knew was coming. The ranger looked past him at the three fierce girls on the other side of the trench. Then he turned and looked at the zoms, who were less than a quarter mile away. Finally he looked down at the torn piece of paper in his hand."You're doing all of this because of your friend? Because of that Chong kid?" "I'm doing this because this is our world too. You don't have a right to shut us out of th [...]

    Now is the time when I wish I had a better gift of writing to express my thoughts on these books. I do not understand why they are not more popular than they are because yep I'm gonna say it. These are my new favorite series of all times. Next to Lonesome Dove. I am a stingy bitch when it comes to giving books five stars. The book has to blow me out of the water. Guess what? This did it.5 teenagers. Yes teenagers are out to save the world. Some of the better characters I've ever seen in books.Yo [...]

    And this is how you end a series (yes I'm talking to you Charlaine Harris).So, how shall I sum up the whole Benny Imura series? I'll let Maberry do that himself: was more dangerous than living men. p241Fire & Ash is a worthy ending to a very good series. And as it turns out, this series may actually be longer than I thought but I don't want to ruin any surprises so I'll just leave you with that little teaser. You can read the series and decide for yourself.The final book in the Benny Imura s [...]

    Some things bugged me and if I didn't love this series as a whole I'd probably dock another star. This was a great ride though.

    “It's just that I'm fifteen, and I have this crazy idea I might actually have a life in front of me. I don't see how it's going to do me much good to believe that the world is over and this is just an epilogue.” ― Jonathan Maberry, Rot and RuinNot sure how I feel about this installment. I think that the plot was intriguing but the pace dragged a little too much for my liking. I normally love big books but this one actually felt long if you get what I mean. I may be a little unfair in my cr [...]

    This is it lovers. I'm a little sad when I finished this series. To be totally honest, even though Jonathan Maberry irked me a little because he killed Tom Imura, this series one of the good ones. The type that you can't sleep because you just finished the book and you didn't buy the sequel so you're wondering and suffering what will happen next?This is it.The ending is okay (I guess). I'm at peace with Benny and Nix's change of relationship and Chong and Lilah are two thumbs up for me.The last [...]

    I love the Rot & Ruin series by Jonathan Maberry! The only exception would be Tom, and that is all I'm going to say on that one. These new zombies in this book are freakin scary! I mean if all of the zombies were like those I don't think there would be much left on the planet for them to eat! I was so happy that Joe played a big part in this book. I have been wanting to get a hold of that series as well. Now that I have a crush on him, I'm guessing I need to get them all up to date :) OH and [...]

    An epic conclusion to the much coveted Benny imura series. The only star left is for Tom. There was action, adventure, romance, suspense, zombies, what more could you possibly want. If you want more then you are in the wrong place. Get out of YA category. And one more there is an epic friendzoning( it's a suspense). Although not awesome as Tom, ledger fills the role neatly. As whole, the book was awesome.

    Straight after finishing the third book in the Benny Imura series, Flesh and Bone, I started reading Fire and Ash. It's quite rare that I binge read a series anymore - blogging tends to make it a bit too much of a balancing act, but once I had the momentum going, I really wanted to find out how this series ends.As with the other books, Fire and Ash picks up pretty much immediately where the prior book left off. Benny, Lilah, Nix and their new friends, Riot, Eve and Joe, have found Sanctuary, whe [...]

    This book was so good, and so much better than the third book in the series that Flesh and Bone actually seems better in reflection. Everything that I have complained about with this series in the past was not only fixed in this final installment -- it was proven to be intentional. What I thought was a lack of character development was actually character development so slow and gradual and deliberate that I could not even recognize it was taking place until it clicked in this book. What I though [...]

    Ok so this installment was by far my favorite one, and also the end of the series. What a journey this has been through a dramatic zombie apocalypse. And so very thought provoking! I think that Jonathan Maberry did an amazing job constructing the world, the premise, antagonists, and the protagonists. I really could not put this book down. It wrapped the series up nicely. I am also somewhat sad that the series has come to a close, but at the same time I applaud Maberry for knowing it was time to [...]

    4 StarsThis is a series that is the perfect read for the young adult crowd, and adults as we'll. This is the final book in the series and is a great conclusion to the tale. Maberry is one of my favorite authors and one to not be missed.

    This was an incredibly satisfying ending to a series with characters I have grown to love; it's sad to have to say goodbye to some of them for sure.What I have loved most about this series is that it's a fantastic "gateway" book for my reluctant boy readers; I have hooked several boys over the years with Rot & Ruin which leads them to the other books in the series and then others past that. This is not to say that girls don't enjoy this as well-- it's successful with almost anyone I can get [...]

    When I first started the Rot and Ruin series I wasn't sure I would like the book. I hadn't read a lot of books with zombies in them. But this series isn't just a book about zombies, it's about the characters inside of it also. Fire and Ash is an amazing conclusion to the series, it's by far the bet series I've read since the Hunger Games.Each character is amazing and well thought out. Benny is the main character, when we were first introduced to him he was self-centered and immature. But through [...]

    This was an exceptional end to what has become one of my favorite YA series. Jonathan Maberry excels at keeping readers on the edge of their seats. There were many points throughout this book when my stomach was in knots wondering what was going to happen. I could not read fast enough trying to get to the end. I won't get in to a lot of details because I wouldn't want to spoil what is sure to be a highly enjoyable read for others. I will say that Jonathan Maberry created wonderful characters who [...]

    5 StarsA great ending to a great series. I am not sure how I feel about this story ending; not visiting with these characters anymore, except in a reread; and not knowing what the future holds for Benny and his friends.As I have said so many times; this series is not about the zombies; it is about us. It is about human nature in the face of great adversity. Do we fight, run, or allow it to swallow us whole? How many would give up and how many would try and find that plane? Entertaining, funny, t [...]

    Not quite as good as the first two books, all and all, but it was a very good ending to a very good series. So glad I read this series.Highly recommending to fans of The Walking Dead. Also for people who don't read/watch much zombie stuff and want a way in that's a bit different than the average zombie tale.

    Leave it to a bunch of teenagers to save the world!! I loved this last book. It wrapped up this series quite well. I wasn't sure if I would like this at first or not, but it grabs a hold of you from the first book. Excellent writing, great story building and characters are some better ones I have come across in a series. Good job indeed!!!

    My favorite YA series to date!! Maberry is king!!! Even though it had a slower pacing at the beginning that ending more than made up for it!! EPIC!!!

    “Benny Imura sat in the dark and spoke with monsters. It was like that every day. It had become the pattern of his life. Shadows and blood. And monsters. Everywhere. Monsters.”The epic conclusion to my favorite zombie series of all time. That's correct, my favorite zombie series of all time is YA Sci-Fi/horror. It shocks me as much as you but if you sat down and took the time to read it, you would understand why.If you've followed Benny and his friends from the beginning then you know, they' [...]

    Shadows and blood. And monsters.So I guess you have to ask yourself, young samurai, how far would you be willing to go to stop Saint John if he was coming after you and yours? How scary are you willing to be in order to take the heart out of the enemy? Are you willing to be the monster in the dark? Are you willing to be the boogeyman of their nightmares? If you can look inside your own head and see the line that you won't cross, the limit that's too far, then I can guarantee you Saint John will [...]

    This is the final book in a YA series called "Rot & Ruin" by Jonathan Maberry. I think its a great series of books to start a kid reading for pleasure. As suggested by the title, the series is part of the currently trendy "Zombie Genre" but this a cut above the rest. Maberry manages to tell a scary, action-packed, post-apocalyptic, zombie story WITHOUT gratuitous violence, foul language and utter gross outs (but again it is a zombie book so there is a little gore) like I said perfect for a y [...]

    3 Stars because the whole series was a total letdown. I expected so much from it but it failed to deliver. Though the last few chapters were great, I still couldnt believe it took me 3 months to finish it. And i even stopped right at the middle. I simply couldn't bring myself to finish it right away.Probably not my cup of tea :((I bought all books before reading the first one so I have no choice but to finish them. Ugh, I should really stop hoarding books D: )

    Fire & Ash is the heart-stopping, gripping and touching conclusion to a fascinating and desperate story of surviving against monstrous odds.Jonathan Maberry turned a book about Zombies into an inspiring and emotional journey with flesh and blood characters that will fight till the bitter end. This is one series that I won't soon forget. Masterfully done!

    bookbloke.weebly/In the last book of this awesome series we find Benny Imura and his gang of Nix, Lilah and Riot faced with the dilemma that Chong, their best friend, has been infected with the zombie virus. Poisoned by the Reapers, a group of crazy arseholes, intent on sending everyone into the darkness by opening them up with knives. Benny and the gang must race to find Doctor McReady and a potential cure whilst at the same time keeping the Reapers at bay.The book offers many exciting and tens [...]

    n the gripping conclusion to the action-packed "standard bearer" (Booklist) of zombie series, the threat of death is given new life.Benny Imura and his friends have found the jet and Sanctuary-but neither is what they expected. Instead of a refuge, Sanctuary is a hospice, and the soldiers who flew the plane seem to be little more than bureaucrats who have given up hope for humanity''s future. With Chong hovering between life and death, clinging to his humanity by a thread, Benny makes a startlin [...]

    Okay, so it's been a few days and I'm well rested enough to write a review for this EPIC. AMAZING. FANTASTIC end to the Benny Imura series that started with Rot and Ruin. This book has so much going on it will leave your head spinning. If you're a fan of the first books, this one is by far the best, and you will not want to put it down. I know I didn't. I even had students argue over who got to read it first, second, and third. And I'll also add that by the end of the book, especially part five, [...]

    It’s tough growing up. It is even tougher growing up in a world plagued by zombies and by the evils of men who are more of a threat than the zombies. But Chong, Lilah, Nix, Benny, and Morgie- the last of Tom Imura’s samurais- do just that. They do it with skill, pride, fear, brains, love, loyalty, and above all, the belief that the world has to be better than this.The conclusion to this series is very satisfying but somewhat rushed (not that I minded). The search for a cure (Chong is still i [...]

    I completely inhaled each and every one of the books in the Benny Imura quartet. And this was a fitting end to the series or is it the end? Hmmm best you judge for yourself until Mr. Maberry lets us know for sure!As with the previous editions in the series, the action kept coming. I could literally feel the swords swooshing by me. The explanation of the Reaper Plague? Well, I admit that the science went over my head - but it did have me thinking, "Wonder what a techy would say about this expla [...]

    4.5 big, bloody, samurai starsThis is it. The end of the Imura brothers' adventures; the last book in the series. I wish it wasn't. As with the previous books, the stumbling and slow zombies aren't the most dangerous things out there. People are. Although Gameland was officially closed, Saint John and his army of reapers were out there. And something else - fast zombies. Like Hollywood's version of WWZ fast. The threat is intensified.The end? A complete and literal bloodbath. Twice over. The dea [...]

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