Cross and Burn

Cross and Burn

Cross and Burn McDermid is at the top of her form in this sizzling story You will not put this one down until the final sentence Margaret Cannon The Globe and Mail Hill and Jordan dominate as brilliantly as ever Th

  • Title: Cross and Burn
  • Author: Val McDermid
  • ISBN: 9780802122773
  • Page: 162
  • Format: Paperback
  • McDermid is at the top of her form in this sizzling story You will not put this one down until the final sentence Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail Hill and Jordan dominate as brilliantly as ever The Times Saturday Review UK Val McDermid s Tony Hill and Carol Jordan novels are thrillers at their best unbearably suspenseful, psychologically complex, expert McDermid is at the top of her form in this sizzling story You will not put this one down until the final sentence Margaret Cannon, The Globe and Mail Hill and Jordan dominate as brilliantly as ever The Times Saturday Review UK Val McDermid s Tony Hill and Carol Jordan novels are thrillers at their best unbearably suspenseful, psychologically complex, expertly plotted and impossible to predict and they have riveted millions worldwide As Cross and Burn opens, Tony and Carol are facing the biggest challenge of their professional lives how to live without each other No one has seen Carol in three months, and without her, the police brass no longer want Tony s services Even damaging is the fact that they both hold Tony responsible for the bloody havoc their last case wreaked on Carol s life and family, and Carol has sworn she ll never speak to Tony again But just because Tony and Carol s relationship is finished doesn t mean the killing is A body has been discovered in an abandoned flat inhabited by squatters As connections to other missing or dead women emerge, a horrifying pattern becomes clear someone is killing women, all of whom bear a striking resemblance to Carol Jordan And when the evidence begins to point in a disturbing and unexpected direction, thinking the unthinkable seems the only possible answer Pure reading joy Welcome back, queen of crime Val McDermid The Florida Times Union Fiendishly clever The ingenious way in which the villain tests the mettle of Hill and Jordan is not to be missed by fans of the unusual sleuthing duo Publishers Weekly starred review

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    I thought it would be time to finally read this book since I have been granted the latest Tony Hill & Carol Jordan book (Splinter the Silence) and it was great to return to where we left Tony and Carol in the last book. Well great is probably the wrong world since the catastrophically ending of the last book with deaths and Carol and Tony's relationship in tatters.In this book is Carol trying to move on after a personal loss, she isn't working and she refuses to have anything to do with Tony [...]

    I found Val McDermid through the BBC series Wire in the Blood, which is based on this series of books that highlight the exploits of psychologist Tony Hill and DCI Carol Jordan. I've enjoyed every book in this series, especially the last one Retribution, which played out like Wire in The Blood Part 2. I was having some trouble getting into this book, until it took "The Turn", and then I started reading at a fevered pace. At the outset all the players are still reeling from the devastation of the [...]

    1.5 starsIf you loved, loved the other books in this series, you'll probably at least like this one. I've read 3-4 of the Hill/Jordan books, usually sporadically and out of order, but most of them are definitely a cut above the standard crime novel. McDermid has a way of writing her killers-of-the-book and (particularly) her victims-of-the-book which makes them actual human beings. I've never felt such sorrow for a victim as I have in her second book in the series, "Wire in the Blood." I know I [...]

    I'm very fond of Val McDermid. I like her series and her standalones and remain impressed with both her output and her continued quality. McDermid tells stories and she tells those stories well. Her characters cover the waterfront of diversity and this makes her stories feel even more real to me - nothing is whitewashed or sanitized, it's all out there just like in real life.Cross and Burn is number eight in the Tony Hill/Carol Jordan series. Briefly, Tony Hill is a forensic psychologist and Car [...]

    The super crack team of forensic psychologist Tony Hill and detective Carol Jordan's long-time crime-fighting partnership was dealt a lethal blow with the murder of Carol's brother and his wife. Jordan blames Tony's negligence for the double murder. Tony, on his part, was buried under the debris of guilt. They are no longer on talking terms. Detective Carol was so distraught she even hung up her badge. It was the doubled-edged wedge of guilt and grief that had driven them apart. But as the two w [...]

    [Disclaimer: I received a review copy via Netgalley in exchange for my honest review.]Cross and Burn is the eighth installment in Val McDermid's Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series, which follows a criminal psychologist, a police detective, and the crimes they solve. Except, because of the extreme events of the previous book, The Retribution, Tony and Carol become side-players here, while supporting character Paula McIntyre takes the lead. It's an interesting departure from the established format, [...]

    Well it is with great delight that I can report that in this humble reviewer's opinion, Val McDermid is back on form with her new outing for Carol Jordan and Tony Hill- hallelujah and saints be praised! After the relative disappointments of McDermid's stand alone The Vanishing Point and the last Jordan/Hill The Retribution, I was feeling a little deflated as I've always held McDermid in some regard and very much enjoyed her books previous to these two, so I did approach Cross and Burn with a sli [...]

    Val McDermid is one of the rare breed of writers that only gets better with time and the eighth outing for Tony Hill and Carol Jordan is only proof extraordinaire. This can be read as a stand alone, but I recommend reading them in order to experience the psychological development of the characters. McDermid develops the reader into an artful profiler as much as Tony Hill if they are willing to work for it. I liked this specific story line as the serial killer's search for the perfect wife was so [...]

    McDermid left some substantial threads hanging at the end of THE RETRIBUTION, leaving the reader to wonder what path things might take. Picking up the story mere months after the Jacko Vance sequel, the scene is as follows: the MIT is no more, her team reassigned; Carol Jordan is no longer a DCI, nor does she work with Bradfield or any other force; and Tony Hill has been cut out of Jordan life entirely, for reasons related to Jacko Vance and his fallibility. All this while McDermid pushes a new [...]

    The prevailing school of thought on the Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series seems to advise reading the outings in sequential order. Whilst I had read the novel which follows this, I had not read any of the previous outings yet managed to easily follow this one thanks to a succinct recap from Val McDermid. Admittedly though the starting point for much of the early detail that McDermid conveys is past events, serving to provide clarity on the working relationships of former DCI Carol Jordan's now d [...]

    As a writer I am in awe of both the quality and quantity of Val McDermid's novels. As a reader I revel in both. Several of her books including Torment of Others and The Skeleton Road are reviewed on this site: bookreviewstodayfo/2013/05 and bookreviewstodayfo/2016/07. I bought Cross and Burn the last time I met Val at the Bloody Scotland Crime Writers' Festival in Stirling, Scotland, 2016. It is the eighth book in her series about Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. Tony Hill is a forensic psychologist [...]

    As a massive Val Mcdermid fan I had high expectations of this book, and it did not disappoint. I would however recommend you read the series in order because there are a lot of references to what has already happened in previous books, and to get the most out of the book you really need to understand the Pecos relationships between the characters.The book begins by updating us on the main characters and what has happened since the last book. The last case the MIT team worked together was that of [...]

    I didn't think it was possible for McDermid to write a poor book, but she's proven me wrong.On the plus side, she's a sufficiently skilled tale-teller that I kept turning the pages, and at some speed; I was definitely pinching bits of time from other things to keep reading the book. But that's about the only thing I can say in the novel's favor.A nutjob is seeking his "perfect wife" -- in other words, abducting women who match his physical ideal, keeping them in a (switched-off) chest freezer, b [...]

    Scottish crime writer crosses the right bridge and burns some old onesNorthern England has become a very scary place in several bestselling British crime writers' contemporary novels based on true events. David Peace's quartet which began with Nineteen Seventy-Four: The Red Riding Quartet, Book One tells of police corruption set against a backdrop of the Yorkshire Ripper murders that occurred between 1975 and 1980. Scottish crime writer Val McDermid explores the area she knows well in her series [...]

    This is my first Val McDermid book. This was also the 8th book in this series(Tony/Carol) and I was able to pick it up and not even realize I missed the first 7, but I will be going back and checking out the first ones. Although the story seemed to revolve around the Tony/Carol storyline, it really was the story of Paula. Paula struggles to find her way after DCI Carol Jordan retires therefore pushing her to take a job in a new department. It also is the story of Tony’s life without Carol and [...]

    This is 4.5 stars for me. For readers familiar with DCI Carol Jordan and Psychologist Tony Hill, as well as watchers of the TV series Wire in the Blood, this is a must-read. A serial killer is killing women in Bradford, and the police are on a wrong-footed approach to the case. This book finds Carol and Tony out of the roles we have long known them for. I won't go into the reasons why as the book will reveal the reasons. DI Paula McIntyre who has appeared in this series in the past as part of DC [...]

    I'm a big fan of the Tony Hill series but this story was very drawn out with the ending feeling rushed & anticlimactic. Disappointing

    After reading book 7 in the series, I wanted to read on and dived right into this one; Cross and Burn, book 8 in the series. Val McDermid is a good writer and things got darker in book 7 I had to read on to find out how things would pan out. Thanks be that Val McDermid doesn't go the Patricia Cornwell direction, who I used to like until her protagonist Kay Scarpetta turned all bitter and depressed and Cornwell's books turned into Kay Scarpetta monologues about how miserable she was instead of in [...]

    I've always enjoyed reading Val McDermid, although it's been a while now, so when I saw this one I really wanted to enjoy it too. It was ok. It just about kept my interest but it felt tired, as if Val was just going through the motions to keep her publishers happy with yet another Tony Hill moneyspinner.The author has a problem with Tony Hill, and she's well aware of what it is because I heard her say so in person more than ten years ago. He was intended to be a one-off, in a standalone book The [...]

    A woman is found dead in an abandoned building of squatters in the English countryside. inspector Paula Macintire is part of the investigation team. She is looking into her life when a friend of hers goes missing. The Only common thread appears to be that they both are professional s with blond hair.The first woman was badly beaten so that she was unrecognizable. Paula and her team rallied to try and find her friend, against the wishes of her superior officer. She call on an ex cop for help

    Вече се доближаваме до истината! :) Явно дори на авторката ѝ е писнало от пропаганда и книгата е почти 80% крими и само двадесетина процента агитация за лесбийките и правата им. Дори има и едно изречение за гейовете и начините, по които им се слагат правителствата, за да ги нака [...]

    Coming OctoberFirst of all, thank you to the author and publishers for the advance copy of this novel via netgalley. I was overjoyed to receive it as I’m a long time fan of Tony Hill and indeed all books from Ms McDermid. My beautiful Hardback copy remains on pre- order. Hey, Bookshelf OCD. Can’t have a missing one from the collection…So, the latest instalment finds Tony and Carol at odds in the aftermath of “The Retribution”.anwhile Paula Mcintyre takes front and centre as she takes o [...]

    Cross and Burn, the latest by author Val McDermid begins where The Retribution left off. Carol Jordan, racked with grief and guilt over the deaths of her brother and his partner, has left the police. Her team has been separated and Paula McIntyre is now bagman for DCI Fielding, Carol's replacement. Fielding is a single-minded, by-the-book, I'm-in charge kind of leader and she despises profilers like Tony Hill who is as racked by guilt as Carol.The story opens with the thoughts and plans of a par [...]

    Loved it! I've been trying to get hold of the complete Jordan/Hill set, unfortunately, my local library doesn't have them so I've had to go farther afield. Not interested in owning them, just reading them. This one was totally worth it. DCI Carol Jordan has survived the murder of her brother but she’s not doing well. She’s quit the force and gone into hiding, mentally as well as physically. She blames Tony Hill for the death of her brother and his partner, cutting off all contact with him, m [...]

    This thriller takes place in West Yorkshire and moves around between several points of view, some of them members of the recently disbanded MIT investigative team of the Bradfield Police: Tony Hill, psychologist and police profiler; Carol Jordan leader of the MIT team, now ex-police dealing with her grief by pushing everyone away; and Paula McIntyre, formerly Carol's constable, but now sergeant for another DCI. The other main character we see the inside view of is the criminal, the man who is ob [...]

    This is certainly a different take on the Tony Hill/Carol Jordan themed novels the end of the last book Carol and Tony have become estranged due to a "mistake" on Tony's part resulting in the death of Carol's brother (or at least that is how she sees it.) So the first half of this book is really about Paula and her new position and new Boss and some grisly abductions and murders.Once again Val McDermid had conjured up one of the nastiest bad guys (as she is want to do), and when things can't see [...]

    I received an advanced copy of this book from Netgalley.This latest installment is absolutely brilliant and totally gripping. I read it in one go and stayed up half the night to finish it.Tony Hill and Carol Jordan have been ripped apart, by the events in the last book. They are no longer in contact. Carol has resigned from the police and is trying to come to terms with the loss of her brother. Tony is trying to get to grips with the loss of Carol from his life. The book brings Paula more to the [...]

    Cross and Burn picks up right where The Retribution left off, and hits the ground running. In the dark crime Tony Hill and Carol Jordan series, McDermid very successfully slows the plot down and takes a step back from all the crazy fall out in the previous book. It was more believable and gave the reader time to understand how each character was adjusting to their new reality. One of the key ways in which she employed this was to have the main plot focus on DS Paula McIntrye, while Tony and Caro [...]

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