Homestuck It s a story about some kids who are friends over the internet They decide to play a game together There are major consequences

  • Title: Homestuck
  • Author: Andrew Hussie
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 202
  • Format: ebook
  • It s a story about some kids who are friends over the internet They decide to play a game together There are major consequences.

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      202 Andrew Hussie
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    After spending roughly about two years listening to friends talk incessantly in mysterious lingo about strangely named characters and places, and having had the premise of Homestuck explained to me more times than I can recount, I ended up being rather thoroughly "spoiled," so to speak, on many broad terms. I knew that it was a trippy combination of literature, visuals, animation, and sound. I knew that despite its mundane and unassuming beginning, it expanded to fill an overwhelmingly complex c [...]

    O_oI think by reading whatever the hell this thing was, I now know what it's like to try acid for the first time. I also wouldn't necessarily even call this an actual book (or even an ebook, I don't know). The whole experience was just bizarre, and not in a good way at all. It was like being trapped in the brain of a five-year-old. A psychotic five-year-old. I must've missed something, because for a book with such a high overall rating, I thought it was terrible. Was it supposed to be funny? I g [...]

    ********/5-"You have a feeling it's going to be a long day."-[It IS going to be a long day if you endeavor to read this whole thing. This review will be quite lengthy, andeach act description contains spoilers ]-Overall Summary: It spans too vastly to be summarized. On the surface, Homestuck is a simple, silly web comic. When you delve into it, it's filled with complex stories, deep themes, strong characters, and excellent plotting. It's split into "acts" of varying lengths;-Act 1:247 pages, rea [...]

    When you hear the word Homestuck, what do you think of? Candy corn horned, gray skinned kids? Being forever trapped in your house? A fandom that has scared you with their buckets and bike horns?Cast all of your previous "knowledge" of this comic aside and start reading. After being "pestered" (haha, get it fellow Homestucks?) by some friends to start reading Homestuck, I finally got around to it, and two tries later, I'm caught up with the latest update 11/19/14. I am so glad that they wanted me [...]

    Where do I even begin? Very few things ever move me to tears, but Homestuck has done it time and again. Andrew Hussie is a literary genius. There is something in every character for every reader to relate to. He understands his targeted teen audience. Understanding the authorial intent really makes one think about the story on a deeper level. Speaking of levels, there are many. The whole story is buried in countless levels of irony. Even to the point of making fun of itself. The fourth wall is b [...]

    Homestuck ruined my life. If you're in the mood to sell your soul to hussie then this is perfect for you. it's filled with heart breaking "stuff" and honestly you'll cry and be really pissed off at hussie and his weird horse thing he's got going on. Even though you may have your life ruined by homestuck, you wont regret your decision to read it. once you read homestuck you're a changed man (no matter what gender pronouns you use). homestuck is like a drug that you can never get off of, but you d [...]

    I split my review in four parts which you can find on my blog, the Snark Theater. Although they're more a discussion than a review.Also let's just say that I may be biased. In case my succession of Homestuck icons was not enough of an indication.

    Thank you Andrew, Just thank you, I haven't found a book in years, then this came along, the cast, the jokes everything is lovable in this book. To anyone who hates it, I'm sorry you've gone blind to amazing Literature.

    Romanian review: Sunt LIBER, în sfârșit! Cartea aceasta (dacă poate fi numită carte) mi-a testat răbdarea prin cele peste 8000 de pagini, în principal din cauza numărului mare de fillere (nici nu îți poți imagina cât de multe pagini a pierdut autorul și cu câte evenimente atât de inutile). Am sentimente mixte față de această carte pentru că deși a fost foarte amuzantă, m-am atașat de personaje, a fost foarte complexă și au existat multe momente epice care au făcut ca tim [...]

    "Homestuck" the webcomic by Andrew hussie is very complex to understand, but once the reader understand the complexity within the webcomic, the feel will overwhelm the reader in a good way. The comic length is largely bigger than most books. The reason why this is, is because the author goings into great detail about what happens. In the beginning, of the webcomic the reader meets four children who have the most important roles of the comic. They’re names are John, Rose, Jade, and Dave. These [...]

    WHY IS HOMESTUCK ON AKLSJDLKSJFanyway i love homestuck i read the entirety of it in 2 weeks after it finished(spoilers probably)look i just really love it here are some pros:- i love the characters, they're incredibly interesting and fun and diverse and DIFFERENT from each other and just different in general and- i love rose and nepeta a lot ok- i love the plot. the stupid, completely nonsensical plot that i still dont entirely understand. i love the whole concept of sburb. i absolutely ADORE t [...]

    Literally my favorite webcomic on the internet. I've been reading it since 2009 and through tumblr I've met many other homestucks and forged a lot of great friendships. It's not only the webcomic that's AMAZING, there's so much more: The community is so full of talented people who share their fanart, theories about the plot, fanfiction, cosplays, &c. I'd recommend it to ANYONE, it's SO GOOD, with a huge variety of characters it's impossible not to see yourself in at least one of them.

    To be honest, I gave up on the homestretch of Homestuck. I really enjoyed it, but it seemed to get tedious. The characters and story will always have a special place in my heart, however, especially Equius, my favorite Troll and all around character. <3

    For the middle third or so of its run time I was thinking this might be one of the most brilliant things I'd ever read (checking readmspa/stats/ I guess that would have been around Act 4 until some time before A6A5I5). For one thing the collective storytelling with the audience in the first third that sets things up is pretty unprecedented, at least in how far and how deep Hussie and the fans were able to run with it, letting it organically grow into this bizarre and intricate world and cast of [...]

    Homestuck, though expansive and confusing, has the single purpose of entertainment. Andrew Hussie wishes to enthuse his readers, although sometimes he makes readers feel more like crying or throwing their laptops. He shows this through his character Calliope, who embodies the fandom with her trollsona, fanart, and fanfictions. She is a happy character with low self-esteem, but she is very talented, just like Hussie’s fans. He appreciates his fans greatly and thus tries his best to give us an e [...]

    Homestuck is unique. It's unlike anything you will ever read. It's unlike anything I have ever read. Now, with that being said let's dive into the meat and potatoes of this review. What makes Homestuck Homestuck?Despite the cleverness of the title in relation to its readers (Homestuck will surely have you "stuck at home" at your computer until the wee hours of the morning reading feverishly, anticipating its next plot twist - they never stop coming - lapping it up like it's your last drop of wat [...]

    *THIS REVIEW WILL CHANGE NOW THAT I HAVE REREAD THIS. NOT NOW, THOUGH. SOON.*This has ultimately changed my life. I heard about Homestuck from two of my online friends, and decided to try it out for myself. I got past Act 1 in one day and I continued on to Act 2, immediately intrigued.Then, of course, my computer REFUSED to work for a while, rendering me helpless while I would keep wondering about Homestuck and what would happen in it. Finally, I started reading it on my Kindle, and I have to sa [...]

    Okaaaay.up to Act 4 act 2 but feel compelled to review now. This is the most complex, clever and internally consistent work I have ever read. Its unfolding scope starts deceptively simply and opensd opensd opens in a manner akin to Stephen Donaldon's Gap series until the reader is gaping mouthed, uttering "what the f????? "and reaching for the wiki. And it all makes sense. Eventually. I hope.The human protagonists are most likable ( I personally find Rose adorable), but the trolls' personalities [...]

    Homestuck is a clusterfuck. Its hard to get into, too long, with pointless subplots that never go anywhere, and a crappy non-ending.The characters and worldbuilding are pretty great though.Homestuck also broke, reinvented, and then broke again webcomics and ended up a surreal mess of comic, animation, music, minigames, and every other medium it could think of. Homestuck is internet-era storytelling that uses a videogame as a creation myth.Someday people will study Homestuck at university, and fo [...]

    thanks to this incredible story for the many friends i foundand the hours of quality fan content ive consumedand to the forever use of quadrant shipping to make everything make sensehomestuck was a wild ride and I'll treasure it forever

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