Things The Grandchildren Should Know

Things The Grandchildren Should Know

Things The Grandchildren Should Know How does one young man survive the deaths of his entire family and manage to make something worthwhile of his life In Things The Grandchildren Should Know Mark Oliver Everett tells the story of what i

  • Title: Things The Grandchildren Should Know
  • Author: Mark Oliver Everett
  • ISBN: 9780316027878
  • Page: 379
  • Format: Hardcover
  • How does one young man survive the deaths of his entire family and manage to make something worthwhile of his life In Things The Grandchildren Should Know Mark Oliver Everett tells the story of what it s like to grow up the insecure son of a genius in a wacky Virginia Ice Storm like family Left to run wild with his sister, his father off in some parallel universe of hisHow does one young man survive the deaths of his entire family and manage to make something worthwhile of his life In Things The Grandchildren Should Know Mark Oliver Everett tells the story of what it s like to grow up the insecure son of a genius in a wacky Virginia Ice Storm like family Left to run wild with his sister, his father off in some parallel universe of his own invention, Everett s upbringing was ridiculous, sometimes tragic and always unsteady But somehow he manages to not only survive his crazy upbringing and ensuing tragedies he makes something of his life, striking out on a journey to find himself by channelling his experiences into his, eventually, critically acclaimed music with the Eels But it s not an easy path Told with surprising candour, Things The Grandchildren Should Know is an inspiring and remarkable story, full of hope, humour and wry wisdom.

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    There is in this world certain songs, books, movies that get to the human condition like no other. Or maybe just an aspect of the human condition. Or maybe just an aspect of one humans condition. The aspect I am thinking of is a certain tenderness, a rawness, and an emotional vulnerability. A life of nakedness and need, of bird-like frailty and beauty, an opened-hearted way to life that lets all stimuli in no matter how razor-like hurtful it is, how lacerating and potentially lethal. But there i [...]

    What a Ride!This is the first book for years that I've started and finished in one afternoon. I thought it was going to be a train-wreck, but it was more like a roller-coaster ride. E. and I.The pace started off at a million miles an hour and never let up.E. went all over the place, and finally, on the last page, when he came to a stop, he realised that he had reached a point of some wisdom and contentment.So did I.February 22, 2011

    Wreed de moeite, deze autobiografie. En dat schrijft iemand die eigenlijk meestal niet echt geïnteresseerd is in de persoon achter de muziek, laat staan zijn/haar leven. Maar het leven van Mr. E, ja, daar was ik toch wel benieuwd naar. Ik heb ernaar geluisterd (lang leve de combinatie van audioboeken + wandelen!), maar mocht ik het gelezen hebben, had ik wellicht redelijk vaak zinnen opnieuw gelezen. Ik was al fan van Eels, maar nu nog een beetje meer. Goed geschreven, graag naar geluisterd, 'f [...]

    Qué libro más hermoso, por la cresta. Por qué llegan a mí libros tan existencialistas en momentos en que me cuestiono toda la existencia. Bonita coincidencia. Es la biografía o la novela de formación de la vida de Mark Oliver Everett. Y está escrito con tanta honestidad, con tanta lucidez. Lo subrayé completo, porque está lleno de frases tuiteables, de frases sabias, de frases que hablan de cada etapa de la vida que al final todas las personas vamos a vivir. ¿Por qué será que compart [...]

    Supongo que uno no decide lo que le toca vivir en la vida. Tampoco decidimos lo que sentimos, las pasiones que nos consumen ni la familia en la que hemos nacido. Las tragedias tampoco necesitan nuestro consentimiento para manifestarse. Los milagros, los pocos que se dan, nos ignoran por completo incluso cuando están ahí para nosotros.Pero hay, sí, un mínimo margen de maniobra. Podemos intentar estar en el lugar correcto. Hacer lo que debemos. Tomarnos la vida con la perspectiva sana de saber [...]

    Questa, pubblicata nel 2008 con il titolo “Cose che i nipoti dovrebbero sapere”, è la schietta autobiografia di Mark Oliver Everett, “anima” del gruppo rock alternativo americano Eels. L’uomo (classe 1963, niente figli… né nipoti) viene da una famiglia dotata di “una vena di pazzia” e fornitrice di “un’educazione assurda”. Dalle situazioni difficili dice d’aver imparato a “cavare il positivo”, ed è certo che la musica sia stata e continui a essere una fondamentale [...]

    This is a lovely little memoir written in a relatively sparse, straight-forward style. Mark Oliver Everett - usually just referred to as E - is an interesting enough person that his writing doesn't really require much flourish, and he manages to make his self-effacing style of humor charming and relatable rather than grating or affected (not an easy task).E is best-known as the frontman for eels, one of the first rock bands I "discovered" on my own. I remember picking up Blinking Lights and Othe [...]

    Mr. Everett, better known as "E" from the band "eels" tells his harrowing life story with grace and humor. I'm a huge eels fan, so I found the book illuminating and inspiring, but I'm not sure a non-eels fan would have the same reaction. Still, this is a great story of artistic integrity and the role art can play in helping one survive dark times.

    Things you should know. Mark Oliver Everett is the mastermind behind The EELS, more commonly referred to as E. This book is heavy on the sarcasm, but light on the condecension. I would say that despite what some of us may have faced in our lives thus far, 82% of us should count ourselves lucky that this is not our life. The other 18% are entitled to a hug at any time (even considering my near legendary space issues.) I absolutely loved this book. I have been a fan of The EELS from the moment I h [...]

    I read this book during the Thanksgiving 2008 drive from Chicago to Minneapolis. This book will probably go down as the most pleasant memory of that trip, with the possible exception being the moment I was introduced to the singing, strumming, and smacking around of guitar hero world tour.But back to the point, the book is a fantastic read, but I am a poor judge in this case as I am a rather rabid follower of E (short for M.E. which is short for Mark Everett) and his various musical endeavors. I [...]

    Can we kind of re-do my bio? I don’t want to keep being the sad sack whose house burned down.- Timothy Showalter, of Strand of OaksReading Mark Oliver Everett's Things the Grandchildren Should Know gives me the very opposite feeling of what Showalter expresses here. Everett, who goes by the stage name E and is best known as the singer of rock band Eels, seems totally fine and comfortable with being the sad sack. This is his right, of course. He mentions in the introduction here that people who [...]

    In this trek through Mark Everett, lead singer of "The Eeels" ' life he is honest. He is not trying to win me over with his dynamic prose or his thesaurus found words. He is not wasting my time with "flowery shit". He is "straight with me", and I dig it. We follow M.E. through his crazy, non-supervised childhood into his spiraling, stair climbing adult years, through his music ups and downs and into his own self awareness. He, of course, talks about his success in music, but he is no braggart, h [...]

    Mark Oliver Everett, also known as E, the man behind the band Eels, has written the kind of autobiography that has the substance to change lives. To put it simply, it is a work of staggering genius. It is poignant, funny, and frequently optimistic, and surely a great source of inspiration for anyone burdened by the weight of living.There is nothing pretentious or gratuitous about this book. Nothing flowery or extraneous - just a straight-shooting, honest, no bullshit story, of desperate sadness [...]

    This is what every memoir should aspire to be. I started listening to the Eels in high school. I haven’t devoured their tunes as actively as I used to in the past few years (even if “Blinking Lights and Other Revelations” was the best five dollars I’ve ever spent); that being said, I didn’t even make it halfway through this book without launching a massive attack on iTunes to download whatever albums of Mr. E’s I didn’t already own. This book satisfied me in so many ways as a reade [...]

    Reviews don't really mean anythingThere is this thing about Eels. Ever since that big-eyed girl on the cover of Beautiful Freak caught my eye I have been regarding them as a cool band. I have attended a (very odd) live performance (in orange overalls - the band, not me!), I have covered two Eels songs with two bands and That look you give that guy was used in a play I wrote. And yet, somehow, I never considered myself a fan.I accidentaly learned about this memoir when a member of an overrated da [...]

    I've long been a fan of the Eels, and think "Electro-Shock Blues" is one of the best albums of the 90s. And since my work on the TV show Lost, I've also been fascinated by the work of Hugh Everett and his many worlds theory. So I was happy to pick up the book written by the Eels' frontman, E, who also happens to be the son of Hugh Everett. This is the most honestly written memoir you'll probably ever read by someone who is in the public eye: this is a no-holds-barred account of his difficult chi [...]

    The story of Mark Oliver Everett (better known simply as "E"), in his own words, "isn't the story of a famous guy. It's just the story of a guy (who occasionally finds himself in situations that resemble a famous guy's life)." Throughout his troubled childhood and later struggle to find success in the music industry, E faces an unrelenting series of tragedies juxtaposed with moments of happiness and fulfillment. What makes this story truly uplifting is seeing E face all the hardships he is force [...]

    Bought in Union Square, NY, and on my book shelf for at least two years, possibly three, before I got round to reading it because I wasn't sure I wanted to be a post-reader of the book - being a pre-reader usually helps avoid disappointment.Not your usual 'rock star' (or whatever) crappy book. This guy has some serious stuff to say, not only here but in his music, and is way more articulate and interesting than many of his contemporaries. An easy going everyday prose makes it a light read, whils [...]

    I go to bed earlyeverybody thinks its strange I get up early in the morningno matter how disappointed I waswith the day beforeit feels newI had never heard of Eels and I'm so glad I have now. Such an encouraging story of a man who lost everyone he cared about and tried had to forge a career in the music business without selling out. Pretty hard for an ordinary regular guy to get through what he did and keep his dignity too. loved this book and I really like his music. I hope for this man to find [...]

    Quizás literariamente no sea la mejor autobiografía pero tampoco es que me haya hecho mucha falta. La manera en que Mr. E relata los avatares a los que se ha enfrentado y cómo ha esquivado el precipicio a pesar de lo fácil que hubiera sido caer por él me ha atrapado. Con humor, cruel o tierno según toca, es un canto a la creatividad y la fidelidad a una visión propia como resorte para salir adelante. Además, si gusta su música, ayuda a entenderla mucho mejor.

    Un libro sincero, desgarrador en lo personal, interesante en sus relaciones con la industria discográfica y, sorprendentemente, lleno de optimismo y humor.

    Me gustan las autobiografías, me gustan las historias de los que suelen ser considerados outsiders por la sociedad, dos que saltan a mi memoria de inmediato son “Cash – La autobiografía de Johnny Cash” y “Como si tuviera alas – Las Memorias perdidas” de Chet Baker, ambas hablan con un honesto dolor de lo que hicieron en sus vidas y que marcaron todo su entorno para finalmente gracias a su música ver el infierno / paraíso.Debo decir que me sorprendió mucho que los amigos de Edici [...]

    Me aangeraden door 2 collega's en dit boek is echt een van de beste autobiografieën die ik al gelezen heb. Btw: het audioboek was fantastisch, met flarden muziek op de perfecte momenten.

    I'm not a big fan of Eels but I remember loving "Novocaine for the Soul" when I heard it in '97 and I've occasionally dipped into their music every now and then. I recently got into "Hombre Lobo" and decided to give this book a go. Wow. Now I have to go and listen to every album they've done. Mark Everett or "E" writes about his life in a candid memoir. His father was a brilliant physicist who created the theory of parallel universes but was a very distant man emotionally. E's mother was also qu [...]

    Things the Grandchildren Should Know. Some memoirs are written in a style that reads like a conversation. You're left feeling like someone started in on this incredible story and just when you're about to interrupt, the person across from you answers the question you were about to ask. You're drawn in. You're conversing. You're exchanging ideas with the written page. Other memoirs read like you're being talked to instead of talking with the author. They're telling their story and you're going to [...]

    ¿Existe absurdo más delicioso que titular tu autobiografía como “Cosas Que Los Nietos Deberían Saber” cuando todavía no tienes hijos (y, al parecer, tampoco hay planes de tenerlos)? Mark Oliver Everett, líder de los ya míticos Eels, escribe su autobiografía espoleado por la necesidad: la muerte prematura ha estado tan presente en el historial de su familia que no deja de escuchar un incesante tic-tac, un reloj biológico en versión sórdida (y muy diferente a la de las mujeres al ll [...]

    Qué hermosura de autobiografía.Para los que nunca escucharon Eels, sepan que la ignorancia se paga con sangre así que YA vayan a escuchar "Electro-shock Blues" y "Blinking Lights And Other Revelations". Son dos discos que hablan de la muerte y que, básicamente, no estar muerto es estar vivo, así que disfrutalo porque la opción es el jonca.La historia de Everett por sí sola es increíble. Su padre es el autor de la teoría de los universos paralelos. Aunque vivían juntos, nunca se hablaro [...]

    Cinco estrellas.Ni idea de quién era Mark Oliver Everett antes de leer este libro. En cuanto acabe de escribir esta review buscaré en internet Blinking Lights para escucharlo (si el señor Everett ha escrito el libro con la secreta intención de que nos interesemos por su música, lo ha conseguido). No suelo leer biografías, pero esta venía recomendada por dos personas que saben bastante de buenos libros, así que no podía decir que no a leerla. Y menuda biografía. No voy a comentar nada e [...]

    Mark Oliver Everett (The Eels o Mr. E si eres muy 90's) y su obra prima en el mundo de la no-ficción, es un relato de su vida (no de su carrera) y muy digno de su ya conocida lírica a nivel musical, la cual no les detallaré pues la pueden googlear, sin dejar atrás su don como innato storyteller, Mr. E nos regala su autobiografía ambientada entre finales de los 80 y a comienzos de los 00's, y sin ser muy spoiler, les cuento que el libro gira alrededor de los traumas emocionales que van gener [...]

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