Hear the Wind Sing

Hear the Wind Sing

Hear the Wind Sing Hear the Wind Sing is the first novel by Haruki Murakami it first appeared in the June issue of Gunzo one of the most influential literary magazines in Japan It is the first of the boku tetralog

  • Title: Hear the Wind Sing
  • Author: Haruki Murakami Alfred Birnbaum
  • ISBN: 9784061860261
  • Page: 415
  • Format: Paperback
  • Hear the Wind Sing is the first novel by Haruki Murakami it first appeared in the June 1979 issue of Gunzo, one of the most influential literary magazines in Japan.It is the first of the boku tetralogy translated by Alfred Birnbaum.

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      415 Haruki Murakami Alfred Birnbaum
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    I tried to get into Wind/Pinball: Two Novels and I have to say that although the prose reads beautifully, it flows into my mind and out again, smoothly, a slick of oil on a ripple, now it's gone. I read more than half before finally wondering why was I putting myself through this. It wasn't a test. I don't have to measure up to any standard. This is just for enjoyment and I wasn't enjoying it. Nothing I read, or listened to (I tried both) held my attention. Marukami's characters were just people [...]

    Perfect example of beauty in simplicity! Even after having read a bunch of novels by Murakami, I always find a new flavor in each of them. Sure they have some similar characters and recurring themes, but each of his novels does have a different note in its voice and a different mood.Hear the Wind Sing again has a nameless narrator, quirky characters, off-the-wall dialogue, lots of beer, some music and some literature. His characters are the last people one would expect to break into an emotional [...]

    Hear the Wind Sing (The Rat, #1), Haruki Murakamiتاریخ نخستین خوانش: پنجم فوریه سال 2017 میلادیعنوان: بشنو آواز باد را - کتاب 1 - سری موش صحرایی؛ نویسنده: هاروکی موراکامی؛ مترجم: گیل آوایی؛ هلند، هنر و ادبیات پرس لیت، آبان 1393؛ در 293 ص؛ شابک: 9786007545097؛ موضوع: داستانهای نویسندگان ژاپنی قرن 20 معنوان: بشنو آو [...]

    "How can those who live in the light of day possibly comprehend the depth of night?"- NietzcheA nice first novel(la) with most all the known Murakami tropes already stirred in. There is music (pop, jazz, classical) with specific references to actual pressings. There are: cats, bars, whiskey, birds, alienation and needy women. Murakami ventures into existential philosophy and Western literature (both real and fake). It is all there. Things that would later pop up again and again in his later, str [...]

    دروغها چيزهاي وحشتناكي هستند؛ ميتوان گفت بزرگترين گناهاني كه جامعه مدرن را مي آزارند؛ افزايش دروغ و سكوت است؛ گستاخانه دروغ ميگوييم و بعد، زبان مان را قورت ميدهيمدر كنار موسيقي، كتابها خوشي بزرگم بودند مهم نبود چقدر مشغول، بي پول يا خسته باشم، هيچكس نميتوانست اين لذتها را ا [...]

    Haruki Murakami’s first novel Hear the Wind Sing is like a lot of first novels in that it’s unfocused, rambling and mostly about the author - and yet it’s kinda compelling because of how well written it is! There’s no story to speak of. The novel takes place within 3 weeks of the summer of 1970 where our nameless narrator in his early 20s bums around his small town. He meets a wealthy spoilt brat called The Rat who sits in a bar, reads Western novels, and spouts pseudo-intellectual nonse [...]

    James found out that the only two Murakami books I haven't read are this one and Pinball, 1973. He got me this one and then, because the other is like rare and therefore expensive (these two earliest Murakami novels have been translated but not published here--only in Japan, I guess, by cute Kodansha) HE MADE ME A COPY OF PINBALL. That is right, he MADE me one. He got the text from some fan's website, printed everything out, COLLATED that shit or whatever, and then BOUND it. Tell me that is not [...]

    این داستان و داستان پین بال اولین داستان های بلند جدی موراکامی اند. من بر حسب تصادف این کتاب رو به عنوان اولین کتابی که از موراکامی می خونم انتخاب کردم. خوندن ابتدای کتاب که به خود داستان نویسی می پردازه - یعنی مقدمه ی ترجمه ی جدید انگلیسی و فصل اول خود کتاب - در کنار فهمیدن این م [...]

    Semalam saya bermimpi, mimpi tentang pelabuhan, botol-botol bir, seorang wanita dan tangan-tangan yang saling bergenggaman. bukankah ini tahap yang terindah dari seorang manusia? hidup, mencari jawaban atas dunia, berusaha hidup dalam sebuah arus namun tidak ingin hanyut didalamnya. Dengarkanlah Nyanyian Angin itulah dia. buku tipis yang telah melengkapi minggu ini dengan sempurna, dia hangat bagai tegukan bir, penuh pengertian bagai seorang kekasih yang tidak banyak bicara, dan cukup tipis untu [...]

    In November this book traveled from Japan to New Orleans via my son and then traveled back to Japan with me the following month. I brought it because it's small and lightweight, easily fitting in my carry-on, so I could read it on the plane ride over.If you already know HM's work, this first novella of his might seem lightweight in substance as well (though it is well-written) but you'll have the pleasure of recognizing many of the themes and motifs that will surface and grow in his later, longe [...]

    برای خوندنش خیلی دودل بودم، تحقیق کوچیکی کردم دیدم این کتاب اولین کتاب از مجموعه ی چهار جلدی "رت" هست، برای همین کمی تحریک شدم.شروع به خوندن کردم و فقط 9 صفحه زمان برد که غرق شدم توی همون اشتیاق همیشگی که از خوندن موراکامی بهم دست میداد.با اینکه این کتاب اولین کتاب این نویسنده هس [...]

    Hooray, another new Murakami book to sink my teeth into! When I say new, I mean newly published as Hear the Wind Sing was Haruki Murakami's first ever published novel, in 1979, and has recently been published with Pinball, 1973 in a new English translation.This book doesn't really have a plot at such - it follows our narrator who spends his time sitting in his favourite bar with his best friend The Rat, chatting, watching baseball, and pursuing a girl with nine fingers. What I loved about it tho [...]

    I gave a star each for: -the Murakami-ness and how which ever book of his you read it feels like coming home-the tragic backstories of the characters that were merely hinted at -the beautiful writingI took of a star for: -the open ending and the pointlessness you feel towards the end-being a bit forgettable I'm counting this for the Around the World in 80 Books challenge as a book set in Japan.

    This was one of Murakami's very first pieces of writing. My understanding is that it was so hard to find in translation for years because Haruki was not proud of his early attempts at finding his voice. While it is true that it is at times uneven, it still has that unique Murakami spark that got better with Pinball and then solidified and mature with Norwegian Wood and The Wind-up Bird Chronicle.

    মুরাকামির প্রথম বই ।মুরাকামি নিজেই বলেছেন এই বইটা তাঁর সকল বই থেকে দুর্বল। যিনি আগে কোনদিন কিছুই লিখে নাই সেই ব্যক্তি যখন ধুম করে একটা বই লিখে ফেলে তাহলে যা হয় আরকি ।বইতে আসলে বলতে গেলে কোন প [...]

    موراکامی به فکر وامیداره،‌ مجبورت میکنه هر اتفاق و هر صحبتی رو روش خوب فکر کنی و از هیچی الکی نگذری چون هیچی نسبت به هم بی ربط نیست و وقتی اینارو کنار هم میگذاری و میفهمیش از زیبایی درکش لذت میبری.درسته که خیلی فاصله داره از کافکا در کرانه اما خب برای اولین کتابی که نوشته به نظر [...]

    Ini novel Murakami kedua yang saya baca, setelah Norwegian Wood. Dan lagi-lagi saya suka. Ada sesuatu tentang para penulis Jepang yang saya suka, entah itu Yoshimoto atau Murakami (ya referensi saya memang belum banyak). Saya menyukai atmosfer 'kosong' yang ada di tulisan mereka.Sejauh pengetahuan saya, yang masih minim itu, saya mendapati tokoh2 Murakami sangat 'manusia'. Mereka terasa nyata, karena mereka tidak sempurna. Bahkan tubuh mereka pun tidak kelewatan bagus,atau cantik,atau tampannya. [...]

    هنوز دارم بخودم فحش میدم چرا لین رو خوندم تقصیر کتاب فروش بود که گفت اولین کتابش رو بخون خیلی خوبه ((چه فاجعه ای)) فقط چند تا جمله ی قصار داشت که در انبوه کلمات بی معنی گمشده بود و اینقد سانسور داشت که روی اعصابم داشت رژه میرفت و جالب اینکه ترجمش بد نبود درواقع متنش فاجعه بود و حتی [...]

    Das war wahrscheinlich keine gute Idee, mit diesem Erstlingswerk von Murakami anzufangen, wenn man noch nie etwas von ihm gelesen hat. Das Buch wurde lange Zeit vom Autor nicht zur Veröffentlichung freigegeben. Warum er sich dann doch dem Druck der Fanmassen beugte, die offensichtlich an seinen Lippen kleben, kann sich wahrscheinlich jeder selbst denken. Künsterliche Gründe sind wohl eher sekundär bei dieser Entscheidung. Das kleine Buch ist eine belanglose Geschichte eines japanischen Stude [...]

    I've been on a roll with Murakami for quite a while now. I guess this recent streak could be called a sort of study of one of my favorite authors. Knowing enough about him now, I wanted to see how it all started, even if it did mean paying too much for this short, tiny book (literally the smallest book I've ever read - it fits in my shirt pocket).Many of the better known Murakami elements are there: the abstractly beautiful feelings that arise from meeting a new girl, beer, bittersweet waves of [...]

    "There's no such thing as perfect writing. Just like there's no such thing as perfect despair."Sounds like Dostoyevsky, but then you'd have to guess again. I have not a few Japanese comrades who are mystified at the extraordinary popularity of Haruki Murakami abroad. I remain split--some of the stories and novels are tightly wound and deeply affecting, others overindulgent and sprawling. Count this obscurity as one of the former. My friend Akemi graciously sent a secondhand copy via Japanese --t [...]

    মুরাকামি আগে পড়া হয়নি, ঠিক করেছি টাইমলাইন ধরে একটা একটা পড়বো। তাই মুরাকামির প্রথম লেখা দিয়েই শুরু। মুরাকামি নিজেই বলেছেন এটা তার অপরিপক্ব সময়ের লেখা।Hear the Wind Singবাতাসের গান শোনো নামটা সুন্দর। [...]

    I was surprised to see Haruki Murakami's Hear The Wind Sing at the bookstore. It is his first novel that was published in English for English language learners by Kodansha in 1987 (it was originally published in Japanese in 1979) I had assumed that it was out of print. It is a thin Japanese sized volume and only 128 pages with Japanese translation notes. Incidentally, his second novel, Pinball 1973, is equally difficult to find.This novel may have been the precursor to two of his other novels, T [...]

    _همه ی ما با شرایط یکسان به دنیا می آیم؛ انگاری همه مون با هم سوار یه هواپیما ی خرابیم. البته، بعضی هامون خوش شانس ترن. بعضی ضعیفن و بعضیا قوی. بعضیا پولدار و بعضیا فقیر. اما هیچ کی سوپرمن نیست، از این نظر همه ضعیفیم. اگر چیزی داشته باشیم، می ترسیم از دستش بدیم؛ اگر هیچی نداشته باش [...]

    When I read 1Q84 I was spell bound by the details to which he took me into his so-called 2 moon world.Yesterday I read Hear the Wind Sing (it’s a pretty small book and mostly short dialogues between the characters)It’s his first book and you can tell, but at the same time after finishing it I felt it was actually pretty deep (Maybe it is because he is ‘Murakami’) or maybe because it actually is that good.Very much like Catcher in the Rye with a hint of Fight Club.It’s the kind of book [...]

    mytwostotinki/?p=3461 Hear the Wind Sing is Haruki Murakami’s first book. The short novel was published in 1979.The story takes place in August 1970 when the nameless narrator is in his early twenties. He is spending his time mostly drinking beer with his friend, the Rat (we never learn his real name) and the barkeeper J (we also never learn his real name). There is also a girl – you guessed it already: her name is never revealed – who has only nine fingers, with a mother she doesn’t lik [...]

    This is the first novel written by Murakami and took him 10 months to write. He sent it for a contest and won the first prize.'Hear the Wind sing' has no plot, none of the characters have depth and the narrator is a college student who jumps from one topic to another and from present to past without any preamble whatsoever. He spends his holidays in his hometown with his friend 'Rat' and reminisces about his past girlfriends, drinks bear, listens to the radio and randomly talks about his favouri [...]

    It's arrived(!), but . . . it's such a small thing. Who knew some books could still be placed in pockets after all, but of course this I'm taking precious care of, as if it were an inheritance. *******************************************************After having read this small piece, I'm puzzled why some consider it only a short story. It's a novella, no more or less. Still, I can understand why Murakami and his publishers are in no rush to republish this: it has the depressive flatness and real [...]

    ”Tidak ada kalimat yang sempurna. Sama seperti tidak ada keputusaasaan yang sempurna.”Kalimat di atas menjadi pembuka novel pertama karya Haruki Murakami. Dan novel pertama karyanya juga yang saya baca. Ketika membaca novel ini saya mengalami perasaan yang sama ketika membaca karya Orhan Pamuk. Kisahnya melompat-lompat secara tiba-tiba, baik dari sisi latar belakang tempat dan waktu hingga bahasan dari kisah itu sendiri. Sepertinya penulis langsung menuliskan apa yang sedang ada di kepalanya [...]

    بعد از خواندن شکار(تعقیب) گوسفند وحشی تصمیم گرفتم کتاب‌های سری رَت را به ترتیب بخوانم و این کتاب علاوه بر اینکه اولین کتاب سری رَت است اولین کتاب موراکامی نیز می باشد. یادداشت‌های ابتدایی کتاب برایم بسیار جذاب بودند و چند بار مرور کردمشان. و از طرفی با دِرِک هارتفیلد آشنا شدم [...]

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