Make You Mine

Make You Mine

Make You Mine Alex St James was left with a choice Pick up the dice and find where they lead or walk away Choosing to see where the snake eyes go Alex plays in a poker game run by the devil who haunts his past He

  • Title: Make You Mine
  • Author: Jackie Ashenden
  • ISBN: 9781250051776
  • Page: 463
  • Format: Paperback
  • Alex St James was left with a choice Pick up the dice and find where they lead, or walk away Choosing to see where the snake eyes go, Alex plays in a poker game run by the devil who haunts his past He will risk everything to find answers that is, until his alluring, enigmatic bodyguard, Katya, becomes someone he cannot risk losing Katya is fiercely conflicted Aching tAlex St James was left with a choice Pick up the dice and find where they lead, or walk away Choosing to see where the snake eyes go, Alex plays in a poker game run by the devil who haunts his past He will risk everything to find answers that is, until his alluring, enigmatic bodyguard, Katya, becomes someone he cannot risk losing Katya is fiercely conflicted Aching to break free from Alex to track down her former lover, Katya agrees to one last job to protect her dangerously sexy boss as he gambles his future in exchange for clarity about his past As the stakes are raised, Katya s loyalty shifts from the man she loved to the man she swore to protect But in order to get what she wants, Katya will have to go all in

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    So I really tried to like this book the "love" story of Katya and Alexei.But my problems-The manwhore hero plot has been done to death in romance novels. But a hero so whore-ish he sleeps with 2 women all the time to "escape his pain" and it takes prettying up the heroine to make him attracted to herNOPE-And that brings me to my second problemThe heroine had to be dolled up and be attracted to another man for hero to notice her-He sleeps with multiple women for over 3 monthswith the heroine RIGH [...]

    Self note:/review/showSoonya wrote:After meeting h, hero continues to sleep with other women. h is his bodyguard, so she hears him have sex and sees all those one nighters. The book opens with hero after his threesome, where he mentions that one of the girl is a screamer and other details(he tells that to h). Gross. Of course h of this book is a virgin. Yeah, after reading that, this book is not my cup of tea. :(

    self note: after meeting h H continues to sleep with women. even having threesomes. h is his bodyguard so she hears him having sex. yuck! they aren't together but this is something I don't want to read about!

    I'M IN LOVEOO in love with this book.EVERYTHING IS PERFECT Los personajes principales, la relación entre ambos, los secundarios geniales (¡aguante Eva y Zac!) y la trama.Todo, TODO es genial. Me encantó que en este caso es ella la guardaespaldas y él el millonario (porque siempre suele ser al revés). Me sorprendió que él fuera victima de violación, es la primera vez que leo un libro de romance donde el chico fue violado, y la autora lo manejo muy bien al tema, se puede sentir la culpa, l [...]

    I had a lot of fun reading this book. Katya and Alex make a great team. I enjoy reading about heroines that know how to hold their own and Katya certainly does. Alex is hot and interesting and complicated. Their chemistry is on point. The writing is very good. Definitely one to pick up :)

    Jackie Ashenden writes with a singularly raw intensity that draws you into the story and doesn’t let up until you heave a sigh of relief at the end – and then promptly wish to start the story all over again.In Make You Mine, the second of the Nine Circles series, there are two plots afoot – the relationship between carefree playboy Alex and Katya his stoic Russian bodyguard, and the suspenseful continuation of the story arc begun in book 1 Mine To Take. I don’t think it’s necessary to [...]

    Jackie Ashenden takes us back to the Nine Circle billionaires. We get to know Alex St James, a wounded womanising gambler with a passion for revenge. His body guard is the icy Katya, who watches his every move. Katya is asked to play his lover to help him out and this starts their hot relationship.As with every Ashenden novel, you get a lovely angsty hero who is dark and that little bit of a bad boy. I love a broken man, whose pain is very real. Jackie Ashenden writes them so very well. She has [...]

    Alex, a founding member of the Nine Circles club, has to go on a mission to find out what’s going on with villains from the past and he needs his bodyguard, Katya, to play his lover to protect him during a high stakes poker game. Then, romance happens.The Good, The Bad and Everything In Between-I love Jackie Ashenden’s writing style: She has beautiful prose, really knows how to get you into the character’s frame of mind. If I was rating strictly on her prose, this would rate five star easi [...]

    ARC provided by St. Martin's Press via NetGalley for an honest review.Where to start . Where to start I am really in lust with these guys! The Nine Circles Club has some seriously intriguing and ruthless boys in it! Even tho each book gets their own H/h with their own HEA, the books are connected with a background mystery they are all are trying to solve. THIS is what I love to see in series. Standalone novels that really aren't! My suggestion to future readers is start from the beginning, Mine [...]

    This book was slightly better than the first, however, it was too much the same. I liked that there was a bit more of deeper emotion behind the characters, but it was still too boring.There were enough interesting twists and turns to keep me hooked, but I hope the next book is better.

    Wow. Wow. Wow. Now that's a 5 star romantic suspense read! Full review at The Romance Evangelist.

    Player and club owner Alex is on a mission to uncover the secrets of the dice left behind at the murder scene in the last book, and at the same time to get revenge for what he had to endure nineteen years ago. Along for the ride is his russian bodyguard Katya, who´s got her own agenda. She made a promise two years ago, and helping Alex will make her own quest easier. What she didn´t expect was how she´d react to being so close to him And Alex never saw this coming either, how Katya would make [...]

    Another fantastic read by jackie ashenden beautifully written and crafted a story that flowed from page to page with intrigue of what was going to happen next , Loved Alex st. James and katya story boss and bodyguard loved there chemistry both had issues from their past and they helped each other to overcome and convide in each other! Loving this series can't wait to read book #3 in this series to see what else evolves .

    Originally Reviewed For: Tea and BookThere is nothing so dark as a soul without light. A man so deep into despair that he no longer even dreams of the light. A man who could be good or could be evil, either or neither. Just a man who lives withing the depths of despair. Jackie Ashenden writes a wonderful tale of such a man in book two of her Nine Circles Series, Make you Mine. This story has power, it has depth and it has redemption what more could we ask for? A sexy Hero? A smoldering Heroine? [...]

    Oh man, this book. I was hooked to every page. Where book one of this series had a slow start (as I expect any first book in a series does), this book hit the ground running from page one and never stopped.It's been a while since I've read a book with so much underlying tension on nearly every page and through every interaction. Alex is an excellent card player, and it's like this entire book is a game of high-stakes poker. Especially when you have Alex, a man so broken, so utterly lost within h [...]

    Make You Mine by Jackie Ashenden is the first novel I've read by this author and I must say I wish I found out about her sooner.Ms. Ashendon is a great author who catches a reader right from the start with her description. I loved that I got to meet the playboy Alex and his bodyguard Katya, right from the beginning. Just from the beginning interactions between Alex and Katya in the first chapter, they made me think of Seven of Nine from Star Trek for Katya while Alex made me think of Tom Paris ( [...]

    MAKE YOU MINE was a very good book, this was the first time I had read anything by Jackie Ashenden and I have to say that I really enjoyed this read.The plot of this book was very well written but at times I found the pace of it very slow and I had a hard time following the story as the chapter would end and then the next chapter would start a whole new scene without the previous scene being finished, but then about halfway through the book when the drama and the suspense starts I couldn't put i [...]

    I read book 1 in this series and really enjoyed it but I wanted to enjoy this one as much but I did and did not.This story of Alex and Katya, had all the things a good book needs but the author took so long stringing us along that by the 50% mark I was bored and you pretty much knew most of what was going to happen so I did something I might do in 1 out of 1000 books because i DID love the story. I jumped to the last 2 chapters and read them and did not feel like I missed ANYTHING of any importa [...]

    Thanks St. Martin's Press for a book to read and review via netgalley. Pulse pounding entertainment! Amazing story, book two in the Nine Circles series, and it should be read in order but not necessary. I think this book did well enough standing on its own, but I'm thinking all the people that belong to their circle will get their own story. What a plot in this one! I couldn't put it down! Alex has a beautiful Russian bodyguard named Katya. She is both deadly and beautiful. She is protecting Ale [...]

    This book was really good! Things kept taking me away from it but when I could get back to it, it sucked me right in. I loved Alex from the start. The tortured playboy who hides his pain in alcohol and women. There is only one person who gets past his armor. Katya is his bodyguard who goes everywhere with him and manages to reach into his deepest self. They go to Monaco for an exclusive poker tournament to find answers and get revenge on Alex's enemy from the past where things are not all that t [...]

    Ok this book was so suspenful! But it still leaves me with so many unanswered questions. My main concern is would Kayta have stayed with Alex if Misha had not told her to stay away?????? This series is so good but the more I read, the more questions that are not answered. The heat between Alex and Kayta was so intense. I loved how strong Kayta was and made Alex accountable for his feelingis series is really good, but man do I need some answers! Zach and Eva story is nextw this should be super in [...]

    Make You Mine was an intense read. I did not like the guy in this book at first. After reading more of this story, as his history was revealed, I soon found myself changing my mind about him. The lead lady in this book, was a strong female character and I liked her from the beginning. In Make You Mine, the main characters slowly come together to eventually realize that they love one another. I look forward to reading the other books in this series.I received an ARC of this book from the publishe [...]

    4.5 stars - I did not want to like Alex, at alld well, I kinda' love him now so well done Jackie Ashenden, well done!Click here for my complete review:scandaliciousbookreviews.c

    Katya mine *sighs*I love it!!!They were so totally different from what I was expecting. Its notjust about romance. Suspense!!! Who da hell is Elijah,anyway????

    This series is terrific !!! Loved every page and so sad when I was finished. Jackie Ashenden does a fantastic job with the plot & characters. Keeping my fingers crossed for another one !!!

    I'm really enjoying this series - i think the fact that there's this bigger story that seems to be woven throughout each installment so far makes it that much more engaging.So we had the first book with Gabriel and Honor - and we saw how their relationship had the potential to make Gabe's world explode since Honor is his best friend Alex's sister - yet we see that maybe it's ok right?So in this 2nd book, it's about Alex, and his quest to find out the link of who Gabriel's father is since it's no [...]

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