Дардевил: Рожденный заново

Дардевил: Рожденный заново

  • Title: Дардевил: Рожденный заново
  • Author: Frank Miller
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 304
  • Format: Hardcover
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    • Unlimited [Horror Book] ✓ Дардевил: Рожденный заново - by Frank Miller ↠
      304 Frank Miller
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    One of the strongest stories of Marvel Comics!This Trade Paperback edition collects “Daredevil” #227-233 which is known as the “Born Again” storyline. Also as bonus includes “Daredevil” #226 which is a stand-alone story where the creative team were introduced to the title.Creative Team:Writer: Frank MillerIllustrator: David MazzucchelliA COMIC BOOK MASTERPIECEI have shown him That a man without hope is a man without fear.I wanted to read this storyline since some months ago when I fo [...]

    This was good. Really good, even. Yet what’s frustrating about “Born Again” is how SO FREAKIN’ CLOSE it comes to greatness…but ultimately, in the final stretch, falls short. The first half of the arc, I would argue, is undeniably great–Frank Miller was born to write Daredevil, and the set-up of the story–which centers around the Kingpin finally learning Daredevil’s secret identity, and proceeding to make Matt Murdock’s life a complete and utter living hell–is sublimely done, [...]

    Daredevil’s secret identity has fallen into the hands of The Kingpin. Rather than a quick and brutal strike, Kingpin elects to take a slow, punishing measure of revenge against a man who has been a thorn in his side for years. Stripping away everything Matt Murdock holds dear, Kingpin leaves Daredevil a shell of his former self. However, a man without hope… is a man without fear.In the late 1970s, when Daredevil was on the ropes, Frank Miller took over as corner man and willed the Man Withou [...]

    "A man without hope is a man without fear."If you're new to Daredevil then don't start with this book, go back to Frank Miller and Klaus Janson's Daredevil Visionaries Volume 2, #168-182. Then read Volume 3, #183-191. Then read this. Then read Man Without Fear. You're welcome. David Mazzucchelli is a talented and now almost forgotten illustrator. Like Batman Year One, his splash pages are incredible, his action swift and evocative, his faces realistically emotive. His style is epic, effortless, [...]

    The first half of this story was amazing and on its own would totally be worth five stars. The forced deconstruction of Matt Murdock was heartbreaking to see, but so inspiring to watch his rebirth. Also really enjoyed seeing Ben Urich get fleshed out a bit more, kind of like Gordon in Long Halloween (still have a hard time viewing Foggy as a real character, though.) The place where this one kind of veered off the rails for me was with Nuke. That whole concept seemed ridiculous to me and got even [...]

    When I saw this at the library I was excited: getting to re-read one of the definitive Marvel tales from my childhood? Definitely. I flipped through it and all the imagery came flooding back, and I started thinking this would also fuel my upcoming talk on building great storytelling experiences in modern comics. Slam dunk eh? Hell, if this is half as good as what I saw flipping through DKR, I'm gonna have to take a cold shower.And it gets underway in a hurry. Not with a bang, but with an economy [...]

    SPOILERSMatt Murdock's ex, Karen Page, sells out Murdock's secret identity as Daredevil to the Kingpin for an armful of junk and Murdock soon finds his life destroyed by the Kingpin's vast resources. Without a home, money, a job, and seemingly without friends, the Man Without Fear is crushed by the world spiritually and mentally and, in a desperate and hasty fight with the Kingpin, physically as well. This is the rebirth of the Daredevil Born Again.I'm a huge fan of Frank Miller's work, not his [...]

    An absolute classic and revolutionary collection by Frank Miller. Came out around the same time as the masterpiece that is The Dark Knight Returns, this trade paperback will bring great joy to any Daredevil fan. The highlight lies in Miller's writing and narration. Powerful and lyrical, he doesn't fail to capture a dark moment in Daredevil's life with one of the most disastrous event that Matt Murdock would have ever imagined. I however thought the perfect execution started to slow three quarter [...]

    The Best Daredevil story arc of them all!I remember reading these issues years ago when they were first published and it felt so good to re-read them in this most excellent collection. Miller's writing is fantastic. Matt Murdock goes thru hell and then redemption. I need to read this again in a few years. I never get tired of this story.

    As soon as I finished reading Born Again, I knew that I had finished a very special story. Not only my favorite comic book story (and I've read a few!) this seven issue run, in which the Kingpin of Crime discovers that his archenemy Daredevil is in fact the lawyer Matt Murdock, is a cantidate for my favorite work of fiction in any medium. It offers romance-- not two beautiful people falling in love because it makes a good panel to close the story with, but a ruined, homeless ex-lawyer who is reu [...]

    Trang reviewing a comic ?! ITS BEEN LIKE YEARS LOL Of course it had to beDaredevil. Not any ordinary volumes. This graphic novel is a must for any Daredevil Fans. Although, it picks up wayy wayy after the incidents from Netflix's show so if you don't want to get spoiled. Do not read this graphic novel hahaha. A marvelous classic and having plunged into the Marvel Universe there are familiar faces that came back in this volume and different details referencing to other series from Marvel. The act [...]

    Being one of the quintessential writers on Daredevil in the eighties, Frank Miller returned to Matt Murdock’s life in Hell’s Kitchen. Although Miller returned to the character of Daredevil in the nineties with his retelling of the origin story The Man Without Fear, Born Again feels more like a final send-off to Daredevil from one of the great pioneers of the modern comic book.Karen Page, the former secretary of the Nelson & Murdock law offices and Matt’s ex-girlfriend, is struggling wi [...]

    Daredevil is my favourite Marvel character, if not my all time favourite comic character and this is supposed to be one of the best stories about Daredevil. There are three reasons I read this title 1. It's supposed to be frank millers best daredevil story2. It was on digital sale3. They are basing the TV show on it and I wanted to get an overview. It's quite an old story and like most of Frank millers stuff it has a lot of inner dialogue, which can become a bit tiresome if I'm honest. However, [...]

    I can remember in 1980 when Frank Miller took over Daredevil. I was twelve years old and I was stunned by the changes that he implemented. Suddenly one of my favorite costumed crime-fighters had moved into the world of adult crime fiction - or so it seemed to me at the time. Back in 1980 we weren't using the term "re-boot" for such an action, but that's exactly what Miller did. Throughout the decade other characters would undergo the same treatment by Miller (Batman) and others, but Daredevil wa [...]

    When I was younger I remember liking this story and then getting a little bored with it. Daredevil at the time was my favorite comic book, and for seven issues, or seven months the story took a break so that Daredevil's life could be utterly destoryed. I got a little bored and wanted the good stuff to come back, but that was only because seven months is a long time when you're twelve years old (or however old I was). Re-reading this now is great. Possibly darker than Miller's Batman work that he [...]

    My Brief Bookshelf Overview: feels-realistic-or-credible, gave-up-before-finishing, grim, mature, steady-storytelling-style, unrealized-potentialOther Useful Reviews: Mike's reviewAdditional Notes: This collection contains Daredevil issues #226-233.Probable Rating (if I had finished this): 3/5 starsWhen drug addict Karen Page – also a former lover of Matt's – divulges Daredevil's secret identity to the Kingpin in exchange for a fix, Matt Murdock's whole life is turned upside down, and he s [...]

    Ok let's do this one fast Did I like this book? Yes but I'd say it's more like 3.5 I'll give it a four because even though I always talk bad about frank miller, I do like daredevil alot. what did I like? I liked daredevil I liked the way miller made me feel like this really happened and made me sympathize with Matt alot for losing his whole life. I felt like Kingpin was bad ass and this book was pretty dark as well especially for the 80s and has some very detailed writing *(also a con) . I reall [...]

    Daredevil: Born Again es un arco argumental del hombre sin miedo editado a mediados de los 80 con guión de Frank Miller y dibujo de David Mazzuchelli. Está considerada como la mejor historia de Daredevil y una de las mejores historias publicadas por marvel, un clásico que a día de hoy mantiene su valor y se lee igual de agusto que hace 30 años. Born again es una historia de venganza, renacimiento y redención, con una estructura imitada mil veces en cómics posteriores, y que el propio Mill [...]

    I'll never forget the first time I read this. I was an impressionable young 16 year old, recently hooked on The Dark Knight Returns, Year One, and the handful of earlier DD issues that I could inexpensively scrounge up. I sat cross-legged on the couch in the family living room, reading in rapt silence. The ending of that first issue ("you shouldn't have signed it.") hit me so hard that I got up, shuffled around the house, shell-shocked, for several minutes, then sat down again and didn't move un [...]

    My NSFCCDP friend m.poulet suggested I get a little more up to speed on my classic comix and he strongly recommended Frank Miller’s Daredevil. I found Daredevil Reborn on a recent business trip and was blown away. I remember the DD costume from glancing through comics as a kid, but never read the story and felt like a moron when I said to m.poulet, “Oh, so he’s BLIND!” No shit sherlock. He is the blind superhero, that’s why Matt Murdoch is super strong and fearless. His adversary King [...]

    First off, let me get one thing straight:This story is really dark.Like, it's the darkest superhero story I've ever read. So, mild spoilers up ahead, don't read on if you're one of those chaps who likes to jump into a tale without knowing what it's about. In this story, Karen Page, once Nelson & Murdcok's secretary, now junky/former adult film star, sells out Daredevil's secret identity to get a bit more heroine. Matt Murdock's life is falling apart, though it's not really made clear why. As [...]

    This epic storyline still packs a punch nearly 30 years later! I re-read this arc in the original comic book issues I collected and still have. I think when I originally read it we had no idea about the plot - that Karen Page, Daredevil's first soap opera love interest from the first 50 odd issues, divulged his secret identity as Matt Murdock. This information quickly makes its way to the Kingpin, who goes about destroying Murdock's life in a very thorough manner. Murdock has everything stripped [...]

    I just realized this is my only 5 star review for a superhero book. I haven't read it in a long time, but I do recall loving it and reading it more than once. I love, love, love Mazzucchelli. I think he does a good job with formalist style with rigid perspective and consistency between frames. But he combines that with a loose line that allows the characters to come alive. Or something like that. He's certainly one of my favourite cartoonists, which was solidified in his future work like Rubber [...]

    A really well-executed and compelling story that stands on its own. There are some eye-rolling story elements (witness Matt Murdock's junkie-whore ex girlfriend who sells him out for a fix, then goes to find him so he'll save her from the nasty Latin American men who are exploting her), but neither Frank Miller's craziness nor the grim-and-gritty '80s comics aesthetic had descended into total cliche at this point. And David Mazzucchelli is an absolute master.(Also, for some reason, I really like [...]

    Without a doubt, simply put, the BEST superhero comic book story I have EVER read!Leave your reservations about this merely being a comic book at the door. This story is gut wrenchingly emotional and surprisingly realistic.It's ultimately, as all the best superhero stories are, about the man behind the mask and the depths he is willing to go in order to protect all that he holds dear.It's a bleak, VIOLENT story with bitter undertones yet, as the story concludes, our blind hero far worse off than [...]

    Collects Daredevil #226-233, an earlier Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli collaboration issue featuring Melvin Potter (Gladiator) getting exploited again and some art layouts with Millar's scribbled on scripts. This is a pretty good book. This pairing works well together and they manage to put the noir back into Daredevil where it belongs. This wasn't the first time Murdock got worked over by The Kingpin's manipulations and it certainly wouldn't be the last but it's probably one of the best treatm [...]

    You would think the team behind Batman Year one would have done a good job with this, I thought this sucked. Read The Man Without Fear instead

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