My Little Farm Girl

My Little Farm Girl

My Little Farm Girl Callan O Rourke is doing a favor for an ex fling Pick up her new ward at the train station and drop her off No biggie Callan s no one s idea of an errand boy but he figures if he doesn t do it the p

  • Title: My Little Farm Girl
  • Author: Jordan Silver
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 188
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Callan O Rourke is doing a favor for an ex fling Pick up her new ward at the train station and drop her off No biggie Callan s no one s idea of an errand boy, but he figures if he doesn t do it, the poor kid might end up stranded there all night, since his ex bed warmer was a cold hearted witch From the description she gave, he s expecting a homely country hayseed, imaCallan O Rourke is doing a favor for an ex fling Pick up her new ward at the train station and drop her off No biggie Callan s no one s idea of an errand boy, but he figures if he doesn t do it, the poor kid might end up stranded there all night, since his ex bed warmer was a cold hearted witch From the description she gave, he s expecting a homely country hayseed, imagine his surprise when the new ward turns out to be a stunning beauty who makes his body heat up with a look, and brings thoughts and desires long dormant to the forefront In that first meeting he sees her for exactly what she is, everything he s ever wanted in his life, in his bed.

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    I finally remember. This is the first Jordan Silver book I ever readIt was a rough ride and one that I will never take again. THIS REVIEW CONTAINS SOME SPOILERSAll I can say is that poor girl had to put up with a lot for an innocent virgin. Really? Butt plugs and balls in a virgin vagina before intercourse and she is good with all that? I am sorry but that needs to be after some regular sex and maybe a lot of pain meds!? It was a submissive story and bdsm I get that but man you need to set that [...]

    Callan is a bad bad Dom; and Gabriella is a really dumb, empty non-entity. (view spoiler)[Reasons for the 1-star rating:- Callan expressing his disregard for the notion of consent (even though it plays out as if she is consenting). - Callan expressing he intends to kill her if she goes against his wishes. - Callan promising "forever" and then removing her from his life when he's angry. - Callan constantly punishing her when he knows she is not to blame for such transgressions. - Callan being a m [...]

    I seem to be going through a reread of all of the Jordan Silver books I've read. I know that sometimes the writing is a bit juvenile and she needs to hire someone to review all the grammatical errors and crazy sentences in her books, but I still really like to read them. This one is no exception. I liked the story of a young virginal farm girl who is hated by the ex of the hero. Very angsty with an alpha male that only Jordan Silver can create.

    This is a male chauvinist's utter fantasy but it was a hoot to read. Unabashedly and unapologetically lurid and exploitative, this story is written in the pulp fiction genre. However, the mindset that the author is describing through the first person narrative of the male character, an older, worldy lover to the naive country bumpkin female character, is actually more authentic than many people would feel comfortable admitting to. I speak from professional experience working in a field where I c [...]

    Great BDSM story. Not many of these types of stories have a truly natural submissive as the heroine, they are always convinced or tempted into the lifestyle. I liked that Gabriella needed this element to their relationship as much as Callan. She was doing it for herself not just to please him. Enjoyed the twist with Josh and fab ending.

    I love Jordan Silvers books I liked this book okay . but out of all the books I have read by this author my little farm girl has been my least favorite I guess I just didn't really connect with the characters like I normally do this was still a good story though happy reading everyone :)

    I didn't care for how the H emotionally manipulated the h to teach her a lesson. Not emotionally healthy IMO.

    Quick read for me. Hot story. But one he disciplined her. For me it was harsh. Not my preference at all. He was too much of a boy really. For a mature man age wise. He handled the situation like an abusive asshole.

    Sweet bookI liked this book. I liked the insta-love from the characters. I only wish it was longer to read. I love this author.

    I like JS. I enjoy her over the top males but this one was boring. She acted 15. Story went south. He controlled every aspect of her life. I mean she couldn't do anything without his consent.

    Jesus that was long, no one knows how to drag out a book quite like Silver, I obviously like it though because I keep coming back for more.

    This was D/s and not BDSM. Even though the D had a playroom, there were no true BDSM scenes - just plain boring vanilla sex. The s was young, immature and clueless. She acted like a doormat and never truly challenged the D in a constructive way, just reacted with bratty behavior. The D was very egotistical, uncreative, self gratifying and terribly oblivious. There were no relationship dynamics. So that was boring too. All in all, pretty bad PWP.This is the D's mindset:“We don’t need safe wor [...]

    Love me some Jordan! I wasn't too sure about this one for the first chapter or so as it had a bit of a sceavy vibe to it, but Jordan did it again and I ended up really liking Callen. This isn't my favorite of Jordan's work that I've read so far, but I read it on Kindle unlimited and ended up buying my own copy because I know I'm going to want to reread it.There is more of a BDSM vibe in this story also although not written with all the strictures that I've read about in other BDSM books so that [...]

    Jordan Silver has a smuttily special breed of alpha unlike those in most smut books. Her alpha are well endowed derivatives of Edward and Fifty, having penchants for very young heroines who need to be virgins so that they can break them inif you know what I mean. These heroine also come from bad home situations or just non_situation so that the hero can easily swoop in to play daddy-dom. LOL It's fun smut, if you don't mind reading about barely legal girls who get sexed up like crazy (To be fair [...]

    Jordan Silver you again have hit it out of the park with this book!!! I was hooked form the first teaser till the last page. To those that are looking for a book that is about the atypical alpha male this book goes beyond expectations. I am an avid reader of all books by Jordan with Josh from Passions being my all time book boyfriend with Lyon a close second but they now have some major competition. Look out Josh, Callan Has arrived and is here to stay. Please understand this is just my opinion [...]

    Wooo hooodon't y'all just love y'all some JS alpha male. hell yeah! again ms. silver you didn't disappoint with callan O'Rourke. please sir, own me. it may not be literary genius between these pages, but it is alpha hot, and if your looking for a good ole time with a delicious Dom then you know you can't go wrong with ms. silver. she always comes through, and I eat up every one of her books. they're fast, fun, and HOT. take a break from your OTT angst driven novels and slip in here with another [...]

    Alpha male, billionaire, recognizes early what a catch she is and spends the whole booking f**g the O's out if her. Vivid and outrageously erotic lovemaking at its raunchiest but soya want to read, lol! I liked that there were bitch villains,normal parents and a surprising then of events towards the end of book. Jordan Silver was got a intriguing style with her books that I enjoy getting lost in from time to time. Oh and its relatively short and your don't realize it til its over. Highly recomme [...]

    Another great one.Another great book by Jordan Silver. A little different than most of her other books this is more of Dom/sub relationship, but still has that awesome alpha male and innocent younger female. As always truly some hot sex and a lot of it. I love how all her book are a little fast paced between the main characters keeps me hooked. Most of all I love the controlling, possessive, sexy alphas. I recommend this to anyone who is a fan or looking for a Hot read. Dual pov.

    Had a great time reading this one, though I usually have when reading books by this author! I specially enjoyed the fact that the girl never became a spoilt princess. She started as a humble farm girl and even when she had some backbone showing scenes she didn't start acting all high and mighty. So Huge 5 stars for this one!

    As always always a wonderful read from Jordan silver. The way the problems in the story develop is in the back. I love how their love and relationship is in the forefront of the book. the sexual aspect is amaze, sensual, and steamy just like Jordan. I loved it.

    Well, I am a Jordan Silver fan and this book is one of the reasons why. Loved this story. This is what "Fifty" should have been. Callhan is a dominant, rich man who falls for a young girl fresh off the farm. Yes is he totally alpha Yes. Great read for this genre.

    Another Jordan Silver hit!Another hit from Jordan Silver, loved this book from start to finish. Loved Callan and Gabriella's relationship. Was not expecting the son and glad Marion got what was coming to her!

    2.5 starsThis has a slightly different tone compared to other JS reads but it was still very enjoyable. The writing of the alpha male and his submissive heroine were classic JS-style. Not one of my favourite yet a worthy read for JS fans.

    Jordan Silver has written better books than this and this one was the worst of all. I just did not like Marion (she was such a bad villain). I skimmed through this and it was long for no reason when it could have been a little short.

    This book is smut Plain and simple. Gabriella is so innocent, and Callan loves it! He protects her from everything including himself while trying to mold her into everything he needs in a woman but also making her comfortable with what's happening between them.

    After much consideration, I think I'm giving this book 2.5 stars. I had problems near the end of the book. I just hated that whole thing.

    I just kinda skimmed through the end of this book. I didn't get to know the characters at all. basically the whole book was pretty much about sex. i wish i had more insight on the characters.

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