Ninja-Rella: A Graphic Novel

Ninja-Rella: A Graphic Novel

Ninja Rella A Graphic Novel Cinderella s stepmother and two stepsisters treat her like dirt Each and every day they force her to clean their clothes cook their meals and only give her rags to wear and crumbs to eat But each n

  • Title: Ninja-Rella: A Graphic Novel
  • Author: Joey Comeau Omar Lozano Jaymes Reed
  • ISBN: 9781434296474
  • Page: 100
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Cinderella s stepmother and two stepsisters treat her like dirt Each and every day, they force her to clean their clothes, cook their meals, and only give her rags to wear and crumbs to eat But each night, in secret and in shadows, Cinderella trains to be a ninja More than anything, Cinderella yearns to become the Prince s personal bodyguard When the opportunity to proCinderella s stepmother and two stepsisters treat her like dirt Each and every day, they force her to clean their clothes, cook their meals, and only give her rags to wear and crumbs to eat But each night, in secret and in shadows, Cinderella trains to be a ninja More than anything, Cinderella yearns to become the Prince s personal bodyguard When the opportunity to prove her worth to the Prince finally arrives in the form of an invitation to a royal costume ball, Cinderella s stepmother won t let her go But this time around, Ninja rella isn t going to take no for an answer .

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      100 Joey Comeau Omar Lozano Jaymes Reed
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    This was a great quick read! I've been a big fan of Joey Comeau for a long time, so when I saw he'd written this I knew I had to check it out. It's an awesome retelling of Cinderella with ninjas, and interesting for kids too! The back of the book has some visual questions for kids (like, these panels go this way? Why do you think the artist chose to do that?) a page with history about the tale of Cinderella, a page with some of the changes they made from the traditional to the ninja version (lik [...]

    I think this would be a great graphic novel for younger kids. It has a glossary in the back, explaining possibly difficult words, as well as questions that encourage the reader to think more thoroughly about the artistic choices that were made and what effect they might have on how the story is read/processed.As for the story itself, it is a pleasant and short retelling of Cinderella, in which the girl really wants to be a ninja. It has played with those recognisable Cinderella elements and chan [...]

    Tuhkimo ei ole mikään Cinderella, vaan taistelulajit hallitseva Ninjarella. Orvoksi jäätyään hän jää äitipuolensa armoille, mutta onneksi hyvä haltijatarninja katsoo, että Ninjarellakin pääseen prinssin tanssiaisiin. Ja tekee siellä lähtemättömän vaikutuksen.Far out fairy tales -sarjakuvasarja sisältää hykerryttäviä uudelleentulkintoja vanhoista saduista. Albumit ovat lyhyitä ja tarinat äksöntäytteisiä. Lisäksi sarjakuvataide on laadukasta, kaikenkaikkiaan oikein hy [...]

    I didn't know if the books in the Far Out Fairy Tales series would be well-done, or churned out to make a buck. I was pleasantly surprised!Cinderella, in this incarnation, is raised by her father in a Japanese-inspired cultural setting. (Her father looks white, her mother has blue eyes but dark hair, so I'm not sure if we've just dropped a white family into this or what's going on. Would definitely have been cooler with some undeniably diverse characters here.)Her mother's passing, which happens [...]

    Another great retelling from the 'Far Out Fairytales' graphic novel series.Ninja-rella doesn't want to marry the prince- she wants to show off her awesome fighting skills and be his personal bodyguard! However, when her mother and father dies, and she is left with her evil step-mother and step-sisters, her ninja outfit is burned and she is forced to do all the housework for her family. When the prince holds a grand ball, with the help of her fairy godnija, Ninja-rella has her chance to show off [...]

    I loved this graphic novel retelling of Cinderella. Instead of wanting to marry the prince, 13-year-old Ninja-rella wants to be his bodyguard and leaves her glass katana sword behind instead of a glass slipper. Spectacular design, color, and story! Includes a short history of the original fairy tale, tale twists, visual questions, and a glossary. I look forward to reading the rest of the Far Out Fairy Tales series!

    pretty impressed by the far out fairytales series--fun and frankly badass twists on classic fairytales. ninja-rella wants to be the prince's bodygaurd instead of his bride. includes great backmatter including the history of the tale, a simple depiction of what was changed in this version (glass slipper ----> katana sword, etc.), and a visual quiz for parents/teachers who need proof that kids are comprehending all the visual clues, and more.

    A fun graphic-novel retelling featuring a glass Katana and Ninja-rella ending up as the prince's bodyguard.

    So cute, absolutely loved the illustrations. Great twist to the classic :) also loved the bit of history about the story at the end. Great book to read by yourself or with the kids.

    An Energetic and Refreshing Reimagining With Girrrllll Power Stone Arch Books is publishing a number of short, (40 pages), graphic novels under the general series name "Far Out Fairy Tales". The books have been written by a variety of interesting authors, most of whom have some connection to the material or the genre. This one was written by Joey Comeau, which is particularly intriguing. The last book of his that I read was "Overqualified", a collection of pretend desperate cover letters which w [...]

    I have a feeling that I'm being a bit unfair to this book, but as I was forced to read it, I feel as though I might as well review it. My 4-year old daughter loves this book. She finds the pictures and the simple and clear dialogue fascinating. I found it just unpleasant. When I saw that the story was a revisionist version of Cinderella, I was excited to read it - we've read several of these and generally enjoy them. Unfortunately, the story (possibly due to its graphic novel format) just wasn't [...]

    One of a series of graphic novels that tell amped-up, super-powered versions of popular fairy tales. I very much liked the art style. I could complain that the book is too short and that the story and characters are not super developed, but given the tone and the style a longer book might not actually work. It is what it is, and it's fun.I did very much appreciate the content at the end of the book, after the story's conclusion. There is a page devoted to describing the origins of the fairy tale [...]

    Once upon a time there was a girl. She lived with a cruel step-mother and two step-sisters. She is forced to do all the cooking and cleaning. Only Cinderella has a plan, train to be a ninja and become the prince's bodyguard. Of course, this all has to remain a secret because otherwise her awful step-mother would put a stop to it for sure. Cinderella seems the royal as her opportunity to finally prove herself to the prince and get away from her dreadful "family" once and for all. Only her step-mo [...]

    This book was a blast to read. Ninjas are so cool and when you mix them with a dainty fairy tale princess, you get awesome. Ninja-Rella is a strong character and is not interested in princess things. My only criticism of the story was that it never explains what happens to Ninja-Rella’s parents. They just past away mysteriously. I feel like in older versions of fairy tales, that works. However, modern stories usually offer an explanation. Once I got over being concerned about Ninja-Rella’s p [...]

    Fractured fairy tales are everywhere today. This is a graphic novel fractured version of Cinderella. A poor ninja girl ends up having her ninja outfits destroyed by an evil stepmother. A ball is pending. She hopes to finish her chores using her ninja skills. When all seems lost her fair godninja appears and she's able to attend the costume ball and show off her skills to the prince when he is attacked. Now he's searching for the girl who goes with the glass katana. Found, she becomes his ninja b [...]

    The story was kind of thin, but I liked the feminist twist of Cinderella wanting to be the Prince's ninja bodyguard rather than his doting wife. I liked the discussion questions at the end, because they get readers thinking about how comics work, in terms of how illustrators use certain drawing techniques to communicate emotion or ideas. The The Princess in Black books are relatively popular right now, and I think this would be a pretty good read-alike. It would also be good for beginning reader [...]

    Anime feel to the illustrations but for younger readers in this fractured fairy tale in graphic novel format. More back story than original Cinderella story to establish her ninja self. I like the history of the Cinderella story but the back matter should have stopped there. Pointing out the different bits and the questions at the end just aren't necessary in a book intended for pleasure reading, cost the book at star.

    As can be guessed from the length (33 pages), this was a very, very fast read. It's also very much the straight Cinderella story with the exception of the fact that what the main character wants is a job and not a husband. I liked the art. I liked the main character.I'm hoping that our library will get more in this series. I'm considering this one as a possible gift for my four year old (soon to be five) niece.

    When I saw Joey Comeau's name on the spine, I couldn't pass this one by. It's not revolutionary, but it's a pretty cute retelling of Cinderella in which Cinderella doesn't want to be a princess, but the prince's ninja bodyguard. There is also a nice little history of Cinderella in the back of the book, as well as questions about the story that parents might want to discuss with their kids. Pretty cute.

    3.5. In this twist on the fairy tale, Cinderella's parents raise her to play chess and be a ninja, and the stepmother wants none of that. Instead of wanting to marry the prince, Ninjarella wants to be his bodyguard. She gets a supercool ninja outfit and glass sword from her fairy godninja. A little simplistic, but lots of fun.

    A short variant of Cinderella, in which she trains to be a ninja at night. I appreciated the "girl power" ending, for it is not to marry the prince to which she aspires. Great back matter not only provides a history of the tale, but also teaching opportunities on how to read the illustrations in this graphic novel. A unique addition to my Cinderella collection.

    Super cute and short children's book. I got it from the library today, and all 4 of my children, especially my son and my 2 year old, have been fighting over it. I think we'll be looking for this whole series.

    The artwork is bold and captivating, the story is very simplified and relies too much on knowing the original story it's based on. Though the sparse story is good for a beginner reader trying a graphic novel style story.

    I think the best part about this book is that it does not follow the typical Cinderella story. She is a girl ninja who does her own thing. She is able to take care of herself and is very confident. The ending is the best part because it doesn't not follow the usual steps in a fairy tale.

    I was pleasantly surprised by this quacky re-telling of Cinderella. It was cheesy, but adorable, and full of laughs and surprises The visual questions at the end were a great addition.I'm going to chase down the other titles in this series to see how they've been treated

    My favorite of the Far Out Fairytales. Ninja-rella is no longer obsessed with marrying the prince but in becoming his bodyguard so that she can stay strong and get away from her horrid step-family. Woohoo for girl-power!

    Would work either for ninja or fractured fairy tales theme. Honestly, this graphic novel is soooooo cheesy I can't decide if it's great or terrible. It reminds me of the kind of story a kid might write in early elementary school.

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