Oasis of the Damned

Oasis of the Damned

Oasis of the Damned When her helicopter crashes in the middle of the Sahara Heather Richter a former Army Captain and veteran of the Iraq War finds herself at an abandoned WWII military outpost in one of the harshest

  • Title: Oasis of the Damned
  • Author: Greg F. Gifune
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When her helicopter crashes in the middle of the Sahara, Heather Richter, a former Army Captain and veteran of the Iraq War, finds herself at an abandoned WWII military outpost in one of the harshest and deadliest deserts on Earth But she soon realizes there is another victim of the desert in this empty expanse of endless sand Owens, a victim of an earlier plane crash, iWhen her helicopter crashes in the middle of the Sahara, Heather Richter, a former Army Captain and veteran of the Iraq War, finds herself at an abandoned WWII military outpost in one of the harshest and deadliest deserts on Earth But she soon realizes there is another victim of the desert in this empty expanse of endless sand Owens, a victim of an earlier plane crash, is there as well An enigmatic and brooding man, he knows the secrets of the outpost, that it was actually built on top of an oasis and a natural well, the only thing that s kept him alive But he also knows the darker secrets of this strange and forgotten patch of desert hell He and Richter are not alone And the cruel terrain and relentless sun are the least of their worries, because inhuman things haunt the outpost, hideous and violent things that only come at night Ancient, evil creatures hungry for human flesh, and no matter how many Richter and Owens kill, they just keep coming With little hope of rescue, and tortured by her horrific experiences in Iraq years before, as well as the untimely and tragic death of her younger brother, Richter struggles to maintain her sanity amidst the brutal attacks that occur each time night falls, all the while trying to figure out if Owens is truly what he claims, or something Is anything as it seems, or is there something profound happening, a shocking wound bleeding deeper than the ancient sands, the dark desert nights and the blistering sun Two lost souls a forgotten outpost in a haunted desert vicious creatures bent on destruction The brutal fight for survival has begun.

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    Richter's chopper goes down in the Sahara Desert. She is found by Owens, another plane crash survivor. When she asks if anyone is with him she finds out that there were other survivors but now they are all deadbut they are not alone.They come at night.And Richter and Owens must fight them off.This book packs a whole bunch into a short story. It's not a bad book and it received a three from me because of the dream/flashbacks. They started off in italics and then went to regular print so I was scr [...]

    OASIS OF THE DAMNED was one of those atmospheric novellas that immediately captured my attention. The story begins when Iraqi war veteran, Heather Richter's, helicopter crashes in a remote desert location. A fluke storm that caused her to go off course, insures that there is nobody out there aware of her predicament. Soon she is met by Owens, the last survivor of an earlier crash, who shows her refuge in the form of an old WWII military fortress. They have food rations, water, and shelterUnfortu [...]

    4.5 stars!I love Greg Gifune’s work and this novella was no exception!A helicopter crashes in the desert and the pilot, Heather, survives. In what seems to be an incredible piece of luck she encounters another crash survivor named Owens, who takes her to an oasis and she believes she’s saved. She’s wrong.As the story played out, the reader learned more about Heather, her experiences as an Army captain in Iraq, and her experiences back at home. There isn’t much time for her to stroll down [...]

    I’ve read 10 books by Greg Gifune and given quite a few of them five stars, he is one of my favourite authors and writes some incredible, emotionally deep fiction, thought provoking with wonderful prose.Oasis of the Damned is the story of Heather Richter, a veteran of the Iraqi war who crashes a helicopter in the Sahara desert, just where you don’t want to be, luck is at hand when she discovers a military outpost abandoned from WWII and possible refuge. She soon realises that there is anothe [...]

    Heather Richters helicopter crashes in the Sahara desert and she finds refuge in abandoned WWII military outpost together with Owens a victim of another plane crash. But when night falls in the desert does she realize that her luck about surviving the crash perhaps was premature This is a very short story, not that horrifying, but still a good read. I wasn't sure for a while where the author was going towards the end of the story. But the ending made perfect sense to the story. Thank you Netgall [...]

    This was an eARC from Netgalley.4.5 starsIn a desolate corner of one of the most godforsaken places on Earth.In an abandoned fort built upon a lost oasisTwo lost souls come together to face a relentless enemy that arrives when night falls, in the ultimate battle for survival.Gifune deftly reintroduces us to long forgotten members of the monster menagerie, with excellent effect, offering up a tale that is the pure essence of nightmare, distilled from fear sweat and sheer despair.Highly recommende [...]

    "'Realistically, how many more of these things could there be?''No idea', he muttered. 'But I'm pretty sure realistically has nothing to do with it.'"In this fast-paced horror novella I read on a plane ride, two soldiers find themselves stranded at a mysterious and abandoned WWII outpost in the middle of an unforgiving desert. They struggle to save their skins and their sanity when, every night, bloodthirsty creatures emerge from the dunes, hungry and ready to eat the flesh from their bodies.Aut [...]

    4.5 rounded up!Your worst nightmare? Hell on earth? Oasis of the Damned is a place that shouldn't exist. A deserted expanse of the Sahara that is completely uninhabited by human beings, except for one. Owens was stranded when his small passenger plane crashed and he was one of the four surviving victims. By the time Richter's helicopter crashes, Owens was the only survivor left from his party and had been alone for quite some time. Not exactly a fast friendship, Richter quickly learns of the nig [...]

    Imagine that your supply helicopter crashes in the desert, leaving you stranded but alive. But fate had you crash near a desert oasis with not only water but another human, food, weapons and buildings to hide from the sun in. Things are looking up, right?  They're looking up until the other person tells you that he's been stranded there and his companions died agonizing deaths and he's all that's left. If that isn't bad enough, things come at night for him. They come every night with the intent [...]

    This is going to shock most of the people that know me, but this is not only my first Gifune, it is also my first DarkFuse. My friend Matthew had just finished the book and didn't just recommend it - he hounded me about requesting it from NetGalley until I finally went to do it. (Matthew, thank you. Feel free to hound me anytime. :D)This story was awesome. Action packed, scary creatures, frightening moments - just plain Wow!! So much packed into a 76 page story - and written really well. It's be [...]

    Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book through Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.Richter is the only survivor of a helicopter crash in the Sahara desert. She is rescued by another crash survivor, Owens, and taken to a military outpost where she assumes they will be safe. She is proved wrong as each night the outpost is attacked by a never ending army of creatures, intent on feasting on the two survivors.I loved the characters in this novella, Richter and Owens are both affected by p [...]

    Oasis of the Damned by Greg F. Gifune is another short fiction work published as an eBook by horror specialists Darkfuse. I will be reviewing two more in succession in these next few days. Darkfuse seems to like these novellas and so do I. So I am delighted they keep throwing them out like little French pastries for the horror fans to gobble up. Oasis at the Damned is about 71 pages of nightmare and doesn't waste time getting into the horrific groove. It starts with a plane crash in a desolate p [...]

    This couldn’t be happening. But it was. Those things couldn’t be real. But they were.Every night the battle begins anew and every day preparations must be made for ensuing fight. Nothing else matters. Nothing else exists. Until Owens finds Richter in the middle of the Sahara desert and takes her to his outpost oasis.A Gifune quickie! 4 Stars! Highly Recommended!*As a member of the DarkFuse / NetGalley Readers Group, I received an advanced copy of this e-book in exchange for an honest review. [...]

    The desert has secrets, and it can play tricks on the unwitting. Every night, a horde of evil is unleashed upon the two survivors who find themselves stranded in the Sahara, holed up in an old military fort. These victims of chance and circumstance - both have been lost to this stretch of sand by separate aircraft crashes - must fight for survival.I have a fondness for survival horror fiction like this, where we have a small cast with innumerable odds stacked against them, set against a hostile [...]

    This was a good quick read. Very atmospheric view on a purgatory variant. Or a meditative creature feature, depending on a perspective. Good balance of psychological insight and action. Started really great, frequent flashbacks throughout the middle somewhat slowed the pace down, but the ending was just right. Didn't quite wow, but passed the time very nicely. Most horror fans would enjoy this one.

    There's little to no point in another review effusively praising the writing of renowned dark fiction writer, Greg F Gifune. If you're browsing this page, you already know about him, know how polished his writing is, and know he doesn't produce simple and straight forward work.Oasis of the Damned is no exception to the above rules. Though a very short novella that is easily consumed in a sitting or two, Gifune packs a great deal into its brief number of pages as he tells the story of two individ [...]

    Review copyFirst, let me mention that I am a fan of Greg Gifune. In the last few years, I've read six of his works, from short stories to novellas, to full length novels and I have not been disappointed. I will continue to seek out his stories, because he's one of the best in the genre.All that being said, Oasis of the Damned left me dry. An oasis in the middle of the Sahara desert where Owens is the last member of a military group that had crashed nearby, that is, until Heather Richter shows up [...]

    Oasis of the Damned was the twelfth book by Greg I have read and enjoyed over the years. I've been a big fan of Greg's work ever since I bought The Bleeding Season and been buying all his books since. This story starts with a helicopter crash in the Sahara desert. A woman named Heather Richter survives and is found by a man named Owens. Who takes her to this outpost which looks like it has been there since WWII. She thinks she has been saved but finds out that the outpost is being attack every n [...]

    I received an ARC ebook of this novella from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.I am a huge fan of Greg Gifune, with my favorites so far being “Saying Uncle” and “A View from The Lake.” This is another fine novella from Gifune and another great publication from Darkfuse.I don’t usually focus too much on plot in my reviews as the book synopsis usually provides that. Also, there is always more going on in a Gifune story than the actual plot events. Plot-wise, the story deals with [...]

    Man, I loved this book! I've always been fascinated by the legend that plays a big role in this work since reading another horror novel centering on it a number of years ago (trying not to spoil anything - suffice it to say they are nasty creatures).But while those look like they're the primary focus of this work early on, once a pilot crashes in the desert with what looks like the good luck of finding water, food, shelter, and another survivor, it turns out there's a lot more to the story. As u [...]

    3.5*Another atmospheric novella by Gifune, well written but, unusually, lacking a bit of depth, something his other works, short or long, always accomplish. Still worth the read!

    Book Review originally published here: iheartreading/reviews/In Oasis of the Damned, Heather Richter’s helicopter crashes in the middle of the Sahara. Owens, the victim of an earlier plane crash, is the only human around in miles. But Owens knows things about the outpost they crashed at, and none of it is good. Despite Richter being a tough cookie – she’s a war vet and former Army Captain – what she finds in the middle of the desert may be too tough to beat, even for her. At night, inhum [...]

    This is the story of Richter. She survives a helicopter crash in the middle of the Sahara. She finds herself at an old WW2 outpost. She is not alone however, she meets up with another crash survivor, Owens. He tells her that the outpost is built on an oasis, and they need to keep their wits about them once night falls. Soon she will find herself fighting for her very lifeThis started off quite slowly but once night began to fall, Greg's typically descriptive prose started to shine through and I [...]

    Owens and Richter are stranded in the Sahara Desert. They were fortunate enough to have found shelter in an old WWII camp. But they can't - and don't want to - stay there. And herein lies the story. Greg Gifune has mastered the art of telling a psychological tale. And that's what this is. It's a story within a story, and not a light puff piece either. It will stay with you long after the last page of this novella has been read.I received an e-arc of this book from Netgalley in exchange for my re [...]

    I think the blurb’s a bit much for such a short story (my digital copy came in around 75 pages) but it was a decent enough read. It gave just enough exposition for both characters to really flesh them out and make them real while at the same time remaining succinct about the horror around them.I liked the flashbacks that I kept getting of Heather’s life and how, toward the end, everything wrapped around in a circle and ended encapsulating everything that was happening. What I don’t underst [...]

    I received an advance copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Also this book is published by DarkFuse and you generally cannot go wrong with anything they put out to the masses.Ex-army pilot Heather Richter now pilots transport helicopters over the Sahara. She hits a bad storm on one flight and veers way off course and crashes in one of the most desolate places on earth. Thinking the worst she meets Owens, the last remaining passenger of 12 involved in an earlier plane [...]

    Heather Richter was lucky to have survived the helicopter crash, but it seems her luck may have run out there. Richter doesn't know that yet, though. Another survivor from an earlier crash comes to her rescue and leads her to a nearby abandoned military post. But what at first seems to be a welcome oasis to wait out rescue is soon revealed to be the ultimate nightmare. Here Richter and Owens will have to fight to survive as the post withstands nightly attacks from a gruesome and never ending ene [...]

    (I received a free copy of this book from Net Galley in exchange for an honest review.)The story begins with Heather Richter's helicopter being flung off course and crashing in the middle of the desert. There, she is rescued by Owens, a similar survivor of an accident a month previously and he takes her to an abandoned military instillation where there is food (if, somewhat old), water and weaponsThe first night, Richter is woken by noises outside and heads down to discover Owens battling off mo [...]

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