The Road Home

The Road Home

The Road Home Lieutenant Rebecca Phillips had come to Vietnam to heal and give comfort but found that nearly impossible The war had torn her family apart and she wanted to know why But there were no answers for he

  • Title: The Road Home
  • Author: Ellen Emerson White
  • ISBN: 9780590467384
  • Page: 213
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lieutenant Rebecca Phillips had come to Vietnam to heal and give comfort, but found that nearly impossible The war had torn her family apart and she wanted to know why But there were no answers for her in Vietnam only questions.When Rebecca returns to the U.S her war still isn t over For only when she s home is she able to confront the horrific realities she expLieutenant Rebecca Phillips had come to Vietnam to heal and give comfort, but found that nearly impossible The war had torn her family apart and she wanted to know why But there were no answers for her in Vietnam only questions.When Rebecca returns to the U.S her war still isn t over For only when she s home is she able to confront the horrific realities she experienced during her tour of duty To piece her life back together, Rebecca travels across the country in search of hope, of forgivenessof the road home.

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    This is one of my all-time top comfort reads. I know. Minutely researched Vietnam War novel=comfort read? What can I say? My favorite characters tend to endure mountains of suffering before attaining (hopefully) a modicum of happiness. Lt. Rebecca Phillips is no exception. A Radcliffe-educated nurse, Rebecca comes from stalwart, intellectual New England stock. She's the last person anyone expects to enlist in the Army and voluntarily get herself shipped off to Vietnam. But after the boy she love [...]

    I haven't read a book that I enjoyed this much in a long time. I say enjoyed, but really it was more like being swept away on the emotional hurricane that is Lt. Rebecca Phillips. The Road Home made me bust out laughing, had me on the edge of my seat with fear and dread, and even made me cry a few times. I hardly ever cry over a book but this one had such an emotional impact I couldn't help but feel every moment of heartbreak, turmoil and even happiness in Rebecca's story.After losing the love o [...]

    Rebecca has been in Vietnam long enough to acquire nightmares, a bullet hole in her shoulder, and an affinity for chugging alcohol. She is also fully aware of the hazards of making friends. Though somehow she has become chosen recipient of almost daily letters from a grouchy, stubborn private named Michael. Who walks point in the jungle and who she has to constantly worry will be flown into her ER tent during the next round of casualties. And who has taken to signing his letters with the word, [...]

    8/2013 I had to come back to this and re-read it after reading the four Zack Emerson Echo Company books. I love it more, now that I've read them. I'm flummoxed as to why it's not packaged as part of the Echo Company series, and have been engaged in some fairly robust debates as to whether it truly IS part of the series. When I read it first, I thought it could stand alone. Now that I've read the Echo Company books, I think it's much more satisfying, more complete. The backstory is there, and thi [...]

    This review contains spoilers I couldn't put behind brackets because they come so early in the book and affect so much of what happens later. If you haven't read it, and you intend to, (and you should), stop now. Fair warning.The Echo Company series has been building toward this final volume, and it is a phenomenal ending. I don't know if I'd say that no war story is complete without an account of what happens when the war is over, when the soldier goes marching home, but it's certainly the case [...]

    Well. I first read The Road Home right after reading The Grapes of Wrath, and both books illuminated their time periods in the same way for me. This book is unflinching and brilliantly evocative and fiercely resilient. It's shattering and wonderful and despairing and ultimately hopeful. It's a very difficult read - but it's worth it. What to look for when you do read this: "You like Dennis" and "All my dates are with Richard" and every single moment with the cerebral major. Ellen Emerson White, [...]

    I'm judging this one for the YA/MG Battle, so no thoughts for you! (Yet.)This was really good.Sometimes I want to call a book "realistic" and I stop short because I don't know. The Vietnam War was before I was born and I don't really know much about it. But it made believe it was exactly like this.And I like the end. It was the right amount of hopeful. They're still screwed up, but they'll be okay.

    Ha! I bet none of you would've predicted that I would be reading a book about Vietnam - including myself. But this out-of-print YA historical novel turned out to be a hidden gem and well-worth tracking down. Lieutenant Rebecca Phillips' life as a nurse in Vietnam is unimaginable. Not only has she treated hundreds of dying men, but she has watched her only two friends die, endured the battlefront firsthand while MIA, and struggled with her own gunshot wound and other injuries. While Rebecca's mos [...]

    Originally posted here.I don't usually go for books set during war time. More so for this one because it's about the Vietnam war, a time in history which I know nothing about. However, if a book comes highly recommended by someone I trust, I can't help but give it a try. Plus, Angie sent a copy already so the least I could do was read the book, right? :) The Road Home has two sections: the first part deals with Rebecca working as a nurse in Vietnam and the second part is about her coming back ho [...]

    I love this book. It is my all-time favorite. I read it pretty much every year since reading it for the first time over 15 years ago. It is terrific and has something for everyone. Even though I've read it about over a dozen times (and can quote whole sections!), I always find something new. It's smart, funny, and exciting, and yet manages to eloquently portray an era in American history that was politically and culturally loaded.

    I was surprised that my library had this book. It is a very good YA book set during the Vietnam war. That being said, it was surprisingly gritty for being a YA book. Although not necessarily surprisingly gritty for the subject matter. The characters were well developed and the plot line quite realistic. I would be interested in reading more from this author but I don't think my library has anything more.

    Review (of sorts) will follow, when I'm sure I won't do something stupid that causes me to lose what I've written. (*This* stupidity was forgetting to go to a new tab to find an image of the Memphis VA hospital - which I will now add.)

    Lately , in most books ,if the girl has not been raped or tortured she is not interesting, so it was very refreshing to have an heroine suffering from something she did instead of being done to her.The only reason it's not a 5 star it's because it is a very painful book to read and on top of that they spoil any book read after :( .

    This book is going on the "to be reread" pile. I LOVED it. LOVED. I wish there was another book in the series after this one, because this was one of those books where I just did not want to let the characters go.

    Meg Powers, Army Nurse! Such a good story, even clunky writing couldn't ruin it. Thoughtful and smart and compelling. Absolutely recommended for fans of Ellen Emerson White.

    I've spent some time in my "adult" life searching for information and stories about the Vietnam-American War in hopes of understanding more about my Dad's experiences as a Marine. I've wanted to know more so that I can more fully comprehend my Dad's reluctance to speak about his experiences and I believe that the more I know, the more I can know without opening up his war wounds. Up until about a month ago, I had found one source that really helped me start to understand what it was like to be a [...]

    This isn't quite a review, more about my experience with this bookWhen I was a teenager, I read this series of YA books (Echo Company) about Vietnam that focused on a boy who joined up right after high school and wound up in an infantry unit in the jungle. The situations were relatively realistic, characters died, the food was bad, etc. There were four books in the series and I kept looking for the next one for years afterwards, eventually, I put it out of my head, figuring that the author just [...]

    It has been a few years since I read this book and I know my memory isn't good. However, I remember enough about this book to know just how much of an impact it had on me.The author didn't make things hapoy, cheerful and hopeful. Instead, what I would imagine a realistic picture was portrayed about a brutal war and the impact it has on people directly involved. Emerson took, what I believe were often the forgot heroes-the woman as often war literature and media focuses on men involved. Because o [...]

    I read this book years ago and then around 2005 began looking for the Echo Company books. They were very difficult to find initially and very expensive. They also looked like books for middle school boys, so I wasn't too excited to pay so much for a beat-up paperback. Then I re-read The Road Home and re-read it again and started looking for Echo Company again. This time they were easier to find and less expensive (though not terribly cheap either). I took the chance and am so very glad I did. Al [...]

    I picked this up because a few YA blog I read had mentioned it as being one of the most romantic YA books. I was pretty sure I read it as a kid (I was a big fan of Ellen Emerson White and I liked army nurse stories for some reason probably for the gore), but I only had vague memories of the story. It explores one woman's experience of the Vietnam War, her time there as an army nurse in an ER unit and the challenges she faces when she comes home. It is a really interesting perspective on the war, [...]

    Why am I reading a YA book about Vietnam the closing night of 2016? Besides it being some of the finest writing I've read this year? Hmmm. Well, I like nihilism. Hm, what else? America's history and politics had never felt that up close and personal. Much too busy caring about what's for dinner, spf and text chains. That's Changed. This series is said to be YA. You gotta be kidding me. Those are some hardcore readers. It's intimidating to read writers who have war experience, combat nurse lingo [...]

    I will ALWAYS have a soft spot for Ellen Emerson White. While growing up some of my favorite books that I re-read A LOT were "The President's Daughter" series and "Friends For Life" I really enjoy her rhythm when it comes to character conversations and everything. That being said - this wasn't that book. It was long - Vietnam, a very serious subject, and the characters were flat. It had the ending you would expect when it really shouldn't have and not the investment in the protagonist to make it [...]

    5/11 - Just bought my third copy, I need to stop loaning these out (replacements are getting harder and harder to find on-line)I think LONG MAY SHE REIGN has edged out THE ROAD HOME as my favorite Ellen Emerson White book. Compared to Malibu Bobby, Michael is on the mean edge of "grouchy." There is still such a beautiful redemption to both Rebecca and Mike's journeys. You don't get the impression that things are going to be easy, but they're certainly going to be interesting. 3/12/12 - Every tim [...]

    I've read this book so many times that I can open it to any page and be instantly immersed in the story. A great look at a young woman's experiences in and after the Vietnam War.5/14: Now that I've read the first 4, all I can say is, Mike is such a motherfucker for what he does to Snoopy. The kid used to read his letters because he didn't have any!!!! I can forgive almost anything except for a slight to Snoopy. That always upset me, but now it's 100x times more. Also, this is really a brilliant, [...]

    I'm so happy to have read a book that I could just whole-heartedly enjoy. Okay, so I had nightmares about WWIII starting. But this was just a great book. Great characters, great dialogue. Raw and wry and witty and funny and sad. Believable and relatable. The cover text is misleading because it makes it sound as though this is a road trip novel. It is not. The first half of the book takes place while 22-year-old Rebecca is still a nurse in Vietnam during 1968. The latter half of the novel follows [...]

    OK so the cover is very old-school and gross and it's #5 in a series and I never read thosebut I read this book anyway.And I'm glad I did! Some five-star reviews from friends piqued my interest, and I'm happy to say this was a very good, intriguing, gripping story. It's about a 22-year-old (so no, not really YA) in Vietnam, her struggles during the war and back at home afterward.I'm embarassed to say I didn't know much about the war, so it was really interesting to learn more, and heartbreaking. [...]

    Maybe I should have read the companion books to this, but I didn't know they existed when I started. Possibly because of this, I wasn't won over by this book. It definitely felt like I missed the action, and the whole of this book was just the after effects of the action. I wasn't impressed with the main character's ever-depressed mood and self destructive attitude. I understand that these were because of the (not included in this book) trauma from before.but I kept waiting for her to rise above [...]

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