Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes

Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes The twelve stories of the Memoirs are Silver Blaze The Adventure of the Cardboard Box The Adventure of the Yellow Face The Stockbroker s Clerk The Gloria Scott The Musgrave Ritual The Adventure of the

  • Title: Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes
  • Author: Arthur Conan Doyle
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 161
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • The twelve stories of the Memoirs are Silver Blaze The Adventure of the Cardboard Box The Adventure of the Yellow Face The Stockbroker s Clerk The Gloria Scott The Musgrave Ritual The Adventure of the Reigate Squire The Adventure of the Crooked Man The Resident Patient The Greek Interpreter The Naval Treaty The Final Problem

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    Another series of the adventures of Sherlock Holmes as reported by his faithful biographer Dr. Watson and it becomes clearer than ever that the real draw of these stories is the fascinating character of Holmes himself. The mysteries are secondary to the enjoyment, though many of them do prove to have distinct elements of interest (otherwise why would the great detective have bothered himself about them?), but it really is in observing the fascinating character of Holmes himself that the reader i [...]

    After reading Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s first set of 12 stories called “adventures,” comes is the second set of 11 stories called “memoirs.” I don’t know why when these stories follow the same pattern and style as those “adventures.” I read that these stories were originally published individually in 1894 in a British magazine, Strand. Maybe, it was just the way of grouping these short stories. Silver Blaze John Straker tries to drug the horse Silver Blaze so he can bet against hi [...]

    Que el título incluya la palabra “memorias” sugiere mucho y, aunque sé que la mayoría ya sabe cómo termina, no por eso voy a arruinarle el final a la minoría. Creo que no supera a Estudio en escarlata o El sabueso de los Baskerville y, aunque varios de estos cuentos me supieron a poco, valió la pena llegar hasta el final. Además, las aristas que se presentan de Holmes lo pintan mucho mejor que en los libros anteriores (sigue siendo un misógino, lamentablemente eso no lo cambia). Har [...]

    As with most short story collections, you have hits and misses. However in this collection of Sherlock Holmes stories, Conan Doyle writes far too many misses to be it to be enjoyable. As the collection went on I found myself getting less and less invested in the stories of the great detective. I tutted and sighed at how formulaic and ridiculous some of the stories were. My utter frustration came to a vocal climax when Holmes was pushed from the Reichenbach Falls and I muttered, "thank god".If yo [...]

    Come and see the Softer Side of Sherlock Holmes! The stories in this collection focus on the revelation that: "Sherlock Holmes! He's Just Like Us!" He makes mistakes! He judges too quickly! He was once young and went to school! He had friends! He has a brother (who is, as Sherlock readily admits, smarter than he is, just without his ambition)! We (shockingly!) essentially find out that he is a human being. We see Sherlock has a family, and has interests other than things that have to do with his [...]

    Though some of these stories slipped into the formulaic, I was still entertained. The one I keep thinking of, however, is the one that's most laughable – for both good and bad. “The Adventure of the Reigate Squire” is problematic in its plot elements, especially with the introduction at the very end of a name we’d not heard before (What?!), but the description of Sherlock’s physical actions are a visual delight (and that’s something I don’t usually value). The 'bad-laughing' had me [...]

    *** Review The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes on Kati's Bookaholic Rambling Reviews ***katisbookaholicramblingreviewsThe stories for me in this book is a 4 stars and the audio is a 2.5 star so I will round it down to 3 stars. I really did enjoy the amazing stories in The Memoirs of Sherlock Holms they all was absolutely amazingly brilliant stories. And so far my favorite short stories in this one was The Adventure of Silver Blaze I so didn't see that twist at the end left me guessing until the very [...]

    Pensaba darle 3 estrellas porque la verdad es que estos cuentos no me atraparon tanto como los de otros libros (salvo "El problema final" que fue GENIAL). Pero le doy 4 estrellas, porque me parece interesante conocer nuevos aspectos de la vida de Sherlock Holmes, por ejemplo, descubrimos un poco más sobre sus comienzos en la profesión, conocemos a su brillante hermano Mycroft y a su mayor enemigo. Todos estos detalles suman :)

    --Silver Blaze--The Yellow Face--The Stockbroker's Clerk--The 'Gloria Scott'--The Musgrave Ritual--The Reigate Squires--The Crooked Man--The Resident Patient--The Greek Interpreter--The Naval Treaty--The Final Problem

    Another Collection of Holmesian Mysteries7 January 2016 In a way I’m not entirely sure how I should approach this book, particularly since I generally don’t review short story collections as a whole but rather each story on its merits. Mind you, that is probably going to cause a little bit of a problem when I get around to reading the Collected Tales of Edgar Allen Poe, particularly since I can’t do The Raven the injustice of lumping it together with a bunch of other stories. Then there is [...]

    In 2010, we had to read for classes one of the Sherlock Holmes' books. My teacher gave us three options. Those options were The Hound of the Baskervilles, A Study in Scarlet and The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes. We had to vote for the one we considered the most interesting, and the winner was THotB. Since then, I made the promise to read the entire canon but I did it with one purpose: To get to TMoSH. Do you know why? Because in this one Holmes was supposed to die, and also because Moriarty appear [...]

    Another Holmes, another hit? Yep it was for me. I found myself liking this collection of stories more and more the further along I read. Yes there's a formula to each of them, yes you can usually see what's coming a mile off, that or it's completely implausible. Yet, there is something about Sherlock that is captivating. Is it the writing, the relationship with Watson, the whodunnit? I'm not sure exactly, but I'll quote George Orwell on the matter of Holmes in his essay entitled 'Good Bad Books' [...]

    The Death of Holmes!Whilst not the title of the story or the book containing it that is exactly what is included in this collection. But of course we all know better than that these days. We all know that Doyle was forced to write more Holmes stories against his wishes. Poor guy.I think the dislike Doyle had for writing the Holmes stories is incredibly apparent with this collection. Some of the stories are dull and formulaic - ten pages of somebody telling Holmes about the case and ten pages of [...]

    4.5/5"Es perfectamente natural que yo, al publicar estos breves bocetos, basados en los numerosos casos en que las extraordinarias cualidades de mi compañero me convierten en un agente y, en ocasiones, en actor de algún drama extraño, es perfectamente natural, digo, que yo ponga de relieve con preferencia sus éxitos y no sus fracasos. No lo hago tanto por cuidar de su reputación, porque era precisamente cuando él ya no sabía que qué hacer cuando su energía y su agilidad mental resultaba [...]

    This book is a short story collection, it contains eleven short stories. Unfortunately, I only managed to read four of those stories: these stories are lengthy so it’s not as if I read a tiny segment of the book and then gave up, I did get far in before deciding to stop reading. Usually, I only stop reading books when I’m about to give them one star but I wanted to get this one finished even though I still liked it, in a way.I did like this book: I’m glad I’ve read a Sherlock Holmes book [...]

    Addressed to:Reichenbach FallsSwitzerlandTo Whomever It May Concern, After visiting the famed "Reichenbach Falls" yesterday, (an experience I was informed must not under any circumstances be missed - and I was not disappointed) I was most disturbed about the safety of the walks leading around the falls. The cliff is steep, and the drop a good way down. If one were to fall, that person, I think, would no doubt come to a rather unfortunately nasty end. Since the path, also, as I noticed, is a slip [...]

    En este volumen se reúnen varios casos excelentemente resueltos por mi amado Sherlock Holmes. Especialmente llamativos bajo mi punto de vista son "Estrella de Plata" donde resulta que el asesino es quien menos nos podríamos imaginar y que Sherlock lo descubre entre otras pistas porque las ovejas del prado están coja, o "El rostro amarillo" donde Sherlock se equivoca en sus deducciones y donde podemos ver cómo relacionarse con la gente de color en la Inglaterra del siglo XIX era algo horrible [...]

    Nel mezzo del cammin di nostraLettura.Giungo in questi afosi ed estivi istanti al completamento della lettura di circa 1/2 del "Canone", termine che identifica l'intera e completa collezione dei romanzi e dei racconti che vedono protagonista l' "autentico" Sherlock Holmes, quello nato dalla penna di sir Arthur Conan Doyle (distinto da quello "apocrifo", generato dalla discutibile creatività di altri scrittori post-Conan Doyle).Raggiunto questo piccolo traguardo, linea di demarcazione fra i c.d. [...]

    Another delightful collection of Sherlock Holmes stories. My favorites were Silver Blaze, The Adventure of the Greek Interpreter, The Adventure of the Naval Treaty and The Final Problem. The Final Problem is famous because Arthur Conan Doyle wrote it to kill the character of Sherlock Holmes. Doyle was reportedly tired of the detective and wanted to be free to write other things. (However, fans of Sherlock were so upset that Doyle eventually relented and brought him back to life.) I listened to t [...]

    Well this was enjoyable! Having never read any Sherlock stories I was unsure what to expect going in to this, but I was duly entertained! From reading classics lately that are very different from what I assumed (I'm looking at you, Frankenstein!), I was pleasantly surprised that Sherlock is exactly what you think he will be.I am definitely willing to pick up more Sir Arthur Conan Doyle in the future!

    » Zacznę od tego, że "Przygody Sherlocka Holmesa" różniły się od moich poprzednich spotkań z tym detektywem. Bo, tym razem, nie była to jedna historia, a zbiór opowiadań. I z tym miałam drobny problem. Jeżeli cała historia rozgrywała się na 10 stronach, kończyła się, zanim zdążyłam się w nią wciągnąć. Wiadomo - fajnie, że nie ma długich i niepotrzebnych opisów przyrody, ale wszystko dzieje się zbyt szybko i okazuje się za bardzo oczywiste. Chyba nie jestem wielką [...]

    Once again, ohmahgerd, I was straight-up-literally a different person when I started this book like 18 months ago. I carried it around for sooo LONG in the front pocket of my backpack, thinking it would be one of those books I could pull out and read one-mystery-at-a-time whenever I had downtime. But srsly kids? Downtime is for reading X-Men comics. A man's gotta commit to Sherlock Holmes.So although I don't remember the first half of this book at all anymore, I'll say that I quite enjoyed the s [...]

    I'm currently rereading this book and will be adding reviews for each short story as I read themSilver Blaze: 4 starsThis story centres around the disappearance of the favourite horse to win the Wessex Cup, Silver Blaze, and the death of his trainer, John Straker. After days and the police's inability to find the horse and the culprit, Holmes is called to investigate.The plot and the mystery were very well-designed to show Holmes's full capacities as a detective, and proved his saying: "The worl [...]

    This isn't going to be a terribly in-depth review, because I think I might just review the series as a whole once I finish reading them all. I have a huge omnibus on all of them, so yeah. (It was free for Kindle for a while, but I think it may be gone now AHHH.)Anyway, like all the Sherlock Holmes I've read, I enjoyed this one a lot. It didn't stick with me quite as much as the one before it (The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes), but it was still enjoyable. And we got to meet some awesome new cha [...]

    The first 4-5 stories i thought this collection was not as consistently great as The Adventure of Sherlock Holmes collection i read before it. What i liked in this collection that was different from that collection is that several of the stories dealt with how flawed Holmes was in his detection,cases. If he didnt have enough facts,evidence he wasnt a brilliant detective. If he wasnt quick the criminals might get away forever from the police,justice.The best stories who made the collection strong [...]

    i have mixed feelings about this, i feel like if i gave it much more time i would like it more but since its in my read a thon pile no time for that. i loved some of the cases and hated others, i can't give an absolute opinion now but i will try to re read it asap! i loved the BBC Sherlock and i absolutely recommend you watch it though xD !!

    "Silver Blaze" ****"The Yellow Face" *****"The Stockbroker's Clerk" ****"The 'Gloria Scott' " ***"The Musgrave Ritual" ****"The Reigate Puzzle" *****"The Crooked Man" *****"The Resident Patient" *****"The Greek Interpreter" *****"The Naval Treaty" *****"The Final Problem" *****

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