The Highway Rat

The Highway Rat

The Highway Rat Highway Rat

  • Title: The Highway Rat
  • Author: Julia Donaldson Axel Scheffler
  • ISBN: 9781407139326
  • Page: 218
  • Format: Board book
  • Highway Rat

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      218 Julia Donaldson Axel Scheffler
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    The Highway Rat was a baddie.The Highway Rat was a beast.He took what he wanted and ate what he took.His life was one long feast.His teeth were sharp and yellow,his manners were rough and rude,And the Highway Rat went riding - Riding - riding - Riding along the highway and stealing the travelers' food.In case you haven't noticed, this is like a children's retelling of The Highwayman by Alfred Noyes. I was surprised by how big a hit this was. The children ate it up!I didn't find the illustrations [...]

    ‘The Highway Rat’ (2016) is another first rate little adventure for younger readers from the accomplished pen of Julia Donaldson, with the usual and lovely accompanying illustrations by Axel Sheffler. Donaldson and Sheffler have now become – as with: Dahl/Blake, Milne/Shephard, Wilson/Sharratt etc – very much a formidable team, a force to be reckoned with in children’s literature. Each individual writer and illustrator strong and successful in their own right, but together and by way o [...]

    "The Highway Rat was a baddie. The Highway Rat was a beast. He took what he wanted and at what he took.His life was one long feast." The Highway Rat terrorises the local village. Cunning, daring and altogether selfish, he delights in stealing the locals’ food. But they won’t stand for it much longer.Written by Julia Donaldson and illustrated by Axel Shaffer (The Gruffalo, Room on the Broom), The Highway Rat is a delightful story. It’s largely written in verse which lends it a tremendous pa [...]

    The Highway Rat is an exciting and child friendly book about a mean, greedy and vicious rat that goes round stealing other animal’s food. After snatching other animal’s food, the rat finally comes across a duck, which did not have anything to give him. So, the rat could not let the duck go without giving him anything, so he expressed his interest in eating the duck instead. However, this duck was very clever and was able to quickly think on his feet. He informed the rat that there is a place [...]

    From the writer of The Gruffalo, The Highway Rat is a child’s version of the highwayman poem, however instead of characters there are animals. It was a very fun read for year 2, and children begin to develop a sense of poetry. The story is of a rat who scourers the highway looking for unsuspecting animals with food, which he steals and leave the animals with nothing, until he meets a very clever duck who out wit's him, and the highway rat has to suffer the consequences. This book also good for [...]

    The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson focuses on the tale of a villainous Highway Rat who gallops along the highway stealing other animals' food, thus making the life of these animals very unsafe! He steals clover from a rabbit, nuts from a squirrel, and he even steals his own horse's hay, although cakes and chocolate are what he prefers. His plan works very effectively as he leaves all the animals starving. However, he finally meets his opponent - a cunning duck who takes revenge by tricking the H [...]

    Hide your goodies!The Highway Rat is lying in wait for your delicious snacks and treats.Although he prefers pastries and chocolate and cake, he’ll take anything you have. For as he says, “I am the Rat of the Highway – the Highway – the Highway. Yes I am the Rat of the Highway, and whatever I want I take.”He steals clover from a passing rabbit. He steals nuts from a frightened squirrel. He even steals hay from his own horse. But when a duck passes by with no snacks, the Highway Rat thre [...]

    The Highway Rat by Julia DonaldsonI first discovered the Highway Rat book on school placement A where we had a week focused around the book. This week was developed to promote the shared reading of a text throughout the school, develop shared reading and a love for text. Before this week started the staff all had inset to become familiar with the text, share the story and develop possible learning activities. Throughout the week many Highway Rat themed activities were planned including Highway R [...]

    The highway rat by Julia DonaldsonAnother great book from Julia Donaldson that evokes a vast range of images and emotions to the reader. Children love to see the story unfold as the highway rat steals senselessly from every creature he meets on the highway. The highway rat steals to keep up his reputation as a great thief and there is plenty of repetition in the book that ensures a high tempo pace throughout. I particularly liked the illustrations which portrayed the highway rat in a similar lig [...]

    'The Highway Rat' is a child-friendly adaptation of the famous poem 'The Highwayman' by Alfred Noyes. The central character is the evil Highway Rat who gallops along the highway stealing food from innocent animals. The story is ripe with drama and excitement and these features are enhanced by detailed illustrations. In fact some pages have a minimal amount of text allowing the reader to get dragged along by the colourful depictions of the animals' trauma. I recently worked in a school where this [...]

    The highway rat is a about a rat who steals food from all of the other animals who live on the highway but meets a clever little duck who serves up some comeuppance. ‘The Highway Rat’ is a disappointing story from the creators of ‘The Gruffalo.’ This book does have a great rocking rhyme although it does become a bit flimsy in some areas. This book is a nice little story but doesn’t live up to the great expectations created by the previous success of ‘The Gruffalo’ band. This book c [...]

    This book is an incredibly hilarious book about a big bad rat who goes around stealing from others just for the sake of power. He even steals milk from a cat. He goes around boasting that he is the Highway Rat, as he rides on his horse, until one day he gets tricked by a hen who leads him far away where he never returns to bully anyone again. This story has many cross-curricular links such as drama, literacy, and science. I think this book is suitable for 5-11 years as it can be used and extende [...]

    This is an absolutely beautifully illustrated book.It's a cute story, which does decently in the first part to teach about why we shouldn't steal. It doesn't do anything to explain why the outcome is the way it is - it's like some pages were cut out or something. The rat goes into a cave, comes out the other side, and makes a new life over there because he can't find his way back? He didn't even try. I know my 33-year-old self is not the target audience, but it just seems like a great big gapin [...]

    This is a riff on the old poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes which probably won't mean much to most kids. The story of a greedy rat who is tricked by a potential victim into leaving town will delight kids, and this will work well in an anti-bully unit without sounding like some other didactic stories.

    Julia Donaldson is an English writer and previous Children's Laureate.Ahh, The Highway Rat was quite a disappointment. The story was fair enough, but it seemed to lack the magic that The Gruffalo possessed. I'd say this one was for the kids and the adults can leave well alone.

    I love Alfred Noyes' "The Highwayman," so any picture book (loosely!) based on the poem is bound to be a winner for me.

    Not the best book I’ve read by Donaldson, but certainly not one of her worst. A nice rhyme accompanies the book throughout, and it definitely carries a strong moral; don’t be a bully because it’ll catch up to you and you’ll be stuck! I really liked the illustrations as well in this book and they all had bright colours which really drew the children’s eyes to what the author wanted them to see! As is typical with Donaldson‘s books the hero of the day is the smallest of all the animals [...]

    If adventure is what you look for in a children's book then 'The Highway Rat' will not be a disappointment. The story describes the adventure of a greedy rat keen to grasp food from a vulnerable rabbit, carefree squirrel, a group of busy ants and an innocent duck.The use of rhyme and repetition are effective strategies to lure children into reading this book again and again. Correlating with this is the wonderfully presented illustrations on each page which help pupils in year 2 and 3 come to un [...]

    The creators of The Gruffalo return for an uproarious version of a beloved poem. Beware, for the Highway Rat is coming and he’s out to steal everyone’s snacks. He rides along with food dropping out of his saddlebags, accosting poor travelers at sword point, demanding their goodies. He steals clover from a rabbit who has nothing else, a leaf from some ants, even hay from his own horse. Eventually though, the Highway Rat meets his match in a juicy-looking duck who directs him into a cave where [...]

    The Highway Rat by Julia Donaldson is structured as a poem which makes this book very fun to read aloud. It is about a rat who steals others' belongings as he patrols the highway. The illustrator, Axel Scheffler, does an awesome job of making these illustrations bright and big which is perfect to read to an audience. He depicts the rat as a bad guy because he shows him carrying a sword and wearing a cape. The rat rides a horse throughout the story and the horse always looks pleasant. The other a [...]

    This book appealed to both my 3 yo. daughter and 10 yo. son. In fact, my daughter has been nigh-obsessed with it, and we have read it many times. In a way, I think she'd be content to end the book at the animals' celebration of the highway rat's defeat with a grand feast by firelight and moonlight. An addendum, though, shows the highway rat making his way through the cave (into which he has been lured and lost), and living the rest of his life "A thinner and grayer and meeker Rat" who gives up h [...]

    “Give me your pastries and puddings! Give me your chocolate and cake! For I am the Rat of the Highway, and whatever I want I take.”This story tells the tale of the self proclaimed 'Highway Rat' who along with his trusty horse robs anyone who crosses his path. Until one he encounters a duck who has nothing for him to steal threatens to eat it instead. The clever duck lures him into a cave promising chocolates and cakes, then rides off with Highway Rat's horse and stash, and shares it with the [...]

    This book is a child friendly story about a greedy, selfish and cunning rat that goes around the village stealing other animal’s food. The rat finally comes across a duck who has nothing to offer and so the rat takes an interest in eating the duck. The duck thinks quickly about how he can get out of the situation he is in, he decides to tell the rat that there are cakes and biscuits in a cave at the top of a hill, that would taste much better than him. So off to the hill goes the rat. Finally, [...]

    A bit late but I've only just discovered this masterpiece from Julia Donaldson. Can't wait to read it aloud to some of the KG and EC classes!

    As mom who was an English Lit major, I LOVE this cheeky little book's a retelling of/homage to Alfred Noyes' poem "The Highwayman" (without all the, you know, shooting and death and ghosts and whatnot). My son loves the great rhythm, and at two, fills in the words at the end of each stanza. The fact that it's a long poem makes it a fun read-aloud, and it's great to start to expose little ones to poetry concepts at an early age, from a literacy standpoint. Plus, it's just fun. My son is really in [...]

    Here's an author with a vivid imagination. The Highway rat will probably appeal to boys more than girls, however fans of the style will probably lap it up.The artwork is excellent, with bold colourful visuals packed with plenty of detail. The sway of the rhyme and the actual story are also both very good. As with previous Donaldson stories the rhyming prose is cleverly constructed, although when the formula is broken (as it is in many of her stories) it feels somewhat stilted. It's worth noting [...]

    Highway Rat brought me to mind of the poem "The Highwayman" by Alfred Noyes. It's a very fun poem about a rat who steals food from all the other animals that travel along the highway. Luckily, this is one very smart duck who can get the better of him.Illustrations are charming.

    Yet another book by Julia Donaldson that is highly overrated and that I didn't enjoy reading! So tedious, and this is the best one of hers I've read.

    Julia D never lets me down, loved this book! A really good story about a very greedy rat!! There is some good humour and lots of rhyming words ☺️☺️

    Loved this one! A play on the poem, The Highwayman, this one learns a lesson (positive) after terrorizing and stealing.

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