Legacies: Book #3: Purgatory's Key

Legacies: Book #3: Purgatory's Key

Legacies Book Purgatory s Key The conclusion to the epic trilogy that stretches from the earliest voyages of the Starship Enterprise to Captain Kirk s historic five year mission and from one universe to another just in time for th

  • Title: Legacies: Book #3: Purgatory's Key
  • Author: Dayton Ward Kevin Dilmore
  • ISBN: 9781501122781
  • Page: 335
  • Format: ebook
  • The conclusion to the epic trilogy that stretches from the earliest voyages of the Starship Enterprise to Captain Kirk s historic five year mission and from one universe to another just in time for the milestone 50th anniversary of Star Trek The Original Series Eighteen years ago, the Starship Enterprise thwarted an alien invasion from another universe, and Captain RobertThe conclusion to the epic trilogy that stretches from the earliest voyages of the Starship Enterprise to Captain Kirk s historic five year mission and from one universe to another just in time for the milestone 50th anniversary of Star Trek The Original Series Eighteen years ago, the Starship Enterprise thwarted an alien invasion from another universe, and Captain Robert April took possession of the interdimensional transfer device that made it possible Since then, each captain of the Enterprise, from Christopher Pike to James T Kirk, has guarded this secret with his life.Now, Romulan agents have succeeded in stealing the device and using it to banish Ambassador Sarek and Councillor Gorkon to an unknown realm in the midst of their groundbreaking Federation Klingon peace negotiations With time running out as interstellar war looms in one universe and alien forces marshal in another will Captain Kirk and his crew preserve the tenuous peace and reclaim the key between the dimensions 2016 CBS Studios, Inc STAR TREK and related marks and logos are trademarks of CBS Studios, Inc All Rights Reserved.

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    The 50th Anniversary event ends uneventfully.This novel is the third book in a trilogy event to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of “Star Trek”EXPECTED ENDINGThe mission of the Enterprise is one of discovery, not secrecy. Let tht be its tradition for generations to come.Well, I think that in the draw, choosing which author would write which book in this trilogy, the authors of this third (and final) book got the shortest (or the longest?) straw. Since while in the first book you have a pretty [...]

    In our universe the Enterprise has to continue dealing with the Klingons and the fallout from the events on Centaurus but like their fellow writers Dayton and Kevin have given depth and levels of complexity to the Klingons which just gives the narrative so much more for the reader to embrace.As events weave between the two universes the galaxy sits on the edge, failure for the Federation and Klingon Empire could mean Organian intervention, peace would not be the result as predatory species would [...]

    Dayton Ward, and-sometimes, Kevin Dilmore, too, always seems to have the task of cleaning up the ass-end of others messes. PURGATORY'S KEY (Book 3 in the #StarTrek50 #Legacies series) is no exception, as these two stalwart Trekkers push the edge of the TOS envelope; proving, yet-again, this duo (along with Greg Cox and David Mack) have all the right stuff. This 50th-Anniversary series has been a phenomenal ride; bringing back many favorite characters and species, creating new ones and pitting th [...]

    loved it this book was a brilliant conclusion to the legacies trilogy the scenes with the Klingons were very well written I liked that the book would go from what was going on with captain una and also what was going on with kirk and the Klingons and there was a very well written scene between Dr McCoy and his daughter that near enough brought a tear to my eye to the two authors who wrote this book I loved it

    Dayton Ward and Kevin Dilmore had a difficult task filling out a third volume in this trilogy where so much action, character development and political intrigue had already taken place. The only question left for the reader was really how our heroes would get to the predictable, necessary happy ending. For that reason this instalment felt very slow to get going, spending almost the first 50 pages reminding the reader of the events of the past two books, and a significant amount of time on techob [...]

    A wonderful conclusion to a well written trilogy. If allowed half stars, my rating would be 4.5. What keeps this from being a five star novel is the added Klingon threat in this final act. I understand Visla's arc and how it was made to connect with the previous novel, but it was the least engaging plot thread of this novel. I would have loved more Una and scenes from the alternate dimension as she played a lesser part after the first novel. My favorite parts all had to do with either Bones, Jo [...]

    A competent and mostly fun ending to the Legacies trilogy. There are a lot of high-minded concepts in this story that were fun to see play out. While I felt that some of the action and excitement from book two was missing in this third part, it was still on par with other Star Trek adventures that I have enjoyed. Again, not quite at the level of the second book, but certainly above the first book in the series. 4 out of 5 stars is my rating for Purgatory's Key!Full review: treklit/2016/12/L

    This is a fine conclusion to a fine trilogy. This book could almost stand on its own; the background information that is needed to fill in the background from the previous two books is presented in a relatively seamless way, and is not overly distracting. The storyline for this book is interesting in itself, and the overall plot for the series is wrapped up nicely here. The characters are handled well, and with a very few exceptions the writing is smooth and professional. Highly recommended to a [...]

    This book was ok but I thought could have been better. The trilogy started with a bang and ended with a SO-so ending. For a 50th anniversary it was ok but I was expecting something more grander.

    When I finished the last page of this book, I felt as though I'd just finished watching a favorite Trek episode. This review if a two-fold one, covering both this particular book, and the entire trilogy itself.This book, the third in the Legacies Trilogy, did an excellent job continuing the story from the previous two books in a seamless manner, and providing us with an exciting, plausible and Trek worthy ending. Many questions were answered, but not all, and I actually liked that about it. Some [...]

    Meh. A clunky conclusion to a clunky trilogy. While not terrible, it has its problems to be sure. First and foremost, the novel, and the trilogy as a whole, just don't feel like they go anywhere as a story. It feels like it just kept going until it stopped. Another issue was that the three novels just don't seem to fit together very well. An issue more specifically about this novel was that the characterization of Gorkon felt really off most of the time. It honestly felt like the writers of the [...]

    This was a satisfying end to this very inventive, sweeping trilogy. After the Romulans steal the Transfer Key, and banish Ambassador Sarek and Chancellor Gorkon to the other dimension, in the middle of peace talks, Kirk and his crew must do all they can to recover not only the key, but also the two missing diplomats. Add to that the tension of Captain Una wanting to also recover her missing crew from that same dimension, and you have the makings of an action packed, dramatic conclusion. It lived [...]

    The 50th Anniversary trilogy was a unique experiment that combined the storytelling efforts of three different writers. Dayton Ward was tasked with writing book 3. This book went at a much slower pace than the other two, but it was still well written and explained it's high concepts in a way that could be easily understood.My favorite scenes were the ones with Una, Sarek, Joanna, Amanda, Spock, Uhura, and Chekov. I was less impressed with the Klingon storyline. Visla could have been an interesti [...]

    A Worthy TOS Adventure Weaving in characters from Enterprise's past, and the animated series, a fun adventure featuring Kirk, Spock and the rest of the TOS characters. Although the description of the alien universe was a little muddled and really difficult to imagine, the story was well done and had Avery fluid pace over the course of the three books. Definitely worth the read.

    This was a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy. I really enjoyed that the authors gave Uhura, Chekov, and Sulu moments to show off their tech skills and shine. I always like to see Sarek and Amanda so I was glad they had a role to play here. It was also fun to finally see a Klingon woman in command of a ship!

    This was the third in the "legacies" trilogy that I started reading this past summer. Fun book. I wouldn't say that the TOS crew is "my" crew (was introduced to Star Trek with TNG), but it was a fun novel to listen to (audiobook format), and it does give a bit more background into "number 1" (Majel Barrett's character in the original pilot episode of TOS).

    More like 3:5 but i decided to round it up as it was a 50th anniversary novel. A good story but not really epic enough for me. I liked the nods to continuity and lore but other than that a bit of a standard star trek novel feel to me. Enjoyable enough though :)

    What a great ending to this series. The story with the other universe was great. The transition of the story was very good. Even the Klingons were very well written and the back and forth was well done.

    An exciting roller coaster thrill ride in the style of TOS TV Episodes.I enjoyed all three books of this special 5oth Anniversary Trilogy very much.

    You can read the full review over at my blog:shadowhawksshade.wordpressOn September 8, 2016 the Star Trek fandom marked a significant milestone, the 50th anniversary of Star Trek: The Original Series, the groundbreaking show that changed television and science-fiction forever. In fact, all of last year was dedicated to this celebration in a number of ways, such as the release of multiple novels from Simon & Schuster as well as the release of the third movie in the rebooted franchise, Star Tr [...]

    What I enjoyed most was the different combinations of characters interacting. Sarek with Joanna McCoy, Dr McCoy with Amanda it all gave a different insight. There were numerous ends to tie up and everything important was concluded. Like the old episodes inevitable fallout was left for after the credits rolled.

    "Puragtory's Key" by Dayton Ward & Kevin Dilmore is the final book in the “Legacies” trilogy of novels which were written to mark the 50th anniversary of Star Trek. It picks up directly from the events that occurred at the end of the previous novel, Best Defense” with the Enterprise heading to the planet Usilde to see if they can actually rescue the various people now trapped in an alternate universe. Of course with the Klingon’s already holding the planet, it is not going to be an e [...]

    All good things must come to an end and soI finished Purgatory's Key which is the final installment of the Legacies trilogy which you may recall me mentioning a few times (this post and this one just in case). Firstly, if you haven't read either Captain to Captain or Best Defense and you want to avoid spoilers then I'll say this: I very much enjoyed this trilogy and I think you should read it. If you want a bit of most likely spoiler-y info then stick around because I'm about to spill some beans [...]

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