Fight for Me

Fight for Me

Fight for Me Fight for Me is Book Two of The Captivated Series a Young Adult Paranormal Romance A fresh start something Kat and Gabriel thought they would find when they left their pasts behind at Midland Pines Hi

  • Title: Fight for Me
  • Author: S.J. Pierce
  • ISBN: 9781310755415
  • Page: 176
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Fight for Me is Book Two of The Captivated Series a Young Adult Paranormal Romance.A fresh start something Kat and Gabriel thought they would find when they left their pasts behind at Midland Pines High and moved to a compound for hybrids Or at least safety from a witch seeking revenge But now that s all changed Now, thanks to a flirty hybrid hell bent on winning GFight for Me is Book Two of The Captivated Series a Young Adult Paranormal Romance.A fresh start something Kat and Gabriel thought they would find when they left their pasts behind at Midland Pines High and moved to a compound for hybrids Or at least safety from a witch seeking revenge But now that s all changed Now, thanks to a flirty hybrid hell bent on winning Gabriel s attention, the terrifying visions of another prophetic Gifted, and the strange and worrisome behavior of one of their closest friends, Kat finds herself fighting for things that had once come so easily, including her relationship with her soulmate And now she s afraid.Recommended for readers 16 and up due to mature content.

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    Fight for Me was the second book in the series and I started it almost as soon as I finished the first book. I don’t usually read a series one directly after the other so I worried that it would become too same-y but that wasn’t the case at all.I found this one to be even better in book one. In this one, Kat has made some really important choices which would limit her access to family, but keep her friends and self safe. It wasn’t an easy choice to make or path to accept, so I can certainl [...]

    Yep. Read this is one sitting. Oooh child, was there drama in this one.I was so stressed out as were all the characters. Kat and her friends go from boarding school to living on a compound with other hybrids. They are given homes and jobs and are instantly thrust into the world of being responsible adults.Throw cohabitation with boyfriends some of them barely started dating into the mix, and you get:Friendships, relationships and lives are all at risk of being destroyed in this one. And just whe [...]

    Overall I enjoyed this book. Kat did annoy me a few times with her crap. Especially being all paranoid about Gabriel. Considering what she did last book I felt that she had no right to act the way she did. Needless to say when she found out the truth she looked stupid. That made me happy. I did like how they created a safe haven for the hybrids. I thought it was nice that they all lived and worked together. It just sucks that Kat's family will age faster than her because of them living in the re [...]

    Fight for Me is an electrifying mix of sweet romance and riveting fantasy.After their near-to-death experience at Midland Pines Land, they decided to go and to live in the hybrid camp - where no one of their kind will be able to leave – after they’ve found out that the sister of Iris named Liliana are after them for revenge. Adjusting to their new lives, Kat will have lots of problems - there’s a girl flirting with her boyfriend, her best friend's boyfriend and her friend also named Dawson [...]

    Just as fascinating as captivate me. We pick up where captivate left off.Kat and Gabriel with other hybrids are now going into hiding. Iris’s sister is out that and wanting their heads. She is like the red queen OFF with their heads but she wants to do this in a more diablolical way. She wants to destroy Kat by taking away all that she loves.Thinking they are safe everyone is as vigilant. They begin to live life and enjoy the calm. Kat misses her family but knows that this is how she can prote [...]

    I post more reviews like this on Adventures with a Book Nerd.You guys remember how yesterday in my review for book one I said how I was most likely going to get to book two around the end of 2016? Well, right after finishing that review I started reading book two. I know, I know! But I have to tell you guys, book two is so much better than book one, it’s astounding. In this book we follow Kat, Gabriel, and the rest of their friends as they move to the remote compound for immortals. This book i [...]

    Fight For Me continues with Kat and Gabriel. They were given a choice of whether to move to a hybrid compound which they could never leave, or stay in the 'real' world where they would be constantly looking over their shoulders. Before they can make the decision for themselves, the choice is taken away from them with the knowledge that Liliana (Iris' sister) is now after them. It's not just them that go though, but Sarah, Dawson, Piper, and co. Things are certainly different in the compound and [...]

    After the school setting of book one, book two switches over to a safe communal compound built in another dimension with the soul purpose to offer a safe haven for gifted like Kat and her friends. With the evil witch on their trails, they decide to seek safety by joining this hidden town.The decision and reasons behind the move--when weighing in the costs of what this sacrifice meant--didn't settle well with me and left me missing a bit of the independent, fighting personality from Kat in book o [...]

    Fight for me starts just after the end of Captivate me. After taking safety advice from Detective Trueblood Kat’s parents are driving Kat, Gabe with their group to the Immortal compound.When they go through a Portal into a beautiful village with great facilities.Some of the gifted humans are staying until Liliana, Rose’s sister has been captured.The Half angel immortals have to stay. Kat has a painful goodbye to her family.The group begin to settle into jobs and their cottages.I have enjoyed [...]

    Really wonderful books!I have read them both back to back, so it is tough for me to separate them in my head to review them. But what I can say is that Fight for Me is a really good follow up to Captivate Me and I cannot wait to read book 3 the way the series is going!For the full review

    Oh my. This book was full of drama and stress. It was a great book. I was worried I wouldn't like this book because I usually don't read a series all so close together but I LOVED it

    When we catch up with Kat & Gabe this time - they are entering into a "hidden" compound of hybrids - for their safety and the safety of their friends. Iris's little sister, Lilliana, is on the hunt for both hybrid and human that were involved in her sister's death.While I still love the character of Kat, I felt something was off about her in this story. Maybe it was because she didn't seem as confident or independent as in the first book. The action for her seemed to take place more in her m [...]

    Épisode deux de l’histoire de notre Kat.Au début, tout allait bien. Ça démarrait paisiblement et tout, et puis… ben on revient au même problème que dans le premier volet, c’est-à-dire : la lenteur instantanée.Ouais, la suite est vraiment, mais vraiment trop lente, mais dans un sens c’est compréhensible parce que l’auteure ajoute de nouveaux personnages qu’il faut une fois de plus présenter et expliquer l’utilité.Le schéma est toujours le même quoi qu’il en fasse : un [...]

    This book is a follow-up to Captivate me and makes for an equally enjoyable read. Kat is now hiding together with others in a compound for immortals in another dimension from Liliana, Iris’s sister, who desires their lives and make Kat suffer in the cruelest way she could come up with. Feeling safe, they gather the courage to enjoy the life a bit more, but out of a sudden everything crumbles and weird things start to happen. Kat even discovers another gift – strange dreams. The whole world i [...]

    We pick up the start of the second book with Detective Trueblood making a very adamant suggestion that really isn't a suggestion, what is it? Why does he make this 'suggestion'? When they get to their new home, where is it? Who all goes? Once they've settled into their respective cabins in their new home, how long are the human friends, families, and loved ones still with them? Why can they not stay? One night, Gabe disappears from the bed, Kat wakes up and realizes he's gone. When she sees him [...]

    **** 4 Cranky Stars ****As in book one, the start of the book is set in an idyllic setting. Kat, Gabe and their friends are settling in the safe colony for hybrids located in another dimension. Everything is perfect in this handcrafted, self contained safe place - from the farms growing all produce, construction teams building all , carpenters a market, dress shops even an art gallery, like minded people; but something is off. Has evil somehow found a way to follow them into this perfect world?A [...]

    Fight For Me is the follow up to Captivate Me and continues the story of Kat, Gabe and their friends who have now left their school to live in a compound for immortals in another dimension. They are hiding from Iris’s sister, Liliana who wants revenge for her sisters death. The reader is introduced to the other members of the compound and as their stories unfold so do more secrets. This book has less action and focuses more on relationships and feelings, it is a much slower pace than book 1. I [...]

    This book follows along very nicely with the one before. The writing is flawless and smooth. The author is able to transport the reader to the time and place of story taking the reader for a breathtaking ride. The writing is so seamless that each of the characters seem to so real, as if you are part of their world and friends with them all. Love this book.

    A continuation to Captivate Me. This novel has a mixture of action, adventure and romance. I found the content formidable, however, there were parts that I pushed through as it did not hold my attention. Overall, a good read and worth the time. I would definitely recommend to those that enjoy romance with a plot that delves into the world of fantasy.

    This story is filled with twists and turns and maybe because there seems to be more depth to this instalment it is a slower read.

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