Undertaker's Widow

Undertaker's Widow

Undertaker s Widow A cold blooded murder A beautiful suspect An honest judge forced to do the unthinkable New York Times bestselling author Phillip Margolin is a master of legal suspense In this explosive novel a simpl

  • Title: Undertaker's Widow
  • Author: Phillip Margolin
  • ISBN: 9780708991466
  • Page: 134
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A cold blooded murder A beautiful suspect An honest judge forced to do the unthinkable.New York Times bestselling author Phillip Margolin is a master of legal suspense In this explosive novel, a simple case of self defense becomes a nightmare in which justice itself is held hostage.Judge Richard Quinn is young, idealistic, and honest to a fault That s why he s handA cold blooded murder A beautiful suspect An honest judge forced to do the unthinkable.New York Times bestselling author Phillip Margolin is a master of legal suspense In this explosive novel, a simple case of self defense becomes a nightmare in which justice itself is held hostage.Judge Richard Quinn is young, idealistic, and honest to a fault That s why he s handed the most sensational homicide case in Oregon history Locked in a race for the U.S Senate, Ellen Crease gunned down the intruder who murdered her wealthy husband In a single, brutal instant she became a widow, a victim, and a hero Yet disturbing questions remain What secrets did the man who started his fortune running mortuaries keep that might have cost him his life What about the son frozen out of his will Or his wife s political enemies And what about Ellen Crease herself Soon it becomes clear that a deadly plot of murder, blackmail, passion, and double cross is unfolding around Judge Richard Quinn And unless he breaks the rules, justice will not only be blind, it will be the final victim.

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    This is the first time I've read any of Phillip Margolin's work. I don't know how I missed out before now. I love legal thrillers and this one didn't disappoint. The story centers around Judge Richard Quinn. As honest as the day is long, he'd put his life on the line quite willingly before doing anything underhanded, let alone illegal. However, all that changes when state senator Ellen Crease is brought before him, charged with murdering husband, Lamar Hoyt. Hoyt was a wealthy man who owned a st [...]

    Well I don't know why this book was on my "Read" bookcasee I just finished it and I KNOW that I haven't read this before.Anyway, it was an enjoyable thriller as thrillers go. Judge Richard Quinn is a very solid, upstanding, and honest judge who is faced with some incredibly hard choices as he is given a high profile murder case. He makes for a good lead character and one that you do root for as he tries to balance upholding the law with some unexpected personal upheavals.It's important to note t [...]

    In Phillip Margolin's The Undertaker's Widow, he wrote us another gripping tale of dirty politics in the courtroom. For Richard Quinn, an ethical judge who would risk his own life to seek justice. But when it was Ellen Crease, a former police officer and now a state senator, who now stood accused on conspiracy to commit murder against her husband, a wealthy funeral parlor tycoon. Richard Quinn now believed she set things up, when he began to investigate and zeroes in on her deadly secret, it lea [...]

    I'm not usually a murder mystery reader, so don't have a lot of knowledge to compare this novel to others in this genre. It does a nice job of keeping you guessing to the very end, which of three different options would finally pan out as the real killer.This book may be called The Undertaker's Widow, but it is really more about what happens to the judge Richard Quinn, than it does to Ellen Crease, the probable victim.

    Good story in the mode of John Grishim. Takes place in Portland, OR and includes homocides, double crosses and who-dunnit with a lot of twists and turns. Light reading and not very deep but still interesting.

    Show and tell is a good story method. This author is all tell and no show. Trivial descriptions, mannequin characters with dialog that could be placed in comic strip balloons. The plot intricacies are wasted on me. This is not storytelling that appeals to me. I was not led to care about anything in this story.

    Great readI enjoyed this book very much. It had numerous characters in it that made you wonder which one of them was the killer. The story was well written and kept you intrigued until the end. I was surprised at the ending as I did not see that coming. Dianna,Prescott, AZ

    Margolin doesn't disappoint After several light beach reads, I was ready for some twists and turns and was not disappointed. It kept me guessing until the end and even then there was a final surprise.

    The Undertakers WidowI gave this read a five star because it was an excellent thrilling novelr a dull or boring moment, and the ending was notto the reader's wildest imagination. Love this author!!!,Rolando

    Interesting and compelling story about a judge, a U.S. senatorial candidate accused of murder, and the complex plot behind the deaths that resulted in the candidate’s appearance as a defendant in the judge’s court.

    Really liked this book. Just when you think characters have reached the corner, a twist comes barreling in.

    Great readThis was such a enjoyable read!! Every time thought I knew what was going to happen, it changed!! I have raved to all my family and friends!!

    I think the narrator led to my giving this book only 3 stars. He used a whiny, sniveling voice for everyone except the main character. This was a fingernail on the chalkboard voice, and it was used for too many characters.

    Mid-way through this book, I became frustrated with the naivety of some characters. Almost gave up on it but it has several surprising twists and turns that made it a good read. Definitely did not end the way I expected

    Judge Richard Quinn ascended to the bench at a fairly young age and has spent his career following in his father's cherished footsteps and trying to live up to his own strong moral code. His marriage to an ambitious attorney has hit a bit of a rough patch and, instead of a romantic island getaway, Quinn ends up traveling alone. He meets a beautiful woman on the plane and makes plans to meet her the next day. Quinn tells himself he's interested in nothing more than companionship but things get a [...]

    A decent enough mystery surrounding the double murder of a well to do undertaker and the man who killed him by the undertaker's wife. Judge Richard Quinn has the case land in his courtroom, and immediately he feels pressure from outside forces as the widow, in trouble for the second death which doesn't appear to be as clean cut a case of self defense as it should, is also running for State Senate. There are those who would love to see her go down for the crime, while others want to get her off t [...]

    Phillip Margolin writes some really good books! I will admit that this one took me a few chapters to get into but then the twists and turns started. A conscience judge presides over the trial of a woman running for senate that has been accused of killing her husband and an intruder. He is dealing with his marriage on the rocks and a separate vacation/business trip that doesn't turn out to be what they expected. The lives of the two people running for senate and their respective supporters vs eac [...]

    I liked this book and like the author, in general. Picked this up at a yard sale just to have a disposable read while on vacation. Saw that the story was published in 1998 and hoped I hadn't read it previously. It was a great book. It had a handful of characters that were key but several others that came and went. I usually can spot the criminal fairly early on, but changed my mind several times with this story and was actually surprised at the end. It was an easy read, but one that captured me. [...]

    The Undertakers Widow was an ok read but there were too many people involved in the murders and deceipts. I found myself going back and rereading to get everyone straight.Ellen Crease shoots an house intruder who has murdered her very wealthy husband Lamar in an apparent robbery attempt. Crease is an ex cop who is running for the Oregon Senate and after the intruder is identified with a large amount of money located in his residence allegations begin to surface.Who was behind the murder? Was it [...]

    This is not the most finely crafted novel I have ever read but it is one who's plot I hope I forget soon so I can read it again. Sometimes you just need the kind of book where you step into the first chapter and step out the last page and just enjoy it. That's this one. Judge Richard Quinn is working his way up the judicial ladder but he's still a man - pretty flawed as it turns out and not able to pick up on the big clues, but you like him. The philandering husband of a local husband is murdere [...]

    I am a big fan of legal thrillers, and this book was right at the top with some of my favorites. I enjoyed talking to my family and thinking about "Judges, should we hold them at higher standards? Or are they just humans who make human mistakes?". This book is a great book at a judge who finds himself in a rather difficult situation and how tries to handle it. I recommend this book for those who enjoys Rebecca Forester and John Grisham books. The style is very similiar.

    Another wonderful story, twists, turns, and surprise ending But in between the writing wasn't as sharp as in other books of his that I've read. Thus, the reading between the high points in the plot were a little plodding, but not so much that I ever considered putting it downThis was one of his earlier submissions, so there may lie the cause of some of the "plodding" Nevertheless, I'm looking forward to the next of his I have lined up to read.

    this book was a disappointment. you would have to have no knowledge of police procedure for example policeman takes a suspect to a murder scene and ask the room clerk if he saw this man the previous evening. then he takes him to the room where the victim is I cannot believe philip margolin who usually has me entertained could have written this. Don't waste your time

    I really liked Judge Quinn. He gained so much trust from the reader in this story. I always knew there was something sketchy about Ellen Crease. I'm happy with the way Quinn's life panned out. I missed what had happened to Prise or it may not have been touched on again in the story. But all inall a great first read for me from Margolin. I hope to read a few more.

    As mass-market mysteries go, this was better than most as it didn't rely heavily on incredible coincidences or stretches of the imagination, nor was it too predictable - but it wasn't full of surprises, either. What was best about it was the moral dilemna posed for the main character but neither this nor the hunt for the killer took me too deep. Disposable reading at its best.

    I really like Phillip Margolin. He is an excellent author and really keeps me interested in his stories. This book was slightly predictable but it kept me turning the pages. There were a lot of characters and found myself having to think who each one was at times. If you like crime/legal books, Phillip Margolin is the way to go.

    My first for this author and I really liked it. There are a lot of characters but they are well developed. The author nails it with good, real, people speak! I hate crappy, shallow, unrealistic dialogue! The plot is twisty and very involved. The only thing that bugged me was a difficulty keeping characters straight but it may have been me and not the author. Otherwise a good read!

    I am becoming a fan of Margolin. He brings interesting characters, great plot and easy pace to legal thrillers. I really appreciate that he doesn't feel the need to spend too much time in the courtroom or on the crime scene like some rehashed Law & Order episode but rather we get to follow the characters and see how the story unfolds.

    This is a great story with lots of twists and suspense. It begins as a murder mystery, and then ties in a story about the judge who will be on the murder case. The judge is being blackmailed by the murderer, and other people end up dying throughout the novel. The ending ties up the story very well. I would love to read other novels by this author.

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