The Randy Romance Novelist

The Randy Romance Novelist

The Randy Romance Novelist It finally happened I lost my virginity Cue applause and cheers For a while life was all rainbows and kittens prancing in a sky full of cotton candy clouds that was until the demands of the real worl

  • Title: The Randy Romance Novelist
  • Author: Meghan Quinn
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  • Page: 350
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  • It finally happened, I lost my virginity Cue applause and cheers.For a while life was all rainbows and kittens prancing in a sky full of cotton candy clouds that was until the demands of the real world set in.My best friend is getting married and she asked me to be her maid of honor She s not worried about flowers, or the dress, or the food at the venue No, she s worrieIt finally happened, I lost my virginity Cue applause and cheers.For a while life was all rainbows and kittens prancing in a sky full of cotton candy clouds that was until the demands of the real world set in.My best friend is getting married and she asked me to be her maid of honor She s not worried about flowers, or the dress, or the food at the venue No, she s worried about the bachelorette party, what kind of penis crown she will wear, and the nipple size of the stripper who will be attending.I m in way over my head trying to balance life with a boyfriend, planning a penis party, and writing my romance novel Something is bound to give.This is my life after my happily ever after Warning The Randy Romance Novelist is over the top, ridiculous, and is meant to make you burst out in laughter Question the sanity of this author, and welcome over dramatized comedy into your life Please proceed if you would like to read about absurd tomfoolery type events, be exposed to the book world and other authors, as well as see that even in the midst of a comical combustion of nonsensical craziness and na ve characters love will always prevail.

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    I'm always scared going into a follow up book that I loved. The first book with these characters made me buy stock in the Depends undergarments line. I wondered if I would find them annoying in book two. I love this authors sense of humor so I dived in anyways.I shouldn't have worried.Rosie and Henry did the v-popping deed in the last book and Rosie has decided she likes the sexing very much, thank you. We meet back up with them and discover that Rosie has decided (with Kindle in hand) to try ou [...]

    4 Randy Stars In this second installment we have Rosie and Henry trying to settle in their relationship. Living together they are trying to navigate through their new status as a couple and move on from their past problems on the route to it. And since Rosie’s virginity is not a problem anymore, new obstacles approached bringing once again risks to their relationship. If you use to read my reviews you know I’m a sucker for sequels. Mainly because they usually guarantee an HEA, they give me m [...]

    3.5 Sir Licks-a-Lot starsThe Randy Romance Novelist was some over-the-top-shake-my-head-she-said-what-good-fun! From sex positions, fur-balls, penis parties, insecurities and bedazzled vagina's this pretty much has it all covered for a good time. This was the perfect read to lighten my mood and just give me something laugh about. Oopsie though for jumping into book 2 without knowing it was the book 2. Good news is, I didn't feel like I was missing anything and now I can go back and catch up with [...]

    I absolutely adored The Virgin Romance Novelist because it was such a over-humorous parody-likey take on everything romance. It gave me a lot of laughs and a good time. That in mind, I was pretty eager to read the follow up, even I am not a big fan of series.The Randy Romance Novelist keeps up with the tone that was introduced in the first installment, but is slightly more subtle and requires a better knowledge of romance genre and romance reviewer community to really appreciate all the tiny nua [...]

    Story Rating ~ 4 Stars!Hero Rating ~ 5 Stars!Heroine Rating ~ 4 Stars!Humor Rating ~ 5 HUGE STARS!Heat Level ~ 3.75 Stars!Ending ~ 4 Stars!Overall Rating ~ 4 Penis’s Everywhere Stars!This was such a fulfilled sexy read, I laughed almost nonstop!The humor is cranked up right from the start. I was once again engrossed in everything Rosie. She is now in a full relationship with Henry. Henry who I feel was one heck of a book boyfriend. With all the craziness going on around him, he was just so swe [...]

    Genre:Romantic ComedyType: Standalone Book 2POV:First Person - DualRating: If Rosie Bloom thought losing her virginity and finding love with her best friend and end up in a rainbow farting unicorn ending, she thought it wrong. Beyond the rainbow (or fart? Lol!) was real life waiting and it's not necessarily pretty in pink.Henry Anderson finally got what he wanted. But pressure to perform both in boardroom and in the bedroom (ahem!) was taking its toll on their relationship especially when there [...]

    I couldn't wait to read how was life after love finally found Henry and Rosie at the end of the Virgin Romance Novelist. I had loved these two on the first book and couldn't wait to see what they were up to on this new book.Rosie from the naive, inexperienced heroine turns into a sex maniac in this one and now that she's no longer virgin she's having it as much as she can. She still remains naive at some points, but she also seems bold at others, so it's an equal balance of the same and an alter [...]

    Edit:(Reread July 2016)I enjoyed it just as much. But I am quite honestly surprised why more people haven't read it. Hmm. Huff, Huff, Huff.That is not a dog panting. (As much as a certain annoying sibling may call me so.)That's just the reaction to the amount of laughing and howling I've done while reading this book. The female lead continues to be her clueless and bizarre self. I am simultaneously glad and worried she hasn't changed that much since the previous book. She's still into calling th [...]

    Rosie Bloom is back and how ! If you thought The Virgin Romance Novelist was ridiculous and laugh out loud funny , then wait till you read The Randy Romance Novelist. ! Seriously don't read this book while eating or drinking anything it could cause some serious damage ! Also , probably shouldn't read it when you are at a public place or amongst a lot of people it could seriously make people question your mental balance !

    I loved The Virgin Romance Novelist because of the laugh-out-loud humor and the ridiculous situations Rosie would find herself in. The Randy Romance Novelist has the same humor and goofy situations but also has more drama and seriousness than the first book.All of the characters are back for more hilarity, including best friend, Delaney, her boyfriend, Derk, the evil Sir Licks-a-lot, and the dreaded Marta. Rosie and Henry are officially in a relationship, living together, and enjoying getting to [...]

    Meghan Quinn has honestly become a go to author for me, she does it again with ‘The Randy Romance Novelist’. She’s one of those who I think is absolutely hilarious each time and we all need a little humour in our lives.This is the sequel to ‘The Virgin Romance Novelist’ which was quite possibly one of my most favourite reads from last year. When I saw this release I was like hell yes this is so happening! There are so many different things I liked about this one. Rosie has finally brok [...]

    I received a digital copy of this book (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, publishers!When I requested this title in NetGalley, I didn't notice that it was actually the second installment of a duology. Nonetheless, I found Rosie Bloom to be incredibly hilarious! At some parts of the story, I did find myself getting frustrated with her, but the rest of the book totally made up for it.The humor in this comedy is forthrightly ridiculous and frequently crude - exactly my cup [...]

    Copy provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewBoob Squeeze!!!!! Yes, I can’t believe I wrote that in my review but since this is a Meghan Quinn book, she is the only author that can completely understand why. Yes, I adore and love this author. It just felt like yesterday when I was reading her book, The Virgin Romance Novelist and laughing like a crazy woman. So you could imagine my excitement when I found out she was doing a sequel. Yes, there was lots of fangirling when Meghan sent [...]

    Published:April 2016 Genre:Romantic Comedy :: 6 Pretty Little Stars :: O.M.G. I never could have imagined that Meghan Quinn could write a funnier novel than the Virgin Romance Novelist and The Mother Road. But she has outdone herself with this book; The Randy Romance Novelist- making it my FAVORITE book of 2016. The amount of laughter that come out of my body while I was reading this book is INSANE. I didn’t think anything could make me laugh as hard in my life. WOW. When she leaves a warning [...]

    ***ARC Provided via the Publisher and NetGalley***I requested this because I was curious. I read the reviews, I was expecting it to be funny. It was actually better than I was expecting. Yes, it is a little over the top, but since the author admits it, I can go with it.I can spend time talking about the story, the plot, the characters, but there are plenty of reviews that do this. So, I am going to talk about how much I appreciate it when an author takes a risk, when they say "you know what, I a [...]

    I LOOOOOOVED THIS STORY!It flowed so well, from one page to the next without me even realizing it. That's how a good story reads, and you know you've found one when you come to the very end of the story and have no idea how you got there. This read so fucking realistically. This could literally be my life, my story. She was rationalizing and mocking at the same, which was surprisingly well done. All in all, it was some really fucking good shit.

    I remember my feelings when I read The Virgin Romance Novelist - hilarious, over the top and absolutely brillieant and when I found out that that I am going to be getting MORE of Henry and Rosie? It ended up with a happy dance at night when everybody was sleeping - and when you are as clumsy as I am - well you can certainly imagine the result :DBUT did I care? A BIG FAT NOPE! Because I was getting me some more of Henry and Rosie! :P“Life after the big V was handed over wasn’t what I expected [...]

    The Randy Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn4.5 stars!!!“Love to her is a grandiose emotion that needs to be expressed in a way only an eleven-million-dollar production can accomplish.”This is the conclusion to The Virgin Romance Novelist and Meghan Quinn certainly begins how she left off. Sometimes you just “get” someone and I am totally akin to Meghan Quinn’s hilarious sense of humour that is at times, close to the knuckle, but is toilet humour at its finest. I have cried a river readi [...]

    Although this book can be read as a standalone, I HIGHLY recommend you reading The Virgin Romance Novelist first. Not only will you have missed out on some great humor, you'll miss out on the backstory of Rosie and Henry's relationship.Now that I have that out of the way, I just want to say how much I've missed Rosie and Henry. Their lives are just full of humor, embarrassing situations and awesome friends. Add in a sadistic cat who has no qualms about pleasuring himself and torturing others, an [...]

    4.5 StarsThis was the perfect sequel to The Virgin Romance Novelist. And yes, you HAVE to read that before reading this. Meghan did an amazing job on this follow-up!For those of who you know Meghan’s writing, you are in for a treat with her humor and wit. For those who of you who have never written anything by her – you may feel that she’s over the top with the quirkiness or how “impossible” certain things happen – but that’s Meghan. Nothing is normal and that’s what makes her bo [...]

    In this sequel to The Virgin Romance Novelist, once again, Rosie constantly embarrassed herself in comical ways. Normally, I don't like my heroine to be the comedy of others, but surprisingly I love Rosie. This book works for me. All these "tragedies" that happened upon Rosie are so relatable although these are the worst scenarios that anyone can think of to happen on them on their highlights of the day. All in all I love Rosie, I love Sir licks a lot, I love Henry, I love this book, I love Megh [...]

    The Randy Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn ~ 5 StarsIt finally happened, I lost my virginity. Cue applause and cheers.For a while life was all rainbows and kittens prancing in a sky full of cotton candy clouds…that was until the demands of the real world set in.My best friend is getting married and she asked me to be her maid of honor. She’s not worried about flowers, or the dress, or the food at the venue. No, she’s worried about the bachelorette party, what kind of penis crown she will w [...]

    4.5 Randy stars MQ is lmao funny and this book had me smiling so hard and wiping my eyes constantly Rosie is a hot quirky mess and I ❤️ her! I loved how real this book was and Henry is yes an awesome bbf This was just one of those feel good reads that had me feeling silly a good read for sure

    Rosie and Henry are back as a couple and are enjoying their new relationship. The Virgin Romance Novelist was a very humorous book that had me not so patiently waiting to read more about Rosie and Henry in this follow-up.The Randy Romance Novelist is a great story of their very real relationship. Things get a little crazy with Rosie writing her first novel, trying to plan a bachelorette party, Henry's job, and of course, Sir Licks-a-Lot. This book had me laughing at Rosie's antics, while also en [...]

    2 STARS! ** Minor Opinion Alert **In the previous book, Rosie was a virgin who is living with her two best friends. Henry is one of them and he hide his feeling from Rosie. And Rose is just too superficial that didn't pick up the signal. Lack of experience and seeing how man-whore Henry is the reason she didn't take Henry for serious. In the end, they managed to talk their feelings out and pronounce in love with each other.Ugh sorry for the stars. This is really hard for me but I can't lie about [...]

    My Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Well Damn.  Meghan has done it again.  The Randy Romance Novelist is a spin off to The Virgin Romance Novelist.  It can be read as a standalone though I highly suggest reading TVRN first.I was literally laughing out loud by the second paragraph. Meghan needs her own freaking urban dictionary.  This is definably not your mothers Chick-lit.Pleasure palaceHorizontal twerkSword fightsGiant man ballsand that’s only from skimming the first few chapters.Back are Rosie [...]

    ARC received for an honest review.Another manic book rambling by April;Read & Share Book Reviews. 5 Sniff, sniff, kiss, kiss, ways to love your little miss StarsSQUEEEE! Book fairies ARE real!! And they've answered my book whore prayers! I was beyond excited when I found out we'd be getting more of Rosie & Henry's bogus adventure into relationshipland. OHmyGaaaaawd!! More sweet, innocent, insecure, klutzy, naive, Rosie AND her hot as hell, perfectly tailored suit wearing, man-meat boy fr [...]

    Meghan Quinn’s romantic comedies need to come with a warning(s).Make sure your bladder is empty.Do NOT read in public.Do NOT eat/drink anything while reading.See a priest.Because you will be overcome by Meghan Quinn’s quirky spirit and this demon will embarrass you in public and/or can put your life in danger.You have been warned.The Randy Romance Novelist is the sequel to The Virgin Romance Novelist and if you thought you couldn’t possibly laugh any harder at Rosie’s antics and confused [...]

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