Beyond the High Blue Air

Beyond the High Blue Air

Beyond the High Blue Air When Lu Spinney s twenty nine year old son Miles flies up on his snowboard he knows he is not in control as he is taken by force up the ramp writes his mother skewing sideways as his board clips

  • Title: Beyond the High Blue Air
  • Author: Lu Spinney
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 315
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • When Lu Spinney s twenty nine year old son, Miles, flies up on his snowboard, he knows he is not in control as he is taken by force up the ramp, writes his mother, skewing sideways as his board clips the edge and then he is hurtling, spinning up, up into the free blue sky ahead He lands hard on the ice and falls into a coma This begins the erratic loss MilesWhen Lu Spinney s twenty nine year old son, Miles, flies up on his snowboard, he knows he is not in control as he is taken by force up the ramp, writes his mother, skewing sideways as his board clips the edge and then he is hurtling, spinning up, up into the free blue sky ahead He lands hard on the ice and falls into a coma This begins the erratic loss Miles first in a coma and then trapped in a fluctuating state of minimal consciousness that unravels over the next five years Spinney, her husband, and three other children put their lives on hold to tend to Miles at various hospitals and finally in a care home They hold out hope that he will be returned to them With blunt precision, Spinney chronicles her family s intimate experience This is a story about ambiguous loss the disappearance of someone who is still there Three quarters of the way through, however, Spinney s story takes a turn The family and, to the degree that he can communicate, Miles himself come to view ending his life as the only possible release from the prison of his body and mind Spinney, cutting her last thread of hope, wishes for her son to die And yet, even as she allows this difficult revelation to settle, she learns that this is not her decision to make Because Miles is diagnosed as a being in a minimally conscious state rather than a persistent vegetative state, there is no legal way to bring about his death, a bewildering paradox that Spinney navigates with compassion and wisdom Encompassing the lyrical revelations of a memoir like Jean Dominique Bauby s THE DIVING BELL AND THE BUTTERFLY and the crucial medical and moral insights of a book such as Atul Gawande s BEING MORTAL, Lu Spinney s BEYOND THE HIGH BLUE AIR is at once a portrait of the fearlessness of familial love and the profound dilemma posed by modern medicine.

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    (Nearly 4.5) In March 2006 Lu Spinney’s 29-year-old son, Miles King, was on a snowboarding holiday in Austria with friends. On the final morning of the trip he took the fall that would leave this athlete, intellectual, and entrepreneur with a traumatic brain injury. The family brought him back to London via an airlift, and over the next five years he passed between various brain injury units and care homes. Eight weeks after the accident he opened his eyes, but given his minimally conscious st [...]

    Thank you Edelweiss for my review copy of this book. Wow what a beautifully written and emotionally charged read. This story portrays the love a mother feels for her son and her fight to help him get well again after a horrific accident. The decisions she has to make in regards to what is best for him once she realizes how much he is suffering is unimaginable to me as a mother. The fact that she could do what she knew was best for him in the face of her pain of losing him and in the recent death [...]

    A memoir written about a son's tragic accident and subsequent death is not destined to be an easy read. It's not easy because readers will be able to identify with the author's journey as her son is first in a coma, then in a fluid state of consciousness, until eventually death. A compassionate, raw and intimate journey that no one ever chooses to embark on, but one in which the landmarks must be discussed.I read an advance copy and was not compensated.

    A gut wrenching raw look at the heartache Lu&her family suffered when her son miles suffered a traumatic brain injury a horrible accident At times hard to read but at the same time an unputdownable look at her lovef for her son,

    Well I read the ARC, not the kindle edition but whatever. I couldn't put this beautiful memoir down. Lu Spinney had a lovely second husband and four high-achieving twenty-something kids when oldest son Miles, age 29, suffered a traumatic brain injury during a snowboarding accident. Spinney begins by telling the story of his accident from several points of view - including Miles' - though that part was necessarily her imagination, based on deep knowledge and love of her son along with accident re [...]

    Every mother’s nightmare—Lu receives a call that her 29 year old son has been seriously injured in a snowboarding accident. She is in England, and she and the rest of the family hurry to the hospital in Innsbruck where doctors are trying to save his life. Is it possible that the adventurous young man with the Oxford degree will come back to them? Is this what Miles would have wanted? How many actually have an advance directive to make things easier if the unthinkable happens? Intense and at [...]

    This book was heart-wrenching to read and only solidified my feelings about what is life and what is existence. The heart-break this mother endured losing the son she knew, always hopeful that the child she gave birth to, raised and watched grow into an amazing man, would come back to her. The reader shares along as she details her new normal of hospitals, carers, feeding tubes and spasticity. This was a beautiful telling of a very tragic story and the love a mother has for her children in life [...]

    Brilliant, heart rending, impossible to put down. I have to add, albeit a few months later that I cannot stop thinking about miles kemp. I have re-read the book 3 times I count my blessings, I realise life is short and precious. This book has become a bible in an inspirational way! Thank you Lu

    Beyond the High Blue Air is a memoir about the love of a mother and her child. In this case, it is March 2006 and her oldest son, Miles, has gone on a backpacking trip with friends to celebrate his birthday. On the last morning of their trip, they set off to go snowboarding. There is a scene in which Miles prepares for this by purchasing a helmet. Miles lands hard on the ice, injuring his brain, and falls into a coma. He is 29-years-old, an entrepreneur and an athlete. That's how hospital staff [...]

    I won this amazing book through a giveaway and I knew it would be a gut-wrenching, have kleenex at the ready read (think worst case scenario/TBI/MCS) and I felt devastated for the difficult plights and indignities suffered by Miles and his family. PSA: Please treat everyone with respect regardless of their current state because we are all human beings and we all deserve to be treated as thus. The book reminded me some of Me Before You, but this book was a chronicle of Miles Kemps’ actual life [...]

    I received this book from Giveaways in exchange for an honest review. Oh, my. This one is going to bring tears to my eyes. The author is a lady named Lu Spinney, and this book is about her son, Miles. At age 29 Miles had a terrible and very frightening snowboarding accident that left him in a coma and then in a state of minimal consciousness. This is their story over the 5 years after his accident. I'm a mother and I feel Mrs. Spinney's grief like an arrow to the heart. This book is about loss [...]

    Received as a giveaway ARC-Should probably be read with tissues nearby, Beyond the High Blue Air is a very emotional book. The author is extremely honest and open about her feelings and what her family went through after her son has a snowboarding accident resulting in severe brain damage, none of which is easy to read. She details what life is like dealing with hospitals and care homes, doctors and nurses, medication, tests, hoping and fighting for her son to recover. Her story is well written, [...]

    I read this memoir to see if I wanted to include it in a course I am creating and will teach in the fall. Given it is the author's only book, I had low expectations for the writing and thought it would be just another "story" like so many families I've worked with throughout my career. It is not. The author is a vivid writer, sophisticated and intelligent. She articulates the paradox of caring for a loved one in a PVS or MCS so perfectly. This book is beacon of hope and pure validation for the m [...]

    I picked up the book because I snowboards and am at the age when Miles had his accident. Lu Spinney's account of her son's painful deterioration was a touching story. At times I can relate. The part when Miles tried to communicate, and his best effort only resulted in whispers so light that Lu couldn't make out his words reminded me of a similar moment in my life. At times I could only sympathize. The scene where Lu gave Miles a "proper" hug at the time of his passing gave me tears. Although it [...]

    I received this book for free from the site. A must read for old and young alike. In an instant your entire life can change. This book was so heartwrenching. To read of a mother's worse nightmare of helplessly watching your child slip away. Adding more tragedy as you read of her husband battling and losing to cancer. This book has taught me to take nothing for granted and to love the people in your life today because tomorrow is never promised.

    Beautiful, yet wrenchingA mother's love and battle for her son. the early days after he suffered a devastating injury, and on through the years as hope becomes determination to help her son achieve peace. The story is so poignant, the writing so lyrical, that Miles becomes every mother's son. I will not forget this amazing young man and his remarkable family as they take a journey no family should ever have to endure.

    This book is written by his mother who details what she and her family went through to see that Miles got the best care he could. What a gut-wrenching story this is! I give so much credit to Lu for writing this to share her nightmare with others. (Gerard's review)

    This book had me sobbing while driving (audiobook). Though difficult to read, especially for a mother with children near the age of Miles, this is a beautifully written memoir. Very sad. Worth it.

    I just finished reading this book and cannot recommend it enough. I will be thinking about it for a long time to come.

    I hope writing this gave some form of catharsis to the author, whose beautiful prose honors the memory of her son.

    I'm not sure that I've ever cried as hard as I did while reading this memoir, written by a woman whose son suffered a horrific accident that left him brain damaged and unable to move. He is basically locked into his body, unable to communicate his needs or wants or even to ask someone to scratch his nose. My heart broke for his family, who lived the in between of having their loved one be there and not there at the same time. My heart also broke for the son, who seemed to be so full of life befo [...]

    This book is an emotional read, especially if you are the mother of a son, but it is a compelling story that I couldn't put down. It tells how Lu's son Miles received a traumatic brain injury (TBI) due to a snowboarding accident. This left him at first in a coma, then in a minimally concious state, so that he was aware of his situation . This is a story of love, hope and sadness which was very well written. It should also make people aware that it would be sensible to have their wishes regarding [...]

    Lu Spinney writes this book about her beautiful son Miles, who at age 29 has an accident on holiday in Switzerland and suffers a traumatic brain injury. Such a stressful time for the family who wait by his bedside to see if he recovers. To see their handsome, clever and fit son stuck in bed attached to tubes and non responsive is heart wrenching to read, and the story is pretty blunt and emotionally raw in places. Surrounded and supported by a loving and caring family, this is a story about love [...]

    A true life gut wrenching storyA very moving story of a young man's serious head injury following a snowboarding accident. His mother in great detail writes about what happens next

    An absolutely brilliant book about the unflinching love of a mother and grace that emerges in difficult times. I can't recommend this book highly enough. It's written beautifully. Most of all, it made me see a very difficult time in my life in a different-- and better-- light.

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