The Rolling Bootlegs

The Rolling Bootlegs

The Rolling Bootlegs New York The manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by law but behind this prohibition organized crime flourishes so too do bank robbers bootleggers assassins and homun

  • Title: The Rolling Bootlegs
  • Author: Ryohgo Narita Taylor Engel
  • ISBN: 9780316270373
  • Page: 333
  • Format: ebook
  • New York, 1931 The manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by law, but behind this prohibition, organized crime flourishes so, too, do bank robbers, bootleggers, assassins, and homunculi Some want money, some are chasing the secret to immortality, and others just want to have a really good time You know what they say, though You can t always get whatNew York, 1931 The manufacture and sale of alcoholic beverages is prohibited by law, but behind this prohibition, organized crime flourishes so, too, do bank robbers, bootleggers, assassins, and homunculi Some want money, some are chasing the secret to immortality, and others just want to have a really good time You know what they say, though You can t always get what you want.

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    Yen Press's first translated entry in the Baccano! series is the most fun I've had at the movies in a while.I came to the series through its (brilliant, hilarious) anime adaptation, which interpolates a handful of different Baccano! light novels into one phenomenal mosaic. This volume corresponds to the 1930 arc of the anime—the events surrounding Firo's elevation to Camorra executive—without losing any of the kinetic, good-natured gangster charm that so endeared the series to me.Baccano! wa [...]

    Baccano! - 1930: The Rolling BootlegsDon't let anybody tell you there's no future in a life of crime, because some rackets can last forever. But we'll get around to all that immorality jazz later. A mafia turf war is raging on the mean streets of the Big Apple, a place where regular jacks bounce between backdoor speakeasies and the breadline. But this caper isn't about a simple gangland brawl. It's about hoods who can't seem to die proper after catching a bullet or five between the eyes. Sadisti [...]

    This book is so absolutely amazing!I watched the anime first on Netflix, and absolutely fell in love with the storyline and all of the characters. I was so sad when it ended! When I discovered that the anime was based off of a light novel, I became determined to read it! I was so dissapointed when I found out that the light novels weren't sold in English, but then I found a site where they had translated the novels themselves (thank you so much, you beautiful people) and my hopes were renewed.Le [...]

    First time I watched the anime was three years ago. I was bored and wanting to watch something different than the usual anime. It turned out this one blew my mind. When I found out this was based on light novel, I decided to find it but apparently there wasn't any English version. I found the fanbased translation but at that time the translation was still scattered here and there so I ended up not reading it. However after few years, the fanbased translation had managed to finish several volumes [...]

    I have for a while now been telling myself that I wouldn't like Baccano! but Boy, Was I Wrong!The smooth jump between well made characters makes it a pure pleasure ride with both action and comical situations. I end this with the note that Isaac and Miria are awesome.

    In the year 2002, a Japanese man has won a trip to New York, and he’s having a terrible time. A bunch of teens mugged him and took his most prized possession, his camera. If he wants to get it back, he’ll have to talk to a member of the Camorra (an Italian crime syndicate). Luckily, the man he speaks to is in a good and talkative mood, and boy does he have a story to tell. It starts in 1711, when an alchemist and his comrades summoned a demon who gifted the alchemist with the knowledge of ho [...]

    If you're unfamiliar with Baccano, it combines an historically appropriate prohibition era America with a tinge of the fantastical. If you read or watched Durarara, you'll feel at home here. If that premise alone intrigues you, I implore you to stop reading this review, and go pick up a copy of this book or watch the anime if you can find a copy at your local library.The book starts us off with an unnamed frame character, a man from Japan visiting New York. This is I believe not in the anime ver [...]

    I was first introduced to this series through the exquisite anime series, and it was really wonderful to get more in-depth information about the world and the characters through the novel. The frame-story device told from the POV of the unnamed Japanese tourist was a bit jarring at first , but I think it worked out pretty well in the end. The story is lively and fast-paced, a little bit confusing when it came to switching point of view, but overall very easy to read and to follow. I especially l [...]

    You know, sometimes chaotic is good.I was first introduced to Baccano via it's amazing, Tarantino-like anime adaptation. This first novel was great, too, but I don't think it matched the anime's quality. But, I guess I should stop comparing and just talk about the novel. It's chaotic, but I think it works. The characters are all memorable, especially Isaac and Miria, the strange duo of thieves that made me actually laugh out loud multiple times throughout the book. The only real problem I had wi [...]

    Read it after finishing and enjoying the anime, and as a result didn't go through each phrase carefully, thus it seems a little unfair to give it a rating, especially when the plots of the two are completely tangled now for me. But fun read, just like the anime. Glad I've watched the anime already though, since I think it might be hard to follow otherwise.

    I love Ryohgo Narita's writing style. Like Durarara, you have lots of separate stories meeting up in the climax. The only problem I have with this book is Yen Press's idea to release it as a hardback. Japanese light novels are meant to be cheap, disposable entertainment.

    it's a light novel? Well, I did not know thatI can't believe they condensed such a long light novel series into a 13 episode anime


    I watched the anime a while ago, and so I at last picked up the light novel to read. I really enjoyed it, and there were enough differences that I wasn't sure what to expect despite having seen the anime.The Rolling Bootlegs starts out in modern day New York, where some nameless character gets his camera stolen, and his going to the Martillo family is the catalyst for us hearing this story. I can't say I was all that into the framing story, but it's better than the anime's, and and I think a bet [...]

    Amazing light novel!I fell in love with the story after binge-watching the anime a couple of years ago, so it would be no exaggeration saying that I counted the days for when the English translation would be released. And boy was it worth the wait. The reason why I enjoyed reading this so much is because of the way that Narita captures the atmosphere and the overall mood one would get when thinking about the Prohibition era. The characters were very diverse personality and would often leave you [...]

    Baccano v1 had a slow start but ended up picking up steam fast. The various perspectives offered, often making it hard to figure out who the protagonists was, actually helped to make it a very compelling and addicting read. I did have issues whenever it switched to Miria and Isaac, who both consistently felt a bit too intrusive in ruining suspenseful and serious moments, but I think they two did help to make it a compelling read. The aspect of the chasing the immortality elixir and seeing who wo [...]

    This book was actually amazing. I finished it all last night and I couldn't get any sleep. There's so many characters with so many amazing back stories. If you like books that take place in the 1920s, murder mysteries, and supernatural occurrences, this novel series is for you. The first volume is phenomenal. The whole immortal, train murder story is so outrageously displaced but it all comes full circle. Each chapter is a different time and place where the character is on the train with their o [...]

    I picked up Baccano! because I’m a Durarara!! fan and I really like this writer. The story is told in an Interview with the Vampire like set up, with someone retelling a story from back in the 1930s. The characters are more down to earth, not as insane as in Durarara!! but the story is as complex and interesting. The writer loves to mix timelines and have random minor stuff done by character A have a major impact on something B was planning on doing which makes C go somewhere else and end up m [...]

    Hey, this is great. Like, really so. An easy-to-read book with loveable characters and story After Bakemonogatari, I was pleasantly surprised both regarding the writing style of this book and its content. Reading The Rolling Bootlegs was still like reading a (well-written) book, not just anime subtitles or some bad fanfiction of an anime. Do recommend!! If the next volumes aren't already out yet in English, I hope that they'll publish them eventually. I'll be sure to buy them either way.

    So Oscar Wilde and Guy Richie team up to write a prohibition era gangster fantasy series Wait, why are you walking away?

    Warning: The following review contains bias.Baccano! is my favorite anime series of all time. In my opinion, it has a better story as well as more style and charm with 13 episodes and 3 OVAs than most anime have with 100+ episodes. That anime is what made me so excited to finally see this book's release stateside. Because while the anime had such a finely told story, the ending left you wanting and knowing that there was more. Which leads us to this book review. This story takes place mainly in [...]

    I think it's safe to assume most people reading this book came here because they watched the anime (one of my favourite ones). I'm in that same boat, and of course at the announcement of Baccano being translated into English I had to give it a go.I won't say prepare for disappointed, but prepare for your expectations not to be met fully.The one, big flaw is the writing, honestly, it's pretty bad. It wasn't translated well, and the first scene and end scene (from the first person POV of a random [...]

    It took me a bit of time to get into, but once I was I couldn't stop reading.This was one wild ride, and through stupidity and coincidence everything connects at the end.To be honest I just finished the book and haven't had much time to digest what I read, so I'm blanking on what to write in this review. I just know I want to express my excitement somehow.I'm in awe of the fact I laughed so much, usually I don't find situations like this funny, but reading this was so much fun I got pulled in to [...]

    I have to say, this was a lot easier to follow than the anime. There's not a lot of time-skipping going on in this one, and the narration stays pretty consistently to the point of view a handful of clearly-identifiable people. I appreciated the more detailed fleshing out of the characters, particularly the way the "gangs" were structured and their backgrounds so that it feels like a conflict that matters instead of just a bunch of mindless thugs shooting each other for no clear reason. The pace [...]

    The storyline of Baccano! pretty much describes my life. Things are happening right and left and it is crazy but fun ride. It seems like anything goes but there are, in fact, fun coincidences. "Oh hey, we just met but what you are seeing right now is not actually who I really am. Oh hey again! I don't really know you but can you help me get out of this sticky situation? Bye! I hope to see you again! Oh you left your watch with me. I guess I'll give it back to you when I see you again." Then you [...]

    I wanted to love this book. I did. I had heard such great things about it but perhaps it wasn't in my taste. I felt that there were too many characters running around and it felt overwhelming to me. I would become confused or feel disconnected from their stories. I will say that I loved the artwork. A good book if you enjoy America in the 1950s and multiple characters.

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