ავგუსტი და მე

ავგუსტი და მე

  • Title: ავგუსტი და მე
  • Author: R.J. Palacio
  • ISBN: null
  • Page: 487
  • Format: None
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    This didn't really blow my socks off like Wonder did, but I still really enjoyed it! The themes were a bit different, but definitely in a good way.

    Tres historias que merece la pena leer.Tenía mucho interés en saber más del resto de personajes de La lección de August. La manera en la que la autora narra la historia en el libro es mediante diferentes puntos de vista, consiguiendo que conectes con todos ellos de una manera u otra. Y no os voy a engañar: es lo que buscaba en este libro.Ver la vida de Auggie desde otros ojos es interesante, pero en este caso nos ponemos a su nivel. Es decir, sus compañeros de clase. Vemos su día a día c [...]

    Buddy readwith my little bro! dnf @ 50% Try not to take the DNF as a symbol that I //didn’t// enjoying the book. It was more of just terrible planning on my little brother’s part (we had to send it back to the library ;-;). I had read Wonder about a year ago and was greatly surprised by its impact on me. Not personally knowing or having met anyone with a similar disease, the majority of the struggles Auggie faced were very foreign to me. Now going into this book, I had the background informa [...]

    “If we spend too much time looking backward, we can’t see where we are going!”Wonder was just amazing and I'm so so glad for those three additional chapters/stories. R. J. Palacio is a gemstone, honestly.Julian: Ah man he was such a dick. But at least his brain did that thing were it started thinking and comprehending and understanding how wrong his actions had been. It's not a big surprise though, seeing how spoiled and arrogant his parents behave. Which is why I'm glad that his grandmoth [...]

    “I think there should be a rule that everyone in the world should get a standing ovation at least once in their lives.” This book is the companion novel to Wonder. If you haven't heard about Wonder, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? SERIOUSLY! Anyway, it is a beautiful story that I believe everyone or almost everyone should read. I read it with my class two years ago and I enjoyed it so much. But if you have read Wonder, this book is small novellas of different people in Wonder and how their lives were a [...]

    Book #1.5 'The Julian Chapter' - 4.5 stars“Sometimes it’s good to start over.”- Julian---------Book #1.6 'Pluto' - 4 stars “Being friends with Auggie could be hard sometimes.I didn’t know how to tell him that being friends with him could be hard for me sometimes, too.”- Christopher---------Book #1.7 'Shingaling' - 4 stars “Every person’s story weaves in and out of someone else’s story.”- Charlotte

    My goal was to read all the Wonder books before going and seeing the movie!The Julian Chapter:I read Wonder about two years ago, so when I found out that there were short stories that went with the book I had to read them. I was very impressed by the Julian chapter. I didn't think it would be as good as it was. I loved the story his grandmother shared and how it connected to him so well.Pluto:This "short book" is about Christopher, who was Auggie's best friend from the time they were babies unti [...]

    Ako još niste čuli za 'Čudo, niti znate tko je Auggie Pullman, ne znam kako vam je to uspjelo, ali krajnje je vrijeme da saznate. ;)Fenomenalna priča o priznavanju različitosti, promicanju ljubaznosti i sklapanju prijateljstava osvojila je čitav svijet, a uskoro nam u kina stiže i njena filmska verzija. Auggijeva priča postala je pravo čudo, i to u najboljem smislu.Priča iza 'Čuda', ukratko, je ova: Auggie Pullman dječak je s teškom deformacijom lica koji kreće u peti razred osnovn [...]

    After having just finished reading and having been suitably impressed with 'Wonder' - I approached this companion piece (it's not a sequel) with some trepidation. The question was whether the three stories contained here (each told from the perspective of a character from 'Wonder' a who weren't really given their 'say' in 'Wonder') really added or even detracted from the original novel?To take each story individually:The Julian Chapter:Clearly the key to this story (and the other two to a lesser [...]

    3.75I really enjoyed this book but I don't think it is necessary to read if you have read wonder. I really loved charlottes story and I liked Julian's but I didn't really enjoy Christopher's.

    I can see why these stories weren't included in Wonder, but I'm SO glad I read them. It took me a while to get into each story, but the author has an amazing talent of making you fall in love with every character she writes. I was so invested in all of them, it's hard to pick a favourite, but if I had to choose I would probably say Charlotte's, because I think ten year-old Bee could've learned a lot from the lessons in her story.

    Las tres historias me han gustado, y me han aportado algo al igual que hizo La lección de August en su momento, añadiendo datos a la historia que ya conocíamos y la autora lo hace con una gran frescura. Pero no puedo darle la nota que le dí a WONDER, porque este libro no ha llegado a encantarme y apasionarme de la misma manera que ese lo hizo. Aún así, lo he disfrutado mucho, y si os gusté La lección de August, tenéis que leer estas historias. Os recomiendo esta edición que contiene la [...]

    I'm going to come out with this straight awayIF you didn't enjoy Wonder then you probably shouldn't bother with this novelIF you enjoyed Wonder and would like to know more about OTHER characters within the book then this may be the novel for you to pick up.The author blatantly states that there isn't going to be a squeal to Wonder but instead has given us a different opportunity to go into the mind of some other characters that were featured in the book and one not that much.So, don't go into th [...]

    I was nearly crying the whole time I read this out loud to my kids. This books picks up right where Wonder leaves off, but this time the plot revolves around the complex and tender lives of the other characters in this beautifully crafted universe of characters. We see how challenging growing up can be. Through the eyes of Julian, Christopher and Charlotte we are reminded to be kind and that friendships and families and school can be hard, but we all make it through somehow. If you read and love [...]

    All of these stories did so much to give you so much background to Wonder, they're so worth a read. Charlotte was such a lovely character and getting to read about what was going on with her was a really eye-opening and relatable look at middle school friendships. Julian's story was interesting too because he isn't a bully in everyone's eyes. I liked his development, but it really made me think about how hard it must be to be a parent sometimes! Loved it!

    This is a companion book (consisted of 3 stories) from Wonder - and it's still totally inspiring, beautiful and mesmerizing. We have a chance to see the different point of views from 3 people whose lives intersected with Auggie. There's Julian, the bully, Christopher, the old friend, and Charlotte, the goody two shoes.While Auggie struggled with his problems and issues in Wonder, these three people also had many things to deal with. Including Julian! Like Palacio said, she didn't try to justify [...]

    A good book from different perspectives of main characters throughout Auggie's story. It gives others points of view as to how others were feeling as new friends, and fellow students of Auggie.

    This book didnt make me bawling like a lunatic like Wonder did but I still felt moved by it. Definitely enjoyed reading this. We cant just be friends when it's convenient. Good friendship are worth a little extra!

    It wasn't a great as Wonder but it's pretty close. I loved reading these stories. Even though Auggie doesn't appear often (or at all) it's great to get to know some of the Wonder characters more. It shows that everybody lives completely different lives.

    R. J. Palacio: Auggie & ja - tri čudesne priče(orig. Auggie & me - three wonder stories)Izdavač: FOKUS na hitNakon nezaboravne knjige, R J Palacio nas je vratila u svijet prekrasnog Auggie-ja, ali na drugačiji način. U knjizi "Čudo" upoznali smo Auggie-ja i njegov nevjerojatan život. Ova knjiga nije nastavak, te čak Auggie nije ni glavni lik već tri osobe s kojima je bio povezan - Julian, Christopher i Charlotte. Osobno sam najviše bio zainteresiran za Julianovu priču jer me z [...]

    The Julian Chapter Julian was the only unredeemed character left at the end of Wonder. While he was not the only bully in the situation, he definitely initiated most of the mean stuff done to Auggie. He came up with a game called 'The Plague' in which anyone who comes into physical contact with Auggie has to wash their hands quickly or else they die. He talked about Auggie and made gestures behind his back, sometimes even to his face. He even wrote mean notes and left them in Auggie and Jack's l [...]

    I adore this book and original and the author!We follow three supporting characters from the original book Wonder. We look deeper into their characters. I loved how the book started with Julian who was the most hated character in the last book. Julian was mean to Auggie for his deformity. Why? Because he was afraid of him. Due to some childhood trauma of scary faces like Voldemort, Julian sometimes has nightmares. Seeing Auggie triggered these night horrors. The best part of this book is you can [...]

    These stories are really wonderful! I loved them all and how we get to know a little bit more about the kids around Auggie. Every story moved me. These kids are precious and I love this book and Palacio's writing!!

    Change effects everyone differentlyWhen a new student joins Beecher Prep, everything changes. August Matthew Pullman, is a ten year old who feels ordinary but has a face far from ordinary. Auggie was born with severe facial deformity and rarely walks outside without scaring someone or seeing people staring at him from the corner of their eye. He is one of the most lovable, warm-hearted, engaging characters that readers immediately fall in love with as they read this intriguing fascinating story. [...]

    4.2 starsReading Auggie & Me feels like I was having a good time within the storyline itself. It didn't blow me away like the previous 'Wonder' did but I still really really liked it.I love how author Palacio gives us insights on the other minor characters whose lives were indirectly impacted with the presence of Auggie. It explained the inner workings of their thoughts/emotions and how it led up to their on-surface actions.The filling out of these three characters gives the opportunity to " [...]

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