French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew

French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew

French Lessons Adventures with Knife Fork and Corkscrew A delightful delicious and best selling account of the gustatory pleasures to be found throughout France from the beloved author of A Year in Provence The French celebrate food and drink than any o

  • Title: French Lessons: Adventures with Knife, Fork, and Corkscrew
  • Author: Peter Mayle
  • ISBN: 9780375705618
  • Page: 460
  • Format: Paperback
  • A delightful, delicious, and best selling account of the gustatory pleasures to be found throughout France, from the beloved author of A Year in Provence.The French celebrate food and drink than any other people, and Peter Mayle shows us just how contagious their enthusiasm can be We visit the Foire aux Escargots We attend a truly French marathon, where the beverageA delightful, delicious, and best selling account of the gustatory pleasures to be found throughout France, from the beloved author of A Year in Provence.The French celebrate food and drink than any other people, and Peter Mayle shows us just how contagious their enthusiasm can be We visit the Foire aux Escargots We attend a truly French marathon, where the beverage of choice is Chateau Lafite Rothschild rather than Gatorade We search out the most pungent cheese in France, and eavesdrop on a heated debate on the perfect way to prepare an omelet We even attend a Catholic mass in the village of Richerenches, a sacred event at which thanks are given for the aromatic, mysterious, and breathtakingly expensive black truffle With Mayle as our charming guide, we come away satisfied if a little hungry , and with a sudden desire to book a flight to France at once.

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    Peter Mayle might even convince readers who have no interest in France and are perfectly happy with a burger or a pizza to yearn for the countryside of France and their ability to turn the most mundane of foods into a sublime meal. My husband and I listened to the book again on our recent trip up to San Francisco and were once more charmed and filled with laughter at the antics of the narrator in attempting to discover the magic relationship these people df Provence have with the food of their r [...]

    If the goal of this book is to make the reader want to go on a food tour of France, then it 100% succeeded as far as I am concerned. The food descriptions in "French Lessons" were mouthwatering. I never wanted to eat frog legs until I read Mayle's descriptions of their buttery garlicy goodness.

    Updated: Peter Mayle is a very accomplished writer. I think he could make the nutrition facts of shredded wheat cereal sound impossibly droll. However, the real magic here is the narrator, Simon Jones. The whole family loved this (okay, not the three-year old) and we cannot wait to go to Provence. But we'll have to because there are no plans in place. Just some dreams and this audiobook which you will not be sorry you listened to.Just started listening to this whilst (he's British, okay? It's in [...]

    Peter Mayle is to be envied. Some people's work involves overseeing hundreds of people and managing the affairs of a business that skirts bankruptcy every other day. Some put their life in peril, fighting fires or confronting criminals. Some are pushed to their physical limits putting in long hours on the factory floor. Mayle, on the other hand, must roam France and subject himself to its extraordinary culinary pleasures, then regale readers with stories of this most dreadful task. Mayle is an a [...]

    Fluffy and partial to hyperbole, this book is well-written and a delightfully easy read. I might even consider the Medoc Marathon or the cleansing spa. Might.

    Peter Mayle's A Year in Provence is one of my favorite audiobooks, and I have listened to it at least twice. A British accent and French words and locations always please me. This particular book was more a less a travelogue of sorts. Having recently finished The Hundred-Foot Journey that talks about the Michelin Guide which rates French restaurants with the granting of stars, I definitely enjoyed this books' discourse on the origin of the guidebook and an interview with one of the Michelin Guid [...]

    I won this book as a white-paper-wrapped door prize at a going-away party for my friend Katharine Miller and her boyfriend Kris. I also now own dozens of vinyl records that belonged to Kris, which I purchased from him in the move.From the frog's legs festival to the French Riviera, Englishman Peter Mayle delighted and educated me every step of the way. If part of being French means understanding French food, I felt decidedly more French after reading this book. I'm also glad Peter pointed out hi [...]

    Приключения с нож, вилица и тирбушон от безсрамния публично признал се в заклета франкофилия английски писател. С тях Питър Мейл добива статус на лауреат на званието СМЧ (силно мой човек). Френските уроци са сборник гастрономични пътеписи и репортажи от кулинарни панаири и [...]

    If Paris is your favorite vacation spot you'll love this book, which comes complete with addresses for the various activities (viewing of dead chickens, eating frog's legs, snails and dress up marathon etc.). I loved reading it even though I did not expect to love it- that's why it's important to let other people select your books occasionally!!

    Oh Peter Mayle, how I love your books. This one, written in the same tongue-in-cheek style is all about food-related events in France, although most of the events in his other books were about food as well. Food porn at it's finest!

    I loved this book. If you like eating or drinking wine, you must read this. I will be re-reading this book. It caused me to want to read everything Peter Mayle has written.

    Lasot šo grāmatu, nodrošinieties ar kādu franču vīnu, vienā brīdī tas būs jāvelk ārā no ledusskapja, jo būs neizturami tas, cik kārdinoši viss ir aprakstīts šajā grāmatā! :) Lieliska grāmata!

    What a delightful journey! It was fun and relaxing to tag along with Mr. Mayle as he explored the various festivals and quiet corners of France. I was charmed by the warmth, friendliness, and eccentricity of the people he encountered, largely because they reminded me so strongly of the warm and friendly people I have encountered in France. I also enjoyed learning about everything from escargot to blue-ribbon chickens to the dastardly bootlegged Chinese foie gras to the finest wines in the world. [...]

    Peter Mayle takes a year to romp across France from Festival to Feast and no food stuff is safe! Each chapter is dedicated to some celebration of a particular food or beverage, each in a different part of France at a different time of year. He explores the French fascination with all things culinary from truffles to frogs legs to spa cuisine. Usually the subject of interest is paired with the appropriate partner libation, from classic wines to Vittel Water. He usually enlists his wife or one of [...]

    Poor, poor Peter Mayle. He has to come up with onerous assignments for himself like eating and drinking his around the French countryside while writing about wacky food festivals. Although the chapter on the luxe spa with its minceur cuisine and needle baths read like a paid promotional spot, the collection as a whole is delectable read, a real bon bon of a book. The chapter on the origins of the Michelin guide was fascinating, and I can see in my mind's eye the costumed marathoners flouncing th [...]

    I picked this up in a used book store so had no great hopes for it. Used bookstore finds a notoriously sketchy, chosen for a fly leaf read or a nice cover. This book, however, exceeded my meager expectations with gusto. Peter Mayle clearly adores his adopted country and its people and food. This collection of essays will have you wishing you had someone to read the more clever bits to, if you are reading alone. Let yourself sink into his absolute love of France and its characters. It will most l [...]

    I think I read somewhere that Mayle's book A Year in Provence is better than this one, but since this is the only Mayle book I have read, I found it quite enjoyable. Not read quickly enjoyable, but easily read and entertaining. The story of the princess and the frog in "The Thigh-Tasters of Vittel" was hilarious. I feel I need to copy the pocket de Bresse à la crème recipe on page 75. The chapter "A Civilized Purge" had me laughing. If I had hopes of traveling to France, I think I might even b [...]

    Note to anyone who wants to read this, DO NOT READ ON AN EMPTY STOMACH! YOU WILL DROOL! What a tasty adventure through France! Peter does a wonderful job of cataloging his culinary exploits. I was entertained immensely and inspired! I would love to know more about the food based festivals and fairs he was lucky enough to visit. I will definitely be picking up another one of his books. I am totally going to find a place that serves some of the delectable items he mentioned. Minus snails. I don't [...]

    This book was a bit dull and confusing at times. The humor fell flat and the colorful journey looked gray. Mr. Mayle samples different cuisines at food events and describes his journey. This book captures the interactions with the French people and Mayle's English background. The book breaks down into episodes which repeat the same process without any unifying elements. This book will definitely match well with some food connoisseurs.

    I still love Peter Mayle, but this was definitely not my favorite. Some parts of it are fascinating, some funny, but overall, it doesn't have the same easy flow as his earlier books. I'm tempted to give him four stars because the history of Michelin ratings was so interesting, but I'll have to sample another book of his first.

    Insightful and entertaining. I enjoyed exploring French cuisine through Peter Mayle's perspective, especially his bit about Michelin history towards the end of the book. Great humor - very clearly that of an Englishman, a good thing in my book.

    I listened to the audiobook from the library as I was preparing for a trip to France. I loved the descriptions of food, small towns, big cities, and restaurants of all sizes. This book was a delicious and delightful read. Recommended.

    I enjoy books that are about an area,its people and its food. This book is a winner on all counts. An interesting and enlightening look at the way the French think about their time at table and the people they enjoy it with.

    This is the second of Mayle's books I read. This one is a different animal than A Year In Provence. Same lovable descriptions of his quirky adventures.

    A deliciously delightful read that will leave you salivating for an authentic French culinary experience. A must read for food lovers

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