Under a Glass Bell

Under a Glass Bell

Under a Glass Bell Under a Glass Bell is one of Nin s finest collections of stories First published in it attracted the attention of Edmond Wilson who reviewed the collection in The New Yorker It was in these sto

  • Title: Under a Glass Bell
  • Author: Anaïs Nin Gunther Stuhlmann
  • ISBN: 9780804003025
  • Page: 499
  • Format: Paperback
  • Under a Glass Bell is one of Nin s finest collections of stories First published in 1944, it attracted the attention of Edmond Wilson, who reviewed the collection in The New Yorker It was in these stories that Nin s artistic and emotional vision took shape This edition includes a highly informative and insightful foreword by Gunther Stuhlmann that places the collectionUnder a Glass Bell is one of Nin s finest collections of stories First published in 1944, it attracted the attention of Edmond Wilson, who reviewed the collection in The New Yorker It was in these stories that Nin s artistic and emotional vision took shape This edition includes a highly informative and insightful foreword by Gunther Stuhlmann that places the collection in its historical context as well as illuminates the sequence of events and persons recorded in the diary that served as its inspiration Although Under a Glass Bell is now considered one of Ana s Nin s finest collections of stories, it was initially deemed unpublishable Refusing to give up on her vision, in 1944 Nin founded her own press and brought out the first edition, illustrated with striking black and white engravings by her husband, Hugh Guiler Shortly thereafter, it caught the attention of literary critic Edmund Wilson, who reviewed the collection in the New Yorker The first printing sold out in three weeks This new Swallow Press edition includes an introduction by noted modernist scholar Elizabeth Podnieks, as well as editor Gunther Stuhlmann s erudite but controversial foreword to the 1995 edition Together, they place the collection in its historical context and sort out the individuals and events recorded in the diary that served as its inspiration The new Swallow Press edition also restores the thirteen stories to the order Nin specified for the first commercial edition in 1948.

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      499 Anaïs Nin Gunther Stuhlmann
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    I've been meaning to eventually read some Anais Nin since learning that she had tried an failed to strike up a correspondence with Anna Kavan. (Here's a letter from Kavan to her publisher saying she should probably reply. As far as I know she didn't).But reading this slim and originally self-published volume (type-set herself on a hand press! diy was way more diy pre-xerox) of stories, glimmmers, dreams, I can see exactly why Nin might have seen in Kavan some sort of kindred. In 1948 Kavan publi [...]

    This is my first Anais Nin book and I found it so beautiful! Her short stories are real poetry. She has a really unique command of the language. I really wasn't expecting to enjoy this book but now I'm definitely going to read more of her works.

    My best friend Elia, who is also one of the few persons whose opinion I trust, recommended this book to me. She was in her Nin phase and I thought I'd give it a try too. When I started reading it, I was very surprised. My first impression was that I can't understand anything! I like clear plots and these short stories were everything but clear. I tried to analyse what was happening and realized that they were written in such way on purpose. It is not simply the author's mark; because half way th [...]

    There are some lovely short stories in this book, with some important messages for Humanity. I particularly enjoyed reading 'Houseboat', 'Ragtime' and 'Hejda'.Whereas Anais Nin is a lovely descriptive writer - overly so for my taste - I do sometimes struggle with metaphors such as "The bushes were soft hairy elbows touching mine".

    كعادة أناييس نن الاعتماد ع الاسلوب السريالي الغريب ف الكتابة ، وظهر ذلك جلياً هذه المرة ف قصصها القصيرة .أجد صعوبة دائما ق تقييم كتاب يضم عدد من القصص لأي كاتب ، لأن هناك قصص تستحق العلامة الكاملة وقصص أخرى ليست بنفس الجودة ومن ثم أصبح ف حيرة عند وضع التقييم الكلي .هناك بعض الق [...]

    مجموعة قصصية جيدة. وجدت بعض منها مفكك غير مفهوم حتى بعد قرائتي لها أكثر من مرة مثل "الموهيكاني" ، والبعض الآخر قصص عبارة عن مشاهد تصوغها أناييس نن ببراعة مثل "جامع النفايات"، وقصص أخرى متكاملة أعجبتني مثل "الفأرة" وهي الأقرب لي في هذه المجموعة. قصة الفأرة هي عن - فأرة - امرأة صغير [...]

    تحت الجرس الزجاجي جرس الحلم والقوقعة التي تُبعدك عن الواقع، في هذهِ الفقاعة التي لا يدخلها الهواء ولا يحدث فيها شيء، كل شيء متوقف عن ماذا يمكن أن تتحدث اناييس؟من تحت الجرس الزجاجي كتبت اناييس قصصاً مختلفة عن ما تقرأه بالعادة،كانت هي من قالت أن طموحها الوصول بالكلام إلى درجة [...]

    و أنا أتذكّر دائمًا ما وقع بين ديبوسي وإريك ساتي: قال ديبوسي لساتي إن مؤلفاته ليس لها شكل. فأجابه ساتي بأن أطلق على أحدها: "سوناتا في شكل الكمثرى" يا للهول من أنتِ أناييس نن؟ رائعة جدًا رغم أني ارتبكت هل تستحق الخمس نجمات أم لا؟ حسنًا سأمنحها خمس نجمات للحس الفني، للذكاء، للعذو [...]

    As I recall, a lovely collection. At some point I'm going to have to revisit and reevaluate Anais Nin. In high school, her diaries (picked up for reasons I can neither remember, nor fathom) were for me a gateway to a Paris and a literary world foreign and enticing. Nin introduced me to great writers and thinkers--Proust, Edmund Wilson, Gore Vidal--and those of a lower rung, but powerful yet--Henry Miller, D.H. Lawrence, Otto Rank, Djuna Barnes. And I will never forget the voice of the diaries.

    نموذج فني مميز هي السيريالية ، لكن هذه القصص أشد جنونا من السريالية ، أشد ما أعجبني قصة جامع النفايات و ما بعدها ، تستحق العلامة الكاملة رغم ان الترجمة قاصرة شيئا ما . عن دار أزمنه بترجمة محمود منقذ الهاشمي

    أول عمل أقرأه للكتابة، لكن لم يرق لي أي من قصصها، فالكتاب عبارة عن مجموعة قصصية تفتقر فيه القصص إلى الإبداع وأحياناً المعنى.

    القصص الأخيرة في المجموعة هي التي جعلتني اضع النجمات الأربع، أناييس مغرمة بسرد التفاصيل وغرائبية الوصف، تبدو قصصها كجولة سياحية ثرية بالأحداث في مدن منتقاة بعناية الأشخاص والأماكن والأوقات التي تجيد غزلها مع المجريات فتبدو كنسيج معتنى به. القصص الأولى تفتقر لدقة في الترجم [...]

    Really not sure what I’ve just read. A collection of stories, a string of words. Some quite lovely, particularly, oddly, the first one or two pages of each story. Around the third page they drift into something else, certainly plotless, at times tangentially wordy, stream of consciousness. I am certain I have missed the point, obscure but relevant as it is. Never sure if I am reading something difficult yet profound or just plain under-edited bunk. I may have needed more coffee, more wine or m [...]

    I hadn't expected to enjoy this book. I'd gained a mental image of Anaïs Nin as an author and expected to hate this book. In fact, I was so certain I wouldn't like it, that I didn't want to waste my time starting fro the beginning, so I opened it up in the middle and read from the chapter, 'The Mohican'.What a surprise, it was enchanting. Her writing is delicate and thoughtful; subtle and surreal; deeply perceptive, cool yet quite moving. It's prose-poetry really.The book is a series of charact [...]

    This collection of Nin's short stories written just after the second world war. I have long been a fan of Anaïs Nin's writing, but, to be perfectly honest, I had not ventured beyond her erotica (which I love, filled with artistic female-centered descriptions of perceptions) until Under a Glass Bell.The stories in this collection are prose narratives. Many of them accomplish this objective exquisitely. There are 14 stories in the collection, of which my favorites are "The Mouse," "The Mohican," [...]

    أنا لا أكتب بطريق العقل. لم يكن يشغلني سوى رغبة واحدة هي أن الكتابة يجب أن تصبح موسيقى وتنفذ إلى الأحاسيس مباشرة. أناييس نن- اليوميات* هذا ما يميز نن وما يجعلني أحبها وأحب أن أقراءها، إنها تعزف لا تكتب!قصصها تبدو كسيمفونيات تصيب القلب مباشرة، ما تكتبه له وقع الموسيقى على روحي. [...]

    I really have no words to describe the world this book can put you in. I'm quoting Edmund Wilson on this one "They are half short stories, half dreams, and they mix a sometimes exquisite poetry with a homely realistic observation. They take place in a special world, in a world of feminine perception and fancy, which is all the more curious and charming for being innocently international." No wonder this is by far the most printed work of the artist :)

    Nin bugs me in general but I wanted to give her sexy style another try. Thought short, early prose might give me those small, potent doses I was hoping for. But at this moment I find her so pretentious, ridiculously seriousI don't know, it's like take your black lace veil off for a minute, lady, and sit in the sunshine with a margarita for a change. I think I'm more in the mood to go to the beach than read Anaïs Nin, which says more about me than the author.

    مجموعة قصصية غريبة من نوعها فى موضوعاتها التى تقترب من السريالية و كأنها لوحات مرسومة بقلم أناييس نن.

    3,5أعتقد أن هناك دائماً مشكلة بكتابة الريفيوهات لبعض الكتب، أو حتى تقيمهاقد يعجبك شيء ما، لكنك تشعر بصعوبة التنفس معه فالاعجاب لا يعني الإغراق بالعاطفة اتجاه ذلك الشيء.هكذا تجد نفسك مع أنايس ننثلاثة عشرة قصة جعلتني أقرأها بتمهل شديد أننا أمام أحلام، لكن المشكلة تكمن بالجمو [...]

    قرأت هذه القصص القصيرة بترجمة ياسين طه هي لقائي الأول مع أناييس القوة والجمال كان في النصف الأخير من هذا العمل وكأنها كتبتها في زمن آخر و روحٍ أخرى أحببتها وأحببت التفاصيل و النسج السينمائي لقصصها

    3.5 Farklı parçalardan oluşmuş güzel bir kitaptı. Anais dünyayı gördüğü şekliyle neredeyse çekincesiz bir şekilde anlatıyor. Bir Anais Nin gelse elime onu da zevkle okurdum.

    This collection of short stories and vignettes offer vivid flashes of truth. They read much like a lucid dream experience, and haunt my memory just as intimately. In the first story, Houseboat, I was taken by her description of the tramps who live along the Seine:“At the bottom of the stairs lay the wrecked mariners of the street current, the tramps who had fallen out of the crowd life, who refused to obey. Like me, at some point to the trajectory, they had all fallen out, and here they lay sh [...]

    The stories in this small 101 page book have more depth and compassion on a few subjects than I've read in many popular tomes of stories. I love the short stories about the gypsy ragpickers and Hedja the best. Also I feel that any woman's rights supporters or feminists, while maybe they do not totally agree with Nin's career or life should read the story Mouse. It speaks a lot about women's fears and cruelty the world still thinks they are entitled to throw at those who do not live up to social [...]

    In a few of these stories ("The Labyrinth", "Through the Streets of My Own Labyrinth") Nin slips into self-indulgent narcissism, but others ("The Mouse", "The Mohican", "Ragtime") are brilliant character sketches of Parisian low-lifes. (Nin handles such characterizations with more empathy and flair than her friend Henry Miller, a narcissist if there ever was one.) "The Child Born Out of the Fog" is a heartbreaking tale of a romance destroyed by racism, while "Je Suis le Plus Malade des Surrealis [...]

    Review Under the Glass Bell and other stories by Anais Nin by snowbeachpublications2 out of 5 stars - This collection of short stories by Nin contains many stories that are a mixture of fantasy and reality, something that I do not enjoy but I liked one, the Houseboat. But that’s just me. Nin writes beautifully and has some striking images that lingered. Her power of making the reader feel like a voyeur is extraordinary. No wonder she was paid one dollar a page for writing porn for a “private [...]

    Having never read Nin before I guess I expected these stories to have some erotic or sexual content, but aside from one near the end, this was not the case. That's not to say I was disappointed, but I was interested in seeing what all the fuss had been about and I'm not sure I discovered what it was here. While I appreciate the historical context of her writing, ultimately it just wasn't for me. I guess I prefer linear storytelling, and while a few at the beginning and of this collection fit the [...]

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