Bitter Waters

Bitter Waters

Bitter Waters Ukiah and his senior partner Max Bennett are just returning to Pittsburgh after the events of Tainted Trail Before they even land they have a new tracking job to find a boy missing from his backyar

  • Title: Bitter Waters
  • Author: Wen Spencer
  • ISBN: 9780451459220
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Paperback
  • Ukiah and his senior partner, Max Bennett, are just returning to Pittsburgh after the events of Tainted Trail Before they even land, they have a new tracking job to find a boy missing from his backyard Driving straight from the airport, Ukiah and Max start another adventure, one that will involve kidnapped children, a drug dealing biker gang, a UFO cult, a hostile fedeUkiah and his senior partner, Max Bennett, are just returning to Pittsburgh after the events of Tainted Trail Before they even land, they have a new tracking job to find a boy missing from his backyard Driving straight from the airport, Ukiah and Max start another adventure, one that will involve kidnapped children, a drug dealing biker gang, a UFO cult, a hostile federal agent, the Pack, Max s new love Samuel Anne Killington, Ukiah s FBI lover Indigo Zheng, his two adoptive mothers, and his infant son, Kittanning.

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      457 Wen Spencer
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    This book is #3 in the series, and I liked it much less than the first two books. The plot is one non-stop action sequence, with no respite for the heroes. There are kidnappings and murders, kooky religious cults and suspicious federal agents, explosions and car chases, but it all seems to come at the expense of characterization. The characters are almost non-existent in this novel. They could be cardboard cutouts, and nobody would notice behind the constant bang & slam.It still reads easy a [...]

    I LOVE some of the books by this author (Wen Spencer), but I don't like this series at all. This is the third book in a sci-fi series about an alien who lives among us. His original mission was to enslave earth, and every cell in his body is a biological weapon. He almost can't be killed because every one of those cells can create a new creature. It's a good thing for Earth that he went against orders and just wants to live his life in peace. His adoptive name is Ukiah Oregon, and he's had a har [...]

    The third volume adds a new element - a group of fanatics whose leader has interpreted the Ontongard as demons, and who've been startlingly effective at fighting them due to combining that belief with empirical study and modern technology. That combo is why I give this one five stars; that and the fact that the Temple of New Reason are more interesting opponents, character-wise, than the Ontongard. They've captured some alien technology and, due to flaws in their translation of Ontongard communi [...]

    In this book the persecution comes not from a big brother, government agency but a religious cult who see the human/alien infected players as demons. Unfortunately they kill the PACK along with the soulless GETS, not being able to tell that one is a hive mind organism bent on absorbing all life on earth and the PACK who are individuals who are more human inspite of the wolf DNA that makes them PACK. Worse is their discovery of the aliens technology that may lead to the same earth destroying cons [...]

    I like the characters and the breakneck pace of these books, but find it nearly impossible to be so completely immersed in this story that I can suspend my disbelief. It's bad enough that we've got an invasion of aliens who can assume human shape and take over any person. On top of that we've got a cult who brainwash and absorb intelligent people, including those sent to retrieve them, but no one seems to notice this. Someone is stealing babies and torturing them. And then we've got bio-weapons [...]

    I did enjoy this book even though I got a bit confused as I was reading it. As it is no 3 in the series, I think I should have read no’s 1 and 2 first

    Third book in the Ukiah Oregon Novels. This one starts right after the last one ended. Ukiah returns to his hometown and immediately gets called to help find a missing boy. There is urgency to finding the boy as he may be the latest in a string of kidnapped children. Then Ukiah discovers the existence of a cult which have photos of Ukiah and his son, but he has no idea why, and Homeland security is asking a lot of questions. Things become even more complicated and worrying when Ukiah's son Kitta [...]

    This is the third in a series of books featuring 'Ukiah Oregon,' a 'wolf-boy' who was found running feral with wolves by a pair of lesbians, who, after hiring a private eye to try and locate his family - and failing to do so - raised him as their own. This wolf-boy, Ukiah, is an interesting character in and of himself, but things get complicated fast in his world.In the first book, 'Alien Taste,' and the second, 'Tainted Trail,' we learn that Ukiah is in fact an alien hybrid of strange DNA, and [...]

    3.5 actually.I'm good with non-stop action *as long as it's forward action*. Entirely too much of this felt like everyone chasing their tail. Even better, we're in book 3 and while Ukiah is finally feeling the need for independence (his acting like a helpless child at times is weird to say the least), he's still acting TSTL. Really? You go charging off after your kid without actually putting gas in your bike and, you know, calling for backup? Or even arming yourself?Of course, there's the whole [...]

    Ukiah Oregon is called upon to track his own son. Kittanning is kidnapped by a fanatical religious cult who have discovered pieces of the alien technology brough to Earth by the same aliens who created him. This book was not quite as good as the previous books because there was little explanation as to how the nut jobs could have figured out the technology. It threw me out of the story, trying to figure that out. I still enjoyed the story and I like the characters and there was a happy ending, s [...]

    In this book Ukiah's son, Kittaning, is kidnapped by a cult who have come across Hex's Gets but view them as demons. They believe that they are on a holy mission to eradicate them and that Kitt, whom they believe to be the son of an angel will help them.In the way of these novels, things get very messy and complicated before they get better! I still love Rennie the most, even though he doesn't get much airtime in this plot.This is my least favourite book of the series, but it is still gripping.

    Book three in the Ukiah Orgeon series.This didn't grab me as much as the first two. His opponents seem to have been placed in his way just to give him something to do, and the alien weapons that he suddenly remembers and starts thinking about seemed a bit too pat.Ukiah gets a bit more page time to himself in this book and its good to see him develop away from all the other people who influence him.

    This paperback was loaned to me. I am really enjoying this series. A great blend of sci-fi (my least favorite genre) and emerging urban fantasy (my favorite genre). This series has a classic feel to it, but smart, well-planned worldbuilding, wonderfully drawn characters, and perfect pacing. This had a cliffhanger-type ending, as the main thread wasn't completely resolved but it was a good suspenseful read-- I started book four immediately after.

    It's interesting watching the hero develop, although it's a very complicated history he has. The author did a good job of giving a precis of his backstory without slowing this novel down very much. I didn't like his moms much this time; they seemed be to much more querelous (sp?) and petty this time around. I have #4 and #5 TBR so we'll see how it goes.

    On the way home from the airport from Oregon, Ukiah and Max stop to find a lost toddler. They’re in a hurry, because they think this boy may be linked to a series of kidnappings of babies. Then Ukiah is asked questions by a Homeland Security agent. These are a terrific series of urban fantasy/ science fiction/ thriller/ mysteries, plus Ukiah is a detective.

    I do love this series. Maybe it's because I spent so much time hiding out in the woods with my dogs as a kid? Reading this one out of order didn't spoil it a bit for me. I was glad to have found it at all. Now I want more! Until then, I'll need to settle for starting her other series as soon as I can find it.

    The action picks up as we add in a new player. A group of humans have discovered the aliens and think they are demons and try to destroy them. They bring a world of hurt down on them when they start kidnapping babies.

    I didn't like this one quite as much as the first two. My favorite part of the series are the characters. In this book they fell a bit short, because of the non-stop action. Still, it was a nice read and I am looking forward to the next installment, which will sadly be the last.

    very nice third installment. The story is evolving nicely and keeps up the world building and the character development.

    The series is starting to lose me. Not sure if it's just Ukiah fatigue or the path the story is taking, but this one isn't up to the first two for me.

    This book is part of a fantastic series written by Wen Spencer, one of the best science fiction writers I've ever read.

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