Malekith The third book in the Time of Legends series begins the epic tale of the Sundering Malekith triggers a tragic sequence of events that plunges the realm of the elves into a civil war from which they wi

  • Title: Malekith
  • Author: Gav Thorpe
  • ISBN: 9781844166107
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Paperback
  • The third book in the Time of Legends series begins the epic tale of the Sundering Malekith triggers a tragic sequence of events that plunges the realm of the elves into a civil war from which they will never recover.

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    There was once a time when all was order, now so distant that no mortal creature can remember it. Since time immemorial the elves have dwelt upon the isle of Ulthuan. Here they learnt the secrets of magic from their creators, the mysterious Old Ones. Under the rule of the Everqueen they dwelt upon their idyllic island unblemished by woe.When the coming of Chaos destroyed the civilisation of the Old Ones, the elves were left without defence. Daemons of the Chaos Gods ravaged Ulthuan and terrorise [...]

    Malekith was my first foray into the Warhammer Universe, and in hindsight, I have to say it took me too long to sample this wonderful place. Sure, some will argue that the world of Malekith is yet another retreaded version of LOTR with a bit of Moorcock mixed in, but to me, even while such criticism holds a small sliver of truth, I honestly could careless because this stuff is good. Warhammer has gained another fan! But why should anyone consider reading the novel Malekith? The world of warhamme [...]

    God damn! Gav Thorpe really knocked it out of the park with this one!Malekith was a terrific adventure, full of exploration and ambition, betrayal and violence. So many twists and turns it'll make your head spin!The pacing was excellent, the characters were well rounded and believable, and each grew as they went through their respective arcs. The action was intense and the intrigue kept me on the edge of my seat!This first tale of the downfall of the Elves was phenomenal, and I can't wait to rea [...]

    This is probably the most epic fantasy I have read in my life, which is no small feat considering the fact that I have devoured everything by authors such as Terry Brooks, Raymond E. Feist and David & Leigh Eddings, am quite familiar with later authors such as Robert Jordan and Terry Goodkind and am fond of Dungeons & Dragons stuff. Nevertheless, this is the first Warhammer novel which I finish (I have started Malus Darkblade but did not like it) and I did it because I love the Eldar Pat [...]

    Aenarion, Uniter of Ulthuan and the whole of the elven race, the first Phoenix King, and defender of the world during the first two Chaos Incursions has passed. After much debate between the Princes of Ulthuan, Aenarion's son Malekith is not chosen as Aenarion's successor. It is decided that Malekith's older half sister will wed Bel Shanaar, and bel Shanaar would rule. malekith is fine with this ruling, and returns to his realm of Nagarythe were he rebuilds his realm and prospers. Growing bored [...]

    For those of you not familiar with the Warhammer universe, Malekith is the king of the Dark Elves, a cruel and heartless leader who will gleefully expend the lives of anyone he pleases to achieve his own ends. This book, however, is dedicated mostly to the time when he was a noble and upright prince of the Elven kingdom of Ulthuan with the last quarter (roughly) of the book telling the story of how his ambition caused him to turn to dark powers. So it's the classic 'hero falls into darkness' plo [...]

    Having read the background on the Dark Elves for WHFB I knew the story. In reading Gav Thorpe's novel I have a greater apprecitation for Malekith and his followers. In many ways I was reminded of Mordred and Morgan LeFay, another infamous M and M pairing of mother and son, when you see the ambition of Morathi push her son Malekith to achieve new heights. At times I found myself feeling sad for the prince, but then he would speak or do something in such an arrogant fashion that it was quickly for [...]

    From behest the day I picked this mere tome from my dusty shelves I blessed it with such bold expectations. I dared not think if it could ever wholly suffice them; the fabled legends of Ulthuan holding a rich significance within me, with the Sundering being the zenith of the bloody, millenia-old, never-ceasing war but lo! Was I wrong with such a base hypothesis. The story has its foundings barely a handspan after the cataclysmic creation of the Vortex, the magically nulling void centered within [...]

    Unfortunately, this book reads like an extended wiki page. Stuffing a wiki article full of bland dialogues does not a good book make. The prose is clumsy, boring and tedious. I mean, I get it, people have to write books for a living. However, from a reader's perspective, I would recommend sticking to the wiki. You will get the same amount of enjoyment from it, I promise.

    I honestly don't expect much from Black Library novels except to see the histories of a game world I really enjoy come to life in my mind.That's what I got out of this book. It was a lot of fun to read the beginnings of the fall of the Elves of the Warhammer World. I'll admit, the moment that Malekith returned to Ulthuan after his 1000+ years in the 'Colonies' (building the kingdoms of the Elves & Dwarves), and we first get introduced to Eoloran Anar & his grandson AlithI had a fanboy mo [...]

    This was one of those random finds in a bookstore, didn't really search out for it but my goodness! That it was so far off my radar of books to get was already a wonder in itself. With some trepidation being from a non-gaming world background, I thoroughly enjoyed it from the get-go. I can imagine if you're a connoisseur of the gaming world from whence the world of Malekith is somewhat rooted in as I understand it (I may be wrong, who cares!), it must be a wonderful experience. If you're not, li [...]

    Warhammer fluff at its worst. The writing is so sloppy and half of it doesn't even make sense. Malekith climbs on top of a shaggoth and hacks its head off while one of his arms is broken. Morathi gives her son Indraugnir v.2 and betrays him in the next chapter. Eataine is portrayed as more susceptible to pleasure cults because it's rich and idle, but the cults are rooted in Nagarythe, which is portrayed as super-martial-disciplined. On page 384, Malekith manages to both "pause to consider" and " [...]

    It was really great to read this terrific novel again, Gav Thorpe does a good job at portraying the elven empire at its height. Malekith, as the name suggests, focuses on Prince Malekith, son of Aenarion. Fuelled by his own ambition and the poisoned whispers of his mother, he seeks the throne of Ulthuan for himself and he is very willing to do whatever it takes to secure it. Like many fantasy worlds the elves of the Warhammer world are a very long lived people, and this story spans centuries as [...]

    This was the first Time of Legends book I read, and one of my favourites. I felt that the sequels simply had much less compelling main characters, as they focused on different parts of the conflict.Malekith definitely has a bit of a Horus vibe, for those familiar with the 40K equivalent of ToL, The Horus Heresy (which actually came first).Malekith is really brought to life in this, and trancends the usual 2D villains than fantasy often tries to hoist upon us. I could really feel the friendship a [...]

    Ugh! This is the first Warhammer title I've picked up and was sorely dissappointed. The prose got tired fast; every description was "like" another thing. Editors should have picked up on this overuse of simile. The character development was incredibly shallow, especially given the potential (disgruntled Prince, crazy mother, loyal captains) and plot holes were many. Thorpe did, however stick to the storyline and included the characters from the gaming universe and their reasons for being there, [...]

    The simplistic, mass-market style of writing in this book disappointed me. Moreover, the author wasted his (and my) time detailing the entirely forgettable account of Malekith's adventures overseas with dwarves and trolls while glossing over what should have been the crux of this story: the conflict with the Phoenix King and the associated tangles with Morathi.If you're looking for a good read which takes place in the Warhammer universe, consider the works by C.L. Werner; his Witchhunter series [...]

    This is the first book in the Sundering series and follows Malekith, the Witchking of the dark elves, corruption and rise. Solid fantasy fare. If you are familiar with Games Workshops Old World setting for the WHFB games you'll feel right at home. I liked it and for any high elf or dark elf players it’s a must read. I am looking forward to the next books. All in all another quality entry in the black library and Gav Thorpe is still one of the best authors in its stable.

    Сухо, скучно, бледно. Бесстрастная историческая хроника фэнтезийной реальности. Настолько безлико и пресно описать мир вархаммера и тамошних эльфов пожалуй не удавалось никому. Малекит неплох, но ради него читать весь этот талмуд не имеет смысла. Автор не позволил себе вы [...]

    The book was great it had a few slow parts but over all was way better than nagas the sorcerer. The book had times where I got confused but that got straightened out pretty quickly. It had a horror side to it that I never saw coming. Overall the book ended too fast. I still recommend the book to people

    Truth be told, I didn't finish this book. As far as writing style goes, I didn't think it was terrible - the writer does have a way with words, but the story itself and the way in which it was presented wasn't interesting to me in the least, so I ended up just passing on it.

    Who was Malekith before being the well-known Witch King of Naggaroth, scourge of the seas and relentless threat to Ulthuan? And what's with him and dwarven ale? If you connect the phrase "born bad" with this character, think again. Or read the book.

    this book startedout well, good development of a new world, but then towards the middle floundered and focused too much on long descriptions when they weren't necessary and really slowed the plot down. the ending was also very quick and abrupt. It left everything unfinished,

    Not bad. I liked the main character. Malekith is seen as a hero yet flawed. The story was solid. This was my third foray into the Fantasy Warhammer universe and where i enjoyed this book I liked the Sigmar story more and the Nagash series is my least favorite.

    Very much for fans of the Warhammer world, this book kicks off the trilogy of the Sundering in high style. An excellent portrait of Malekith, the elf prince who is destined to become a Sauron-like Dark Lord and sunder the elven race forever.

    I enjoyed this book as I play Dark Elves in Warhammer and it was interesting as parts of it tied into Nagash and Sigmar too. It was a great read.

    Not top of the line literature if you know what I mean. :)But if you like stories about wars with elves and dwarfs and magic, this is one to read.

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