Almost Home

Almost Home

Almost Home The Marrying Kind by Debbie MacomberHigh school sweethearts Katie and Jason haven t seen each other in ten years and now she s walked back into his life With one look the love they shared comes flood

  • Title: Almost Home
  • Author: Debbie Macomber Cathy Lamb Judy Duarte Mary Carter
  • ISBN: 9781420108866
  • Page: 373
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Marrying Kind by Debbie MacomberHigh school sweethearts Katie and Jason haven t seen each other in ten years and now she s walked back into his life With one look, the love they shared comes flooding back only now the odds seem stacked against them Whale Island by Cathy LambFamily secrets and imposing friends are making Chalese feel like an outsider in her v The Marrying Kind by Debbie MacomberHigh school sweethearts Katie and Jason haven t seen each other in ten years and now she s walked back into his life With one look, the love they shared comes flooding back only now the odds seem stacked against them Whale Island by Cathy LambFamily secrets and imposing friends are making Chalese feel like an outsider in her very own home on beautiful Whale Island But it s only when a shocking revelation makes her feel truly lost that she opens her heart to the possibilities the past offers including a chance at love with the last man she expected Queen Of Hearts by Judy DuarteHer high school reunion is coming up, and advice columnist Jenn Kramer couldn t be dreading it until she lays eyes on Marcos Jenn hardly noticed him when they were kids, but know he s all grown up The Honeymoon House by Mary CarterIt doesn t get romantic than Andy Beck s cottage on Marth s Vineyard But love is the last thing on his mind he just wants to get the cottage ready for his best friends honeymoon At least that s the plan, until he finds the gorgeous Maid of Honour ransacking his house in the most irresistible way.

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      373 Debbie Macomber Cathy Lamb Judy Duarte Mary Carter
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    Note: Debbie Macomber's name may be the largest on the book, but she contributed the fewest number of pages by far“Whale Island” by Cathy Lamb4 starsLots of humorof all the stories in the book, this is the one I would have liked to have seen expanded. It was the longest of all the stories (129 pgs) and it seems like it easily could have been longer and delved into a bit more of the story. It had the most depth to it of all the stories and I found myself really liking all the characters.“Qu [...]

    I enjoyed all the novellas. I bought this because Cathy Lamb is my favorite author. She always has a healthy dose if humor and real life in her books. The other 3 novellas did not disappoint. I like this yellow of book to have on hand when running errands. Easy to pull out in the grocery line or Drs. office.

    the first novella was a fun read. although it seemed the main character was overreacting about her past, but then again maybe it is plausable. it had some funny moments. i liked the friends interactions which were funny re the childrens authors ex-boyfriends's new woman.

    I rate this for the Judy Duarte story online, I can't stand Debbie Macomber anymore and I didn't read the other stories

    Almost Home is an omnibus of 4 romance stories with Debbie Macomber’s name large on the cover, despite the fact that her contribution is very small.Whale Island is a romance novella by Cathy Lamb. Chalese Hamilton is an author of children’s books, living incognito on Whale Island under the guise of an animal lover who makes jams and jellies. Aiden Bridger, a journalist with the Washington Review, is determined to do a story on her. Chalese is worried that his expose will harm her standing on [...]

    Almost Home is a collection of four novellas, headlined by bestselling Debbie Macomber.Whale Island by Cathy Lamb is about a reclusive children’s book author who lives on a coastal Washington state island and the reporter sent to interview her. Chalese steels herself for what Aiden will uncover. Not just her present as the popular creator of animal stories but her past as a victim. Queen of Hearts by Judy Duarte tells the story of Marcos “The Brain” Taylor and his high school crush, Jenn K [...]

    Almost Home by Debbie Macomber and othersI love the idea of having 4 themed books in one big book. What I don't like is finding out I've read all of them as they were first published in 2009. If you've not read them they are fantastic reads and you might find a new author that you gotta go get all of their books to read cuz they are so good.Whale Island by Cathy LambChalese is with her accomplish Brenda and they are on their way to the police station because the Chief requested them to confess.T [...]

    I'm giving this anthology 5 stars because it was just incredibly entertaining: funny, heartwarming and a welcome balm from my terrible dismay about the recent election. I hadn't read any of the authors, except for Debbie Macomber, prior to this. All four novellas dealt with love: either lost and regained, or hesitation involving potential love. I liked the quirky characters---not predictable. I liked the unique occupations some had. Altogether a delightful read. And I'll definitely be seeking ot [...]

    Reading now:Cathy Lamb's story as narrated by Laural Merlington. She reads 'as if' she is aware of what the emotion in the story actually is, and is reading with a complimentary attitude. She also doesn't have any voice ticks that draw attention to themselves and away from the story.

    Overall rating: 4Whale Island -- Zany characters in an entertaining "dramedy".Queen of Hearts -- Enjoyable but predictable.Honeymoon House -- Didn't care for the whiny Amanda.Marrying Kind -- Class Reunion Time! Head cheerleader, star football player, nerdy class valedictorian, secret identities, advice columnist -- what's not to love?!

    Four different authors and romance novellas in one book. The first one was funny, may read her books again. The other three were what you'd expect.

    Quite an uneven anthology and the marketing of this collection with such emphasis on Macomber's name was sly, since her story was the least impactful and the shallowest of her stories I recall reading. Queen of Hearts (Duarte - Solid 4*) was an enjoyable blend of youthful history backing up a rediscovery of each other with lenses of maturity & experience. I enjoyed how Marcos still loved Jenn and despite all his other successes still felt so unsure that he wrote "Dear Diana" for advice, not [...]

    Actually 3 1/2 stars.I had a bit of difficulty rating this book because I really liked one of the stories and feel bad rating the entire book from the others. “Whale Island” by Cathy Lamb 3 1/2 stars This was very humorously written and the characters are very likable. I enjoyed the plot but the tone and language was a bit baser or lusty for my tastes. Still a fun, light read.“Queen of Hearts” by Judy Duarte5 starsThis was my favorite story and I am looking forward to reading more from t [...]

    This book was actually 4 stories, each story by a different author, compiled into one. The first story was very hard for me to get through (the first sentence alone annoyed me, and I should've put the book down then!), and Debbie Macomber's story (the last one and shortest of the four) wasn't any better. The two stories sandwiched between those two stories were okay. However, all 4 stories were too predictible and far fetched. I thought a lot of women like romance novels because it seems like so [...]

    This is a compilation of four largely forgettable novellas. I have to be somewhat careful in perfunctorily writing off a book justbecause I’m in a place that makes reading that genre at that time a badidea. Still, these stories are kind of weak. Yes, they’re fun and humorousin spots; it’s a great read on a day when you’re feeling particularlybrain-dead and just want a mindless romance or two. It’s super short, andyou’ll blow through it in good time.In one story, a geek transforms him [...]

    I got this book for the Mary Carter story. I'm a big fan. Of course I couldn't let the rest of the stories go to wasteg mistake. the Julie Duarte and Cathy Lamb stories weren't horrible, but the Debbie Macomber made me cringe. I worked in a local library for several years and was curious because Macomber's books were really popular with our patrons. Curiosity killed the reader. I only got a few chapters in. It was full of cliche and the first love scene quoted a Pointer Sisters song. How about a [...]

    These are 4 contemporary stories of characters going home (loosely interpreted).Whale Island is the home of children’s book author, Chalese. When she wins an award and a reporter shows up to do her story, family secrets are jeopardized. Queen of Hearts tells the story of Jenn and Marcos who meet up again for their 10 year high school reunion and find they have reversed lifestyles. Honeymoon House involves 2 couples dealing with many misunderstandings and old guilt. The Marrying Kind tells of 2 [...]

    I thought this book got progressively worse through each story, culminating in the last being a story I would not have finished. The over-arcing theme was girl has guy interested in her, even though she behaves badly (not her fault, but due to past hurts), guys stays/comes back regardless of being told to get lost, and of course there is a happy ending. There were a couple of interesting and unique plot points and character development, but I would not recommend it for anything but a very light [...]

    Of the four stories, the best one was by Judy Duarte. The stories by Cathy Lamb and Mary Carter were almost painful to read, and the story by Debbie Macomber was too short and had me cringing a bit in regards to actions/activities that the two MCs took part in. I wouldn't recommend this book, personally, but I WILL look up Judy Duarte to check out more of her stories, given how much I liked the novella she contributed to this compilation.

    This was a collection of 4 short stories, only one of which was written by Debbie Macomber. All the stories were fine. All were love stories but all had very different story lines. None of them totally grabbed me but they were interesting enough. My problem was the ease with which the authors have people jump into bed with each other and their preoccupation with things sexual. The scenes were not graphic but not in sync with my beliefs.

    This review is for the first story called Whale Island by Cathy Lamb. I loved this story! Funny enough to laugh out loud in public and touching enough to be wiping away tears later. Crazy characters and situations, and a fast read. I wish it had lasted longer.I finished the other 3 stories in this book. They are pretty good stories, but the first one was the best!

    Lots of short storysI don't like to read short stories by a lot of different authors. I do like some of the author's. Anyway, most stories were good I did read them all, not into affairs or disloyalty, I didn't realize this book had more then one story, my bad! oh well. sometimes it's to much info to fast and before you know it's over.

    Me + airport-type bookstores + feeling rushed = mediocre romance novel. This was no exception. I thought I'd remembered Debbie Macomber as at least being fairly clean, and it was that, but each of the four stories were mediocre at best. The only thing that saved the first one was the sense of place. The others didn't even have that.

    This is a super fast read, with four short romantic stories by different authors. My favorite was the first story, by Cathy Lamb, Whale Island, because it was quirky and very enjoyable to read. The other three stories are fine, but more than likely, they will not be remembered as having been read previously, if I were to pick up the book again in 10 years. A good beach book.

    I really like the mix of stories in this book. The first story I laughed so hard but it did take a twist but finished nicely. Finishing it off with Debbie's story is always a joy. I enjoyed this one and look forward to many more.

    Read during a book club/circle thing my family did one year. Anyway, not my usual choice for reading. Predictable, blah, no meaning. Just mindless diversion. An easy read. Entertaining if you're stuck in a waiting room, maybe.

    Four different stories with four different authorsI enjoyed all of the stories and the characters in them. All for stories are similar because they are love stories but they are very different too!

    found this on my pub library's downloadable audiobooks. i wish i hadn't bothered. a story or two seemed promising enough, but any interesting development occurred out of the listener/reader's ear/eye. sad, but inevitable in an anthology?

    A collection of romantic stories by four authors - guess I am not a romance reader. The first, Whale Island by Cathy Lamb, is the only one worth reading - very funny. I gave up on the second and fourth, just too obvious from the beginning where the story was going.

    i love all the stories in the book although most of it were pretty predictable. the stories are simple and nicely written. unlike most stories I've encountered previously each story in the book has its own charm where you can actually relate them with you. you'll definitely felt almost home.

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