The Whole Day Through

The Whole Day Through

The Whole Day Through It s a day in the life of a something woman She has recently been obliged to move in with her elderly mother because the latter is a committed lifelong naturist who no conventional care home woul

  • Title: The Whole Day Through
  • Author: Patrick Gale
  • ISBN: 9780007306015
  • Page: 333
  • Format: Paperback
  • It s a day in the life of a 40 something woman She has recently been obliged to move in with her elderly mother because the latter is a committed, lifelong, naturist who no conventional care home would admit.

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      333 Patrick Gale
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    “… he remembered her sleeveless dress was simple and fairly short, the colour of a favourite pair of suede shoes….a brown somewhere between bread crust and butterscotch. It was either very well cut or she had an excellent figure; without her inside it would surely have looked like a sack. Her arms and legs were slightly tanned and her short hair hung across her face as she arched backwards. She was anonymous and elegant, and elegance in a busy general hospital was as unexpected as dancing [...]

    I loved this story although I do have two (slight!) criticisms:: I didn't like the way Laura's mother was always referred to as "mummy" - eeugh, makes me cringe! o: the ending caught me by surprise! I thought I'd a good few pages to go but there's an "Ideas, Interviews & Features" section at the end which is 20+ pages long.Two very minor gripes there which in no way spoiled my enjoyment of the book.

    This looks to be the sixth of Patrick Gale's books that I've read in 15 months since discovering Notes From an Exhibition. As you can gather from that I've been enjoying them a lot. I've been spacing the back catalogue out rather than gorging on it.This one isn't back catalogue - it's a new release - and I didn't like it as much as the older stuff. It's not as sweeping in it's scale as some of the books and I guess the author fancied something different as this book limits itself, as the title s [...]

    Sometimes I get sent books to review. Occasionally, I do an online questionnaire for a publisher, and get sent a book as a reward. This book is in the latter category. It's the story of Laura, a young and somewhat promiscuous woman who gives up her independent lifestyle in Paris to look after her elderly mother. Her mother is physically frail, but mentally extremely astute. Laura bumps into Ben, an old flame, who is temporarily separated from his wife. Ben lives with his brother, who has a mild [...]

    A few years ago I read Patrick Gale’s A Sweet Obscurity (2003), very much enjoying his simple elegant style. Soon afterward I tried another but found it too slight. Not too long ago I bought a few books in my local bookstore and was offered Gale’s latest novel at half-price – why not, I thought. I finished The Whole Day Through in one sitting, which is befitting a novel that, as one can tell from the title, takes place on a single day, though its narrative moves effortlessly back and forth [...]

    It just goes to show you can't judge a book by its cover. Looking at the front of this one, I would have probably thoughtm, safe, middle-class, something the Women's Institute would approve ofI certainly wouldn't have expected it to broach the subject of pubic lice over muesli and chopped banana (which of course it did). Gale's excellent 'Notes from an Exhibition' is one of my fave books of all time, and a hard act to follow - not surprisingly this fell a bit short. The idea of setting the story [...]

    Good characters, with flaws and good points that make them believable. The settings in Winchester and Oxford are also well described and realistic. Gale's language is often original and his observation of human nature, of people's strengths and weaknesses, makes for a compelling story. The twists and turns of life lead to conclusions for the characters that we can see but they are not all aware of. If only certain events had happened differently we would have had a very different story. Yet ther [...]

    I was in two minds whether to give this three or four stars. It's the fourth Patrick Gale I've read and I agree with other reviewers that it's not as good as some of his previous works. For me, the main problems were towards the start of the book where uncharacteristically poor sentence structure had me reading back and forth to make sure I'd understood the meaning. It was then a battle for the book to improve in my estimation, although it did succeed in this eventually.I will read more of Gale' [...]

    Like his other books has a gay protagonist but unlike his others it is set in the town he grew up, Winchester. Working in Winchester myself it was nice to read a book with street and place names kept the same so I could picture exactly where everything was happening! Another great read from Gale.Reread in October 2010

    Este não é um romance cor de rosa todo perfeitinho.As personagens tem falhas e o enredo também, mas isso foi o que mais gostei, a humanização do livro. Ou não seremos nós, na vida real, pessoas imperfeitas e por vezes com atos longe da perfeição?Mas aquele final vê-se que o autor é um homem e não digo mais

    A brilliant book. Lyrical in style it tells a love story full of regret and missed opportunity. The characters are the sort that stay with you long after you've finished reading. I can't recommend this book and others by the same author highly enough.

    PLOT SPOILER ALERT:Loved the way it all took place over one day - with story line being told through memory.Wonderful idea and it really worked for me :) Again, strong characters with which you could empathise. Although I liked the ending - a brave decision I felt - it would have been nice to know the reason why he never came back. maybe he'd be killed by his distraught wife!!! but it just jumped a year and then stopped! Brave writing - but it works and I don't think any less of it for the abrup [...]

    A touching story of a middle-aged man and woman who have a chance to rekindle a relationship from their early days despite commitments and other challenges. Each chapter is set at sequential times of day over a period of time but this structure is lightly used and doesn't detract from the characters and the portrayal of their troubled attempts at making up for the missed opportunities in their lives.

    I liked this book. I didn't love it as I did with "A Place Called Winter", which was a magnificent novel. This was more like a cosy jumper of a novel, with a rather abrupt ending I found.I'm glad I read it. But I would not be tempted to reread it at some point.However, this is an author I enjoy and will definitely read more of.

    Picked this book up unexpectedly, started reading it and the story grabbed me as something nice and light to read but it turned out to be deeper than anticipated. Definitely will read more of his books. Surprisingly good portrayal of a female protagonist as written by a male author.

    As a fan of gales work I really didnt rate this as highly as others I have read. maybe i wasnt in the right frame of mind when reading it. it was beautifully written as always, elegant descriptions however for me it ended far too soon and came to rather an abrupt hault i wasn't expecting

    Funny and sadA quick but enjoyable read. Telling the story of a relationship within the framework of a day. Fascinating and fragile.

    rather like the British novelist Patrick Gale: I like the way he thinks ‘outside the box’.The Whole Day Through is, at first glance, about a relationship of missed opportunities and the obstacles imposed by family obligations.Forty-something Laura isn’t very good at relationships but she’s been reasonably contented living in Paris (and who wouldn’t be, eh?) but she’s had to come back to Winchester to look after her elderly mother after she started having falls. And Ben, an old friend [...]

    MehAfter developing a crush on all that is Patrick Gale, this was a little disappointing. It felt like it meandered nowhere. I have previously felt fierce love and loyalty to his characters, these less so. They were not vibrant living forces more sad aimless, colourless shadows. Lovers stop becoming lovers for reasons and the recreation of a previous tryst seemed doomed from the start and just felt tired and drawn out.That said if this is the worst he puts out - it is better than many.Still quie [...]

    I didn't enjoy this as much as previous books by this authors. Maybe the subject matter is a bit too close to home with the elderly parent and disabled sibling. Also Ben was annoying and Laura just felt insipid.

    Lovely, lovely, lovely book.It wasn’t perfect – nothing is in this flawed old world of ours – but it was as close to perfection as you’ll get.The main story concerns the relationship between two people which was started at University and rekindled some 25 years later.Most of the action is based on the events of one day, but time shifts provide plenty of opportunities for flashbacks.A number of universal themes are explored – and more often than not, Patrick Gale hits the nail right on [...]

    It was only recently that I discovered the author Patrick Gale when I read 'Notes From An Exhibition'. I enjoyed it so much that I immediately put everything else he has written on my wishlist.I like Patrick Gale's writing and find his characters realistic enough to be able to empathise with them. 'The Whole Day Through' is structured very differently to the last one I read as the entire action takes place over a period of one day.First love is rekindled as the protagonist Laura runs into Ben, t [...]

    Best-seller Internacional? Alguém me pode explicar porquê? Será que a versão original é assim tão melhor?O primeiro aspecto que não gostei foi os titulos dos capítulos. São pouco originais, com pouco razão de ser. Mais valia terem numerado, pelo menos sempre podíamos fazer contagem decrescente até ao fimNo geral é um livro muito simples, sem grande conteúdo ou história. Monótono é a palavra que melhor o descreve. Romântico nem por isso.Gostei da importância e empatia que o aut [...]

    Patrick Gale’s novel appealed to me following ‘Notes from an Exhibition’. ‘The Whole Day Through’ is a controlled novel: steady, very real and – in a sense – immediately unremarkable. Laura Lewis, in her mid-40s, has moved from a life of independence in Paris to Winchester, where she assumes the care of her mother, the osteoporosis-suffering but mentally brilliant Professor Jellicoe, to ensure she does not end up in an institution. The novel uncovers Laura’s childhood and how her [...]

    A woman has a second chance at love in this novel from the author of Richard & Judy bestsellers 'Notes from an Exhibition' and 'A Perfectly Good Man'. When forty-something Laura Lewis is obliged to abandon a life of stylish independence in Paris to care for her elderly mother in Winchester, it seems all romantic opportunities have gone up in smoke. Then she runs into Ben, the great love of her student days - and, as she only now dares admit, the emotional touchstone against which she has jud [...]

    I really enjoyed Notes from an Exhibition, so had fairly high expectations for this novel. I wouldn't say I was disappointed, that would be an unfair criticism of Gale's writing ability, I just wasn't as enthralled by the characters. The theme's are fairly commonplace literary ones, ailing parents, break-down of a marriage, but Gale handles them very well and prevents them from becoming mere stereotypes. The inclusion of Ben's brother, who is gay and suffers from Down syndrome, was an interestin [...]

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