Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake

Piece of Cake Vivid and unforgettable this popular novel follows an RAF fighter squadron during the Battle for France and the Battle of Britain These pilots are real human beings not two dimensional heroes Unconv

  • Title: Piece of Cake
  • Author: Derek Robinson
  • ISBN: 9780553250565
  • Page: 118
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Vivid and unforgettable, this popular novel follows an RAF fighter squadron during the Battle for France and the Battle of Britain These pilots are real human beings, not two dimensional heroes Unconvinced of the wisdom of their leaders, they concentrate only on staying alive and on forgetting their fears of being burned to death in their planes Some turn to drink, someVivid and unforgettable, this popular novel follows an RAF fighter squadron during the Battle for France and the Battle of Britain These pilots are real human beings, not two dimensional heroes Unconvinced of the wisdom of their leaders, they concentrate only on staying alive and on forgetting their fears of being burned to death in their planes Some turn to drink, some turn on their compatriots in order to survive, and others score a succession of aerial victories while acting unforgivably on the ground.

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    Ask Americans what the best fighter planes of World War Two were, and they will probably name the Japanese Zero, the German 109, and the British Spitfire. The Hurricane is just some other Brit plane. PIECE OF CAKE is one of my favorite WWII novels. It is about a year in the life of a British Hurricane fighter squadron, from September 1939 to September 1940. There is also a BBC Masterpiece Theater multi-disc DVD set, which is very faithful to the book. But I have to ding the video for changing th [...]

    A real classic of wartime literature: a squadron of RAF fighter pilots making their way first through the idyllic boredom of the "Phony War," and then being plunged headlong into the hellish dangers of the Battle of Britain. Tragedy and humor and spine-tingling action run side by side in this tale; Robinson pulls helpless laughter out of you with the high-jinks of his adrenaline-junkie young heroes, then turns the pace on a dime and has you mopping your eyes as the cruel odds of aerial battles a [...]

    I remember a few moons ago (about 20 years ago really) seeing something about the mini-series Piece of Cake and not being able to watch it (sorry, to poor to afford it then) and being a little interested in aviation warfare I decided I'd have to read it at some point. After spending sometime looking about and finally deciding to deal in the second hand market I picked up a copy of Piece of Cake. Piece of Cake describes a British squadron (Hornet Squadron, flying Hurricanes for those that are int [...]

    Following a squadron of RAF Hurricane pilots from Sept. 39 through Sept. 40 into the Battle of Britain. Derek Robinson scores big with sweeping action, black humor, realistic characters, and excellent history as to how Britain managed to survive the Luftwaffe's assault. I seem to read this book every few years, there's something about how well developed the characters are that keeps me wanting to revisit them. If you like historical fiction, warts and all, Derek Robinson is a must read.

    This is probably my most re-read book from one of favourite authors.Having spent 25 years in the RAF I find the humorous banter very realistic, and the characters a fair representation of the cross-section of individuals you would find on a typical RAF Squadron.But the absolute best thing about Derek's RFC and RAF books, is the historical accuracy which shows that a lot of research goes into each one of his works.Highly recommended.

    This book was a fantastic read from beginning to the end! This book was fiction but historically accurate and the fight sequences well written and believable. But what makes this book is the personalities and effects of the war it has on them and the fact you are following a squadron from the beginning of the war to the Battle of Britain. The tactics used from the start to change in tactics and aircraft development that can help in a year plus the understanding of the men! Great read!!

    One of my favourite books ever, and certainly one of my favourite novels about war. It directly influenced and inspired some of my own writing. Robinson's books can get a formulaic, but this book transcends all of that. It follows an RAF fighter squadron from September 1939 to September 1940, so while it all technically takes place during wartime a large proportion of that is the 'Phoney War' or 'Bore War' that took place until the German invasion of France in May 1940. Robinson's focus througho [...]

    This is even more brutal if anything than his WW1 classic " Goshawk Squadron " . Much longer but with the same black humour and laconic tone " Piece of Cake " is set in WW2 firstly with Hornet Squadron in France and then during the Battle of Britain .I am sure that the writer has picked up some flak for raising the subject of the exaggerated claims made by RAF about their success rate of kills during the defence of the skies of Great Britain but that doea not take away from his obvious admiratio [...]

    Piece of Cake, difficult enough to get through, that once the story actually started, I was about 3/5 of the way through and finished because I had already put in nearly 300 pages of work! The book is a unique and small microcosm of the beginnings of World War II, following small squadron of Hornets as they begin their war time activities in France, when British ideals of the war were that it would be over before the weekend. It is interesting that they were posted in a position in France far fr [...]

    This is one of the classics of aviation literature, and I don't know why I didn't get round to it earlier (I read, and enjoyed, War Story andGoshawk Squadron years ago). Following Hornet Squadron through the Phoney War to the Battle of Britain, this is a very funny, very black story in which anyone can die, suddenly and senselessly, at any moment. The characters are very real, with flaws and weaknesses, and so are the stresses on them. If you likeLen Deighton'sBomber, you'll like this.

    This is easily one of my top 5 books as of late. It took me a while to get through, but every page was worth it. This tale that follows a squadron of RAF fighter pilots through the beginnings of WWII is sharp, clever, insightful, and quite touching. Robinson himself was a pilot and so the dialogue and details continually ring true. More than a story of war, it is a story of human beings, young men from all walks of life who find themselves in dire circumstances and manage to survive, or not, by [...]

    With some 700 pages I thought I would have a solid read about a group of RAF pilots at the beginning of World War 2. The passages which described flying were very good - realistic and believable. However anything that was not about flying was a real disappointment to me. Each person was an island. There was no friendship, collegiality, support. The described behaviours were not realistic. A group of pilots in a tense situation share with, and support each other (in the main) but not this lot. Ev [...]

    Reviews say it all. One the best books written on the Battle of Britain and the RAF. It is fiction based on fact.“Indeed, it would be fair to rank Piece of Cake among the best war novels ever written.” (Review…see page)Robinson's plot line follows the notional Hornet Squadron.I have it in my library.Scottamazon/Piece-Cake-Cass

    This novel is about as alose to perfection as it is possible to get. I have read it dozens on times and it really puts you through the emotional wringer. When you have stood on the remainders of the bleak forward airfields of Kent like I have, you get a real sense of place from this novel and a real sense of what these young men were going through. Utterly compelling and if you read no other novel this year, make it this one!

    My absolute favourite book of all time . Follows the story of a Hurricane squadron during the battle of france and the battle of britain.Great humour and cameraderie of the pilots during a dangerous time in their lives . Brilliant descriptions of air combat , the victories ,the heartbreaking casualties and the effect they have on the squadron and in some cases their wives and girlfriends .I re read this book on an almost annual basis.Superb.

    Completely of a different genre than I normally read, this novel affected me for a long time after reading it. It tells the story of an RAF squadron during WWII and the characters truly spoke to me. It was moving, realistic and gritty, often funny too.

    I was rather taken aback by how long the book was when it arrived in the post. It was far longer than Goshawk Squadron, which I had read before. It's similar but different. Initially I was concerned that a particular character was too similar to one in Goshawk Squadron, but I needn't have worried about that. It does not do to get too attached to characters in Robinson's books. One minute he's laughing and joking, the next his CO is trying to think of an appropriate phrase to write to his next of [...]

    Dark humour, gripping & knowledgeable, what is there not to like? This man can write!Though Robinson doesn't go into technical detail he knows how to describe aerial combat, but I equally liked his description of parties, hunts and landscapes. His characters are lifelike, though maybe a bit too much with so many outspoken characters gathered in one squadron. Some of them are described as no-heroes at all, but as downright homicidal villains or losers. What also is not unimportant in an (air) [...]

    Reading this book isn't a piece of cake. But the satisfaction that it gives is very much like a piece of cake. It is about the lives of RAF pilots during WWII. The actions are easy to understand, coming from a person who has no idea how aviation works. But the highlight would be the character development, the different traits, their follies and the realization that they are ordinary human beings who did extraordinary feats in times of war.Read it with a piece of cake, not that it matters much bu [...]

    Thoroughly enjoyed every minute reading this book, its gives a unique unbiased view into the famous airwar of the Battle of Britain and first Battle of France while also brings to light the often overlooked phoney war for the RAF at the outbreak of WW2.

    A gruelling but ultimately satisfying account of the lives - and deaths - of an RAF Fighter Command squadron in the first year of the Second World War. This is a bit of a slow burn, and rightly so, as the first half covers the "phoney war" up to the German attack on France and the Low Countries in May 1940. The boredom and frustration of this period does not wear well on the types of men who would make good fighter pilots and Mr Robinson's characters come across quite unsympathetically to the re [...]

    One of the finest war novels around, and probably the best of all novels on air combat in World War II.Derek Robinson is also well known for his Goshawk Squadron, a similarly bitter combat novel set in WWI, although that one is less polished and developed than this book.Piece of Cake describes how a group of young men change in the course of about eighteen months. At the beginning they are assigned to a Hurricane Squadron in France in 1939, and are almost on holiday. Some of the behaviour seems [...]

    Wow, what a book. Fictional but very historically accurate tale of British RAF pilots during the first two years of WWII. The characters are side-splittingly hilarious, and the dialogue and air battles scenes are tremendous. Robinson has really done his research. Though some have criticized Robinson's portrayal of the RAF, most of his analysis seems pretty spot on based on other non-fiction I've read about the RAF during the war. Rather than criticize the RAF, I feel Robinson's work is a tribute [...]

    Riveting for any amateur WWII historian. A factoid that remains with me after having read the book long ago is that the Polish aviators who flew with the RAF composed 6% of the RAF, but accounted for 12% of the kills during the Battle of Britain. Commonwealth RAF pilots did not want to fly with the Poles because every time they got within striking distance of the Luftwaffe, the Poles threw tactics to the wind, so to speak, and went for the German jugular.The Luftwaffe pilots reportedly avoided c [...]

    Book of the Year (2015) (Runner Up) The theme this year was aerial combat, and the runner up is Derek Robinson's 'Piece of Cake' trilogy, which covers basically the first two years of RAF fighter and bomber operations of World War 2, and should be read in conjunction with the awesome BBC adaptation. BLUF: 'Brave Sir Robin was not afraid to be killed in nasty ways'. As a bonus, the last chapter contains the author's own musings on the logistical impossibility of Operation Sea Lion and why the Bat [...]

    I rooted this out from my bookshelves when the Battle of Britain anniversary came around. I've read it at least once before (probably more, judging by the state of the spine). It's the story of the (fictional) Hornet squadron, flying Hurricanes in the early days of the war, in France and in England. Larger-than-life characters, humour (both dark and frivolous), historical accuracy, and lots of fun. A thoroughly enjoyable read.

    I found it difficult to get going with this book at first and found many of the characters initially unpleasant and uninteresting. However, after a while I was flying through it (pardon the pun) and really enjoyed it. The characters developed well and the randomness of death kept me on the edge of my seat - I had no idea who was going to make it through. Great book.

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