Harm Done

Harm Done

Harm Done The search for the body commenced Then the victim walked into town Behind the picture postcard fa ade of Kingsmarkham lies a community rife with violence betrayal and a taste for vengeance When sixt

  • Title: Harm Done
  • Author: Ruth Rendell
  • ISBN: 9780375724848
  • Page: 414
  • Format: Paperback
  • The search for the body commenced Then the victim walked into town.Behind the picture postcard fa ade of Kingsmarkham lies a community rife with violence, betrayal, and a taste for vengeance When sixteen year old Lizzie Cromwell reappears no one knows where she has been, including Lizzie herself Inspector Wexford thinks she was with a boyfriend But the disappearance ofThe search for the body commenced Then the victim walked into town.Behind the picture postcard fa ade of Kingsmarkham lies a community rife with violence, betrayal, and a taste for vengeance When sixteen year old Lizzie Cromwell reappears no one knows where she has been, including Lizzie herself Inspector Wexford thinks she was with a boyfriend But the disappearance of a three year old girl casts a ominous light on events And when the public s outrage turns toward a recently released pederast and another suspect turns up stabbed to death, Wexford must try to unravel the mystery before any bodies appear, and before a mob of local vigilantes metes out a rough justice to their least favorite suspect In Harm Done, the violence is near at hand, and evil lies just a few doors down the block.

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    Read by Nigel AnthonyTotal Runtime 14 Hours 29 MinsDescription: The search for the body commenced. Then the victim walked into town.Behind the picture-postcard facade of Kingsmarkham lies a community rife with violence, betrayal, and a taste for vengeance. When sixteen-year-old Lizzie Cromwell reappears no one knows where she has been, including Lizzie herself. Inspector Wexford thinks she was with a boyfriend. But the disappearance of a three-year-old girl casts a more ominous light on events. [...]

    Actual rating should be 3.5 stars. I know Ruth Rendell is a celebrated crime novelist. But I had tried to read one of her award-winning novels prior to this and it wasn't a great experience. I was bored and dropped it after some 40% into it but that one wasn't a detective story. This one had "#8 Wexford" tag attached to its name and so I bought this with a lot of expectations, I mean, the thing that it is a great (?)writer + a detective story excited me. Coming to the novel, it wasn't bad. It wa [...]

    These days Harm Done would probably have to carry a warning, “contains material that some readers may find troubling”—not murder (we all flock to that, of course, and, besides, the body count stays comparatively low), but domestic violence. So the book is best avoided by those who flinch in the face of that sort of “unpleasantness” (though the moral is well worth hearing and heeding). There’s a sort of double-barreled plot (no. 1: mysterious abductions of young women in decidedly cur [...]

    Rendell never seems to deplete her source of mystifying topics. It amazes me that she has written so very many books with fine detail and freshness. It seems to me that most prolific authors tend to adhere to a formula in some measure. Nevertheless, she has served my appetite well. Although I prefer Rendell/Vine stand-alone novels, Inspector Wexford has become endearing to me.In brief, this book deals with mysterious kidnappings, pedophiles and spousal abuse. My biggest criticism was the difficu [...]

    It's Rendell, so it's well written. It gives a lot of food for thought about relationships. She keeps a person guessing and second guessing and doubting about who dunnit. My complain is that there were so many characters, all interrelated and involved with each other in assorted ways. It was difficult to keep the people on the council estate straight. I think they're all either married to each other or part of some vast family, or both. I spent much time trying to work it out and kept losing the [...]

    Another masterpiece of crime fiction written by the unforgettable Ruth Rendell.4* Going Wrong4* The Keys to the Street3* The Fever Tree and Other Stories4* A Judgement in Stone 3* Fall of the Coin4* People Don't Do Such Things3* The Girl Next DoorInspector Wexford series3* Shake Hands Forever (Inspector Wexford, #9)3* The Veiled One (Inspector Wexford, #14)4* Harm Done (Inspector Wexford, #18)

    HARM DONE. (1999). Ruth Rendell. ***1/2.This Inspector Wexford mystery by Rendell starts off with one of the most absurd situations that the author has ever used. You have to be a master at suspending your disbelief in order to keep on with your reading. The novel includes several different crimes within its purview, including kidnapping, pedophilia, and a couple of different instances of murder. A great deal of time is also spent on the subject of battered women. Putting aside the first situati [...]

    This entry in Rendell's Inspector Wexford series, from 1999, is typical of these mysteries. It interweaves several related contemporary social themes--missing children, the return to the neighborhood of a convicted child molester and the reaction of residents, spousal abuse--along with several lesser mysteries and one larger, more serious one. Rendell is a very experienced craftsperson and the book goes down smoothly. She's a fine stylist, she draws excellent portraits of the major and many of t [...]

    Another first read for an established author; I'm not sure if the series needs to be read in order (somehow I doubt it) but luckily I'm not that compulsive! There are several mysteries here, with one or two fading in importance as others come to the forefront during the year or so the book covers. The question of what to do with released pedophiles is covered, but not answered fully, as I suspect there is no real answer to this (can they be rehabilitated? can they truly pay their debt to society [...]

    Another great Rendell mystery. This weaves together domestic violence, a schizophrenic family and the craziness surrounding the release of a pedophile from prison. Wexford’s daughter Sylvia figures prominently.

    NO HARM DONEFor me Ruth Rendell is Britain’s #1 psychological mystery author – the likes of The Bridesmaid and The Crocodile Bird I’ve found almost impossible to put down.With Wexford, however, I have occasionally toiled. And never more so than with Harm Done which – reluctantly – I have put down, permanently, despite labouring to page 50 (of a mountainous 467).So why give up the struggle?Story, subject and style. These are my 3 measures – core elements, any one of which can please m [...]

    I'm not really sure what this book is ultimately about. I'd gotten halfway through it before the cassette broke and still haven't a clue which direction it was headed. It starts out with a missing teenage girl who returns unharmed three days later with no memory of her adventure. The police question her and question her with no result. When the next teenage girl goes missing, they assume she'll be back as well and she is. Again unharmed and with little recollection of what happened. The police i [...]

    Two young girls are kidnapped and shortly returned home with no harm save to their dignity. Then a toddler is kidnapped and the case takes a more serious turn.Few writers today can compete with Rendell for intricate plotting, characterization and psychological insight.You can read my full review on .

    I found the writing of this book to be stilted and trying to follow a lot of characters interspersed with their stories added to a not a very enjoyable read. I'm not sure I want to read any more Wexner detective stories as I struggled to get through this one.

    Ms. Rendell is a fine writer and she starts this one nicely with two similar, simple crimes that set up a good mystery, but it bogs down. The secondary plot is burdened with unpleasant characters, and the main plot is loaded with unnecessary sermonizing. Wexford and Burden are as good as ever, but they can't save this one from its predictable ending.

    I check out any Ruth Rendall book from the library without even perusing it first because she’s one of my favorite authors. This one was well-written as always, but the different plots and numerous characters left me flipping pages to try to keep track. I’m not sure I got the gist of who did what. Still, the theme was interesting so no harm done!

    3.5 I liked the book although had a difficult time keeping the names of so many different families in the neighborhood in question. Felt like a map with the names of occupants of the various places would have proved useful. Also a lot of time spent on a dead end which didn't seem to be terribly necessary.

    Rendell exposes the ugly side of the picture-postcard facade of Kingsmarkham as Wexford faces the issue of domestic violence and its impact all those affected. True to her style, Rendell examines the evil that can lie in the most unlikely places.

    This mystery moved at a snail's pace. A lot of characters and a lot of false leads that kept the book losing its focus.

    Good good goodAs usual, well-developed and human characters, any one of which could be the murderer. Also, I love how two different stories merged near the end. Love this author!

    Twists, turns and a downhill race to the end. Add that awesome British wit and you have a fun ride!

    There are so many story lines in this novel it was hard to keep track, and I wondered how they would all be connected. Nevertheless it was a great read, and I very much enjoyed it.

    Formulaic clue #1. When most or all of the subplots are about a particular theme in a mystery, chances are the major theme is the same. In this book, it is domestic violence, with a paedophile thrown into the mix. Both completely depressing topics.

    With a string of plots as intricate as a knotted rope, “Harm Done” has Inspector Reg Wexford trying to figure out why several young women have been kidnapped and brought to a strange house to cook and clean for a few days for a lady known only as "Vicki", and winds up mired in an horrific story of cruelty, madness, mob violence and a missing little girl. When she goes missing, the little girl's father is strangely emotionless, charming but lacking substance, reacting to his daughter's disapp [...]

    Another Inspector Wexford mystery and a very good one indeed.In this next chapter for the the inspector and his sidekick, Burden, there are a series of 'little mysteries' which accumulate and lead to one 'big' mystery. Things start with the disappearance of a teenage girl, but then she returns and can't - or won't - say where she's been or why. This is followed by yet another teenage girl who disappears and the same events happen. (Can't or won't say what happened.) As the police try to puzzle t [...]

    Wexford’s daughter Sylvia, a social worker, is fleshed out more completely in this book. Sylvia, in addition to her everyday job, volunteers a couple of nights a week answering the helpline at The Hide, a local home where victims of abuse are given shelter. Chief Inspector Wexford asks her advice several times during the course of the several cases he is dealing with that involve abusive situations. A young girl named Lizzie, who is perhaps slightly mentally impaired, is missing, and later com [...]

    This book was a very difficult one for me to read, for it covered some issues to which I have a very visceral response. The first is domestic violence, which it approaches from the point of view of a character suffering torture at the hands of her sadistic husband and also from the viewpoint of Wexford's daughter Sheila, who is a volunteer on a domestic abuse hotline. Second is child abuse, ranging from a father teaching his young daughter to assist him with robberies to a man taking sexual adva [...]

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